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Chapter One: The Finding

How had it come to this, only four weeks ago Hiccup's life was only slightly normal, until he found the Night Fury Draconian baby, abandoned in the woods, and only then did his world and everything he believed in get turned upside down. Now here he was standing next to the father of the baby, Toothless (the guy who really didn't like humans), pretending to be mates for his own protection, and being sexually harassed by a deranged Skrill Draconian and had a Screaming Death Draconian trying to flirt with him. And to top it all off half of the Draconian chieftains didn't even want him there. And the poor teen couldn't think his life could get any worse. Yet somehow it had only gotten worse since the day he had saved little Dray.

For once couldn't he have a normal life? Obviously not! Because the night he found Dray, was the night Dray's real mother was shot by a human, and apparently the first two hours of a Draconian offspring's life is the most essential, because it's the time in which the baby scents his or her mother, in which Dray hadn't been given the chance and so scented Hiccup as his mother. To say Toothless was angry about his mate's death would be an understatement, and even more so when he discovered his own son scented Hiccup as his mother.

So now Hiccup was stuck! The teen looked down to where Toothless's large; almost bear sized clawed hand sat on his waist, before looking up at the draconian's face. He could see it! The anger and disgust in his eyes, the same anger and disgust he saw in his dad's eyes. Had Hiccup just kept walking that night, he would probably still be putting up with the sexual and physical abuse. But still had it not been for Dray, he would never have gotten the courage to take the little Night Fury and run away into the mountains. And even though four weeks didn't seem like a long time, it felt only like yesterday he was walking home from school….


Four Weeks Ago

It was cold out when Hiccup began the long walk home from the small town of Berk, he lived about five miles outside of the town, there wasn't anything between his home and the town except wild Canadian wilderness, the town itself only had a few buildings, and a total population of about thirty three people, including himself and his father. He was one of the last kids left in the small town, only three others remained, Thunk and Sandy Crood, and Sophie Bennett, Eep and her boyfriend Guy Manson went to a college in Florida, and Jack Frost and Jamie Bennett got accepted into an all-boys academy in Maine.

As he walked home he stared up at the sky, one thought roaring through his mind; what was his dad going to do to him tonight? He remembered when he had turned nine years old his father automatically gave him his deceased mothers womanly duties. It was probably the worst day of his life, and he couldn't tell anyone.

His father blamed him, for his mom's death that is, she died giving birth to him, and ever since then his father had become a drunken abusive man. In truth Hiccup was terrified of the guy. Would he be awake or was he asleep from drinking.

About half way home Hiccup heard a gunshot, it actually made him jump, he wasn't really expecting to hear a gunshot for another month,

"That's weird, hunting season doesn't start for another month!" he muttered to himself. He continued walking, it had gotten quiet, and maybe it was just someone out practicing. About five minutes later something caught his attention, a shrill cry, not far off in the woods. He listened, before he heard it again, for some reason it sounded awfully familiar, the cry came again this time long and pitiful, that's when it hit him, it was a babies cry.

What in the world was a baby doing in the woods,

"Hello," he called out cupping his hands around his mouth, "is there anybody out there!" he shouted hoping for a reply, and when only the cry of the baby started up again did he begin to panic. His feet began to move on their own, the forest was no place for a child even if it was left to die out there, it was wrong, and who would want to leave a baby out there, especially with bears and wolves out, these thoughts crossed his mind. At this point he was running.

His ears picked up the babies cry again to his left, he turned and ran towards the sound, and within a few seconds he ran into a small clearing, with a large pile of boulders at the center.

"Hello!" he asked loudly praying for an answer as he inched towards the rocks, the closer he got he noticed a small trail of liquid in the light of the glowing sunset, he gulped and jumped as a small cry came from a small opening in between two large boulders, he rushed forward and thrust his arms into the opening, feeling a squirming body wrapped in a blanket, he slowly pulled the baby out so as not to hurt the infant, and once he had the baby out in the dying light he froze! This baby, this little baby was definitely not a human baby. For starters he had large scaley ear like horns and smaller horn like things all over his head hidden within a thin layer of still wet black hair, patches of black scales beneath both eyes and on both shoulders on his darkened yet slightly blood covered tanned skin, and from what Hiccup could tell the baby even had a set of wings, and a tail, but what really got him was the fact that his poor little scaled claw like hands seemed way too big for him.

Hiccup was kind of shocked, but yet in his eyes this infant was beautiful, who in their right mind would give up such a precious child.

He was brought back to reality when the baby began crying again,

"Hey little guy, it's all right!" Hiccup cooed as he held the strange baby closer to his chest, trying to wrap his coat around them both, "Your safe now!" he whispered, the baby began snuggling closer to him, trying so hard to get as close to the warmth Hiccup's body gave off. It was then Hiccup decided to take the child home with him, and pray that his father was asleep.

As Hiccup left the clearing he had no idea someone was watching him, he didn't see the young woman who looked just like the baby crying tears of happiness and sadness from high in the trees, he didn't see the blood the pool of blood at the foot of the trees, he didn't see her smile as he carried the baby away, and he definitely didn't see her close her eyes and fall to the ground, dying from a gunshot wound from her back.

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