-Crash into you-

Ally is a 17-year old High School student living alone with her mother in Miami. She lives her perfect life and has all she needs.

One day she and her mother get into a severe car accident. What happens when she meets a nice guy in the hospital that helps her get pass the events? And how is their new-found friendship going to continue when the boy reveals a dark secret he kept?

Will Ally be able to trust him again? Or did he break the tender branches of Trust that they built during their time in the hospital ?

Hey guys! I'm starting a new story. This is the first chapter and I hope you like it!

It will obviously mainly be an Auslly story, as you may have guessed ;) But it will take time for them to get to that point.

Enjoy! (A/N in the end)

„MOM? " I called down the stairs. It was a Saturday morning and I was up, bright and early, like every day. I really needed a good book for this weekend! I already read through all of those in my bookshelf, so I wanted my mom to drive me to the library.

I'm not the most social person, because I'm really shy. I have a hard time getting to know people or finding friends, so most of my weekends, where normal teenagers would probably go to parties and things like that, were spent reading a great book on my little balcony, with a view over our garden and the sounds of singing birds in my ears.

"MOM!? " I shouted again, while being at the foot of the stairs.
"What Allyson?" Oh…Whenever she calls me by my full name she is either annoyed or angry with me…that's exactly what I wanted to avoid in the first place. I needed her to be in a good mood, so she would agree on driving me to the library, since she won't let me drive by myself.

Yes…I am 17 years old and I do have my driver's license, but my mom won't allow me to drive by myself until I'm 18 and then apparently 'responsible'.

Don't ask why…I'm suffering enough by always being brought to school by my mother, while every other student drives by themselves…And as you can guess: That doesn't really improve my "popularity account".

"Sorry for shouting, Mom…" I apologize, knowing that would calm her down. My mom was sitting at our kitchen table, reading today's newspaper.

Her glasses were nearly falling off her nose and her right hand was just centimetres away from the mug of coffee. She needed her daily dose of caffeine or else she wouldn't be able to process everything around her. Her brown hair was still messy from last night's sleep, but her smile told me that she was wide awake by now.

"It's ok, honey. Just remember that I could hear you better if you weren't so lazy and would get down the stairs as soon as you wanted something!" She lectured me…again.
"Yeah, I know, mom. Anyways…"

"What do you want this time, Ally?" She asked, laughing at the pause I made, since I did that every time I wanted or needed something from her.

"I wondered…Could you be so kind and drive me to the library?"

"Again?" She asked me, her eyes big and brown, exactly like mine. "We already got you around 5 books just last week!"
I told you, I was a big reader.

"I know…but I'm out of them again…so can you drive me?"

She sighed slightly, knowing she couldn't resist the puppy eyes I gave her, whenever I wanted something.
"Yeah. Just put your shoes on and we'll drive down there quickly."
"Yay! Thanks, mom. You're the best!" I jumped up and planted a kiss on her cheek, running upstairs again to get my shoes.

I was really glad I had my mom. I could always talk to her when I had any kind of problem and she would always try to understand me and support me. She even supported my career choice and was really thankful for that. I was going to study music when I was done with High School.
That's another thing I love by the way: Music

Whenever I had a rough day at school or just a lot on my mind, I sat down, grabbed my brown, leather songbook and played something on my piano…and somehow nearly every time a song would come out of that. I was actually quite good at that, if I do say so myself… and I also loved to sing, even though I didn't think of it as a possible career for me, because of my extreme stage fright.

I was more of a background person. I didn't like to be the centre of attention and with writing songs for other people I could very well show what I can do, without showing my face.

We were leaving through the front door and jumped into our car. I had a great look at our small home.
It was just a 2 bedroom house with just enough for us to live. We weren't poor, but we just didn't need too much. My mother and I were living alone in the house. My father left when I was about two years old and I actually never saw him again. I wasn't sad about that though! As I said before, me and my mom get along quite well and as a matter of fact…I couldn't even remember my father, so there was nothing to be missed for me!

My mom started the engine and we slowly drove out of our driveway. It was just a 10 minute ride to the library and I maybe could've walked, but with all the books I needed to give back and with all the books I was going to get, I would've needed several hours.

"So, Honey! What do you want to do for your birthday? Any plans?" My mom asked and I gulped. 'Oh right…my birthday was soon…I almost forgot about that'.

As I explained before… I wasn't the most social nor popular person. I had my fair stack of friends that were there for me; or actually just one friend who always was there for me. I knew Trish since Kindergarten and we were inseparable since then. I could talk to her about everything and she was there when I needed her, well except when she was sleeping…then there would have to be a major problem so she would come crawling out of her bed to get to me.

"I haven't thought about it yet…but I would like it if You, Trish and I could go out to eat and then make a movie night afterwards at home…"

"But Ally, it will be your 18th Birthday…don't you want to do something more memorable this year?" She tried to convince me, which she and I both knew wouldn't work. Firstly, because when I had set up my mind once about something, I wouldn't change it and secondly: I just didn't have enough friends to do something memorable like throwing a huge party.

I despised that idea anyways…who would through their own birthday party; spend all that money on drinks and snacks which was eaten by random people and then having to have to clean it all up the next morning? I really didn't understand how someone could do that voluntarily.

"Or we could do a road trip, mom!"
Her head only tiled slightly to the side, avoiding any eye-movement away from the streets.

"That actually doesn't sound too bad...any suggestions?"
"I don't know…but I think it would be nice if could we drive up to a nice lake and camp there for a couple of days. We could just sit by the camp-fire, tell stories and sing together in the evening, and throughout the day we could go swimming in the lake or go canoeing!"

"That sounds like a really nice idea, sweetie! Do you want Trish to come with us?"
"Yes I do! But she'll probably sleep all day anyways, so we would do a lot of fun things together. Only us two, Mom!"

"We should do that more often anyway! I miss all those trips we took when you were little. We always had so much fun!"

I just nodded, remembering the old times my mom and I went to go to different places. We really had much fun and we never needed someone else there…we were enough for each other!

It was only two or three crossroads until we would arrive at the library and my mom was turning up the volume to a country song I knew, but just couldn't remember who it was sung by.

That's when I heard it. Screeching wheels, the honking of a horn and outside screaming people. I looked out of my mother's window only to see a black van nearly flying into our direction. My mom tried to turn the steering wheel around, but she couldn't avoid what happened next.

I had time to grab my mom's arm and to scream for her, but it was too late. I heard a loud crash and I knew the other car crashed directly into my mom's side. I felt our car being jerked away by the impact of the collision and glass pieces were flying through the air, raining down on my skin.

I felt the car landing upside down and the blood was running in my head, I couldn't feel anything. I should have felt pain or concern or anything, but the only thing that ran through my mind was the last lyrics that were played from the song we just heard on the radio:

Oh, and life ain't always what you
Think it ought to be no

And before I could think about anything else, my eyes slowly fell shut and I couldn't stop them from doing it. The screaming voices from outside turned into the sound of wind rushing through the leaves of trees and all I could see through my shut eyes was black.

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