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Kate's POV

I just found out that my dad is having me marry some stranger just to unite the packs. I was so angry right now. I was trying to find Humphrey so I could talk to him about this because he is always able to comfort me.

After walking around for a few minutes I found him just laying down in the sun relaxing. I walked over to him and nudged him and he looked at me and said "Hey Kate. What's going on?" I looked at him and said "I just found out that my dad is going to force me to marry a stranger to unite the packs." Humphrey then let out a sarcastic laugh and said "Ha. That's not funny" I looked at him and said "I wasn't joking. I can't marry a complete stranger. I want to marry the wolf I love." I then started crying and Humphrey pulled me into a comforting hug while rubbing my back and said "It's okay Kate. Just tell your dad that you don't want to marry some stranger and that you should be allowed to marry the one you love."

I then said "It's not that simple Humphrey. If I don't marry him then there will be war." Humphrey paused for a second and said "All I can say then is, follow your heart." I then pulled out of the hug and he wiped my eyes with his paw and I said "It's a lot more complicated than that Humphrey I can't just walk up to the wolf I love and say 'Hey guess what I love you, let's get married' he would think that I'm just creepy because He's an Omega and I'm an Alpha. It's against pack law." Humphrey then said "FUCK PACK LAW! Kate follow your heart. Tell me who it is you love. I can tell them for you because let's face it, I am basically the leader of the Omegas. "

I looked at Humphrey with shock because never had I ever heard him swear before. "Humphrey it's not as easy as you think. The wolf I love is my best friend I'm afraid that if he finds out that I love him he will not want to be my friend anymore." Humphrey then said "Mabey the wolf you love has a crush on you as well." I then said "I doubt that you have a crush on me as well I…" I froze and realized what I just said.

When I looked at Humphrey he kissed me on the lips with passion and then pulled out of the kiss and said "I love you too, Kate I love you with all my heart and soul." I was blushing like mad and asked him with shock in my voice "Are you serious?" he then said "I don't say something if I don't mean it. And when I tell someone I love them I don't joke around. I love you Kate." I had tears in my eyes and said "I love you too Humphrey." I then pulled him into a kiss and started making out with him.

After a minute or two, I decided to be a bit brave and brushed my tongue against his teeth. Humphrey opened his mouth and pushed his tongue into my mouth. Soon I pushed him onto his back and pulled out of the kiss and said "There is another reason why I don't want to marry a stranger." I then stood up and turned around and raised my tail, revealing my most sacred area. "I don't want this to go to some stranger. I want this to go to you Humphrey." When I looked at Humphrey, what I saw definitely turned me on.

His Dick was sliding out of his sheath and was already over a foot long but showed no signs of stopping its growth yet. When his dick was out in all its foot and a half long glory, I was definitely really hot from the sight of it and was dripping with arousal. Humphrey then rolled over and gave my opening a long slow lick from the bottom to the top and kept going and pushed his tongue into me and started scooping out my juices with his amazing tongue. I lowered the front half of my body to the ground and pushed my ass towards his muzzle and let out a gasp of pleasure as his wet nose rubbed against my pink jewel. Soon I was screaming in pleasure and said "HUMPHREY I'M CUMMING LIKE A FUCKING WATERFALL!" and I sprayed him with my juices as my orgasm hit, and he gladly drank down all my cum.

When my orgasm was over I turned around and pushed him onto his back and before he could argue, I grabbed his massive dick and started greedily sucking on it while jacking him off. He threw his head back in pleasure and put his paw on the back of my head and started gently pushing me down on his cock and I gladly went all the way down on him in one swift move. Soon I was going up and down on him as fast as I could.

After fifteen minutes of this, Humphrey said "Kate I'm cumming!" I then drank down as much of his cum as I could but I had to pull off of him and some of his cum shot up onto his chest. When his orgasm was over I licked up what cum I missed and swallowed that down before I said "Humphrey my love you taste delicious, a little salty but I don't mind, I like it." He smiled and said "And you taste so sweet my love. I love how you taste." I then started covering his face in kisses and then stood up and turned around and raised my tail and said "Take me my love." He could hear the lust in my voice and he listened and mounted me and slowly pushed his massive cock into me.

When he came to a resistance I looked at him and said "Keep going. "Don't stop until that massive cock of yours is all the way inside me." He then leaned down and whispered into my ear. "Remember that I love you." He then thrusted past my barrier. I yelped in pain and he stopped pushing and asked with worry in his voice "Are you okay my love? If it hurts we can stop." I then said "Don't stop until that massive meat of yours is all the way inside me and your knot is pressing against my opening. I want to feel all of you inside me." He nodded and continued to slowly push into me and when he was all the way in he slowly pulled out and pushed back in and soon he was picking up his speed and strength and I was loudly moaning in pleasure.

"Humphrey… g-go faster… harder… deeper… rougher… please" He then put his front paws in between my shoulder blades and pushed my front half down onto the ground. I was about to complain but when he suddenly started slamming into me really hard I started screaming in pleasure as my tongue lolled out of my mouth as I closed one of my eyes, making my 'fucked stupid' look, complete.

I could feel my orgasm coming up fast and hard, I tried to warn Humphrey but I couldn't put my words together as my orgasm hit me hard and my mind started to get fuzzy as my pussy clamped down on his massive cock and my juices prayed out around his dick. When my orgasm ended Humphrey was still thrusting away fast and hard. Humphrey then hit a sensitive spot in me and I gasped and he then focused on that spot while thrusting away really hard as I loved every second of it.

After fifteen minutes and two orgasms "Humphrey said "Kate! I can't hold it back any longer! I'm gonna cum! In or out?!" I then screamed "IN! IN! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR HOT CUM!" as soon as I finished speaking his knot entered me and he fired monstrous sized rope after rope of his hot, sticky cum into my womb. When I felt this I came for the third time.

When our orgasms were over Humphrey dismounted me and collapsed and pulled me on top of him and said with love in his voice "Kate my love … you were… amazing" I then said with just as much love in my voice "If anyone… was amazing… it was you … my love" I then started making out with him and he gladly returned it. After five minutes he gently pulled out of me and I let out a loud moan of pleasure.

I then said "I want you again but my poor pussy is sore from the rough pounding you gave it so you shall stick that magnificent cock of yours in here." I then pointed to my puckered asshole and Humphrey then lined himself up and pushed into me and when he was all the way in he started slowly thrusting into me while gently sucking on my neck and running his paws up and down my back. I was loudly moaning in pleasure as he started thrusting faster into me and he pulled me into a kiss and pushed his tongue into my mouth and started squeezing my ass. Soon he said "Kate! I'm gonna cum he then knotted my ass and came and I let out a loud howl of pleasure as his cum filled my ass.

When our orgasms were over I said "Let's get some rest my love." He nodded and we fellasleep with his cock still in my ass and me on top of him.

There you go people.

Some people were asking me why it goes from really rough and wild to romantic and gentle is because there are two people writing these Lemons. There is me and my fiancée writing these. I handle all the rough wild parts and she handles all the romantic and gentle parts.

My fiancée is every guys dream, she can read, write, and speak ten different languages fluently including Gaelic, she is athletic, a computer/gamer nerd, she likes to go hunting, fishing, hiking, working on her Hemicuda, she wears my dogtags from cadets/military school, she is beautiful, funny and always welcoming and she can calm you down just by speaking to you, that is how loving her voice is.

That neat redhead of mine has kept my life interesting for the last four years and now she is going to be my wife! Without my Jenna I probably wouldn't be a writer. So all thanks goes to her.

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