Based on when Billy Unger was on the show "Medium" play the part of twins that could totally fit Chase and Spike. You can watch in on YouTube.

9 year old Chase was sitting alone outside of the school opening his lunch box. Normally he would sit with his siblings, but today Adam and Bree where off on a fled trip and Spike was in lunch detention for not doing his homework. 14 year old Trent the school bully came up with his friends and start messing with him.

"Hey nice lunch box" Trent said. "No really my little brother has one just like that. He's six, so what's your excuse." Chase remain silent looking down trying not to make eye contact with Trent.

"Hay, I'm talking to you" Trent said getting annoyed that Chase wouldn't look at him. When Chase still wouldn't look up at him Trent grabbed him by his hair and slapped him in the face. Throwing Chase to the ground Trent walked away telling his friends what a loser Chase was.

Later Trent snuck out of school to smoke a cigarette when suddenly the door opened. He looked up to see Chase or at least who he thought was Chase. It was really Chases twin brother Spike. Trent often forgot that they were twins.

"Dang you scared me. I thought you were your brother Adam."

Spike continued to stare at him.

"You tell anyone I'm out here you're dead. You hear me. Hey kid I'm talking to you.

Spike suddenly hit Trent in the head with the lunch box Chase had earlier. When Trent fell to the ground a Spike stood over him. Hitting him repeatedly.

Chase and Spike where sitting outside of the principal's office. Spike looked over at his twin brother who remain crying.

"Stop crying. Hey I mean it. Embarrassing yourself is one thing embarrassing me is another."

"You didn't have to do what you did. You shouldn't have beat Trent up."

"Are you kidding me. After what he did to you. He's lucky I didn't break more than just his jaw."

"Please let me tell the principal I did it. I mean who's to say it wasn't me."

"Me. I say it wasn't you. Look I'm sorry I know I'm only three minutes older, but that still makes me the big brother. That means I look out for you. Not the other way around."

The principal's office door opened.

"You" he said pointing to Chase. "You're not supposed to be here. Only your brother." Chase didn't move.

"Chase Davenport if you don't go back to class this very instead you'll be getting detention."

Chase got up and left. Spike signed and rolled his eyes as he where into the principals office.

Mr. Davenport signed as he waited for Chase and Spike to come back with their stuff. Spike had got suspended from school from the rest of the week. Today was Monday. He desided to go ahead and take Chase home as well. After all he knew he would need both of them to tell the whole story.