A/N: Hello guys, it's been almost two years since I updated this story. Sorry for the delay. I'm kinda stuck in all sorts of stuff these past two years. HAHA. I missed writing, and why not continue the stories that I already started? So here it goes, chapter V of Color Everywhere

We start with Athrun alone in his room in front of a computer. He had a room filled with all sorts of gadgets, smartphones, consoles, handhelds and computers, you name it. "Now we need to set up the wards here so that we can spy on the enemy, the carry will then farm for gold while we distract our enemies by messing up with their lanes and then…" the blue haired lad was interrupted when his phone rang. He immediately answered it and found out that it was his best friend Kira on the other line. "Hello, Kira?" Athrun started. "Dude, what happened to you last night?" Kira asked back. "Sorry man, I was in an important game last night, it was actually the final game of the tournament that my team participated in. We lost though, and to a group of girls for that matter." Athrun replied. "That sucks. Anyways, I was actually out on a date last night. With my boss." Said Kira. Athrun's green eyes widened after hearing what his best friend said. "YOU'RE DATING YOUR BOSS?" Athrun yelled so loud it can be heard even though Kira was not on Speakerphone. "Chill, man. Me and Flay are now done." Kira stated. "BUT YOU'RE DATING YOUR FREAKING BOSS!" Athrun continued to shout. His voice was so loud; Cagali can hear what he is saying which made her shout back in unison after she opened the door to Kira's room. "YOU'RE DATING YOUR BOSS?" Kira started to feel irritated with all the shouting from his best friend over the phone and his sister but he kept his composure and remained calm. "I'll call you back later, Athrun." Kira replied which was followed by disconnecting the call. "OMG I can't believe it, last time I heard, you were working for the Clyne Corporation. Don't tell me you're dating Siegel Clyne?" Cagali asked her twin brother. The brown haired lad then felt his stomach twist in all kinds of places. "No! I'm not dating him, course. I'm dating his daught…" Kira was interrupted when her sister yelled because of romantic excitement. "You're dating LACUS? LACUS CLYNE?" Cagali stated in surprise. "Yes. I am." Kira silently muttered. The blonde girl's smile then started to widen as she hugged her younger brother. "I'm so happy for you, Kira. I really am." Cagali smiled as tears of joy started falling from her eyes. "You don't deserve that double crossing woman Flay, I didn't like her anyways." She added. Kira then realized something. No matter how much he gets into fights with his sister, she still wants the best for him. He then held his sister's shoulders and smiled. "Let's go, we're eating out right? My treat." Said Kira. Cagali then smiled back in reply as she and her brother finally left for their sibling date.

After a few minutes, the siblings finally arrived at a buffet restaurant. It served several dishes from different countries. When the two entered the restaurant, a waitress immediately assisted them to a dining table. Afterwards, Cagali took a plate and sprinted to the food section. Kira, on the other hand placed his bag on the table along with her sister's backpack and then he went to the comfort room.

While he was walking, he saw someone familiar. It was Athrun. He was seated on a chair and was speaking with someone he was not familiar with. It was a girl, she had red hair which was tied in a pigtail and was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a brown blazer. "Athrun!" Kira shouted as the blue haired lad noticed him. "Kira!" Athrun yelled back as he stood up to approach Kira. "What are you doing here?' he added. "I'm taking Cagali out to celebrate her recent victory in the DotA 2 Tournament." Kira replied. Athrun's eye then twitched after hearing about Cagali's recent victory. "Everything okay?" Kira asked Athrun. "Uhh... yeah, I'm fine." Athrun replied. he then approached the woman he was with. "Kira, this is Meyrin by the way. She's my girlfriend." Athrun smiled. Kira's eyes widened after hearing the word "Girlfriend" from his best friend. "Wow. Congrats, man." Kira stated. "Hi, Meyrin. I'm Kira, Athrun's best friend." He added as he reached out his hand. "Hi, Kira. Nice to meet you." Meyrin replied, shaking Kira's hand in response. "You want to eat with us?" Kira asked the couple as he looked at the table that he and Cagali were sitting on. "Sure." The couple stated in unison.

On the other hand, Cagali started to dig her way into the gourmet food that was served. She took different kinds of foods from different countries and when she was finished choosing her food, she was holding two big plates containing different kinds of food. She then approached the table where she was sitting with Kira and began eating like there's no tomorrow. Kira, Athrun and Meyrin then walked towards the table. "Cagali" Kira started, but the blonde haired lady didn't bother as she was too busy eating. "Cagali?" Kira repeated, but she didn't answer. She then noticed Kira's blue haired best friend in front of her. "Hi" Athrun started with a smile on his face. Cagali then stared at the emerald colored eyes of Athrun and without warning, she began to blush so red it's redder than hot sauce. "Athrun" Cagali replied. "Good to see you" she added, her mouth still full of food. "This is Meyrin by the way, she's my girlfriend." Athrun stated. Cagali, while eating suddenly stopped when she heard the word "Girlfriend." It's like heaven and earth started to collide and she was in the middle. All of a sudden, tears started falling from her eyes but she tried to stop it by continuously eating. "Cagali, you okay?" Kira asked his sister. Cagali just ignored him, she continued eating while her heart was slowly being crushed seeing Athrun with another woman. "What's going on with you Cagali?" she asked herself in her mind. "He's just your brother's best friend, why are you hurting?" she added to herself. Kira, on the other hand felt that something was wrong. So he sat beside his sister and ate as normal while Athrun and Meyrin sat down to eat as well.