As much as he worked to try and keep his mind off it, Fakir could not keep the thoughts of what happened between him and Princess Tutu last night...

Yes. I, Princess Tutu, only played a small part in 'The Prince and the Raven' but it was unfinished when Drosselmeyer died. However, Duck is not me; She was used as my vessel.

"A...Vessel? But it's-"

Utter nonsense? I figured you might say as much. I shall speak to you again, but now you must reprise your role as the Knight, and come to your Princess...

"But who is my Princess? It certainly can't be Duck..." Fakir muttered as he sat at his desk, secretly wishing it could be... "How can there be more to the story? It ended, and the Raven was destroyed for good. Mytho got his heart back, and I broke the machine that helped Drosselmeyer continue writing even after his death-"

Duck's "Quack quack?" startled the young writer out of his thoughts. Papers flew from the desk.

"Oh!'s just you...don't sneak up on me like that."

Duck's facial expression seem to say 'I've been here for ages waiting for you to get off your butt and feed me but you've been sitting there for ages what the hey?'. Fakir rubbed his head. All this thinking was giving him a headache, "Sorry...I was just thinking. About some things."

Duck flapped her wings to land-albeit clumsily-onto the desk, "Quack?" the tone suggested for Fakir to explain. He hesitated, but reluctantly gave in after glimpsing at her wide blue eyes...Can ducks even have blue eyes?

"I had a dream last night...about Princess Tutu."

Duck lowered her head. Fakir felt as though even if Duck was a human, she probably wouldn't want to talk about the tragedy of Princess Tutu; the Princess cursed to never tell her Prince of her love, lest she were to disappear in a flash of light.

"I know...I know that talking about Tutu is hard...But I think you should know something-last night. In a dream, Tutu told me that you were used as a vessel."

This information did not surprise the canary yellow feathered bird that much. She was only a duck, used by Drosselmeyer. She wasn't his only pawn in the game.

"But she told me something else, Duck. She..." There was a lump in his throat. He coughed up the words, "S-she told me the story isn't over."

Duck whipped her head up. She looked at Fakir in understandable shock and horror, "Q-q-quack quack?!" Fakir had an idea of what she was trying to tell him: "But we ended the story ourselves, right?! How is it not finished?!"

"I thought the same thing. But Tutu came to me. She said it wasn't over, and that I have to 'reprise my role as the Knight and come to my Princess.' I don't know what she means...or whether or not it was nothing more than a dream." Fakir shook his head, "I'm sorry. You didn't need to hear this nonsense. I'll go make you some breakfast." He chuckled, "Heh, would you like some breadcrumbs?"

His answer was a duck pouting. If ducks could pout.

Fakir made his way to the kitchen area, a small space for two, and found a slightly dated loaf of bread and butter. He wasn't that hungry anyway. He kept thinking of what could Princess Tutu's message even mean? Perhaps it was only that...a dream...

But even so...Duck had a more scared reaction than I did. Why? But he already knew the answer. Her heart belong to Mytho, and loved him enough to give his heart back. At the cost of her humanity. He often thought that it was because Rue wasn't cursed; she was able to tell her Prince how she'd loved him. Duck couldn't. Drosselmeyer had made them suffer too much already. Duck especially.

He turned on the water tap, and mused as he looked through the window. The cottage they lived in was right beside the lake outside of the town. It gave both Duck and Fakir peace of mind- while he wrote stories then sell them to the library for income, Duck would float on the pond's surface in his quiet company. At least, most of the time. Fakir would often catch Duck dancing ballet, even in bird form, and he was reminded of the Battle of the Prince and the Raven.

Duck flew onto the table, pecking at the empty plate in an attempt to hurry Fakir up. He smiled, "Alright, alright, I'll get you something from the pantry..." I wonder...would I have had the strength to defy my Fate as the Knight...if Duck wasn't there?

Oh ho ho~ I seriously doubt that, my boy! A voice purred mockingly.

Fakir whirled around, and froze, "No..." Everything was still, frozen in time. Duck was the only one that moved around, looking at the ceiling in fear. So she heard that too! Fakir knew only one who had that ability-