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Title: Science Fiction
Summary: Retired from the hero business, Danny Fenton goes to San Fransokyo to finally attend the college of his dreams. Yet according to some guy named Tadashi, what he's doing isn't really a science so much as it is science fiction. (Danny x Tadashi)
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Notes: For anyone uncomfortable with a boy X boy pairing, just know that there's nothing too graphic, but I will go down with this ship- I fell for Danny and Tadashi way too hard to be honest. AU in both verses- No Phantom Planet, Danielle as daughter AU, Movie verse change

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My updates for this fic will be irregular for a while (hopefully not too long) because I plan on making each chapter at least 3000 words long, which is actually a lot for me. Anyone who has read my previous fics know that for the longest time, I only did about 1000 words and only recently have done ones with a 2000 words limit so I'm trying to make them longer. However, I think most chapters will be a lot longer than my minimum limit of 3000 words that I am allowing myself. Longer chapters- more time it takes to write.

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Danny Fenton

New York, New York

I stare at the envelope in my shaky hands. The logo of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology is in the corner which means this is it. The letter inside will determine my fate. I had already done a presentation, a small private one for the professor of the Institute. It was one of my theory essays that grabbed his attention. But it was mostly my thesis on the possibility of the paranormal as well as my invention that scans the brain that actually got me the letter I hold in my hands. The invention's something I call the X-Scan. With just one simple scan, no medications, no x-ray machines, no pain, just one simple scan that someone can do at their house, you could have a total and complete summary of brain activity as well as a scan of the actual brain itself. Originally, it was to help detect possessions more easily without using my abilities (therefore giving Sam and Tucker an advantage) as well as help detect people with precognition/psychic abilities, but it can do a lot more than that. It can help tumors and cancers be detected a lot faster with a lot more ease, not to mention how much it can help doctors and paramedics with brain-related injuries.

But this college is more than just a simple college. The possibilities are endless with what I can do there. I can invent, study science, create my own path. I could even build anti-ghost weapons. I could build a new ghost portal since the old one got destroyed in the Battle Of Amity- aka the ghost invasion.

Said ghost invasion plagued Amity Park a few years prior. It's considered the Destruction of Amity, or the Battle Of Amity by most people, especially those outside Amity Park. I know that the sudden destruction of the town caused many people to look our way, but with Vlad's influence, everything got covered up in a blink of an eye. Occasionally, even here in New York, I hear the occasional conspiracy of what may have happened on that day in Amity, but it's merely whispers in the wind. Officially, the news reported it was just a freak gas leak. No one believes that load of bull, but no one is brave enough to go against the man whose so insist that it's a tragic accident. Vlad Masters. Though I'm one of the few who know him as Plasmius. Either way, he's a pain in the ass and my biggest enemy.

My relationship with Vlad is even more aggressive than it was before. Especially since he was the leader that led the destructive ghosts through Amity. Practically an alien invasion. It destroyed so many homes and almost all of Amity. I've lost count of how many lives were lost. As for the why behind it all, I'm still not sure. I'm still looking into it, but I rarely find any leads that don't end up as dead. Thankfully, the bastard left us to our own after the raid and we don't interact very much, if at all now even if I see him occasionally on the TV on some news report. He doesn't seem to be causing too much trouble so I don't really bother him. It's one of the reasons I feel comfortable using my real name when applying for jobs, colleges, and rent. Saves me a lot of stress that's for sure.

As for the people of Amity that survived his first raid, it didn't take us long to rally together in an effort to survive. It led to many people of Amity finding out my identity. Including my parents, who supported me, and I was unofficially the leader of everyone. As for how I got that position, I don't know, because I'm still sure that Sam would have done a much better job. She and Tucker were still pretty good as my second in command though. But no matter what we seemed to do, it just wasn't enough. We didn't run Vlad out of town until it was too late.

There were maybe twenty of us left in Amity, most of us teenagers or skilled adults. I didn't know who some of them were, which pains me because I can't give them a proper burial. Though the ones I did recognize included my family, Sam, Tucker, Valerie (who wasn't happy about me being Phantom, but eventually put up with me), Dash, Kwan, and surprisingly, Star. I remember that we were small, but believed ourselves to be mighty as we took my home as our base, the ghost shield protecting us for the most part after a few upgrades to keep Vlad out…. It still didn't stop him from bombing the place.

Before I knew it, there were only three survivors of the whole battle. Myself, Jazz, and Danielle (who goes by Ellie now); though some of the ghosts that had sided with us, such as Frostbite, Clockwork, Ghostwriter, Cujo, Wulf, Young Blood, Box Ghost (who didn't like all the war-like battles) and Princess Dora, had survived. Many others died. Valerie. Kwan. Star. A few ghosts that even sided with me.

Mom and Dad didn't make it. Neither did their inventions, their blueprints, the portal, everything…. It was shortly after Vlad disappeared, the invasion ended after a long battle, and grief-stricken and tired, I retired from the 'official' hero business to become a normal nineteen year old guy. Well. Almost normal.

But I could rebuild the things that were destroyed all myself given time, create new things, everything.

All for them. Continue their family name with pride.

But it all depends on this letter and all of that is still only half the reason I want to go the college. My hands shake with anticipation and my heart seems to race. But I can't do it. I just can't bring myself to look. It could either make my dreams come true or crush them into a million little ectoplasmic pieces. I slam the letter on the table, my eyes shut tightly. I can't do.

"Wimp," a familiar voice scoffs.

I crack open my eyes just enough in time to see Jazz, now through with her years at Harvard, snatch the letter off the table with a small roll of the eyes. I gesture my hands wildly, sputtering a bit, refusing to believe that she can just act so casual about this. Doesn't she realize how big this?! I finally let out a huff when she refuses to acknowledge me as she reads the letter. For a few moments, I just watch as she reads it before my foot taps a tad impatiently.

"Well…? What's it say?"

I try to keep down the excitement in my voice, but I am sure that some of it leaks through as I look at my sister with a small whine. She doesn't answer at me at first and instead just stares at the letter in her hands. After what seems like an eternity, Jazz finally sets the paper down and looks at me with wide eyes. My leg is shaking with anticipation and it takes all my strength to not bite at my nails or phase through the floor. Please let me be in, I silently plead.

"You're in," Jazz finally breaths, her voice soft before she repeats herself louder, "You're in! Danny you made it!"

I let out a cheerful cry and stood abruptly from the chair, cheering as I go. I dance a bit around the kitchen in excitement. I'm in. I'm actually in. I get to go to SFIT. I get to move to San Fransokyo- and though Jazz won't be moving with me since she's happy in New York, I'm sure I will do just fine. With a yelp, Jazz finds herself in my grasp as I can't help but have a dance partner.

"Jazzy, I'm in," I cry loudly, "I'm actually in! I'm going to make it! Isn't this amazing!?"

Jazz laughs at me as I spin her around the kitchen cheerfully, the grin spreading across my face. I can't believe it. I'm actually in. After a few minutes of cheering in victory, I finally set Jazz down as my victory high comes to an end. A small whine from the other room causes us to quiet down before it stops. I almost forgot that Ellie was sleeping in her bedroom….

Calling Danielle by the name Ellie was Jazz's idea. It saves us all a lot of confusion and headaches that's for sure. Considering she's only two years old, we tend to shout her name a lot. Terrible Twos are named so for a reason. I lost count of how many times she has done something- stealing something (usually a toy or a cookie that I have to end up paying for), running away from me at the mall in some form of hide and go seek (which usually gets the security of said mall involved), and all the things she breaks usually breaks my wallet. But she's just a kid. I'm trying to teach her right from wrong to the best of my ability and it's still a work in progress. After all, this is my first time raising a kid.

Every time she gets into trouble, I almost miss the other version of her that I knew. But a few years ago, when she came to me (back when she was twelve and I was still fourteen), she was destabilizing. Rapidly at that. And stabilizing her had a few side affects. De-aging was one of them. In the end, by the time I managed to finally make her stable, I was left with a two year old version of her. And it's clear that her memory of everything she's been through had been erased, replaced by a fresh mind of a young, innocent child.

"I'll go check on her," I whisper to Jazz, "After all, she is my daughter."

My daughter. The words still are a bit foreign to me, but I'm getting used to them. Technically speaking, she really is my daughter and not a clone. When the Battle of Amity had happened, I had snuck into Vlad's lab and found all the records of his cloning experiments. What I found was… shocking. Interesting. It was a lot of things really. By mixing the DNA of myself and Sam (the only woman he could easily get the DNA of), a 'good' clone was created so to say, but the fruitloop didn't really have the common sense to know that when you mix the DNA of two people, you don't get a clone. You get a child. Sam's child. My child. Our child…. Neither of us were exactly thrilled when we found out, especially since it was after we broke up, but it didn't change the fact that there's nothing else in the world that I adore more than her.

And I will take care of her the way she deserves. Give her a better life. Maybe by going to this college, I'll be able to stabilize my future to make more money so I can take care of her. She's the other reason I'm doing this. Even if I'm going to miss her terribly while I'm away. I know Jazz will take good care of her and if she came to the college with me, I don't know how I would be able to manage to juggle college, homework, a possible job, and a daughter. I don't want her to feel neglected and leaving her with Jazz is the best way to make sure she knows she's still loved. I'll still call her every night I'm away of course.

Man. This is going to be amazing. I'm actually going to San Fransokyo. I'll get to continue inventing Mom and Dad's inventions and create my own as well as invent who knows what else? Emotions build up in my chest at the realization that everything I worked for since their deaths are coming true. I can make anti-ghost weapons to keep people safe from ghosts. I can secure my daughter's future.

Everything just seems to be looking up from here on out.

This is more than I could have ever dreamed of.