A/N: Hello everyone! This is one of my all-time fav classics. I don't know why I never thought to write a fanfiction to PW before. But here it it! This is taken a year and a half after the movie finishes and its about Vivian's parents and how she makes emends and invites them to her wedding.

Vivian Ward former prostitute soon-to-be wife of Edward Lewis, stood outside the gate of her parents three story mansion. It had been eight years since she had seen this house, eight years since she had stood on the outside, looking in, eight years since she had spoken to her parents. Edward had persuaded her to go home and make peace; invite them to the wedding.

The Ward's had always been intimidating people. Vivian had always remembered her mother locking her up in the attic on a regular basis, usually because she had done something that was less than perfect in the eyes of Justine Ward. It was why Vivian had had such a hard time going home after what she had done. Both Justine and Brett were a firm believer in sorting out each one's mess. They would not have simply taken her in and forgiven what had been said and done, there would be consequences. But Vivian was different now. She wasn't looking for help. She had made mistakes but she had also rectified them. She had finished school, Edward had paid for that, and her grades had been more than adequate. Now she was looking into nursing as a profession.

It was time to face the past

Vivian knocked on the door and stood back in anticipation. She could hear the heavy clunk of footsteps coming closer, and then the door opened.

"May I help you?" came the stern voice of Lester James; the same butler that had been around when Vivian was a child.

"Lester. It's Vivian…"

It took a moment for the man to place her. "Vivian. Yes, of course. I expect it's your parents you wish to see."

"Yes, Lester." Vivian tried to hide the hurt feelings that his indifference caused. There were times during her childhood years that Lester was the only one who actually cared about her, who paid any attention to a child so full of spirit and energy. Vivian recalled times when he would play board games or let her help him prepare dinner in the kitchen. Perhaps over the years he had forgotten those memories.

"Right away, ma'am."

Lester left her on the front step and turned to fetch her parents. How much had changed since then?

Vivian looked around at the foyer, looking much the same as it had the last time she was here. Memories of her childhood enveloped her, memories of her teen years, when she had met each one of her bums and brought them to the house to meet her parents.

Oh how times had changed!

Vivian realised how lucky she had been to meet Edward and the business proposition that had brought her into his world, changing it and him and herself, in the process. Now, as she looked into her past, she wondered if she had made a mistake. Would her parents even want to see her after all this time or would they have written her off as a lost cause?

Footsteps approached.

Vivian's heart started hammering against the wall of her chest.

And then her parents appeared at the door.

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