Chapter 10

Lucy wanted to run to her pink-haired friend but did a double take when Natsu referred to her as his mate.

'Mate? What is that?' Lucy thought but continued to stay perfectly still.

"Get him! Security! That man is ruining my wedding," Tomas yelled and guards from what seemed like everywhere bombarded Natsu.

The guests were confused and couldn't help to be entertained by the spectacle before them.

Tomas looked behind him and saw he had a few moments before all hell really let loose.

He felt the ground shake and tremor. Everlue, a man that Tomas saw twice came behind Natsu and opened the ground underneath him.

"Hurry and finish. I'll take care of this nuisance. I have a bone to pick with him anyway," Everlue said and jumped in the hole Natsu fell through along with other unsuspecting guards.

"Uhm is there something that I should know?" the priest asked.

"Only that I love my fiancée. Please if you will," Tomas urged.

"Oh yes. Ahem. Do you Lucy Heartfilia take Tomas Handley as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" the priest read verbatim from his rites book.

Tomas turned towards his bride and held her hands. He kissed her hands and whispered what she needed to say.

'Oh no, not again,' Lucy thought and willed herself to disobey.

"Lucy! Crimson Lotus Exploding Flames," Natsu screamed and cast another spell.

A burnt Everlue projected out of the ground through the roof. Natsu immediately jumped up from the ground with his hands ignited.

He slowly walked down the aisle, his fire magic growing almost consuming his body. The guests sensing that it was only going to get worse quickly left the manor in screams.

"You may kiss the bride," the priest said and Tomas pulled Lucy to his body and captured her lips.

"Get away from my mate," Natsu demanded.

He hid his face from Natsu and whispered in her ear.

Lucy's brown eyes were tearful.

'Please, no, anything but that. I can't hurt him,' Lucy tried to plead with Tomas through her eyes.

"Tell him what we talked about my dear wife," Tomas said and like a puppet, Lucy faced Natsu with tears freely flowing down from her eyes.

"I hate you. I never want to see you again. I can-can't believe that you would destroy my special day. I don't want to be-be your mate Dragon Slayer. I-I-I lo-lo-lo love Tomas," Lucy said with her eyes closed.

She couldn't bare to see Natsu's disappointment. Knowing how it affected him when she left his team; she still cared about him but just couldn't work with him, especially with his personal cheerleader.

"It's a lie, Lucy. I can smell that you're lying," Natsu said and reached out to grab her hands.

Lucy badly wanted to embrace his warmth because she felt too cold and dead inside.

Before Natsu closed the gap and grabbed Lucy to hug her, she was immediately wrapped in red hair and once again he lost his Lucy.

"Natsu!"Lucy cried out before she was lost into the night.

When Natsu was about to run after her a white smoke engulfed the empty room rendering him unconscious.

With Gray, Erza, and Company

"I can smell Salamander's fire this way," Gajeel said pointing to the left of the crossroad that they stopped at after sniffing the air.

Erza started up the SE Plug car and forced more of her magic through the tube to make the car move faster.

"I hope Natsu and Lucy are alright. From what you say, Levy, these people are really bad news," Happy said solemnly as Levy continued to hold him tightly in her arms.

"I'm more than positive that Natsu saved our Lu from that sham of a wedding. I bet they are at the mansion waiting on ...oh no," Levy said as she saw fire engulfing the mansion and surrounding trees.

Happy immediately flew out of Levy's arms towards the destruction in search of Natsu.

"Natsu! Natsu! Lucy! Are you there?" Happy yelled in panic. He circled around and flew higher to see above the smoke.

He finally saw Natsu unconscious a few feet far away from the fire. Happy dived down towards his friend and scooped him up and flew towards the rest of his friends.

"Natsu! Is he hurt Happy?" Gray asked, concerned, laced in his voice.

"I'm not sure. I found him like this. I didn't see Lucy though nor Tomas. I think they left. Natsu, wake up Buddy, so you can tell us what happened," Happy said softly and rubbed a tear away from his eyes.

Levy knelt beside him and covered his body with a healing script magic to heal his wounds and get him back to normal.

"Hey Gray, help me take care of the fire before it burns down the rest of the trees. Gajeel look after Levy while she heals Natsu. We don't know who else is out here," Erza ordered and equipped her water princess armor she acquired a few months back.

The two extinguished the flames while looking for clues as to where Lucy may have gone.

With Lucy

Lucy was crying uncontrollably. Tomas once again had her tied up and gagged. The spell Lucy was under had finally run it's course and she was able to be mobile on her own. Her brown eyes, red with fury pierced through Tomas as he shook his leg waiting on Bluenote to show up.

The door creaked open and Bluenote came in and sat down at the armchair that was next to the fire.

"I see that your wedding was successful. I think congratulations are in order," Bluenote said and crossed his legs.

"Cut to the damn chase. How do I get my money and get the hell out of here? I'm done with this bullshit," Tomas said upset and pissed.

Bluenote flexed his powers making Tomas kneel down before him to show who was the dominant one in this friendship.

"You are done when I say that you are done. We have some other matters that came up. Now that you are married to Lucy her keys are under contract with you as well. Get the Virgo one and destroy the others," Bluenote ordered and got up to leave.

Lucy's eyes grew big because of the thought that her friends from another dimension would be destroyed forever.

"I rather keep them. Before I do anything I need money up front now," Tomas said and got up from the floor.

"Very well. 50,000 jewels are being transferred to your account now," Bluenote said as he was tapping on his phone.

Tomas checked and shook his head that he was satisfied.

Bluenote handed Tomas the incantation to summon a Celestial spirit and Tomas read it.

He looked through Lucy's keys but didn't see the zodiac sign of Virgo in the keys that he had in his possession.

"It's not here," Tomas said looking through Lucy's leather key pouch.

"Check again! It must be there! Bitch! Where is Virgo? We need her to finish our plans!" Bluenote yelled and picked Lucy up by the ropes around her chest.

Lucy gasped and whimpered as the ropes tightened, scraping against her exposed skin.

Lucy shook her head and turned from Bluenote in defiance.

Bluenote started to shake with anger. He was so close to his goal he could almost taste it.

He tossed Lucy to the side to regain his composure. He walked towards Tomas and snatched the pouch of keys from his hands.

He walked back towards Lucy and knelt in front of her.

"I'm going to give you one hour to produce that key or I will start breaking your keys one by one for every hour I have to wait and two keys for every misinformed place you say Virgo is at. Do you understand me," Bluenote said and walked away leaving Lucy alone with Tomas and Tori.

The twins looked at each other and Tori shook her head at her brother. Tomas left and Tori stayed behind.

Tori knelt in front of her childhood friend and kissed her forehead.

"I'm so sorry Lucy. I didn't know Tomas had all this planned and who he was involved with! Papa left so much debt resulting in us losing everything and having to be in cahoots with that psycho. Lucy, please forgive Tomas for trying to protect his family. If it gives you any consolation…Tomas really does love you and wanted to marry you. I'm sorry Lucy, please don't hate us forever," Tori said and cut the magical rope from behind.

Lucy's eyes slightly bulged and she looked up and saw a camera pointed at her. She turned her eyes to produce tears.

Tori inconspicuously dropped her copy of the key to leave the room and house so Lucy could find it and escape.

"Hopefully when the dark night comes you will find it in your heart to free us from this misfortune," Tori said loudly and then left.

Lucy raised an eyebrow and sat up still having her hands behind her back to not alert anyone she didn't want to see. She had to think fast or just more than her life would be in danger.