Nothing, I feel nothing. Not the softness of my bed. Nor the feathers in my pillow, or the warm blanket that should be on me.

I tried making a sound, any sound for that matter, but nothing.

Huh, wait, what? My thoughts are still there… but not my throat… or anything else. My body is… inexistent. What is… going on? And why… am I not panicking?

I can't feel my limps, or anything else, but I'm not panicking. Maybe I… just can't feel emotions anymore. I tried moving, flex my fingers, move from whatever kind of nightmare I'm in, but nothing – again.

I… I should be scared. There's still logic in my thoughts. Then I realized, even my own thoughts are bland. It's scary, but again, nothing.


Huh? Who was that? Then a miracle happened, I could feel my eyelids again. I tried opening them, but they feel heavy. Like I'm lifting one of my dad's weights; he would often ask me why I use them, and I tell him because I want to become as strong as him-

My father… what's his name? An innocent question, one that I don't have an answer to. A-And my mother. D-Do I have a mother? Of course I have one! I shouted at myself, but, strangely, that anger turns into happiness, I-I'm angry. Yes! Of course I'm angry. I have a mother and a father! I just… Sadness fills into my thoughts, I don't remember.

"He..wi….usefu…I'm…fident he…"

Those voices are real. I thought it was my imagination, but there's really someone here! A terrifying thought came to mind, What do they want with me?

"Thanks y…gain. I don't kn…how to thank y…properly." The voice sounds muffled, but my hearing is also returning, like my emotions.

"Hey, what are…iends for?" By the sound of it, I think he's around his twenties, but his voice holds a familiar gentleness.

"Really," this one sounds excited; it sounds like a kid, but there's a small echo in his voice.

"Well, if you want to. Of course, it's your decision," He sounds embarrassed, but even that feels familiar.

"Yay! I got a new friend!" Childish giggles soon follow, and I can't help but smile – if I could only feel my lips.

Despite the, um, nothingness, I'm more relaxed than before. Hopeful even. If there are bad guys, then they shouldn't be acting like that. Though I want to ask them.

"What do you want from me?" Silence, but unlike before, now I can hear, so why are they quiet. Unless, Did I just talk?

I tried moving my mouth, but found nothing to move. Then I just tried talking, "H-Hello." I spoke with an unsure tone, "Is anyone still there?"

Silence once again. This continues for several seconds, and I begin to wonder if they're gone, or my hearing is gone – the latter is worse actually.

"You… are awake?" The young man questioned, disbelief visible in his voice.

"Um, y-yeah." I really don't understand what's going on, but I don't think I was supposed to wake up. "Is there a problem?"

"Yes!" His tone becomes aggressive, "You're are supposed to be asleep so that-wait, why are we having this conversation? This shouldn't be happening!"

I would lie if I said his attitude wasn't bugging me. I asked a simple question, so there's no need for him to get angry at me.

"Wait, Alex, maybe this is a good sign!" The child spoke.

Did he just say Alex?

Alex replies back, "We don't know if this is good or bad! For all we know, this might not work anymore." He ends in a sad tone, and I can't help but feel guilty.

Sure, they are the ones responsible for… actually, I don't what's happening to me at the moment, but they really don't sound like bad guys. "Excuse me, but, what's going on, and where am I." It's strange talking without actually feeling my mouth.

"That's… classified information."

"But-But we can tell you!" The child-like voice hastily adds, but I can't tell if he sounds hopeful or desperate.

"No, we can't!"

That right there is something I can't let it slip, "If he's really your friend, you're not supposed to yell at him!"

My outburst must have affected him, because I all can hear from him are mumbles and a couple of "um" and "I". It wasn't long when he found his voice, "I-I didn't yell. That was just… me… raising my voice…" He ends sheepishly.

I was about to correct him, tell him it's the same thing, but my mind becomes cloudy all of a sudden. A feel the ghost of a weight around me; I can't explain how I can tell it's there, yet, I can tell it's growing. I tense up, mentally at least.

"*Sigh* I said 'we can't', because it's already time. I'm sure you can tell right now."

I failed to hide my fear, "What's h-h-happening?"

The child-like voice replied instantly, "You're safe! I promise!"

"Define safe."


"What? We both know it's true."

I chuckled, forgetting about my own predicament, "Now you guys sound like friends. That's good."

The pressure soon enclosed me. If I could still feel my lungs, the air would've been knocked out of me. For the first time in my life, I feel claustrophobic, and they can tell – at least the kid can.

"Please, don't fight. We made it safe, but… we never thought if it was comfy."

"Why would you? This wasn't part of the plan, sooo-"

His cut himself short, or my hearing is gone, but one thing's for certain: I'm falling, and fast.

I don't feel heavy, but it's more like something is pushing me. My eyes open instantly, and my vision is then flooded by a rainbow of colors, flashing brightly as they flow upwards. I couldn't decide to be happy that I could see again, or scared not knowing where I'm going. I felt a twitch on my finger.

My arm! I let out a small cheer as the feeling of my two limbs returned. Though the feeling felt a bit off. I curled and uncurled my fingers, but could only use three.

My chest rose as I inhaled deeply. The sudden action surprised, but feel relieved thinking that I will regain use of my legs soon.

I felt a small twitch at the back of my midsection. This sensation confused me; I experimented with it, and realized I'm moving something. I almost got an idea of what, but I lost the thought as the feeling of my legs returned.

However, like my arms, I could only move three toes.

This isn't normal. Huge understatement, I know, but there's nothing I can do! I can feel my body again, but all I can do is a small twitch here and there.

Then my surroundings became cold, and in the span of a second, confusion and fear turn into unease and dread. I gulped, and all I could do is wait.

I tried calming my heart by taking long breaths, and exhaling in the same way. This continued for some seconds, until I noticed something I wished I hadn't.

My breathing stopped. I stood still, petrified by fear.

Between the sea of colors, it contrasts greatly as a pair of scarlet eyes watch me. I dare not blink in fear it will move closer, or somewhere my eyes can't follow them, but as the eyes glow a disturbing dark-red, I desperately tried to move back with no success. I could hear my panting growing stronger, longer, and my heart pounding faster against my chest.

Then as fast as it appeared, the eyes banished, and the feeling of dread and coldness along with it. My vision becomes shrouded by a light coming from every direction, and sleep took me slowly without me noticing.

The sun rose high on another glorious day. The sky was near clear. A slow, but cooling breeze grazing anybody outside, and although this didn't reach the inhabitants of a certain town – surrounded by layers upon layers of trees as tall as a ten-story building – they didn't mind as the cool, fresh air is enough for them.

Though, there's one citizen that is expecting more out of it. Rays of light come through a circular opening of a root-like wall. A cluster of crystals on the roof shine white in a fluorescent light.

Illuminating the entire room – circular wall and dome-ceiling made of roots, floor covered in a mixture of small and giant leaves the size of a child, a tall oval mirror on the side, a rectangular brown bag next to it with a red scarf, and finally, a stack of hay piled together with a pokemon still resting on top.

Upon the crystals shining down, the pokemon stirs from its slumber. It pulls itself up to a sitting position, stretches its chubby, white digitless arms, then pats the scalchop on its belly.

Oshawott beams brightly at the challenges the new day will bring, "Today will be a good day. I can feel it."

She hops out of her makeshift bed, and approaches her explorer bag. After securing the red scarf around her neck, she puts the strap around her shoulder – the bag on the opposite side where the strap is – she walks over to the standing mirror to inspect herself.

She's fully equipped as a real explorer, and her enthusiasm is practically radiating out of her. Her hand reaches under her scarf, and pulls out an item that is the prime symbolism of an explorer: her badge.

All over the world, explorer badges are almost flat in nature. The front design similar to that of a Pokeball, though fully white with a small bronze-diamond at the center – representing Bronze Rank. And last, are the golden wings on the sides, supposedly representing freedom and independence from the pokemon who rely on trainers to fight – though that's something she personally didn't need to know.

Almost a minute passed as she admired it as a prized possession, then she returns it under her scarf.

Unable to wait any longer, she rushes over to the entrance, and swings the leafy curtains out of the way and-


"Gyah!" She stumbles back inside after a white flash blinds her vision. She trips with her own legs and end on her rear, "Ow."

The sea otter wastes no time to glare at the pokemon behind the curtains, "Give me a warning next time!"

What follows next are a set of giggles. The drapes are thrown to the side as the culprit enters with a bounce on her step. An Axew holding a Polaroid camera with a film sliding out from the front slot, "But, Umiko, we both know you're your cutest when you don't know!"

As if to prove her point, she grabs the picture with her free hand, and gazes intently at what it captured: Umiko is in a half run, the bag on her side with the least sign of it bouncing – a moving bag hinders running after all – but the one thing the dragon can't take her eyes off once she watched it, is that face with the wide open smile and eyes radiating the glee of an excited girl.

"Aaaaawww! Sooo adorable!" She gushes.

Umiko tries glaring at her, but it's rendered useless as her cheeks turn red from embarrassment. "Aliss, if you show that picture to anyone I will… I will… do something!" She sputters at the end of her threat and forgets she's still on the ground.

"Well," She places her instant camera inside her own explorer bag, and hides the picture behind her, "I maaaay show this to everyone in the guild, or I maaaay show this to my friends in town, ooooor," now she has a playful grin, "I maaaay show this to EVERYONE I SEE AND TELL THEM OF MY CUTEST LITTLE SISTER!"

Aliss turns around and starts running, waving the photo on top of her head in a teasing matter. Umiko's face has gone blush red at this point. She knows her sister will never go through with it, but it doesn't hurt to be sure.

"Aliss, wait!" She rushed to her feet and sped off, "Aliss, I'm telling you to wait!"

I slowly gain consciousness, and the first thing I'm sure is that I'm lying over grass. The sun's rays are warm and comfortable, along with a gentle cool breeze, I'm tempted in drifting back to sleep.

That notion is shaken off as I remember the situation I was in. I bolt to a sitting position, eyes wide open, and remained so as I took in the scenery.

I'm on an open field with lush green grass shining dimly from sunlight. From both corners of my vision, I see it filled with trees, but right in front, I have the perfect view of what I can assume is a lake.

At first glance I can see it's massive, its blue surface sparkles like diamonds, and its waters grow darker near the center where its deeper.

The sight is enough for me to forget about my problems. I even smile by how relaxed I am, but it fades off faster, I don't remember any of this near my home.

The thought worried me, As long as I can find a town, or city, then I can just call home and… I rubbed the side of my head, grimacing as all my thinking only got me a headache, I-I should just find somebody, so I can ask for help, and then… I will think of something.

Not the most encouraging of plans, but it's better than nothing, Nothing… what did they want from me? And what where they doing to me?

I just realized I still have my hand on my head, but as I set it down, I noticed something… unusual about it.

Its green… and slim like paper… and now I have three little pointy fingers… What?

I used the next couple of seconds wondering what I ate to have such a strange dream. I move my other arm up and see the same thing. Moving them aside to look at my feet… What is this?

I no longer have legs! Only… feet? They look like a spaghetti noodle, but with the color of cream, and end like a needle… I move them, and they move like normal legs would.

At this point, I could hear my heart beating on my chest, and in panic, I rose to my feet to see if that would snap me out of this dream. It made my panic worse as I'm now standing on those needle legs.

Now I feel a weight on my beck; I snap my head to the side, and there, bend up for me to see it, is a leaf… a w-shaped leaf to be exact. Under it is a green tail its connected to.

Papery green arms… spaghetti like legs that end like a needle… and a tail with a leaf at the end. It all points to one thing.

The lake! I rush towards it, nearly tripping once, and not caring how I can run with feet that aren't mine. What I care the most is to see my reflection, but when I blink, I don't understand why there's a Snivy in front of me.

I spend enough time surrounded by pokemon to know it's bewildered, and it's looking straight at me. The next seconds pass in something similar to a starring contest. I open my mouth to ask if it needs help, but it opens it too, so I close it, and he does too. Tentatively, and slowly, I raise my hand, it does too.

It's jaw drops, and that state of confusion turns into shock. I would know, because that's my face. I know I ran to see my reflection, but I was too distracted to even know I stopped and leaned towards the water.

What… did they do to me? Too many emotions run through my head to decide which one I should wear. I'm confused on why I'm in a pokemon's body. Angry that those two did something to me without my permission. Terrified that I don't know where I'm and if I'm going to stay like this forever.

But I couldn't act on any of them, because something collides on my side, and I'm thrown into the lake – which is pleasantly warm.

I hold my breath, and with a stroke, I get my head out of the water. After spitting the water out, I swim towards the ledge and pull myself out.

Soaked wet, I wipe my eyes clean to look at who tackled me.

I was ready to give out a scolding, but it died down by the sight of an injured Butterfree. My problems didn't seem to matter much. I ran towards him while thinking of ways to help. I got no backpack, so that means no potions. I don't know where the pokemon center is, so… what else? I'm skid to a stop. He has scratches all over him and a few bruises as well. Maybe if I had an Oran Berry.

And as if Arceus answered my prayers, close to us is an open bag with some of its contents – triangle cut sandwiches, water bottles and some berries – spilled; one of them happen to be an Oran Berry.

I pick it up, but the moment of relief is exchanged for worry, How is he supposed to eat this? What happens is hard to explain, but I have an… epiphany of sorts. I balance the berry in one hand – surprised I could do it actually – use the other one to open his mouth. Then use it to stab my finger into the berry. When I pull it out, a blue liquid begins to spill out.

I move the berry over its mouth, and turn it so he can drink the healing drops, and squish it gently to increase the downpour.

But during the entire process, I couldn't think of a reason why this feels natural.

*Cough cough*

Focusing back on him, I can see the blue spill over his lips, but I smile as he begins swallowing. I watch most of the minor injuries disappear, and the bruises shrinking somewhat.

It closes his mouth, and what I'm guessing is the last swallow, his eyelids begin to move.

I move the berry away, and prepare to greet him with the friendliest smile I can muster.

After a small crack, it shuts them close. I furrowed my brows, then give myself a mental facepalm, The sun dummy!

I step to the side so my shadow is on his face. It takes some time opening his eyes again, but when he realizes there's no threat from the sun, it opens them wide. Funny, he looks shocked.

"Excuse me," I said gently, which the dual type snaps his head to face me, "but are you feeling better?"

The Butterfree still stares at me for an odd reason, but I thought it was because its scared, so I still held my smile.

It's eyes narrow, "Who are you?" He ask – no – demands in a deep, raspy voice.

I felt the urge to step back, but held my feet and my smile, "Well, Sir, I-" Better keep the part that I'm a human a secret. I don't want him to think I'm crazy, "…m-my name is Alex, and I was the one who you bumped into, but that's okay."

His eyes narrow even further; I don't know why, but I felt uneasy. Butterfree shifts his wings around, even give them experimental flaps, at the end, he grins.

"Silver Wind!" His right wing glows. He swings it once and a gust with silver powder hurls me off my feet.

The initial force knocks the air out of me as I rise higher. Then comes the unbearable sting that surrounds me; I couldn't even cry in pain as that's what kept me from inhaling. The attack stopped, but as I attempted to take a gulp of air, I began coughing violently. My chest started to hurt and the rest of my body burned badly.

Once I began to take deep – but close to normal – breaths, I just noticed I was falling down, so I wasn't ready when my back collided with the ground, hard.

I coughed again, but not as violently as before, and as before, I began breathing heavily. The fire around me slowly faded, and I dared to push myself to sit. It was difficult, and I cringed when the burning intensified for a moment; I stopped mid-way as a result, but continued when the pain became bearable.

The first thing I noticed was the closest to me, an Oran Berry shredded to pieces with its juices staining the ground. Farther away – just realized a flew a good distance – is the Butterfree munching on another Oran Berry like if his life depended on it; he's wearing also wearing that bag, but leaving behind the spilled contents. Though it looks uncomfortable; his wings were in the way of leaving the bag handing on his side, so it's in front of his body, making him lean forward so the strap doesn't slide on his wings.

I gritted my teeth in anger, Why did he attack me? I asked myself as he finished devouring the berry.

I hear him sigh contently, "Man that hit the right spot." His eyes focused on mine, and that grin returns, "I would like to have my time against you grass type, but I got this bag and many buyers ready to pay thousands for this."

After that, he turns and flies off, a bit unbalanced as the bag hangs loosely.

I blink, and feel dumb for not noticing the forest I'm in, which Butterfree enters and hides from view.

W-What? Is all I can think of before the pain is replaced by an unpleasant numbness. I rise to my feet, and try moving a leg towards the shredded berry, but it was like moving a stone. I need that berry. Desperate, I thought of falling down – willingly – and crawl towards it, that's when I see a green vine with a bulb at the end approaches it.

Is that… I tilt my head so I could look down, and yes, that vine is coming from my collar, "Vine Whip."

The vine wraps around a piece and brings it closer. I wolf it down shamelessly when I had the chance, and the numbness of my body starts to leave. I use two vines to do the same thing. When my legs began to work, I rushed over to the leftover parts and ate the rest. A lot of juice is staining the grass, but what was left was enough to heal most of my injuries. I even went far as to lick my hands clean.

I knew Oran Berries heal injuries, but this one was really strong. My body was still sore around the back, but can't complain about anything else.

I stared at the direction Butterfree took. I was thinking of following him, but decided against it – avoid trouble if possible. So I'm left with one question, …What do I do now?

The sound of leaves crushed come up behind me. Startled, I turn, but whoever it is, trees block my view.

"…elp." It's faint, but I heard it. "Help…"

I blame the lingering pain for my late response. As I run, I have no idea what to expect, so when I came around the first tree, the sight of a Pachirisu, paw resting on the same tree for support, above his nose is flushed violet – signs of poison – and is panting heavily as sweet covers his face.

"D-Don't move," I held him by his shoulders, carefully turn him around, and have him slide down to sit against the trunk. "What happened?" I ask in a shaky tone.

It grimaces and coughs, "The… the bag… get… the bag." His head begins to sway from side to side with a glazed look in his eyes.

For how long has he been poisoned? This is almost the same situation like with the Butterfree, only this time I need an Antidote or a Pecha Berry.

I'm pulled by my collar, and my nose bends upwards when pressed against the Squirrel's nose. I blink, and am surprised to see Pachirisu's eyes focused, but most importantly, serious, "I know I'm asking for much," with his voice I can say he's an adult; its deep, but unmistakably gentle as well, "but I need you to catch the outlaw that took my bag. Please, go after him. If I don't ca*Cough*… if I don't catch up, my wife should reach you. Please."

He releases me, and slumps back against the wood with a glazed look.

He's… strong, I heard of some pokemon that could actually fight off the poison until it wears off, though I never seen a real one until now.

I sigh, narrow my eyes, then nod. Not waiting if he acknowledged it, I run in the direction I came, move past the picnic goods, and enter the same parts Butterfree entered.

I keep running in a straight line, scanning everything, and I do mean everything – ridges on the trunks, the individual leaves on the branches, and near unnoticeable footprints from other pokemon.

I didn't question how I could see all these things – almost at once too. Pachirisu sounded too urgent for me to worry about other things. So when I heard a low flap of wings, I stopped to listen. I heard it again, accompanied by an irritated huff and the F-word.

I dashed in that direction, and doubled my efforts so I don't lose him. I was doing quick curves around the trees, barely slowing down, and in seconds, I stopped.

"Hey!" Meters ahead, the Butterfly Pokemon stops, and turns his head to glare at me, "Give back that bag!"

He turns around fully, annoyed evident on his face; he even growls at me, but lets it all dissolve before he smirks, "Or what?"

"Then… um," I can feel my expression falter, and I'm sure I'm giving him a dumbfounded look, "I… I didn't think of it that far."

The mock laughter from the butterfly makes me cringe.

W-What am I supposed to do now? I asked myself in panic.

Fight. A voice filled with resolution replied.

Huh? Where did that come from? Sure, fighting is an option – one I don't like. So I'm surprised I thought of that.

"Oh this is rich." My attention returns to the Butterfree, who's got a tear on his cheek from the laughter, "What's a grass type gonna do to me? Nothing. So, why don't you step back and play with some flowers. That's sounds like something your type would do."

A spike of anger flared in me, Did-Did he just... I replayed the words in my head.

why don't you step back and play with some flowers. That's sounds like something your type would do… your type would do…

That-That was racist. Typecist would be the word, but it's the same as racist!

"You can't be serious, right?" He asks me with a hint of amusement, "Anger doesn't suit green you know, but if you want to fight, all right." The Butterfly Pokemon tosses the bag to the side; he flexes his head to the sides – similar if he had a neck to stretch, "I was looking for a good punching bag."

I stiffened, So… I'm really going to fight?

I need a plan.

I jolted slightly, afraid of not knowing where that voice came from, but wherever it came from, it's right, He's a dual flying/bug type. The only super effective move Snivy can learn is Aerial Ace – which I don't know if I can do. There's also some tail moves I might do – but again, I don't if I can do them. I'm fighting in a forest, so trees can be used as a shield. That's it! Trees also hinders visibility! And with this many branches, Butterfree is forced to stay on low altitude, so he's restricted on mobility, but not me! …Where did all that come from? Third time it happens, yet farther away from an answer.

What is even more confusion, is that after my strategizing, Butterfree is still grinning while his wings are about to glow white. Like if he's been taking his time, or I just thought of all that in a second.

I dashed behind a tree before Silver Wind came as a powerful gust. I press my back against the trunk as bark begins to snap off and speed off alongside the attack, grass also begins to scrape off and branches begin to shake violently.

"Hahaha! What's the matter, scared? Don't worry, I will take my time. Oh yes I will."

I shivered, already fearing the pain he wants to put me through.

Deep breaths, I grew tense by the voice in my head, Deep breaths. I'm sure my mother warned not to listen to strangers, and strange voiced in my head fall in the same category… but being honest with myself, there's something familiar about this voice.

I take a deep breath, and the tension in my body disappears just as that.

My mind clears as well, and with it – as odd as it sounds – my need for thinking. I stop leaning against the tree, turn around and look up. I examine the branches and find a good spot for me to land.

I jump with the necessary strength to land smoothly. Despite the branches shaking, I hoop with ease until I'm on the other side, then move with one step in front of the other until I'm at the end of the branch. Below me is clueless Butterfree, "What are you doing back there? Hugging the tree? Are you scared? Hahahaha!"

I narrow my eyes, and time slows the enough for me to see details I normally wouldn't. The silver dusts forming on his wings, and how they bend and curve with each beat. I don't question how I'm seeing this because there's something blocking me from thinking, but the thought itself is there, growing louder.

I raise my left hand, and gather energy in it before forming it outside in the form of a sphere, "Energy Ball."

I don't question it, but the sounds in my head become louder. I extend my hand back, ready to throw the attack right on his head to stun it momentarily, and that opening I will use to knock it out with my next attack. My brows furrowed, This feels weird.

My eyes opened wide. The oddity of everything I did until now snaps my senses back on. I take a sharp breath as if I haven't used my lungs, but my hand still acted on its own.

The swing came out sloppy, missing by feet. Though it made Butterfree stop; he turns his head towards the explosion and looks at it with shock before turning up and locking eyes with me.

He scowls and practically growls.

The sensation of thin wood under my feet bring a chilling realization, I'm on a branch! My leg slipped, sending me falling down defenseless.

Deep breath! I took it, and felt and instant disconnect to my senses. It truly is an odd feeling; I can observe everything that happens, feel my body move, but not the air's warmth, or smell the forest's scent.

In mid-air, my body does half a backflip, and even with flipped vision, I have no problem recognizing the attack.

Butterfree's mouth is agape; purple liquid in his mouth as he's stuck in a spitting position. No, stuck isn't the right word, he's just moving slow. His head is in thrusting motion to add speed to add speed to Venoshock.

I didn't question how I could see this, as right now my body is acting on its own.

Somehow, wind is starting to become visible around me. Spinning around me like a tornado.

In real time, my body did a quick side spin and realigned itself properly. When the tip of my foot touched the ground, with the help of Aerial Ace, I hooped off effortlessly to a tree's bark – a couple of feet off the ground – and avoided the attack a moment before it hit.

I jumped off again while using the leftover wind as boost.

Time slows again, so I can see the dual type's expression change to shock. Energy began pooling inside the leaf, and it hardens.

Time sped to normal; my body shifted sideways so it's parallel to the earth while giving a strong spin. Iron Tail connects, sending him down crashing. I watched as the rest of the poison sputtered out of his mouth while my feet touch the bark of another tree.

I jump once more, landing next to him as he barely had the time to blink, and using my momentum, I spin to strike him harder and send him crash back-first against a tree, creating a crater in his form for him to be stuck to.

It also looks like attack knocked him out since his eyes are closed and head slouched forward. My hand raises, energy traveling to the palm to form Energy Ball.

I shuddered, No! I tightened it into a fist, forcing the energy to scatter harmlessly. I stood there for a few seconds, trembling for what I was about to do.

I shook my head. Whatever it was, its gone, and what I came for wasn't to hurt anyone – I mean that.

That explorer bag is a feet away. I sigh in relief, thanking Arceus it isn't damaged. I approach it, and just as I was about to grab it, a voice in my head yells Keep your eyes on him! A foreboding feeling surrounds me, along with a cold dread, and instead of doing something, I stayed frozen in fear. Until a strong gust makes my skin burn; it soon feels like I'm on fire, and I could only do a short scream as I'm thrown off my feet and crash on my left shoulder. I heard the wood crack, and maybe a few bones on my shoulder as well, because there's only one thing I feel right now.

AAAAAAAAHH! If I could scream, I would.

I can't bear the burn, and before I could take my first breath, I fell and landed on my other shoulder.

Less painful than the first crash, but the burning skin made me twitch and curl into a fatal position – my tail curled in front of me, leaf resting over my face. I tried placing a hand on my broken shoulder, but winced and shake more violently than I did, and the hand felt warm and wet for some reason.

So I brought it closer, and even as my vision blurred, or my hand shook violently, I… recognized the blood on it. *Hic*Crying explains my blurry vision. *Hic* I placed it tenderly on my shoulder. My body no longer burns horrible, but the pain it left behind digs deep into my skin. I'm sweating all over, my insides burn and my strength is fading.

"Why are you crying?" That's the Butterfree, and he sounds close, "You did worse do me, but do you see me crying? No. Tsk. I can't believe a tree hugger caused me this much trouble." He spits, and it actually hurt when it hits my cheek. What's worse, it starts burning like when the gust hit me

I start crying.

"Weak," I don't know if he's starting to move away, or if he's still watching me, but I just lie there, crying like a baby.

He's right, this is weak.

Wha… That was not my voice, W-Who's there? I ask terrified.

Wait! You can hear me? Is this because you woke up? My vision darkens, and I'm starting to lose the feeling of my body. That can wait. First…

My eyes widen, and the pain disappears, so does all other sensation… except the one from my body.

My body pushes itself up with its right hand. Easily standing on its feet without trouble.

What is-

Going on? The voice finishes for me, Just sit back and relax while you can, and try to learn something too.

I don't know how to respond to that, or know if it was an insult.

My body turns, and a few meters away is Butterfree, holding the bag in his small paw and looking at it grudgingly.

"Hey!" That's my voice, but it sounds different, more confident and a bit deeper. The butterfly's eyes widen; he turns his head towards me and his jaw drops. "What's the matter," he begins wiping the tears off, "can't even finish the job."

That infuriates the pokemon. He throws the bag, not caring to be gentle.

Once he – whoever is controlling my body – finished to wipe the tears off, he brings the hand up after touching the spit, now its covered in a purple liquid, "Yuk." He moves the hand back down, wiping the rest of the poison off.

Butterfree's eye twitches and his mouth curls into a snarl, "What… in the Distortion World. You touched… poison. That's not normal!"

"Maybe I'm not normal, and that's bad for you." Hands crossed are accompanied with a one-sided smug, "Because I will be taking you down in one hit."

Rage is the only emotion on his face, "You cocky little-"

My body shifts into a running position, prompting the dual type to stop mid-rant. His wings sparkle, and my body dashes.

"Silver Wind!"

"Aerial Ace!"

His wings beat faster while my body jumps. Gusts filled with silver dust my way while my body turns parallel with the ground, and spins with the aid of strong winds spinning around me.

Even with the world spinning around me, I never felt dizzy, and I could still see it slow down at times to see where I'm going – not that I could do anything at the moment.

When the attacks connect, Silver Wind shifted around Aerial Ace's stronger winds. So my body moves forward without slowing down, hitting Butterfree at the center of his chest.

My body grins on both ends. The wind dispels and so does the spinning. As I fall back down, I get to witness the Butterfly rotating uncontrollably until crashing into the tree – the same tree he crashed into, but higher, head facing downwards and embedded inches deeper. The tree shakes twice from the force, and splinters formed around the crater.

One second, I needed only one second to see all that. In real time, my body lands without trouble, "And that's how you deal with trouble."

B-But you-

"I dealt with him like you should have."

Butterfree's eyes are still open, but they're glazed now, empty, so the attack must've knocked him out with his eyes open. I would have my doubts, but that impact looks, much, much, worse than when I used Iron Tail. Not to mention super effective.

But still-

"No buts. Besides, you already asked nicely, so the next option was to beat him up." In this situation, I would've looked down in defeat, but it was impossible inside my mind.

"Alright outlaw, return-" My body turns halfway, and a few feet away is an Axew wearing a pink bow behind her neck, with horizontal hot-pink stripes. It stares at me with wide eyes. It shifts its gaze to the defeated Butterfree, then back to me. It raises a finger in my direction, "You took down a star ranked outlaw?"

I don't know what that mean, but the one controlling my body seems to know. He grins, "Yes. Thanks for noticing the obvious."

At this, she frown, which in reality was for a moment, so I-we, saw it even if she didn't want to. She smiled the same way I did to the Butterfree before. Inside, I felt relieved, "Sorry. It's that ranked outlaws are difficult to deal with, even for senior or graduate explorers, and you" her arm stretches as she points a claw at me, her other hand on her hip while giving me a cheerful smile, "took one down while at disadvantage type."

She sounds older than me, maybe at her twenties.

Axew approaches me, "Name's Aliss." She stops close, both hands on her hips, "Are you telling me yours or will I have to guess?"

"I would tell you, but there's a problem."

Aliss's smile vanishes; her hands drop to the side and her expression turns into confusion and… caution?

My body turns all the way, and I feel my right hand point at my left shoulder – which I remember is broken.

She gasps and tries covering her mouth with those small claws of her.

Warm slowly fills my senses, but it's instantly pushed to the side by the strongest shock of pain I ever experienced. My shoulder was the worst as I thought it was being ripped apart and set ablaze at the same time. My eyes shot wide, and my mouth opened to release a scream that died before reaching my throat.

My vision darkened, and the next thing I know is that I'm falling backwards. Then nothing.

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