Sooooooooooooo hello guys! Since Princess Tutu is one of my favorite anime of all time (and I've read the manga too) I thought, "Hey, I'm here, might as well as do something about it!"

So here it is.

Happy birthday

She came to him, in a dream.


She called to him, and Fakir in his dream opened his dark eyes. She looked so beautiful, but it was the girl underneath the veil of Princess Tutu that he cared for. Princess Tutu came waltzing into Fakir's dream, in her familiar white tutu, gold crown, rose colored ballet shoes, but she did not wear the wings of the emotion Free Will; The last heart shard of the Prince who gave up his heart to seal in the Raven.

Hello, Fakir...

"Princess Tutu. Why are you here?" Despite his outer attitude towards others, Fakir felt particular guilt, especially when it came to Princess Tutu...or Duck.

Ah yes, from the Prince and the Raven. I came because I want to thank you, Fakir... Her voice was calming and soft, like a mother's lullaby to a babe. To Fakir, it almost sounded like how Duck would speak when somber, instead of her cheery over-the-top chatter. He was once again reminded of how the two identities were so alike, yet so different.

"For what?"

For all that you have done, for the Prince, for the Princess, for your future descendants, and for freeing the town from the Raven...But I am here for another purpose...I'm afraid that there is more to be done...

"What? But I destroyed the machine that kept writing! I helped the story have a happy ending, with Mytho with his heart restored and Rue as his princess-"

Ahhh, but not all lived "happily ever after' did they, Fakir?

"Who-" And he realized finally, "Duck."

Yes. I, Princess Tutu, only played a small part in 'The Prince and the Raven' but it was unfinished when Drosselmeyer died. However, Duck is not me; She was used as my vessel.

"A...Vessel? But it's-"

Utter nonsense? I figured you might say as much. I shall speak to you again, but now you must reprise your role as the Knight, and come to your Princess...

He woke up with a start, sweating and breathing heavily. Fakir, in panic, looked towards the end of his bed...Duck was sleeping peacefully in a little nest of blankets. Seemingly unfazed by dreams of Princess Tutu like he was.

But it was only a dream, Fakir reminded himself as he settled into the bed for sleep to claim him until the morning...Only a dream...

I think I should give a little background on this. First of all, this combines elements of both the Anime, and the Manga (mainly the anime). Secondly:

There's a theory that *SPOILER ALERT* since in the manga, Duck was actually a human girl, which Rue, as Kraehe, turned Duck into a duck, but then she got turned back again. So this is were it get's tricky. Since the anime only opens up whenever Duck is in the lake, which is were Duck went after she turned-if memory serves me well-the theory is that either Drosselmeyer (If I spelled his name wrong, sorry) or Rue (unknowingly) turned Duck into a duck, and she cannot remember her life as a girl.

I'm siding more with Drosselmeyer doing this, so that he can get the tragic ending he wants, and he does this by the events that happen within the anime; he "gives" her this ability to transform temporarily, whilst having sealed in her true form (a girl). Since he moves on to another town (I think) and because Fakir is his descendant, he is technically still alive. As such, the magic might have the ability to be used once again to free Duck. This can also be true, because in the tale "The Prince and the Raven" the Princess (in this case Rue) didn't make an appearance. It is only Princess Tutu, the Prince, the Knight and the Raven that are mentioned.

In short, the story isn't over yet.