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The three sat around the table. Each stared into the wall Fakir said Drosselmeyer came through. They had been up since the early hours, but Drosselymeyer had still yet to pop through a grandfather clock.

"It's been 24 hours, where is he?"

"Fakir, are you sure Drosselmeyer said 24 hours? Or if he even turned up at all?"

"I thought that you said that anything was possible in Kinkan?." Fakir snapped back. Autor sighed.

"I did, but that was yesterday, when we were working with adrenaline." The bespectacled young man said calmly.

"And because the adrenaline is gone, you wanna quit? Where's the Autor who was obsessed with Drosselmeyer and would do anything to meet him? This is your chance, Autor!"

"That was a long time ago, when we were all fourteen years old!" Autor argued back, "That was before I realized how sadistic he was! How he would rather have us in an endless cycle of death and rebirth in a stagnant story with no end in sight! Don't you remember? Or is your need to be a hero so desperate that you'll do anything to drag out memories and secrets that are better left forgotten!"

Fakir looked away, and though he would not admit it to his distant cousin, his pride was hurt. If there was a chance to change Fate again, but instead give a happier ending to those who deserved it, a chance to rewrite the destinies who were dealt with unfair cards in Drosselmeyer's cruel game, then he...

"Perhaps we need to summon."

"Are you even listening to me?! This book is probably just something a madman would write to tickle the fancy of fools!"


Fakir grabbed the book from the table, and threw it onto the ground. As if it knew what passage Fakir wanted to read, the leather-bound tome opened at the very page that curled the corners of his lips into a smirk.

How to form a contract

First, one must clear their mind of everything, except of want they desire. For example, think of a certain someone. Think of what they look like, what they sound like etc. Let that one desire consume your thoughts as if it is all you have ever known. Second, one must raise their dominant hand over their heart, and the other over this passage:

Those unseen, unfeeling and unheard,

I summon thee to my command,

The line between two worlds now blurred,

I plead with thee to hear my demand

Forsake me not now,

Elements of the Earth and Beyond,

As I, [Name] ask for Spirits to allow

A Summon to contract a bond.

Now as you may feel a sensation as the energy summons a Spirit or an Otherworldly being, you must clearly declare what you want from that contract, and hopefully the two worlds become one as your Summoned will call out your name.

Duck's quacks and Autors shouts fell on deaf ears as he picked up the book. Fakir cleared his mind, as instructed. But different thoughts kept interrupting the process-

Do I think of Drosselmeyer? Princess Tutu? Duck?

Well, I want to find out where Drosselmeyer is. But I want to know...what do I want?

But the adrenaline kicked in, as Fakir cited the words, and Autor and Duck fell silent in horror.

"Those unseen, unfeeling and unheard,

I summon thee to my command,

The line between two worlds now blurred,

I plead with thee to hear my demand."

There was no stopping Fakir. There was a tingling sensation throughout his body. Time seemed to stop around the three. Autor held onto Duck as the book seemed to glow.

"Forsake me not now,

Elements of the Earth and Beyond,

As I, Fakir ask for Spirits to allow

A Summon to contract a bond."

This was it, the moment Fakir waited for. I want...I want... A grandfather clock blinked and flickered in and out of existence. The door to the giant clock opened slowly, and instead of cogs and ticks, there was nothing but blackness.

"I want...I want-!"

Suddenly long, pale hands grabbed Fakir. They pulled him into the ground, and despite his struggles, the hands multiplied and dragged Fakir into the grandfather clock.

"HEL-" The hands covered Fakir's mouth, muffling his screams as his eyes widened in desperation and terror!

"FAKIR!" Autor tried to grab Fakir to pull him up, but the hands grabbed onto him and Duck, dragging the three into the clock. There was no hope of escape. No one would know what happened.

The three fell in pitch black darkness. They could see nothing and feel nothing.

What have I done?! Fakir thought. He tried screaming, but no sound come out.

But he heard a voice-


The door slammed shut, and disappeared from this mortal plane.

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