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13 Days. I was beginning to count the days I got through since the accident. My mother's condition remained unchanged. There was no improvement and luckily no worsening and I actually started to allow myself to hope again. Maybe she just needed more time to rest, and then sometime in the future she would wake up again, and be my mom again. I was allowed to hope…and Austin certainly did help me a lot in just those 2 days I knew him.

We were currently sitting at a table in the hospital cafeteria, enjoying our food outside our rooms.
As I said he helped me a lot, especially with the music we made together. We just continued playing the piano the day before and it just had the effect of calmness on me.
But as a matter of fact, I actually haven't told him what happened to me and he hasn't either.

I looked at my lunch, a small salad and some pasta with grilled vegetables. I was surprised how great the food was in this hospital. I once stayed at a hospital for about three days, because the doctors thought I had appendicitis (Which I eventually didn't have) and the food in that hospital was horrible.
"Hey Ally…" I looked at my company and smiled. He had some tomato sauce on his cheeks and I had to giggle slightly because it looked really adorable.
"What?" He asked me confused.
"You…you have sauce on your face, Austin." I laughed and handed him the napkin in front of me.
He blushed and wiped it away with one quick motion and whispered 'thanks' over the table.

"So what did you want to ask me?"
"I just thought about you this morning and I realised that I don't even know why you are in here…I wondered if you would like to tell me?" He asked, with a low voice unsure on how I would react.
"Well…It's not my favourite topic at the moment…" I mumbled.

"You don't have to, Ally! I totally understand if you don't want to talk about it!" He quickly jumped into my words, scared to make me feel uncomfortable.
"No. It's ok." I smiled at him "You deserve to know, if we'll hang out more from now on."

"So…it was a Saturday and I was out of books for the weekend, so I asked my mom to drive me to the library." I took a deep breath since the memories were still very present. I was slightly shocked when Austin grabbed my hand, which was lying on the table. He took it in his own bigger hands and I could feel the calluses on his fingertips from playing the guitar. His hands were warmer than mine, since mine always seemed to freeze, and I found myself enjoying his touch.

I smiled and looked up at him. How could it be that I've known this guy for not even 2 whole days and still felt so close to him? I felt comfortable with him around and as I said before, I normally wasn't a really social person. The contact of our hands gave me the courage to tell the whole story of that day.

"We were driving and everything was fine until we came to a crossroad. My mother is a really safe driver, she is always careful and responsible and it wasn't her fault…but suddenly a car came from the other side of the road, apparently the other driver drove over a stop sign or something…" Shivers ran down my spine. I could still feel the impact of the cars crashing together. I couldn't remember much after that, but the moment of the crash kept replaying in front of my eyes.

"I just can't believe…that someone else's fault led to all this." I made a gesture towards the hospital and my own injuries.
"Well, the next thing I remember is lying in the hospital bed." Austin nodded, slowly stroking over my hand, trying to calm me down. I was still shivering and I dazed off at times, remembering the events and Austin seemed to notice that I needed some comfort.

"So what happened to you? I mean what did you injure? Was it just your leg?" He asked me, sounding sincerely concerned about my well-being.

"I had some minor internal injuries…and mainly bruises and scratches all over my body. The internal injuries kept me in bed for about a week and a half. And my leg was broken in several places, which is why I had surgery on it, the day I came here."
I knew the inevitable subject was going to be touched in just a matter of seconds.

"Ally…what happened to your mom?" Austin whispered.
I took another large breath and tried to suppress the tears that were rising up my throat again.
"She lives…for now at least." I couldn't help the silent, lonely tear that was rolling down my cheek.

"She had severe internal injuries and a brain bleed…she is currently in a coma and we don't know when…or if she wakes up." I cringed at the 'if-part', because it was still hard to believe that there would may be a life without her.

"God…I'm so sorry Ally!" He whispered and looked me in the eyes, surprisingly looking really guilty.
"What are you apologizing for Austin? You had nothing to do with it!"
He smiled a small smile and responded:
"I'm still so sorry for what happened to you…So you are gonna stay with your father?"
He asked me, not knowing that that was another touchy subject.

I cleared my throat and said: "Since I haven't seen him for about 15 years I doubt that." Making it sound as if it weren't a big deal to me.
His eyes turned big and he immediately began to apologize again.
"You couldn't have known, calm down! It is ok, I've gotten used to it by now. I am going to be staying with my grandparents." I stated, calming him down with my words.

"Ally…say, when was your accident?" I was a little surprised that he wanted to know the exact date.
"It must have been the Saturday two weeks ago…April 25th I think…Why do you ask?"
He gulped and nodded.
"I…guess I just wanted to know. Just so I could remember." Not a very convincing answer in my eyes, but I let it slip. He was probably just overwhelmed with all the information he got.

"So why are you at the hospital?" I decided to ask him, now that he knew about my story.
"Ehm…You know about my foot, it is not how it used to be, but anyways it is not so important, Ally." I looked at him confused, why wouldn't it be important to know why he was in the hospital?
"You know…I am just glad that you are getting better. I think we'll remain great friends even when we are both released from the hospital! It was nice having lunch with you Ally." He smiled at me, stood up and let my hand slip out of his. The sudden coldness brought me back to life, but it had felt so good, holding his hand.

"Where do you have to go?" I asked him.
"I…just need to sort something out. I see you later, Als." He waved goodbye and then limped towards the exit. That was…weird to say the least. However when I looked at the clock above the entrance, I remembered that Trish would come visit me in a couple of minutes, so I had to leave anyways.
I picked up my crutches and walked to the elevator that would bring me to my room.

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