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"Huh" she paused, "that certainly is an unexpected sight," Galactica said looking at the rising moon.

"I wonder how long it has been since…." She cut herself off as she started to think about her arrival in system. All the faces and ships that were gone forever, never to see the world that they fought so hard to arrive at, her eyes becoming slightly unfocused as one particular ship comes to mind "Pegasus", she said softly, a slight waver in her voice. Her suddenly morose mood was cut off by a loud whistling sound that penetrated into her funk and gained her attention.

She slowly turns her head to see what was making the sound "whaaaaaAHHH", she jumps back in shock to dodge the green tracer that barely misses her head by mere inches and she falls on her back. The round flies into the tree line and detonates shredding several trees and throwing flaming tree bits in every direction.

Pieces of tree bounce off of her as she pushes herself up. Coming to a knee she spots the….creatures that had fired at her. The light of the full moon illuminates the creatures, showing off their freakish forms.

Her morose mood of a few seconds prior was replaced by a burning rage that someone had just tried to snuff out her new existence. "DID YOU FRAKERS JUST SHOOT AT ME", she yelled as her rig started to deploy.

They did not respond to her and as the second wave of tracers zipped in, Galactica smiled, for even though her heart was full of sorrow, she had found the one thing that could distract her from it, and with that, she plunged herself back into the fires of war and opened fire on her new enemy.

"Bucky, whhhhyyy are we out so late" Kongo complained.

"Kongo-san, we are out here because we have night patrol tonight" Fubuki said

"Buutt itss sooo boring", Kongo yawned out "What do you think Akagi" she asked after her yawn finished.

"I think it's a beautiful night" Akagi said staring up at the endless billions of stars that made up the band of the Milky Way that stretched from horizon to horizon.

"I agree Akagi-san, it really is very beautiful" Fubuki smiled, looking up at the stars too.

Kongo, who was not staring at the stars, but instead looking around for something to catch her attention notices flashes on the horizon. "Hey….what's that over there?".

"What?" Akagi asked, turning her attention away from the endless stunning beauty of the sky and down towards the sea.

"Over there" Kongo pointed towards what she saw.

Akagi squinted her eyes to try and see better "I don't know", she paused "But we should go have a look to find out". With that she changes her course so that they can find out.

"What is it Akagi-san" Fubuki asked with a bit of worry in her voice.

"I don't kn-", Before she could finish the sentence her Air radar began to blare. She looked at Kongo.

"I detect them too" She whispered, her voice lost its usual playfulness and became serious.

On the edge of the small squadrons radar distance, a large number of Abyssals were detected moving in the direction of the light show at flank speed.

"Where are they going" Fubuki asked, her voice lowering to a whisper.

Kongo looked at her map, "there is an island in that direction" she looked back in the direction of the flashes.

"We need to find out what is going on", Akagi paused "But we need to be careful though".

Kongo and Fubuki nodded in response.

20 minutes later

Now closer, the little squadron could see better the battle that was taking place. The sheer amount of flak fire was amazing, but they had yet to come close enough to view the source.

"Who could the Abyssals be fighting?" whispered Fubuki.

"Either a very large fleet or" Akagi paused, her voice also a whisper.

"Or what?" Kongo questioned.

"I don't know…." She said thinking.

"Maybe you should launch a scout plane to find out" Fubuki added in.

Akagi looked at Fubuki, and then looked back at the ongoing light show "Yes, good idea Fubuki" she smiled at the destroyer.

"Thank you Akagi-san" Fubuki said with a light blush on her cheeks.

After a small huff, Akagi pulled out the recon plane and stringed it. With and exhale, she released it and send it flying done range. After a second the arrow burst into flames and turned into a B5N1 scout. The plane quickly gained altitude and started heading towards the battle.

"Scratch one" Galactica thought as another salvo streaked out and blew off a Chi-class's head clean off. As this closest enemy fell lifeless down into the water, it gave Galactica a small moment to look about to assess the situation. The beach that had been scenic tropical paradise a mere thirty minutes earlier now looked more like a burning moonscape.

"Well frak, so much for my tropical retirement" After a short pause she started to laugh when she realized how ridiculous that statement was coming from her.

Her momentary laughter was ended when she heard the approach of another abyssal bomber squadron. She did not hear the approach of another single aircraft, but little did she know it would bring her salvation.

As the bombers dived in, Galactica point-defense and heavy cannons opened up on the odd looking craft. Before most of bombers could reach their drop point they were shredded by tracers and flak bursts. Two bombers did get threw and released their bombs at Galactica. The First bomb was destroyed by point-defense fire and the second missed, but the third and fourth bombs hit. One struck her port flight pod and the other hit her shoulder turret. The blasts caused her to lose her balance and fall forwards on to her hands and knees

"AHHHHOOOOOWWWWWWWW" she moaned out as she tried to recover from the blasts. With her ears ringing she looked up and spotted five Abyssals approaching to finish her off.

"Well Shit, this run was a bit short" She mumbled to herself. Looking at her imminent executioners and realizing she couldn't win this fight a strange calm feel over her and she closed her eyes and waited for death to come.

"KONGO, FIRE NOW" Akagi yelled as she watched the unknown shipgirl go down and she realized that she was going to be killed unless they acted immediately.

Kongo, who was receiving targeting data from the recon plane, gave Akagi an affirmative and fired her 36cm guns sending eight high explosive shells towards the unwitting Abyssals. It took the shells five and a half seconds to reach their targets.

As Galactica sat there on her hands and knees she heard a whistle of incoming shells and she flinched at the explosion, but to her confusion, instead of being dead, little bits of debris were pelting her. She opened her eyes and slowly raised her head to see what had happened to her executioners and to her total surprise, they were all in varying states of dying from rather horrific looking wounds.

"Huh", she mumbled out as a wave of fatigue hit her. She rolled on to her side and passed out from using up all of her energy reserves. As she slipped into unconscious she briefly wondered who her mysterious, but the deep sleep the quickly took her drove away those thoughts.

"Good shot Kongo" Akagi complemented viewing the direct hits she had scored.

"Thank you", Kongo responded. Looking about for a second, she finally rested her gaze on the island. "Come on chaps, let's go see who this girl is, I wonder what she will be like".

"Ok Kongo-san, I'll go ahead and scout it out." Fubuki said wanting to do something helpful.

"Be careful Bucky, you don't know what might be out there" Kongo said in a playful tone.

Time Skip

Fubuki, with her much greater speed when compared to the other arrived quickly to yet unknown girls location. As she scanned the wreaked islands shore she spotted the girl laying on the shore. Fearing the worst Fubuki accelerated to the shore, and upon reaching it she ran up to the girl, and on reaching her, she was relieved to see the rise and fall of her chest and the flaring of her nostrils with each exhale. As she looked over the girl, she noticed the odd writing on the side of her rigging.

"Ga….Lak...tica", she said trying to pronounce the odd name "Is that your name" she asked, no response forthcoming. Several minutes later Akagi and Kongo arrived on scene.

"Well she sure looks beat up" Kongo pointed out as she moved up to the girl.

"What class do you think she is" Fubuki asked out load.

"Well, with those guns, I'd think she is a battleship, and she looks about the same size as Yamato" Kongo responded.

"It's not safe here so we should get moving, Kongo, you should carry her since she in unconscious" Said a suddenly cautious Akagi.

"Ok" Kongo said as she started to pick heft the girl up. She had to stop and readjust because the girl was much heavier than she expected. After a minute or so she was ready and signaled the others that it was time to leave, and with that, they began their journey back to the navel base.