A/N: This is just a short little epilogue. Lots of fun and fluff. A reminder that this story is set right after the S8 finale, May/June 2015, so nothing S9 or after is canon in my story.

A few days passed before the entire gang was able to join up and have a meal together, although everyone had heard Sheldon and Amy's news by now and had offered their heartfelt congratulations. The atmosphere was the most lighthearted it had been in weeks. Leonard and Penny were cozied up next to one another, and Amy was scooted up right next to Sheldon on the couch as they ate their dinner.

Penny shook her head after she'd gotten yet another glimpse at Amy's ring. "Sheldon, I still can't believe what a great job you did picking out a ring for Amy. It's gorgeous, and suits her perfectly."

"Yes, well, clearly as I excel in so many things, this should not come as a surprise. I simply spotted the most eye-catching ring in the store and I knew that would be Amy's. That's what she deserves."

A collective "awwwww" filled the room.

"Now, now, what is this, the koala exhibit at the zoo? Let's calm ourselves, shall we?" Sheldon said, acting perturbed but casting a small smile in Amy's direction, causing her to reciprocate. She knew deep down he appreciated their friends' enthusiasm.

"Sorry, Sheldon, we can't help it. We're just really happy for you guys. It's been a long time coming," Raj noted.

"Yes, and I don't think Raj and I have ever gotten the recognition we're due. After all, you two wouldn't even know each other if it weren't for us," added Howard. "So, come on, tell us how awesome we are!"

Sheldon scoffed. "Oh, please, Amy and I are both scientists. I'm sure our paths would have crossed at some point, even without the trickery you both concocted. Amy eventually ended up at Caltech anyway. I probably would have met her there."

"You wouldn't have ever made a move, though, and you know it. I, for one, am happy about our trickery. You each found the love of your life and we made a new friend in the process." Raj looked at them and grinned.

Amy thought back to that first meeting at the coffee shop, remembering how she figured it would be like all her other yearly dates, over in about ten minutes. But it wasn't, and she was intrigued from the moment they started speaking. It was the most connection she had felt to a single human being…ever. Her heart had begun to thaw that very day, and she realized just how close they came to that never happening at all. If Howard or Raj hadn't put Sheldon's dating profile together, or if Sheldon hadn't agreed to come meet her…she shuddered at the thought as she took Sheldon's hand in hers.

Turning to Howard and Raj, she looked at them in all seriousness. "Thank you, Howard. Thank you, Rajesh. You have no idea what your apparent meddling means to me. It changed my life."

The guys looked at her sheepishly. "You're welcome," said Howard.

Sheldon cleared his throat. "Perhaps the two of you deserve…some…credit after all. Thank you."

Howard and Raj were stunned, as was everyone else.

"That's enough of that. I suggest a new topic," Sheldon said.

"Great idea! So, Penny, have you and Leonard set a real wedding date yet?" Bernadette asked, anxious to divert attention from whatever boring fact Sheldon was about to spout off.

"Actually, we have!"

"So have we!" Sheldon added, perking up.

"Already? You haven't even been engaged a week yet. The proper wait time to set a date is at least a year, right, Penny?" Howard remarked, smirking Penny's direction. Penny just glared at him.

"Sarcasm? Or are we not following proper social protocol?" Sheldon asked Amy.

Amy placed a hand on his cheek. "It's Howard. What do you think?"

"Sarcasm," he decided. At Amy's grin, he sighed with relief. "Oh, goody, I got that one right."

"So, when's the date, Penny?" Bernie persisted.

Penny grinned. "It's Valentine's Day 2016!"

Everyone congratulated them, while Leonard spoke up. "Yeah, when Penny suggested we get married on the day that already celebrates love, it just made sense. We can put together the wedding we actually want."

"Plus, I'm sure she liked the idea of getting out of having to buy you a Valentine's Day and anniversary gift," Raj chimed in.

Penny's mouth dropped open and looked over at a concerned Leonard. "No, that's not true, I swear!"

"Oh good, I'll remember that when I open my two gifts every February," said Leonard with a grin.

"Ye-yeah. I mean, of course, I would give you two presents, right? That, you know, was my plan all along," Penny managed to eke out. "So, Amy, when is your wedding date?"

The group then realized that Sheldon's eye had been twitching, and his knee bounced in anticipation of getting the date out.

Amy couldn't help but giggle at her excited fiancé. "Do you want to say it?"

Sheldon's memory caught what she was referencing, and he squeezed her hand. "Let's say it together."

"March 14th, 2017!" they both exclaimed.

Everyone cheered again.

"But that's almost two years away. Why such a long wait?" Bernadette asked.

"Excellent question, Bernadette. I'm glad you asked. May I?" Sheldon asked Amy.

Amy gestured for him to continue. "Go ahead. I know you've been waiting to explain this."

"Thank you! March 14th is of course Pi Day, and Amy's apartment number is 314, the first three digits of Pi. March 14th is the 73rd day of the year, and as you all know, 73 is the best number."

"Wait, I don't know this. Why is 73 the best number?" Bernie asked, suddenly curious.

The group groaned. "Why did you ask that?!" Leonard griped.

"I'm sorry!" Bernie barked back.

After Sheldon went through his spiel about why 73 is the best number, he continued on. "There are more reasons for our selected wedding date. The number 2017 is a prime number. Einstein's birthday is March 14. And, hold on to your hats, 3 plus 14 equals 17! Plus, 3 times 14 equals 42, which is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, according to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." He was proudly beaming once he was finished.

"Wow, you really gave this a lot of thought, Sheldon." Leonard was impressed.

"We gave this a lot of thought," Amy pointed out.

"Yes, and it gives me more than enough time to practice my vows in Klingon."

"Sheldon, no, we discussed that already. No Klingon will be spoken at our wedding!"

"But Aaaamyyyy—"

"No, no buts. Now, you will have plenty of opportunities for input about all sorts of wedding ideas, but I have to draw the line somewhere."

"You mean, 'the line must be drawn here, this far, no further?'"

Amy folded her arms in mock annoyance. "Did you just quote Star Trek again?"

"Yes, and kudos on recognizing the quote! But perhaps that was the wrong moment to do that. Fine, no Klingon at our wedding," he conceded, leaning over to brush his lips over hers.

"Thank you, Sheldon," Amy smiled, giving him a kiss right back.

"Nope, that's still weird to see," said Howard, staring back down onto his plate.

"Try being the roommate. They've been very touchy-feely the past few days. It's almost become PG-rated around here," Leonard said, smirking at his own joke.

"At least you won't have to see anything on the wedding night," Penny commented.

"That's assuming there's anything to see. I mean, will there even be a consummation?"

"Howard! We don't ask that!" Bernie admonished.

"Excuse me! Not that's it's any of your business, but when I decided to marry Amy, I decided that included all aspects of marriage, thank you very much."

Amy's mouth couldn't help but fall open in surprise, as this was the first she was hearing about it. Sheldon gently took his finger and pushed her chin back up, then leaned over to whisper in her ear, "I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to stay overnight tonight."

A furiously-blushing Amy suddenly stood up. "Um, ok, so I'm afraid we have to cut dinner short. I'm so glad we all got together. It's been fun, but everyone out, now." Her voice squeaked as she shooed the group out the door.

It didn't take a group of scientists (plus an engineer and pharmaceutical rep) to figure out what was going on, and they gladly complied. Leonard and Penny even raced over next door before things got awkward in 4A.

Once Sheldon and Amy were alone, Sheldon immediately took her in his arms and started to kiss her, slowly, sensually. "I've wanted to do that all evening."

Amy laughed. "Me too, but what's gotten into you?"

Sheldon just shook his head. "You make me happy."

Amy pressed back into him, relishing his kisses. "So, you're ready to collect that additional data?"

Sheldon gazed at her. "Well, you know, for science."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Amy sighed with pleasure. "Sure, Sheldon, for science."

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