I can't give an exact date on a rewrite since my schedule (and health) are wonky, but there will be one. Especially because I have special plans for a sequel. Please follow me to be sent a notification the second it it's up.

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Enjoy this last little bit that leads up and hints at what the sequel will be centered around.

Danny doesn't get it. He should be happy, thrilled even. His life is going picture book perfect. Everything has been taken care of - Vlad is facing court within the Ghost Zone, Callaghan is in jail, everyone knows his secret and he has nothing to hide from any of his friends, who have became his family. More importantly, there are no more secrets between him and Tadashi.

Yet he can't bring himself to be happy. He's stopped opening the curtains in the morning, he can't stand the way the sun shines too brightly in his eyes or how the birds sound too perfectly chiper. The cars sound too loud and he swears he can hear every single word that every single person passing on the street says.

His scholarship is hanging in the balance since his project is sitting in the lab collecting dust. He can't even remember the last time he's gone there. Everytime he looks outside, he sees it in a shade of red that refuses to go away.

He wants everyone to just shut up. He wants the world to freeze and give him some peace.


He wants it to burn.

His phone buzzes again and like every other time before, Tadashi's face and name pop up on the screen. God, when was the last time they've even spoken? Weeks, at least. His thumb hovers over the answer button before he declines the call.

He could still feel the anger bubbling beneath his skin, threatening to burst forth like an explosion and he can't risk anyone being around him when it goes off.