Dedicated to: Roxas, 2nd best person in the world.

Summary: Sherlock and John. Opposites attract.

If Sherlock was a mortal with a brain, John was an angel in disguise.

"Sherlock? A bit not good."

"... I ... apologise."

If Sherlock was an fallen angel, John was an Angel of Salvation.

"All those puny little humans going about their business with no knowledge about their predator lying in wait. Tell me, are you a mass-murderer perhaps? No, you're too idiotic to escape the scotland yard for long, inept as they are."

"Don't mind him, he's always like that. Though I can't help but wonder why there's blood under your nails, your breathing is shallow and your heart rate is faster thab the average person."

Is Sherlock was a devil in disguise, John was an Angel of Mercy.

"Are you an fool, a psychopath or a serial killer? Tell me! No, never mind, you're all three."

"He's a little... sometimes. Would you mind turning around so I can handcuff you?"

If Sherlock was the Prince of Hell, John was an Arch-Angel.

"You have the IQ of a peanut, your personality is worse than a chicken and your size is smaller than an ant. Quote unquote your ex-girlfriend."

"What he means is you're under arrest."

But in the end, opposites attract.

"I am incapable of deleting the files John Watson from my database. Should I be worried?"

"... Sherlock? Never forget me."

"... Of course."