Garth smiled as he looked at his wife with hungry eyes. Lilly was sitting in front of him on her calves with her arms in front of her, her hands on the floor as she looked up at him with lust, hunger and desire burning in her mesmerizing violet eyes, completely naked except for her violet collar and brass owner tag. She licked her lips in anticipation and said with a whimper "please master. Let me have my fun."

He chuckled and asked as he started to slowly undo his belt and pants "you want to have some fun with my cock?" She eagerly nodded as her tail wagged. He chuckled and said "then come and serve your master." With that he dropped his pants and walked up to her, his tip poking out of his sheathe. She didn't hesitate and started eagerly sucking on it as more and more slid into her mouth. He let out a soft groan of pleasure and said as he put a large hand on the back of her head "keep going. Take my knot."

Lilly didn't need to be told twice as with one hand she moved his sheathe around his knot and she eagerly took that too into her warm mouth as she gently rubbed and massaged his balls as his dick continued to harden and grow in her mouth. Her tail wagged faster as she felt his tip start to slide down her throat and his knot started to press against her cheeks. Lilly wrapped her long, skilled tongue around his shaft and used that to stroke his member as it continued to grow until she felt the familiar pressure of her throat stretching to accommodate the thick tool as her cheeks bulged around Garth's thick knot.

Garth softly growled in pleasure and looked down at her and said "good girl. You know what to do." She slowly pulled off of him with a small slurp as Garth sat down in his arm chair before she took him back into her mouth and started hungrily sucking him off. He growled and pushed her down to his knot and said "slow down there. Take your time, we have the whole weekend." She nodded and he took his hand off her head and she slowed her pace down but sucked harder. He groaned in pleasure and said as he laid his head back "that's a good girl. Swallow that thick cock like a good horny bitch in heat."

She smiled around his cock and slowly pulled off him until his tip was just barely resting on her lips and she slowly asked with a sultry purr to her voice "you wanna feel me swallow your massive cock in my tiny throat?" She slowly took a few laps around his tip with her tongue, earning her a sharp growl from Garth as he bucked his hips up "if you don't get back to work, I'm gonna shove this dick back down your throat and fuck it until I cum." She giggled and replied "well what about meeting halfway? I take you back in my mouth, then you face fuck me like the hungry little cum slut I am." He let out a sexy growl and said as he grabbed her collar and pulled her close to his face and he said "you are coming with me to our room. Now."

With that, he got up and effortlessly picked her up and put her over his shoulder, earning him an excited squeal from his wife. He chuckled and carried her down to their room and he put her on the bed and moved her so she was on her back, with her head hanging off the side and she knew immediately what he wanted. She rolled onto her belly and put her hands behind her back as he cuffed her and rolled her onto her back again.

He grabbed his dick and waved it in her face. She giggled as it bounced off her cheek and opened her mouth and he quickly pushed in and looked down at her throat as he slid in farther and watched it bulge with his thick member. Once his knot touched her lips he said with a growl "I hope you're ready, cause I'm not gonna go easy on you." With that, he put his hands on the bed and started thrusting fast and hard. Pulling out until his tip was in her mouth and slamming back in as his balls slapped into her nose, forcing her to breathe in more of his musky scent with each thrust.

Lilly gagged slightly at his rough start, but quickly relaxed and spread her legs, allowing the alluring scent of her heat to fill her husband's nose. Garth didn't hesitate and he grabbed her waist and picked her up so they were standing and wrapped his arms around her thighs to hold her up as he never let up his thrusting and he started hungrily eating her out. Lilly hungrily moaned in pleasure and wrapped her tail around the back of his head as her legs hooked themselves on his shoulders as she got speared on the eleven and a half inch long by three inch thick cock that was her husband's.

Garth let out a hungry growl and laid them back down on the bed so she was on the bottom and he pulled away from her dripping snatch with a slurp and said "fucking tight little throat," he grabbed it with one hand and have it a few squeezes and felt it get tighter on his cock. He growled and said as he pulled out of her throat "take a breath babe and get ready, because I'm gonna throat fuck you and choke you." With a quick nod from her, he thrusted back in and gripped her throat with one hand and started ruthlessly thrusting.

Lilly was loving the feeling. Her husband's thick cock ramming her throat while he choked her a bit, his big heavy balls slapping into her nose with each thrust, forcing more and more of his sexy musk into her brain every time. She let out a muffled moan around the thick tool that was pummeling her throat as she bucked her hips in need. He chuckled and asked as he paused his rough thrusting "is my horny wife needing some love and attention?"

She nodded as best she could in her current position and asked as he pulled out of her mouth and held up the key to her handcuffs "If I uncuff you, you promise to please your master?" She nodded and replied "I promise master." He chuckled and knelt down as she rolled onto her belly and he unlocked her cuffs before he lifted her head up with his thumb and index finger and said as he gave her a kiss "Love you pup." She giggled as her tail wagged and replied "Love you too babe."

He chuckled softly before laying down on the bed as Lilly crawled on top of him and she put one leg on either side of his head and shook her plump, round, juicy ass for him as she looked back with her bangs brushed out of her face as she bit her bottom lip teasingly. Garth growled in response and firmly grabbed it in both hands before giving it a good smack as he said "I do believe you have something to attend to." She giggled and slid his dick in between her beautiful round D-cup tits that had each nipple pierced with two purple studs.

Garth softly groaned in pleasure as she rubbed her tits together around his thick shaft before he spread her plump cheeks and took a heavy lick from her clit, up her slit and finishing on her puckered tailhole. She moaned softly and took his member back into her mouth and started sucking as she moved her tits up and down. Garth groaned in pleasure and spread her swollen pussy lips with his thumbs, exposing the warm, wet tasty pink flesh inside and he plunged his long flexible tongue deep into her dripping walls. His tongue scooping out the addictive nectar from deep within her dripping snatch.

Lilly moaned hungrily around the thick tool in her mouth as she sucked harder and faster, his dick reaching deep into her throat and getting much tighter around her collar that almost creaked with the pressure put on it. Garth let out a growl and said as he pulled away with a slurp "on your knees. Now." She giggled and sucked harder on him.

Garth growled and smacked her ass and said "I said on your knees. Now!" He finished with a loud growl. Lilly slowly pulled off him with a slurp and did as she was told. Garth got up, and said "open wide. I'm gonna fuck your mouth until I cum and you better not waste a drop." She opened her mouth and Garth put his hand on the back of her head and asked "ready?" She nodded and with that, he pushed her head down as he thrusted forward, burying his entire length including his knot into her mouth and throat without even the slightest gag from her as he started thrusting.

He growled and said "tight fucking throat… I'm getting close!" He started roughly fucking her mouth and throat with both hands on the back of her head. Lilly happily sucked and slurped with everything she had as her tail was going a mile a minute as she put her hands on the floor infront of her. Garth growled and grit his teeth as he tried to fight his impending orgasm, despite Lilly's loud slurping as she took his knot over and over again.

Garth couldn't handle it anymore and with a loud snarl, he forged his knot into her mouth one final time, her cheeks bulging around it as her throat was widely stretched and he came deep in her throat, his balls tensing and relaxing with each shot as she more than happily gulped it all down. She brought one hand up and rubbed and massaged his heavy balls as she sucked as hard as she could, making sure to get as much cum as she could out of him.

As his orgasm tapered off, she kept hungrily sucking on him. Garth groaned in pleasure and panted out "that's a good… little cum slut… drinking it… all down." She moaned around him and very slowly pulled off him with a slurp and looked up at him with a lustful smile and asked "did I please master?" He chuckled and said as he gently scratched the back of her head "most certainly. You didn't waste a drop." She softly moaned and leaned into his hand as her tail wagged happily "I would never waste a single drop of your delicious cum."

He chuckled and asked "ready to continue?" She shook her head and said as she started stroking his still hard cock "no, I just want you to feed me more of your cum. I want you to keep fucking my tight throat until my belly starts to swell from it all." He let out a playful growl and said as he grabbed her collar "bend over the bed. Now. I'm gonna tie you up to the bed and have all the fun I want with you." She giggled and asked "and if I don't go over to the bed?" He growled and said "then I'll make you." She giggled and did as she was told.

He smiled and grabbed two lengths of rope and tied one ankle before sliding that length under the bed, walked around to the other side, and tied the other end to her wrist before doing the same thing to her other ankle and wrist and pulled the lines so her legs were spread open, and her arms were pressed against the far side of the bed. "Anything too tight?" She shook her head and said "you know how I like it. Now give me that cock! Lilly needs cock!" He chuckled and waved his dick in her face and she eagerly took it again.

He groaned softly in pleasure and said "someone's hungry for cum aren't you?" She moaned in response as Garth started thrusting and he leaned over her, his large 6'7" body seeming to dwarf her small 5'4" frame and he said with a groan "I'm hungry too." She smiled and moved her tail to the side and he happily grabbed her plump ass with both hands and said "such a perfect ass. So round and juicy, soft and bouncy, yet toned and firm." He gave it a few smacks and watched with hunger as it jiggled with each hit. "Such a perfect ass. Perfect for spanking and punishing a naughty girl, and it's all mine!" He playfully bit it a few times, leaving small teeth marks, earning him a yip of pleasure from his wife before he spread her cheeks and he drank in the view.

Her swollen clit with its purple piercing at the bottom with her juices dripping off it, her slit swollen, bright pink and puffy with need, and her puckered tailhole. Oh how Lilly loved it when Garth would give it attention. He smiled and pinched her clit a few times, pulling muffled whines of need from her before he started taking long, hard licks at her dripping cunt as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. She whimpered around him in pleasure as his long tongue slithered deep inside her dripping cavern and scooped out her juices.

Her arousal was soaking into Garth's muzzle and was dripping off her swollen clit as he are her out with hunger. He pulled away with a slurp and said "delicious as always my love." He then gave her ass a few good smacks before he moved his attention to her tailhole. Lilly moaned at the feeling of his long tongue forcing its way in her tight hole as he kept up his thrusting. She pulled off him with a slurp and moaned out "oh fuck… so good… so close." He pulled away from her tailhole and returned to her slit and focused all his attention on her clit.

Lilly's eyes rolled back as with a loud cry of pleasure, she came and her orgasmic juices came gushing out of her and he happily drank it all down. As she came down from her orgasm, Garth kept licking and tongue fucking her while he fingered her tight ass. She bit her bottom lip as her eyes rolled back at the feeling and her tail was going a mile a minute. Garth pulled away from her slit but kept fingering her tailhole and asked "was it good for you?"

She moaned in pleasure and nodded before he asked "do you still want another load or are we ready for the main event now?" She giggled and said with a moan "No! Cum! Feed me cum!" He chuckled and stood up straight, his very large 6'7" tall frame of muscle towering over his small wife as she licked her lips with hunger; eyes locked on the long hard thick piece of meat infront of her and she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. He chuckled and slowly pushed in and asked as he put both hands on the back of her head "ready for it nice and rough?" She happily nodded and with that Garth didn't hold back and started hungrily and ruthlessly claiming his wife's mouth, his large heavy balls slapping her chin with each thrust.

She closed her eyes and happily allowed herself to be dominated by her husband yet again. The sounds of Garth grunting, Lilly sucking and slurping, and the jingling of her owners tag being the only sounds in the room. Garth looked down at her with a smile and asked "ready for more cum?" She eagerly sucked and slurped and moaned around his thick cock as he thrusted in and out of her throat in response. He let out a low growl and asked "in your mouth or down your throat?" Lilly pulled off him and said "in my mouth! I want it! I want to taste it as I swallow your cum!" He smirked and pushed back in and said "get ready."

He pulled out until only the first two inches were in her mouth and he came again. His heavy balls tensing and relaxing with each thick rope of cum that came flying out of his tip and into her waiting mouth. Lilly instantly moaned at the taste as the first rope entered he'd mouth and she kept sucking, making sure not to miss even a single drop of his delicious cum. She made sure keep as much as she could in her mouth so she could give him one of his favourite views.

As he came down from his orgasm, he pulled out of Lilly's mouth and she looked up at him with an all too familiar smile as she slowly opened her mouth, thick globs of cum stretching as it threatened to spill out. She closed her mouth and happily swallowed it all down with a moan of delight and said "it's so addictive." Garth chuckled and said "now I'm gonna plow that tiny pink pussy until I've had my fun." Lilly giggled and kept her eyes on him eagerly as she watched him walk around the bed, his cock swinging between his legs.

He got in position behind Lilly and spread her slit with his thumbs and said with a growl "so wet and soft and pink. It looks like it's just begging for a good rough fucking." Lilly softly moaned and said "do it! Fuck your little cum slut! Fuck my brains out." He chuckled and smacked her ass a few times and said as he slowly pushed in "then get ready." He then slammed forward, burying his entire shaft into her tight cunt. Lilly let out a happy moan and looked back at him with a lustful smile. Garth smiled back and grabbed the base of her tail in one hand and the other grabbed her ass and he started ruthlessly thrusting. Each thrust pulling another load moan of pleasure from her as she bit down on the bedsheets in pleasure. Garth gave her tail a tug and said "holy fuck your tight… I'm gonna have to work extra hard to stretch you out."

Lilly's excitement almost tripled when she heard that as he leaned over her and untied her wrists, but immediately grabbed one in each hand and pulled them right back behind her and held onto them to hold her chest up as he growled and roughly pounded her tight cunt with no mercy. She let out a loud yip and moaned out "ooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck… it's fucking huge!" He chuckled and leaned in and said with a small growl to his voice "such a perfect tight little cunt." He nibbled her ears at the end, earning him a loud moan as her tits bounced around with his rough thrusting.

Garth let go of her wrists, but moved one hand to her collar, and the other to the base of her tail and he pulled back on both and asked with a growl "who's a good horny bitch in heat?" "Meeeeee!" "Who's an eager cumslut?" "Meeeeeee!" He gave another rough jerk on her collar and pulled her up so he could whisper right in her ear as he moved his hand from the back of her collar to her soft neck "who's your master?!" Lilly moaned loudly "You! You're my master! Fuck me! Fuck your horny cumslut!" He smirked and pulled out of her and untied her ankles and rolled her into her back and pushed back in.

Lilly moaned and immediately wrapped her legs around his waist as he pinned her wrists above her head with one hand. Garth growled and asked as he put his free hand on her neck "rough or gentle?" She let out a hungry moan and said "Fuck me like your mad at me!" He growled and immediately tightened his grip as she arched her back sharply and got much tighter. He growled and said as he was forced to slow down his thrusting as she gripped his man meat with her walls "holy fuck… so much tighter… I'm really gonna have to stretch you out if you want my knot."

With that, he let go of her wrists, held the grip on her neck, slid his free arm around her waist and picked her up and pinned her against the wall and he said "remember the signal." With that, he resumed his mad thrusting as she gripped his arm tightly in pleasure. Her eyes were rolled back, she was going a little red in the face, she had a large toothy smile and her juices are flying off Garth's balls with each thrust.

Garth let out a loud snarl and said through gritted teeth "Fucking tight bitch in heat." Lilly tapped his arms several times and he immediately relaxed his grip and released her neck as he stopped thrusting and waited for her okay. She took a few breaths and panted out "keep going… fuck me… fucking silly!" He smirked and immediately resumed his mad thrusting. She loudly gasped in pleasure and tightly gripped his shoulders as she tipped and cried out in pleasure. He leaned in and asked "ready?" She tipped and panted out "for… what?"

He smirked evilly, pulled out of her and turned her around so her backs as against his chest and he simply held her up with one hand on each thigh and he thrusted back into her, the force of his thrusts lifting her up, and then letting gravity bring her back down. She yipped in pleasure and cried out "Holy fucking shit!" He chuckled and asked "want me to stop?" She shook her head and said "don't you dare stop!" He chuckled and took a few slower thrusts before he started thrusting hard, lifting her about nine inches up his long thick shaft before letting gravity pull her back down to his knot.

She wrapped her arms around his neck to brace herself as he started kissing and nibbling the side of her neck. He let out a low growl and ran his canines along her skin, earning him a high pitched gasp of surprise and delight in response. He smirked and waited until she was drawing close to her orgasm as her yip, moans, and cries of pleasure were getting louder and higher pitched; before he pulled out of her and waited for her moans to die down.

She looked up at him and panted out "why'd you… stop? So close." He chuckled and whispered in her ear "beg for it. Beg like a good pet for her reward," he lowered her so he could rub his shaft along her slit, teasing her "And I may let you cum."

Lilly shivered in delight, loving how dirty her husband could be. "Please master, I've been a good girl haven't I? Let me cum please!" He chuckled and leaned in and whispered softly "when I go back in, you better not stop begging. I wanna hear you beg for it until you cum."

With that, he slid back into her tight cunt and started thrusting fast, rough and hard, his knot stretching her entrance more and more with each thrust until he got it half way in; stretching her entrance wide with his large knot. Lilly cried out in pleasure "oh fuck! Give me that knot! I need it! I need it! He smirked and with one more thrust, he knotted her and kept thrusting. Lilly screamed in euphoria at the feeling as her eyes rolled back into her head as she was on the verge of her orgasm.

He whispered in her ear "such a tight little cunt, I'm not gonna last much longer. Fucking milk my dick like a good girl." He then started kissing and nibbling the side of her neck as he thrusted hungrily into her tight cunt, his balls aching with a need to empty his load.

Lilly couldn't handle it anymore and with a scream of euphoria, she came hard on his cock. Her soft, velvet like walls clenching and releasing his thick shaft as her orgasmic juices soaked his cock. Garth let out a loud snarl as his balls tensed before the first shot came flying out of his tip and into her womb, painting it white with his thick seed as he pumped more and more of his baby batter into her thirsty womb.

As they came down from their orgasms, Garth laid down on the bed with Lilly resting on top of him. The two lovers didn't say anything as they just laid there, panting in the wake of their orgasms. Lilly cuddled into Garth's large chest as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

Garth spoke first and asked "did you enjoy that my love?" She giggled and nodded and replied "that was amazing," she slowly sat up on him "look at that master. Look at my belly bulging around your massive thick cock. You came so much it feels like my womb had to stretch out to take it all." She ran her hand down her belly and over the noticeable, long tubular shaped bulge along with the two large bulges at the base.

Garth groaned softly and asked with a playful smirk "you want me to pull it out?" She giggled and said as she slowly rocked her hips "if you want to, you can. Or you can just lay back and let your sexy bitch in heat take good care of her master." He chuckled and smacked her ass and grabbed it with both hands, earning him a moan of delight as she bit her lip playfully.

He chuckled and said "no, I am gonna take care of your needs first and I know what you want, he picked her up in his arms and with a hard pull, and a loud squelching sound he pulled out of her and brought with it a bunch of their mixed fluids. Lilly moaned at the feeling and quickly went down him, grabbed his cum soaked cock and happily sucked it back into her mouth as she cleaned it off. Garth groaned in pleasure and put a hand on the back of her head as he sat down "good girl. Get it good and lubed up."

Lilly happily did as she was told and went all the way down to his fat knot and happily took that too in her mouth and she looked up at him with a hammy smile as her cheeks bulged around the large object. He smiled back at her and slowly pulled out of her mouth and said "on the bed. All fours, ass up, head down. Now." She happily did as she was told and lifted her tail up and shook her ass side to side.

Garth smiled and knelt down and spread her plump cheeks and took a few licks at her tailhole, earring him a happy moan before he stood back up and slowly pushed into her tight ass. Lilly moaned at the feeling and said "oh fuck yes… I love it." Garth chuckled and asked "you like taking this big dick in your tight little ass?" Lilly just moaned in response as she felt his knot make contact with her ass.

He chuckled and asked "how do you want it?" She giggled and said as she rocked back and forth a few times "I want you to break this bed and fuck me stupid." Garth chuckled and said "as you wish love." He slowly pulled out until only his tip was in her and he leaned down over her, his body pressed against her back, pinning her to the bed and whispered in her ear in a husky voice "I hope you're ready, because I'm gonna scramble your guts." His hot breath tickled her skin, making her moan before crying out in pleasure as he slammed his hips forward and buried himself up to his knot in her tight asshole.

He let out a low growl and grabbed a tight fistful of her soft white hair and pulled back on it as he started thrusting like a madman. Lilly bit down on the bedsheets in pleasure as each thrust pushed her farther onto the bed until Garth got on the bed and pinned her against the headboard. Lilly was loudly moaning, cursing and panting with each thrust Garth took.

He smirked and pulled her head back and said with a growl "listen to the foul mouth on you… what would your father think if he heard his baby girl moaning and begging for more like a bitch in heat? Or your mother? What would your mom do if she found out that her perfect, innocent little girl was an absolute kinky, submissive cumslut that moans and begs for her master's cock?" Lilly moaned loudly and said "they would spank my ass red!"

He smirked and brought his hand down hard on her jiggling ass, resulting in a loud smack echoing through the room as it mixed with the sounds of moaning, yips, growls and wet smacking sounds. Before Lilly had a chance to react, he brought his hand down again, and again. Over and over until both globes were bright red. Lilly was biting down on the pillow as the combined feelings of the stinging pain from her ass cheeks and the mind numbing euphoria of getting mercilessly fucked in her tailhole; had her eyes rolling back in her head as all that came out of her mouth was an incomprehensible drunken slur of garbled words. The only words that Garth could make out were "Don't stop!"

He let out a loud, deep rumbling growl that made Lilly look back in surprise before he rolled her over onto her back and growled through gritted teeth "fucking tight bitch in heat." She grabbed his right arm and brought it to her neck, obviously wanting some more choking. Garth didn't hesitate as he squeezed her soft neck and he said with a wild snarl "cum like a good bitch for master."

His large heavy balls roughly smacking her sore ass as her juices ran freely from her slit and onto his cock, providing more than enough lube for the thick object as he never let up his merciless pounding, the whole bed getting roughly rocked with every thrust, creaking and groaning, threatening to break at any time. Lilly was tightly gripping Garth's arm in pleasure, her eyes rolled back, her younger hanging out of her mouth with a big smile on her face; until with a sudden bucking of her hips, she became much tighter and Garth knew what it meant. He slammed home one last time and forced his knot into her tailhole and released her neck just as she cried out in pleasure as she came.

Her muscles clamped down so hard on Garth, his cum couldn't physically escape his balls as wave after wave of pleasure washed over Lilly, but as she was coming down from her orgasm, Garth's balls were aching for release and now his primal instincts had kicked in and he put a large, powerful hand on the base of her neck and in between her shoulder blades, making it so she could barely lift her head, and couldn't push him off as he bit down hard on her scruff and his other had was tightly gripping her tail by the base as he started thrusting with more power and ferocity than Lilly had ever seen from him before. Every pull back yanked his knot out before he slammed it back in.

All Lilly could do was let out a silent scream of surprise as he momentarily forgot about her, the only thing on his mind was to get rid of the aching in his balls; and the only way to do that was to cum. Thankfully Garth didn't need much as after only two more minutes of his new found vigor, he jerked back on her scruff and roared in pleasure as his cock angrily throbbed with every rope of cum that came exploding out of his cock.

As Garth finally came down from his orgasmic high, Lilly managed to pant out "Ok killer… you can… let go." He let go of her scruff, the signature mark of his teeth visible through her skin as seen by the small blood marks. He replied "sorry babe… needed release." She giggled and cracked her neck and replied as he rolled them over so she could lay down on his large chest "don't be, that was… intense." He chuckled and wrapped an arm around her belly and for the next half hour, the two just laid there in silence as they cuddled.

Garth gave a gentle tug on the knot and he slipped out of her and said "damn babe, you really came that time." She giggled and said with a purr "well when I have the love of my life that's hung like a horse giving me the best sex on the face of the earth, I can't help it." He chuckled and replied "well I can't help it. I'm married to an adorable nymphomaniac who's a kinky freak that loves to be dominated and no matter how many times we do it, your still so tight it feels like the first time."

She giggled and said as she slid off his chest "well if you really think so, then you're gonna have to really pound this juicy pink pussy into oblivion." She rolled onto her back and spread her still swollen lips with two fingers "look at how wet I still am. Look at that pussy in heat. Don't you want to just pin me to the wall by my neck and choke me like you hate me while you pound my pussy like it owes you money?" He growled and said "if I do that, then you are gonna be spending the entire weekend tied to the bed while I breed you however many times I want."

She giggled and replied with a lustful purr "you say that like I don't like being tied up and fucked so much I'm drooling in pleasure." He growled and asked as he got up "you sure you still got one more in you?" She giggled and replied playfully "why don't you come and find out master." He smirked and said "hang on, I'm just gonna grab a few things."

He went to the closet and pulled out a ball gag, a pair of vibrating eggs and the remote, some skin tape, and a leash. Lilly nearly squealed in excitement and quickly sat up as her tail wagged happily. He chuckled and taped the eggs to her nipples, put her leash on her collar. He picked up a pair of handcuffs and said "put your hands behind your back." She giggled and asked as she did as she was told "what'cha doing?" He smirked and said as he tightened the cuffs "just making sure I can play with your beautiful tits as much as I want." She giggled and once Garth was done, he got on top of her.

He smiled and asked "ready?" She giggled, rolled onto her belly, and said "do it. Fill me up." He chuckled and pushed in with a small groan of pleasure and started with a few slow, gentle thrusts before he gently grasped her neck and asked "you sure you still want me to pin you to the wall by your neck and pound your cunt like it owes me money?" She tiled her head back and asked with a moan "have I ever not loved that?"

What happened next, happened so fast, it was almost a blur. Garth picked her up by her neck, quickly moved one of her legs around him, and pinned her to the wall and he said with a growl as his intensity burned in his Jade green eyes "Fucking tight breeding bitch in heat."

Lilly gasped at the initial move, but the second she felt the wall on her back as his grip tightened and he started thrusting, her legs tightly locked around his waist and she gave a big smile filled with love and lust in her eyes as every thrust made her tits bounce. Garth grabbed her ass with his other hand and kept up his mad thrusting. He leaned down and latched onto her right tit and started hungrily sucking on it, his teeth catching on her piercing making it so every time he pulled his head back, he would also pull on the piercing. Lilly bit down on the ball gag in pleasure at the feeling as Garth never relaxed his tight grip on her throat.

He bit down a bit harder on her sensitive nipple and pulled back on it until he met resistance as he had her tit pulled back all the way before he let it go and watched as it bounced and jiggled. He smiled and sucked her other nipple into his mouth and did the same to it as her tight walls kept squeezing his cock. He released her tits and pulled her gag out and asked with a growl as he gripped her throat again "who's my good little breeding bitch?" She let out a struggles moan and replied "meeeeeeeeeee!" He relaxed his grip a bit and asked "Who's my good little cumslut?" "Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" "Who's gonna give me my puppies?"

That one sent shivers up her spine and she nearly screamed "Me! I'm gonna have your puppies! I'm your little submissive cumslut! I want it all! I want every last drop of cum you have!" He smirked and said with an authoritative growl "don't you forget it!" He lifted her head up and pulled her into a kiss and pushed his tongue into her mouth and started wrestling her tongue with his. Lilly happily returned it as her eyes rolled back in pleasure, her mind numb with euphoria as she felt another orgasm approaching.

Garth knew it and he pulled out of the kiss, a strand of saliva keeping them connected before he growled out "do it! Cum for me! Cum for your master like a good girl!" She kept getting louder and louder until with a loud cry of ecstasy, she clamped down on his cock and came hard. Garth snarled at the feeling and knew his own orgasm was close. He let go of her neck and moved it down to her ass and with one more pull down as he thrusted up, he knotted her and let loose his load. Thick rope after rope of cum exploding from his cock and into her womb.

As the two came down from their orgasms, Garth fell back onto the bed with Lilly on top of them. The two lovers didn't say a word as they just laid there, basking in the wake of their orgasms. Lilly spoke first and said "that was amazing. I don't know if I'll be able to walk tomorrow." He chuckled and said "well I know one thing is for sure. I know I don't have another in me." She giggled and said "that's because it's all inside me. In my stomach, in my ass, and deep in my womb." He let out a playful growl and said "you're the one who wanted it all."

She giggled and replied "and did you ever deliver." He chuckled and said "let's get those cuffs off." He picked up the key and unlocked her and took off the rest of the items except for her collar. When he was finished, she let out a cute yawn and asked playfully "awww is my little pup all tuckered out?" She giggled and said "let's get some sleep. We'll clean up the mess tomorrow."