This is simply a story I've had on my mind for a while. Its a one-shot (unless you don't want it to be).

Hope you enjoy! And tell me what you think about it! ;D

She didn't know why it had happened.

She'd been stuck in the middle of a war last she'd remembered. Her home world had raged war against a group of rebels Gems. They were led by strong Gem under the name of Rose Quartz, and it seemed like she was determined to protect the planet she'd found herself on. Hundreds of other Gems sided with the pink quartz to protect that odd planet, and the disagreement had eventually led to an all out war.

She didn't understand.

It was just a simple backwater planet. The only use it had to the Homeworld was the Kindergarten on it. There were millions of them in the universe, so why was this one so special?

Questions, questions, but no answers. All there was was a will to fight for a cause and a will to die fighting for it.

Oh, there were so many deaths.

Gems were cracked and shattered purposefully, never to return again. Cracks decorated the surfaces of some of the survivng few forced back into there respective space rock to regenrate, but was it really any better than death? Left to slowly break, piece by piece, until finally, your gem just gave out or was caught underfoot? Was that really considered luck?

She'd been fighting for her home planet simply because that was all she knew. The battlefield was a masterpiece of destruction and destroyed lives. Shards of broken gems lay scattered and lost among the ground, buried by the dirt kicked up by the fighting warriors that had broken them. Weapons sat where they'd fallen from their owner's hands, never to held in the familiar grip of their masters again.

All she had was a scythe. She refused to touch another Gem's weapon. It would be disrespectful.

Slicing, dicing; aiming for the neck. She'd give her opponents the luxury of living again just so they could be cut down again. She didn't want to be the last thing her opponent remembered when they died for good.

Something small had just run her way.

Why had she gotten distracted?

The little thing couldn't have been that old. She carried a sword in one hand and nothing else. She stood out in this bloodbath, her eyes wide with a dangerous mixture of negative emotions. Fear, sadness, anger, grief, and a surprising amount of determination and bravery.

Oh, why had it distracted her so? It was just a pearl.

She'd froze at the sight of the unexpected arrival, and that was when it happened.

She wasn't prepared for the hit when it came. It flung her a great distance, and her shock made her lock up as she landed on her side. Shakng herself, she flipped herself over onto her hands and knees. She desperately felt around for her scythe, but it was probably where she'd flown from.

She saw it before she felt it. She had looked up just in time to see the giant pale blue hammer before it slammed into her head. She was sent flying, but she didn't notice.

She only had time to scream as she felt tiny shards of the paraiba tourmaline on her head dig into her wide fearful eyes before she crashed into her own lost and forgotten weapon, thus forcing her to return to the breaking remains of her own gem.