Where did I go wrong?

Elsa's P.O.V.

'No, no, no! Why is everything happening like this?' That was my thought as I raced away from my own coronation party. I hitched my dress up even higher, and stretched my unfit legs to try to get away faster. I stopped just before a lake. I turned around and saw the far off glow of the burning torches. 'That are chasing you' I reminded myself. Even so, I hesitantly put the tip of my toe on the waters' surface. It immediately transforms into an icy layer. Feeling confident, and not cursing my powers for once, I laid my entire foot on it, and it ice formed in a swirled motion. Beautiful. But, I had no time to be gawking at ice. I hurried across, but stopped in the centre, what was that? It was a hazy figure of a ... was it a boy?

A/N My attempt as a Jelsa fanfic