This chapter is from a Thai Series entitled Hormones. This is a fan made story and not to be mistaken as from the original plot of the series. The characters are not mine and I am not claiming any of the characters that would be said here that are related to the series.


After the fight against the minions of Zeref, Daisuke, Dale, Aqua and Azure are back to their real world and lived a peaceful life for a couple of months. The family then decided to go to a mall for a date. They've watched a movie the kids want to watch and followed by the movie that the twins want to watch. After the movies, they decided to eat at a buffet so that they could eat to their hearts content. After eating, they've decided to take a walk around the stalls of the mall and shop for the things they needed. Before they knew it, Daisuke was sucked by the anima.

"Where is papa?" Azure asked.

"I just saw him there a moment ago." Aqua answered.

"This is bad. I can't locate his chakra. I can't pick up his magic pulse." Dale said.

"Maybe he's sucked by the anima." Aqua said.

"Why would he be sucked by the anima alone?" Azure asked.

"Maybe the world he was sucked in does not need anyone of us but only him." Dale explained.


Where am I? This looks like Thailand. I start roaming around the square. This place looks familiar. This is the famous Siam Square. Why am I here? As I was wondering around the square, somebody just covered my eyes from behind me.

"Thang, did I make you wait for too long?" The lady said to me while she's covering my eyes.

"N-no. I just arrived here a couple of minutes ago." I replied.

"Don't lie to me. I know you're here an hour ago. Thang, what's the matter with you?" She asked and removed her hand from my eyes. "Are you sick?" She added and checked my temperature. "You know what, you look pale. Let's go home." She continued.

The moment we were walking towards our house, the memories of the man whom she called Thang sank into me. That lady is my older sister, P'Bomb.

"Just go to bed. I'll call you when the dinner is ready." She said as we entered the house.

"I am not sick. Don't worry too much. You still have to go to the bar you are working at earlier because you are assigned to the opening shift." I said. "I'll do the cooking. You need to rest for your shift." I added.

"I can manage. Don't argue anymore. Just go upstairs and rest. You have a busy day tomorrow. You've just transferred to a school in Bangkok so you need to wake up early." She said.

I have no choice but to follow her instructions. Well, I must obey her because she's my older sister and I respect her that much. I entered my room and changed clothes. I closed my eyes and rested. After a couple of hours, I heard my sister knocking on my door saying that dinner is ready. I then prepared myself for dinner. I saw may favorite soup and ate a lot. After dinner, I did the dishes so that she could prepare herself for her work. After a couple of minutes, she gave me a hug and left the house. After she left, I locked all the doors and went to my bed. I opened my laptop and browsed on my Facebook. I do what I usually do; I visited the profiles of my crushes from the school which I transferred. First, I visited the profile of the cute saxophonist – Phu. Then I visited the profile of the cute flute player – Thee. I have a crush on both of them because they are not only cute but they are talented as well. I am lucky because I was placed in their class and it will start tomorrow. After stalking them, I rested.

I woke up early to prepare myself for school. After I took a shower, my sister called me for breakfast. I rushed down the dining area and ate breakfast with her. After eating, she washed the dishes as I leave the house. I am very much excited about my new school and of course, I am so excited to meet my two crushes, Thee and Phu. As I entered our classroom, I saw Thee and Phu sitting in their proper places. Them our homeroom teacher introduced me to them and asked me to occupy the empty seat beside Thee. My heart raced as I move towards Thee.

"Hi, I'm Thee, and you are?" Thee said as he introduced himself and asked me my name.

"I-I'm Thang. I'm pleased to meet you." I replied and bowed.

"Okay class, our lesson for today is…" That's the only thing that I've heard from our teacher that time because I kept on looking at Thee.

"Is there something on my face?" Thee asked.

"No-nothing." I replied. I felt all the heat in my face.

"Are you okay? You suddenly turned red." He worriedly asked me.

"I'm fine." I replied and gave him a shy smile.

Few hours passed and there goes our lunch break. Everyone gets out of the room together with their friends as I am left with no one to eat with because I am the only new kid in the room.

"Do want to join us?" A familiar voice asked.

"Yeah, so that you wouldn't be lonely." Another boy added.

"O-okay." I replied. How could I decline from the invitation of Phu and Thee.

We were walking towards the canteen and I was like walking in heaven because two of my crushes offered me company. After I got the food from the canteen, we sat on a bench near the basketball court.

"By the way, my name is Phu." As he introduced himself to me.

"I'm Thang." I bowed as I introduced myself to him.

There are so many things that the three of us talked about. They talked about the marching band, of course I knew about that but I played dumb for the sake of their stories. We had fun during the break and they even invited me to play basketball with them after class.

Phu then started to go out with Toei and they became lovers. Because of that, I had more time with Thee. Thee then opened himself to me.

"Phu and I once dated." He started telling me the story while we were drinking.

"I know." I gave a short reply.

"How do you know?" Thee asked.

"To tell you honestly, the two of you are the main reason why I transferred." I said to him.

"What are you talking about?" Thee asked.

"I have a huge crush on both of you. And now it is a dream come true, to become your friend." I replied.

"So you liked the both of us? But how did you know about our relationship?" He asked.

"I just felt that something is wrong when I started being with you guys. You are trying not to show any affection to him while he kept on showing his affection to you." I explained.

"But now that he's with Toei…" He said.

"I'm just right here. I'm ready to listen to your story." I said and gave him an assuring smile.

He told me about what happened to them and I just listened and comforted him. Days passed and we continued to be friends. I started feeling something weird but I just shrug it over. Few weeks have passed and I jammed with P'Tar hoping that I could be one of the vocalists of See Scape. After we finished jamming, I stayed for a while and helped P'Tar, P'Phai, and P'Pop to clean the band area. After cleaning the area P'Tar and the others left. I decided to go to the marching band dorm because I saw Phu's post. Then I noticed Toei standing frozen at the door of the room then after a few minutes, she ran down. I then checked the room to see what Toei saw and to my surprise I saw Phu and Thee's clothes scattered all over the place and found the two of them cuddling on one of the beds. My heart broke that time because I thought that me and Thee had a chance to be together.

A couple of days later I went to the bar were P'Bomb was working and saw Phu there flirting with my sister and telling the story about Toei and him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Phu.

"Do you know this guy?" P'Bomb asked.

"He's my classmate." I replied.

"Why are you here at this time of the night?" Phu asked me.

"And what are you doing here at this time of the night?" I raised my voice returning him his question.

"I asked first so answer me." He demanded.

"I have all the rights to be here because P'Bomb is my older sister." I replied.

"Now, do really want to know why Toei broke up with you?" I added.

"You know the reason why she broke up with me?" Phu asked and pulled me away from my sister.

"Why did you pull me out? Do you like her?" I asked.

"Yes. I like her." He replied.

"You like her? What about Thee?" I asked. "Toei and I saw the thing that you both did in the marching band room." I continued. "That's the reason why she broke up with you." I added. "Now, if you'll continue flirting with my sister at the same time doing that stuff with Thee, I'm not allowing you to do so." I stated.

He was frozen like hell then he left the bar quietly. A couple of days later, I visited my sister in her condo because she does not want to go home because of what I have done. As I was to knock at the door, Phu opened it because he is late for school. I did not enter the unit and left without saying anything to my sister. I then talked to Thee regarding the issue and he listened to every word that I said.

The day passed and I went home. Later that afternoon, I heard someone knocking on our door. I opened it and saw Phu standing outside.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I am here to visit P'Bomb." He replied.

"Since that night, she stayed there in her condo. So she is not staying here for a while." I said.

"She texted me to wait here." Phu said.

"Just wait for her here." I said and allowed him to enter our home.

"Can we talk while I am waiting for your sister?" He asked me then pulled me to my room.

We talked about how Thee and him became lovers and how they drifted apart. He also told me the story about Toei and him. Then finally he told me the story of how he met my sister. After telling those stories, I did not notice that both of us are lying in my bed. Moments later, my eyes just closed themselves and I slept. After a couple of hours, I felt someone kissing my lips then down to my neck. When that someone tried to go further, I reacted.

"What are you doing Phu?" I asked him.

"Do you like me?" He asked and continued pressing his lips to my neck.

"Yes, I like you. But stop doing this!" I started raising my voice.

"But why should I stop if you like me?" He asked.

"Because you're hanging out with my sister and she likes you. I don't want to cause her any pain so could you please stop whatever you're doing." I said and pushed him away. "You told me that Toei told you once that there are something that you can never change." I added. "Now I know what she was referring to." I continued. "She was referring to your sexual preference. You couldn't resist a guy." I added.

After that conversation, I went down to prepare dinner and I saw P'Bomb crying. I knew that she saw and heard everything but when Phu went down she acted as if nothing had happened. After dinner, I rushed to Thee's dorm, he opened the door and I just hugged him tightly.

"What happened? Why are you crying?" He asked.

I can't say anything and continued crying. He kissed my forehead and all the tears went dry.

"So can you tell me what happened?" He asked me again.

I told him everything and he just hugged me tightly.

"Thanks for being there for me, Thee." I said.

"You never left me when I needed you the most. So now that you need me, I would never leave your side." He said and he gently pressed his lips to mine.

He then took his clothes off then he took mine off too. He pushed me to his bed and he started pressing his lips all over my body. I was happy that night because I am certain that the person I love loves me back. I wished for this night would not be over because I am very happy, and I am certain that he is happy too. I woke up early in the morning finding both of us cuddling each other.

"Good morning love." I said while I gently pressed my lips to his.

"Good morning." He returned the kiss.

"Let me stand will you.." He said while he was struggling to get off my embrace.

"Nah. I want to hug you a little bit more." I said then we heard a knock on his door.

"Coming." He said and get wore his clothes.

"Oh. You have company." Non said to him.

I saw my clothes near me and wore it. Then I came near them.

"Join us for breakfast Non." I said while hugging Thee from his back. "Wait for me here. I'll just cook our breakfast, love." I added and kissed him on his neck then I went to the kitchen.

After eating, I decided to go home and prepare something for Thee. Before I left his dorm I talked to him.

"Thee, check your Facebook." I said.

He stared at his phone that got Non's attention.

"What's that? May I see?" Non said as he look at Thee's phone. "P'Thang is asking if you want to be his boyfriend…" Non started teasing Thee.

"You could turn me down if you want. But even so, I won't stop until you become mine." I said to him.

My phone then got a notification from my facebook then when I saw it, my happiness couldn't be contained.

"I'll see you at Siam later at 2pm. We will watch a movie. Bye love. I love you." I said and pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

I went home and prepared myself for our first date. I wore my best clothes and wore m finest perfume. After preparing, I told P'Bomb that I'm off to Siam.

"Since when do you go to Siam in that attire?" She asked.

"Since now.." I answered sarcastically.

"Do you have a date? Do you have a boyfriend?" She asked me continuously.

"I'll bring him here later. We'll eat dinner together okay." I said to her and left the house.

I arrived earlier than expected so I roamed around the square searching for a good spot to have lunch. After finding a good spot, I checked the schedule of the movie that Thee wants to watch. Then after a while, I returned to our usual meeting place at the square. A few minutes later, someone hugged me from the back.

"Did I make you wait for a long time?" The boy asked.

"Nah. I just came for about a couple of minutes ago." I replied and planted a kiss on his forehead.

"So where are we going?" Thee asked me.

"Let's eat our lunch first. The movie will start at 4pm. I bought tickets already." I replied.

"Really? Ok then let's eat first." He said.

We walked towards the restaurant and found a romantic spot. After that, we ordered our meal and started eating. We finished eating and started to walk around the square. We bumped with P'Tar and Kanompang.


"What are you guys doing here?" Tar asked gave us a meaningful grin.

"Uhmmm. We're gonna watch a movie." I replied.

"By the way, congratulations for the both of you." Tar said.

"Congartulations for what?" Thang asked.

"For you being a couple." Tar replied.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"We put it on facebook remember." Thang reminded me.

"So wanna join us in watching the movie?" Thang asked them.

"A double movie date sounds great. Can we go with them P'Tar?" Kanompang said.

"Okay. If my princess would be happy then let's have a double date." Tar replied.

Thang and I held hands and so thus Tar and Kanompang. We went to the movie house and watched a romantic comedy movie. After that, we bid our farewell to Tar and Kanompang and went to Thang's house for dinner.


"We're home." I said when we entered the house.

"Welcome home Thang. Who is he?" P'Bomb asked me. "Is he your boyfriend?" She added in a teasing voice.

"P'Bomb this is Thee, my boyfried. Thee this is my older sister, P'Bomb." I said while introducing them to each other.

"He's my ex." A voice from behind us said.

"What are you doing here Phu?" Thee asked.

"He's hanging out with my sister." I replied.

"Dinner will be served at 6pm." P'Bomb said.

"Okay, we'll be in my room till dinner." I said and pulled Thee upstairs.

We rested and after a couple of hours, we heard P'Bomb calling us for dinner. We went down and ate together. At first there was this awkward silence but I managed to break it.

"The movie was great, right my love?" I asked Thee.

"Yes, that movie was awesome. Actually I love watching Romantic-comedy movies." Thee replied.

"Next time let's watch a horror movie together okay?" I said to Thee.

"Thee hates horror movies." Phu said.

"It is okay. As long as I'm with Thang, I feel at ease." Thee said.

After dinner Thee and I went to my room and did our assignments. After that I decided to ask him if he could stay over. He agreed and we went to have a shower together. I lent him some of my clothes and after changing, we went to bed. The next morning, I woke up early to prepare our breakfast. After preparing the breakfast, I called Thee and we ate together. We dropped by his dorm to get his things for school then we went to school. After school he walked me home and ate dinner with us then went home.

"I wanna tell you something." P'Bomb said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"I am leaving." She said.

"Okay, take care. Be here early tomorrow morning." I replied.

"No. I mean I'm leaving. I'm going to Germany." She said.

"So he finally kept in touch with you again." I said sarcastically.

"I bought a ticket to Germany and it's dated for tomorrow." She said.

"What about Phu? Are you leaving him because of that Ex of yours?" I raised my voice.

"Phu is a good boy. I'm sure he'll understand." She replied.

"What about me? Did you think about my illness?" I said while holding back my tears.

"Don't use that card on me." She said while tears flows down her cheek.

"The last time I was checked by the doctor, he said that I am not gonna stay that long. So are gonna sacrifice the short time that you could spend with your dying brother?" I said while tears rolled down my eyes.

"Ah!" I shouted and held my chest. I rushed to my room and locked the door. I kept on being quiet even though it is very painful because P'Bomb is at my door knocking and asking me if I'm okay.


He rushed to his room while holding his chest and locked himself inside his room. I am sure that he is being attacked by his sickness. He always did that when he is attacked by the pain in his chest. I knocked and knocked at his door but he kept silent. I rushed to my room and got the spare key of his room and I saw him sleeping. I pressed a kiss on his cheek and he did not respond. I tapped his shoulder but he did not respond either. He is unconscious. I rushed him to the nearest hospital and admitted him there. I called Phu and he rushed to the hospital as well.

"P'Bomb." Thang called me.

"What is it my baby boy?" I asked.

"Are you still leaving?" He asked.

"After you recover." I replied.

"If you leave, forget about me. Forget that you have a brother." He said.

"Don't talk to her like that." Phu said.

"If she comes back I'm certain that we won't see each other again. So if she leaves, she must forget me to ease her pain." I said.

After a week, he was discharged from the hospital and he went out with Thee. They went to Siam and watched a horror movie. After that, Thee walked Thang home and ate dinner with us. I asked Thee if he could stay for the night and he agreed with it. The following morning they accompanied m at the airport.


"Thee, promise me that you would never leave Thang." P'Bomb said to me.

"I will take care of him P'Bomb. I would not leave his side. Besides, we have a promise to each other." I replied.

"Till death do us part." Thang said in a weak voice.

P'Bomb smiled at us and waved her last goodbye. After she entered the airport, an unexpected incident happened. Thang collapsed and Phu started to panic. I then called an ambulance so that we could bring Thang to the nearest hospital. We rushed him to the emergency room and then waited for the doctor to come out. I called Tar and Mhog because they are the closest friends Thang have besides me and Phu. Phu tried to reach P'Bomb but even her facebook cannot be reached. After a few hours of waiting, the doctor came out of the room.

"Who is the family member of the patient?" The doctor asked us.

"I'm his boyfriend." I replied.

"I need to talk to his immediate family." The doctor said.

"Her sister just left to Germany before he collapsed. We could not reach her." Phu said.

"Their mother died long ago and after that their father is nowhere to be found." Tar added.

"I am the immediate relative." Thee said.

"Well, your boyfriend has a congenital heart disease that could take him any time now. But now, he is in a stable condition. You can talk to him when he is awake." The doctor said.

"Is he going to be fine? Is there a cure to his sickness?" Tar asked.

"An open heart surgery." Phu answered.

"He is right. Namthang could only survive and live his life if he will undergo an open heart surgery. But in his current state, his body could not handle that kind of operation." The doctor said.

"How did you know about the open heart surgery, Phu?" I asked.

"P'Bomb told me about this. The both of them asked me to keep this as a secret." Phu replied.

Two hours later, Thang regained his consciousness so we entered the room to talk to him.

"I want to see everyone." He requested.

"Ok. We'll contact the others." Tar said.

Phu and Tar went out of the room and started contacting our friends.

"Why did you hide this to me?" I asked him teary-eyed.

"Don't cry. I just want you to be the same. I just want you to treat me as a normal person not as a person whose one foot is on his grave." Thang replied.

"Don't talk nonsense. You'll survive. You'll undergo an open heart surgery when your body can handle that operation right?" I said.

"I won't. I am happy for what I have achieved and I am happy that I've got a lot of time giving and showing you how much I love you." He replied and planted a kiss on m lips.

After a few hours, our friends one by one arrived. Mhog and Kwan, Sprite and Phai, Dao and Koi, Pop and Pang, and Toei. Each of them were so worried about Thang.

"Please don't show me that kind of faces. I want you guys to treat me like I'm a normal person, that I'm a healthy person. Is that okay?" I asked them.

Everyone agreed and spoke with him. He was confined for three weeks now and his heart would stop beating so the doctors would revive him. This routine breaks my heart even more that knowing that the man I love is dying.

"He is fighting. He is fighting for you. He wants to live for you." Phu said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"P'Bomb said that after his dad disappeared, his heart rate fell down but when he saw us playing in the marching band, his heart beat became normal again." He said. "When he entered Nandao, P'Bomb thought that he will fully recover knowing that we are in his side now." He continued. "When the both of you became a couple, his heart beat became normal as ever. We thought that that if you continued being a couple he would survive his ailment, but P'Bomb was wrong." He added. "The doctor once said that if he falls in love, he is in much danger rather than not having a lover." He stated.

"When did you know about this falling in love thing?" I asked.

"When P'Bomb and Thang fought about something. P'Bomb called me and she said that Thang's heart stopped beating so we rushed him to the hospital and told what happened. That's when the doctor said that falling in love would be more risky." He explained.

Upon hearing that explanation, my world began to crumble. It feels like the sky just fell on my head and I am now crushed to death. My heart breaks apart knowing that this love caused all his pain and suffering.

"Hey, don't feel bad. You don't have to blame yourself. What would Thang feel if you keep blaming yourself for what has happened?" Phu said.

"Thanks." I wiped my tears and hugged him.

After that conversation, Thang asked me to gather everyone again. He said that he wants to see everyone before it was too late. After class the others went directly to the hospital.

"Hi guys? How was school?" Thang energetically asked his friends.

"Stop pretending that you're okay, cause everybody knows that you're not." Win said irritably.

"What's the matter with you Win? Thang is trying his best not to show us his pain and you are treating him like this?!" After that sentence, a heavy punch landed to the face of from Tar.

"What's wrong with you guys? Fighting infront of Thang? Seriously?" Sprite said.

Win stood up and faced the door ready to leave anytime but to my surprise, Thang rose from his bed and hugged Win.

"Thanks for being there for me. Even though I know that it is hard for you to see me like this, you came to visit me. Don't worry this would be the last time that I would ask for your presence here." Thang said.

"What are you talking about?" Win asked him with teary eyes.

"Toei. Take care of my brother for me okay?" Thang said while patting Toei's shoulder.

"Kwan, this is the time he would need you the most. He needs a shoulder to cry on. Be there for him. Take care of my best friend." He told Kwan and hugged her.

"Take care of Sprite. You know that I treated her as my little sis. So don't you dare hurt her okay?" He said to Phai.

"Prite, stay beautiful as always. I will always be by your side." He said and hugged Sprite.

"Phu, Take good care of P'Bomb for me okay? Don't ever leave her side nor hurt her." He said as he approaches Phu and gave him a hug.

"Tar, I know that we've just met and we treated each other as brothers, please be by Thee's side. Don't let him feel lonely or alone kay?" He said to Tar and planted a kiss on his forehead.

"Mhog, just be true to yourself and never hold back for someone you love." He said and kissed Mhog on his lips.

"Lastly, Thee. You know that I'll always be there, in your heart whatever happens. Just promise me two things, take care of yourself and take care of my brother. But don't fall for him okay?" He said as he planted a kiss on my lips.

"Why are you doing this?" Win asked.

"I'm tired. I want to rest." Thang replied. "Can I make one last request, Thee?" Thang continued.

"What is it my love?" I asked.

"Can Mhog be my nurse tonight? You need to rest your body. I don't want you to get sick." He said.

"Can you, Mhog?" I asked Mhog.

"I'll just get some clothes and be back." Mhog replied.

Everyone left aside from me. I looked over him while he is sleeping.

"Don't stare at me like that." Thang said.

"You're awake. I have a question but don't get upset about it." I said and he nodded so I continued. "Why did you kiss Mhog on his lips and why'd you requested him to watch over you for tonight?" I asked.

He explained his plans and I agreed. I could not argue because it's bad for his condition. Mhog arrived and I left the hospital.


"Why'd you asked me to watch over you tonight?" I asked him.

"Nothing, I just missed my best friend." Thang replied.

"Why'd you kissed me on my lips a while ago?" I asked again.

"You didn't like it? Then return it to me then." He said and gave me a teasing smile.

"Will you sleep beside me tonight?" He asked.

"Sure. Why would I not. Besides I'm your best friend." I replied.

After the attending nurse left the room, I laid down beside him. I felt his arm around me and when I looked at him, he kissed me again on my lips. I felt very happy that time so I just rode his trip until I got undressed and saw him undressed also. I slept with him that night. That was the happiest night of life. The next day, I woke up early and felt him hugging me so I closed my eyes once more.

"Mhog, wake up. The nurse would go here any minute now. You should dress up now." Thee said while patting me gently.

"I'm—" he did not let me finish instead he threw my clothes to me and asked me to dress up fast. He then got the clothes of Thang and I helped him to dress Thang.

After a couple of minutes, the nurse entered and checked Thang's heart rate, blood pressure, and everything that is needed to be checked. Thang woke up after the nurse went out of his room.

"Mhog can you stay with me during the rest of this day?" Thang asked me.

"If it's okay with Thee, then it's fine with me." I replied.

"Yup, I'm fine with that. I need to catch up with my lessons too." Thee said and gave Thang a smile.

After that conversation, Thee left the room and I sat beside Thang's bed.

"Why did you that?" I asked him.

"What did I do?" He returned the question to me.

"Something happened to us and Thee discovered it." I said to him anxiously.

"Why are you so worried? He knows everything." Thang said to me.

After that, Thang closed his eyes so I hugged him tightly. I noticed that his heart stopped beating so I immediately called the doctor and they pumped Thang's heart to revive him. I called Thee, Phu, and Tar. Everyone rushed to the hospital and waited for the doctor to go out.

"You can say averything that you want to say to him. The last thing that would fade is his sense of hearing." The doctor said to us. We rushed inside and Tar hugged him tightly and whispered something.


"Thang, don't leave me here. I need you as my brother. Please don't go yet." Tar said. I know I was unconscious but I could hear them out.

"Thang, last night enlightened me. Last night gave me an idea of who I really am. I would not allow myself to be locked in the closet for the rest of my life. Thang, I love you more than anyone else. Just stay with us for a little while." Mhog whispered to me.

"I allowed you once but that would be the last. I know you're just unconscious and I know you heard every sentiment that each one of us feels. Please wake up. I don't want to loose you." Thee whispered.


"Hey guys, he's moving. Thang is still alive." I said.

"I think Mhog is right. His eyes are opening." Win added.

He then opened his eyes and spoke to us.

"Tar, don't cry. I won't leave you without prior notice." He said and laughed softly.

"Can Mhog be my nurse again for tonight?" He asked.

"What about Thee?" I said.

"I want both of you here tonight is that okay?" He requested.

Thee and I just nodded and agreed to his request. After a while, everyone left aside from me and Thee.

"If anything happens to me tonight don't tell Tar. I want him to focus first on his exam tomorrow okay?" He requested.

"Okay." Thee replied.

After that conversation, Thang pulled Thee to his bed and cuddled him. He slept on Thee's chest while they are cudling each other. The following morning, I woke up hearing Thee's shouting.

"Doctor! Help! Somebody!" Thee said as he run towards the nurse's station.

A couple of minutes later, a bunch of doctors and nurses entered the room so I'm obliged to go out of his room. Thee then contacted everyone but Tar. He advised everyone to tell Tar that he could go directly to the house of Thang after his exam. Thee asked Phu to contact P'Bomb and Phu said that P'Bomb was back here in Thailand a couple of hours ago. The doctor said to us that he did not make cried hard as P'Bomb arrived the hospital.

"Thee, can you accompany me at our old house?" P'Bomb asked Thee.

"We must go to the house. I asked Tar to go there after his exams." Thee replied.

"You mean, Tar does not now the news yet?" P'Bomb asked.

"That was the request of Thang." Mhog explained.

"I'll stay here and process everything that would be needed for him to be released." Mhog added.

"I'll go with you." Sprite said.

After that everyone went to the old house where Thang used to live.


That exam was tougher as I thought. But luckily all the topics there were on my notes. Thanks to Thang. Why are they asking me to go to Thang's place after class? Maybe Thang is discharged. I must go home first and dress up nicely. I bet they are all preparing for the welcome home party for Thang. As I reached home, I just took a shower and wore the shirt that Thang gave to me then rode my bike and proceeded to Thang's home. As I entered the house, I saw everyone in gloomy aura and sad faces. I wonder what was happening. I heard some crying from the room of Thang and I went up. I overheard Thee and P'Bomb talking.

"My only family left me." P'Bomb said while sobbing. "Just when he found his brother. Why does this happen to them?" She continued.

"What do you mean, by that?" Thee asked.

"His mom and dad adopted me before he was born. When he was five, mother died due to a heart failure, then a few months later, dad introduced to us to his new girl. His new girlfriend was nice to us and she has a child back then." She explained. "That child was dad's. He was a year younger from Thang. Thang was very much happy knowing that he has a younger brother to look after. But after two years, dad left us together with his new family and never came back. I stopped studying to work for my brother and I. We survived and owned a bar." She continued. "One day, he saw dad at the bar and followed him. He saw the new life that dad had so he did not bother him anymore. Thang them knew that his little brother went to Nandao so Thang kept on persuading me to transfer him there." She added. "At first I was hesitant but he assured me that he won't make a scene and that made my decision to transfer him there. When he saw Tar together with our dad, he can't contain his jealousy because Tar grew up with a complete family but we don't. But then he realized that Tar is still his brother and he wants to take care of him even if he knows that he'll die eventually." She said.

"Is it true? Is everything I've heard true?" I can't contain my emotions that time.

"I want to talk to dad and let him explain to you everything." P'Bomb said.

We left Thang's house and went to my home. Dad opened the door and was shocked to see P'Bomb with me.

"I'm not here to bother you. I am just here to inform you that Namthang passed away this morning." P'Bomb said.

"What? Thang is dead?!" I can't believe what this girl is saying.

"Are you serious or you just wanted to get some money from me?" Dad said.

"I'm here to inform you. It's up to you if you'll believe me or not. I'm leaving." P'Bomb said.

"I saw him last night, he was so weak that he couldn't even smile. I know he was in pain but he don't want to show it to us." I said. "So is he really dead? Is my brother really dead?" I asked as tears welled down my cheeks.

"Yes. He just passed away this morning." P'Bomb said and left the house.

After that conversation, I received a message from Mhog saying that the wake is ready and I could now see my brother. Me and my dad went to the wake and I heard dad crying for the first time. Thee hugged me when he saw me crying.

"Just like I promised to your brother, I'm to take care of you." Thee said.

"Thanks Thee." I said and cried on his shoulders.

We paid respect to his remains and buried it. Everyone was so sad about what had happened to Thang. A week later, P'Bomb summoned us at her condo. She said that someone needs to talk to us. When the whole gang arrived, we saw an attorney sitting beside P'Bomb.

"Is P'Thee and P'Tar here?" The attorney asked.

Thee and I raised our hands to tell the attorney that we are present.

"First, the ancestral house where P'Thang once lived is to be inherited by his one and only love. P'Thee. Second, thecondo given to him by his sister is to be inherited by his younger brother P'Tar." The attorney said as he turned over the titles to us.

"P'Sprite he's giving you his makeup set. He used it for his theatre performances back in his old school." The attorney said and turned over the makeup set.

"This set is expensive. So expensive." Sprite said.

"But why did you call us all if only Thee, Sprite, and Tar are needed here?" Win asked.

"Because of these." The attorney showed us tickets for a certain exhibit.

"What exhibit is that?" Mhog asked.

"A photo exhibit where he won the first place. It's an exhibit inside an exhibit. Each of the photographers needed to create several exhibits on their own. Different categories per exhibit., and P'Thang's exhibit won the first price and all of you are his guests of honor." The attorney said and handed us the tickets.

The week after is the exhibit week. We went to the said exhibit and the first arc of Thang's exhibit is "The One's I Treasure the Most". As we entered the arc, we saw many divisions and each division has a title, like for instance, the pictures of Win and Thang always fighting and argueing is on the arc labeled "Frenemies". The arc in which Thang and I are together was entitled "My Lost Brother". I cried when I read the caption from the centerpiece of this arc. The picture was when he was carrying me on his back when I've got sprained. The caption goes like this: "I am lucky to find you and be the older brother I always wanted to be. Even though it's for just a short span of time, I am thankful to have this cute little brother of mine."

As we roamed his exhibit, we couldn't keep our tears back because all of these pictures are his memories of us and he was so thankful for meeting us. He cherished every moment with each one of us. We can't keep on thinking what if he's still alive, what is he doing now? Where would he study? What masters would he get? So many what ifs.

As his exhibit came to an end we saw his picture in the hospital with a caption: "It is brave to think about WHAT IFS but I think it is braver to embrace WHAT IS." That was the last caption he wrote together with his picture. Finally the announcement of the winning exhibit. Thee and I came up to the stage and claimed the award. We announced that the exhibit winner just died a week ago, Everybody applauded his work and gave sympathy to us.


I know I died in that story but when I woke up, I see myself lying on my bed and my two kids where just looking at me. I then felt that tears fell down my cheeks as I told them what happened to the world I once belonged.