Chapter 4-The last unchecked realm

Authors Note: These chapters that are coming, may have some spoilers. If you aren't up to this part, I suggest you start watching more Fairy Tail.

So, currently, this is about a few hundred years in the future from the last chapter. At least, it is on Earthland. The trio have been in the other realms, searching for the dragons, but they are still alive because, a. Hime is the Dragon Queen now, anything is possible; and b. time passes differently in the other realms compared to Earthland (just like the spirit realm).

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Kana's P.O.V.

"I-I don't kn-know anythi-anything a-about dra-dragons" whimpered the demon king on the floor beneath us through his bloody mouth. I smiled and asked,

"Are you sure?" feeling my powerful magic coursing through my words, carefully lacing itself inconspicuously so that it would not be detected. I had greatly improved my Charmspeak magic, ever since my Princess' Mother taught me the lost art.

The demon king nodded, clutching his bleeding nose. Kira brought his bloody sword to the demons' neck.

"Kira. He is telling the truth" I drawled, swiveling my head as to make eye contact with Hime-sama. Hime made a small but present nod. Kira pulled his sword back and said,

"So, this is the last realm?" Hime shook her head while I said,

"No. We have one last realm." Kira cocked his head,

"Earthland" Hime whispered, as a portal swirled open before us. Hime had also greatly improved and increased her magic.

Kira walked through first, followed by Hime-sama. Just before it was my turn, I glanced around at the mess around us. The castle was a smoking ruins, with dead demons lying around everywhere. I looked the pitiful king, as he inspected his ruined kingdom. It wasn't the first time I had seen this sight, and no feeling overtook me except pride and admiration for my Princess. Kira and I had hardly needed to raise our weapons. And the magic that came out of my Princess, was hauntingly beautiful to watch as it destroyed anything and everything in its path. I took a deep breath to breathe in the remnants of her holy magic.

Taking one last sniff, I turned on my heel and walked towards the portal, not looking back as I felt a blast of summer air hit me. I squinted as my eyes got adjusted to the light. I blinked.

In front of us was a castle! It was a huge mansion, with black metal gates open. Kira and I would be slashing away for hours before we'd even make a dent. A huge flag hung from a skinny metal pole on the front of the building. It was a fairy, just like the one Mavis showed us, a few years ago! I realized that this must've been the guild that she started up.

"I thought that my old friend, Mavis might know where the dragons were." Hime whispered. Before I could say anything, a blur of black rushed past, and drew a flaming sword. Just like Hime-sama's I realized.

The hooded figure raised his sword and swung it towards Hime. Kira immediately blocked the attack and pared it with one of his own. Out of the three of us, Kira had improved his strength the most; but even with his newfound strength, he was barely holding his ground. I quickly slid in front of my Princess, and drew my poisonous dagger. It was dipped in the blood of the High Seraphim Priest, from one of the first realm we visited. It was extremely deadly, and it never needed to be re-dipped. I flicked my wrist and embedded the pointy end in the assassin's stomach. He staggered back, and that was all Kira needed to overcome him. The assassin jumped a few feet away, out of Kira's sword range. The brown cloak covered his eyes, but I could just see the faint outline of a very sad smile. He turned around, and sprinted faster than possible. Kira started after him, but I told him,

"Don't bother." Kira stops, and re-sheaths his sword. We'd need to be extra alert. I turn towards Hime-sama. She was barely fazed

"Huh. Of all the weapons the assassin had to have, it had to be the only one that could kill me." she spoke loud and clear for the first time in years.

"What!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, you didn't know? If I fully activate my sword, the same as that one, it cancels out any magic energy. I'd be fully exposed to the lethal blade." she stated matter-of-factly. My eyes widened.

"Don't worry, I trust you two." and she entered the Guild hall and I felt my love for the Princess swell to unimaginable sizes.

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