The Beauty, The Brains, and The Brawn


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Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from Fairy Tail they belong to the creator Hiro Mashima. All fictional characters, places, theme, plot are reserved to me.

Summary: Lucy gets replaced by Lisanna so therefore that means off of Team Natsu. What surprised Natsu and Lisanna, Lucy wasn't phased at all. She formed another team with Gajeel, Levy, and Panther Lily to form Triple Threat. As Triple Threat gains more recognition and Team Natsu getting less and less popular and dysfunctional. Natsu's jealousy and decision to kicking their "weakest" teammate off comes into question, "was that the right decision?"

Chapter 1: Mutiny!

Lucy's POV

My name is Lucy Heartfilia, a blonde haired, Celestial Mage, young woman, member of Fairy Tail, and I am laying in bed...thinking. I have came to the conclusion that I have been bored, depressed, and irritated a lot lately. I couldn't place my finger on the source of the problem but it was there. I'm sure of it. I went on missions, (barely) paid my rent, did an occasional Lucy Kick but still I was bored and stressed if I had to put an adjective to it.

My current teammates are Natsu, Gray, Erza, myself, Happy, and now Lisanna. I didn't necessarily hate the newest addition. It just seemed that she was how to say it the way...ALL the time.

Before Lisanna joined, Team Natsu was able to fight together seamlessly. Dark Guilds were taken down efficiently and effectively because everyone knew their job and stuck to their job. Now with Lisanna she was new and was just everywhere...specifically everywhere Natsu was.




As I turned onto my stomach I could recall the last mission Team Natsu was requested on.

The mission was simple:

Need Team Natsu to go to Magnolia Preparatory Academy to read, pass out snacks during snack time,

and play with the children for the entire school day. Groups and assignments have already been made!

Reward 250,000 jewels.

-Director E.M. Luna

Simple. Easy Money. Fire Proof. Accident-free job.

Can't mess it up and burn down something right!

Oh how so wrong was I thinking.




The school director gave each mage a specific job to do and partner to do the job with.


I was paired with Natsu and our job was to play with the students. Gray and Erza was to read to the students. Lisanna and Happy was to serve the food to the children.

Lisanna felt it necessary or possible for her to be in two places at the same time.


Happy, the short blue exceed, was left alone to feed the hungry hordes of children by himself.

Natsu and I beforehand decided on splitting the classes into teams to play different playground games. It was perfectly even until Lisanna came and took children from my team to be on hers.

The Simple. Easy Money. Fire Proof. Accident-free job.

Was slowly going down the proverbial toilet.

Needless to say I being the diplomat went to help Happy, when the exceed's cries for help almost turned into the beginnings of a riot amongst the kindergartners and 1st graders combined. Luckily the day was saved...barely.

Where was Lisanna?

Freaking touching Natsu's muscles to compare how strong he has gotten since she has been gone.

Commence the flipping of the tables.

We were still surprisingly rewarded with the promised 250,000 jewels. The reward was split amongst the now six mages. We all received a total of 41,666 jewels compared to the easy 50,000 jewels which should have been made.

Everyone was ecstatic.

Natsu even gave Lisanna his share since it was her first mission back!


I on the other hand had to go on another mission just to make rent and that was it. No food money. Just flipping rent!




I pushed back the covers and let my feet hit the ground. I got up and stood to stretch.

Another day with Team Natsu!

Oh joy! Sarcasm inserted here.



Hours Later at Fairy Tail Guild

I made my way inside and noticed that my team was no where in sight. At first I was pissed but took a step back and questioned why. Good riddance. I needed a break and maybe some practice with my spirits. I went to the Job Board and picked a simple job worth 120,000 jewels.

Need researchers (2 minimum-5 maximum) to research an exotic plant and document finds. Lunch will be provided and lodging if necessary. Teams required.

Reward: 120,000 jewels

Dr. Elmer Kinto

I am not even going to lie I was a little heartbroken but instantly looked around. I saw one of my best friends here at the guild. She looked exactly how I was feeling.

Bored and disgruntled.




I saw my best friend and sister from another mother, Levy McGarden. She is a blue haired, solid script mage who almost always have her nose stuck in a book. The love of reading was what brought us together. She is currently the only person in the world who has read my novels with my permission.

Today she looked like she was bored to tears with her head resting on the palm of her right hand looking at the rest of her team fighting...nothing unusual these days.

It seem that Jet and Droy were at it again, arguing who was better, or who should be Levy's primary partner to protect her, and my personal favorite who should date Levy.

Unknown to many or just them, Levy and Gajeel have made it official and been dating monogamously for quite sometime now. I believe Levy has even told them but I guess they thought it was a prank to make them jealous. I just shook my head, grabbed the flyer, and headed towards where Levy was sitting.




I placed the flyer in front of a glazed eye Levy to wake her up. She picked up the flyer, read it with a gleam in her eye, but then she moved the paper towards me.

In my head: hook, line now got to get the sinker to reel her in. I hang out with Happy to analogies? Really?

I know she read the one requirement and handed it back to me with disappointment.

"I refuse to go with them. Maybe Team Natsu could go. Definitely not Team Shadow Gear," Levy said boredly with a yawn.

I saw her look at the job request again and ladies and gents...sinker.

I grabbed her hand and took her to the bar where it was more private.

"What's on your mind Lu?" Levy asked.

I showed her the job request and began my case.

"This job is perfect for us Levy. It's 1) Simple, 2) Easy Money, 3) it is right up our alley," I told her almost sounding desperate. Keyword...almost.

"That's all fine and dandy but we need a team," Levy said and crossed her arms.

I guess I have to spell it out for her.

"Why don't we team up and go?" I asked holding up my life line to my rent.

"Go where? To here?" Levy asked pointing to my godsend.

"Yes! It's something that both of love to do! Plus I can see that you are not too happy with your team," I said while glancing back at the tables with Jet and Droy punching each other in the face.

Levy followed my eyes and sighed.

"I don't know what's their issue. It seems to get worse by the minute of everyday," Levy said sitting down on the bar stool as if her life energy was drained by watching her team fight.

"What about Team Natsu? Why aren't you with them?" Levy questioned me noticing that my team was gone.

"Frankly I don't care. Come on this one mission and we can go back to our regular teams. Let the Beauty and Brains Unite!" I said with a fist pump.

Levy giggled and looked at her all male team.

"I guess one mission wouldn't hurt especially with someone who isn't distracting or trying to date me," Levy whispered.

I shook my head and waved the job request in her face again to keep her focused. Levy grinned at me.

"Lucy you got yourself a partner!" Levy said and shook my hand.

"Alright now let's go up to talk to master and get permission to take the mission and approve of our partnership just in case," I said and we grabbed hands and made our way up the stairs to Master Makarov's office.




We made it up the wooden stairs and we passed Levy's boyfriend, Gajeel Redfox, resident Iron DragonSlayer. He has long and spiky black hair, red eyes, with several piercings on his face and body. Like most dragon slayers, he has an exceed named Panther Lily. Panther Lily joined Fairy Tail after magic was relinquished from his home where he lived in a different dimension that was similar to Magnolia. The inhabitants were like carbon copies of Earthland Magnolia but was totally polar opposites in personalities.

I saw and heard the exchange the couple gave to each other.

"Shrimp," Gajeel whispered and smirked.

"Spiky," Levy whispered back.

They are too cute and I know Levy was blushing. She stopped to talk to him and I continued on to Master's office.

I giggled and knocked on the office door. I heard the master shuffling papers and telling whoever outside the door to come in.

Third Person POV

The master of the Fairy Tail Guild, Makarov Dreyar, looked up and saw Lucy by herself. He began to panick on the inside because he had observed how Team Natsu has been treating the Celestial Mage recently.

Master Makarov decided to keep his mouth closed and save his speech about staying with Fairy Tail after he was sure that she wanted to quit.

"So can I? Well I mean we?" Lucy finished.

"Absolutely not," Master Makarov said and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Lucy gasped because she was taken aback.

"Can you please explain why I-," she started to ask with her hands on her hips.

Makarov placed his hand up to silence his wayward child. He had a dream he would have to convince his blonde haired daughter to stay in Fairy Tail.

"Because child we need you here," the master explained like he was explaining algebra to a middle school student.

Nice and slow with small bite sized words.

"That's not fair! It's only temporary," Lucy began.

"I understand. But leaving the guild for years to get stronger doesn't make sense. Your colleagues here can make you stronger here. We are as strong as our weakest link and I'm not saying you are weak. Think about it Lucy," Makarov said and looked into the brown eyed mage.

Lucy sighed and turned towards the closed door. She opened it up without leaving.

"Levy,Master said we can't take the job," Lucy yelled to the bluenette outside of door.

"Job? What job are you talking about?" Makarov asked.

"This job. [hands paper to him] I asked if it's ok if Levy and I teamed up for this one mission together and you said no," Lucy said trying to keep her anger at bay.

"Oh dear, so you wasn't trying to leave the guild under the pretense you were leaving for years to train to become stronger. Yet in reality you are pregnant with Natsu, Gray, Laxus, or Loke's child to come back with a handful of kids who look and act like one of the aforementioned guys," Makarov said in one breath.

"Eh?" Lucy asked intelligently with a raised eyebrow.

"..." Makarov stared at Lucy.

"Where did you get that idea from? Fairy Tail is my home," Lucy said.

"Bad ingestion," Makarov said and pulled his collar away from his neck. He was thoroughly embarrassed.

"Well, I love it here. Granted there are some people not too much, but that comes with the territory," Lucy said looking off to the side thinking about the current issues she is having with a certain white haired mage.

" True. Sure you and Levy can team up. Is Mira downstairs? She can log you guys in. Take Gajeel and Panther Lily just in case. Before you say anything about women's rights and me being sexist. There has been reports from other guilds saying that dark guilds have been sending job requests that look like legitimate jobs only to torture or kill them. For my sanity and ulcer. Please just take him," Makarov said writing in his book about Lucy, Levy, Gajeel, and Panther Lily was a temporary team.

"Ok, Master," Lucy said reluctantly.

She didn't have much luck with male dragon slayers and she saw the reward money slowly dwindling down.

"Do you guys have a name?" Makarov asked when he was done writing.

"Um, not yet. Oh...hmm...wait. You could put Triple Threat I guess," Lucy said.

She looked behind her and saw her newly formed team.

The Beauty, The Brains, and The Brawn.



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