Nate's POV-

When I work up it was dark outside. I look at my alarm clock and saw it was passed midnight. I tried going back to sleep, but my stomach was really hurting. After about ten minutes I felt something coming up my throat. I made a mad dash to the bathroom. I was still spilling my guts out when I hear mom come it. She rubbed my back until my stomach was settled. She helped my wash my mouth out and checked my fever.

Mom said that I have the flu. My mom is a registered nurse so she always know when I'm sick and what my sick with. She helped my get back in bed. She told me that she would call Jason tomorrow and tell him I wouldn't be coming to work on our new album. At the time I really didn't care.

Mrs. Robinson's POV-

Once I got Nate asleep I tucked him in and pushed his hair out of his eyes. I used to be so afraid he'd would turn into his dad. My ex-husband was a terrible father. I found out that he was abusing Nate when Nate was only five. I broke up with him and got full custody. Nate is nothing like is father. Nate doesn't even remember him much. After the divorce he left and never came back.

I woke around 8. I went to check on Nate. I could already tell his fever when up. His face was pale and his cheeks where flush. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. Based on his raspy breathing I knew he hadn't slept much last night. I decided to let him sleep in. I called Jason and told him that Nate was sick with the flu.

It's was 10:30 before I hear Nate wake up. I when up to his room. He looked up at me when I walked in. He gave me a weak smile. I pushed his hair back, only to feel the rapid heat off his forehead. I put a thermometer under his tongue. When it beeped it showed he had a fever of 103.