Dedicated to: Buttsbunny

Sunmary: Reborn, most trusted hitman of Vongola Nono, found himself entranced. Despite knowing the future Decimo was the most treasured young master in Vongola, and perhaps the entire mafia, he couldn't help yearning for the heart that could never be his. Until...

"A-ano... Reborn-san. I-I... I'm in love with you. P-please accept my chocolates." Tsuna flushed, straightening out his hands which held the heart-shaped box of chocolates while keeping his head down.

"...Come with me." Clutching the precious box of chocolates in one hand and his soon-to-be loved in the other, Reborn proceeded to drag them into his room. Locking the door, he gently guided the beet-red boy onto the side of his bed. Seating himself beside Tsuna, he gently pried off the cover and promptly popped one into his mouth.

"Expresso flavour?" Reborn questioned, pleasantly surprised.

"A-ano... Reborn-san loves coffee so... I-I... thought Reborn-san would like coffee flavoured chocolate more. A-ah! T-there's also latte, mocha, cappucino... s-so..." Tsuna shyly peeked out from beneath his bangs, uncertainty colouring his words as he fiddled with his fingers.

"... Thank you." There was a note of sincerity in his words even as he leaned over to ruffle Tsuna's hair.

"Try one." Reborn got another chocolate in his mouth and, using his hand to guide Tsuna's mouth to his, gave a chaste kiss as he pushed the chocolate into Tsuna's mouth.

"Is it good?" Reborn smirked. Cupping his hand to his mouth, Tsuna blushed furiously and nodded meekly.

"You'll be mine. Forever." Reborn murmured possessively, hugging Tsuna close to his chest tightly.