Chapter 18

"I demand someone tell me what the hell Thor did to me." Loki screams to his family and the Eternal Judges.

Not giving anyone a chance to answer Loki continues to rant. "You have all spent the day telling me how much you all love me and yet you are all lying to me. What did Thor do to me? What does it have to do with me being in the wrong body? What is so terrible that you don't want me to know? How come everyone else here in Jotunheim and Asgard gets to know what happened to me but I don't?"

"Loptr, please take a seat; everyone come in and take a seat." Lord Summer says.

Noticing that Loki is not listening Lady Winter walks up to him and leads him over to the settee where Queens Frigga and Farbauti are seated. "Little one, I know you are in distress and have so many questions. If you will just sit down my siblings and I will tell you what happened after Thor brought you back from Midgard."

As soon as Loki sat down both Farbauti and Frigga each takes ahold of one of his hands to comfort him. While the remainder of the Jotnar and Asgardian royal families takes seats around Loki, Lady Winter continues.

"This would have all been so much easier if you had remained in my temple instead of being taken to Asgard. My siblings and I would have raised you along with your biological family and taught you about being Jotnar and the depth of your powers.

"What happened on Asgard between you and Thor would never have happened but we cannot go back; I need you to focus on the fact that you are blessed to have two loving families and that I and my siblings will protect you from any who seek to hurt you.

"Loptr, do you remember earlier today that your brothers told you that they are not yet considered adults? Hellbindi told you that he expects to reach majority in the next decade but do you know what that means?

"Reaching majority here on Jotunheim is not measured in years, you don't just turn a specific age and you are now an adult. For the Jotnar, majority is reached when you have your first heat cycle."

"What?" Loki exclaims.

Seeing that his sister is just winding up Loki more Lord Summer jumps in. "What my sister is trying to say, in a beating around the bush way, is that a Jotnar is not considered an adult until he is able to sire and bear children which occurs sometime after they turn 2000.

"The goal of a Jotnar's first heat cycle is not to have children but to find their lifelong mate and create a soul bond. A Jotnar will only have one sexual partner in their lifetime; one who they will form an unbreakable soul bond with and those they will love unconditionally for eternity. Unlike many of the other races, the Jotnar only take one sexual partner in their lifetime.

"When a Jotnar enters their first heat cycle they release pheromones that let all the other non-bonded Jotnar know that they are now an adult and seeking to find their life mate. It is the start of the formal courting process. It can sometimes take years before a young adult finds the right partner and establishes the Soul Bond.

"Until a Jotnar enters his first heat he is seen by all as a youth no matter his physical age, Hellbindi will turn 2000 in a little over nine years. Yet, your brother will not be able to be crowned King until he is mated and chosen his Queen."

"Thanks for the biology and political science lesson but what does this have to do with what Thor did to me, I am only 1215 years old?" Loki demands.

"It is important because the spell that made you look like an Aesir adult caused you to go into heat prematurely." Lord Autumn answers.

Letting go of both of his mothers' hands and standing up Loki asks, "Again, what does that have to do with Thor and me?"

"Sadly everything. My mother was Jotnar, so as I am half, your brother Thor is one-fourth Jotnar and therefore able to sense when an unbonded Jotnar goes into heat. Yet unlike the Jotnar here in Jotunheim, because of my error and ignorance you and your brother were not raised to understand about the Jotnar and their mating cycle. It is but another thing in a long list of the many things in which I have wronged you. In truth, I never knew about the Jotnar mating cycle and because I was already married to my queen by the time I first met another Jotnar outside of my mother, I didn't know about it." King Odin says.

Hearing his father's words Loki turns towards the Allfather. "What are you saying? Would every one stop talking in circles and answer my question. What does the fact that I went into heat prematurely have to do with Thor and me?"

Unable to remain silent witnessing his baby brother's distress Bylestir says, "After the Thunderer returned from Midgard with you and while you were chained and muzzled Thor raped you in a berserker rage."

"What are you saying? Are you all telling me that Thor held me down and mounted me like some beast? Are you saying that Thor is my soul mate and we are married?" Loki screams and starts to glow.

All three of Loki's parents stand and try to approach him but Loki's magic is forcing them back. Loki is radiating this intense silver light and his hands are releasing green bolts of lightning that is burning everything except the people in the chambers.

Seeing that their charge is about to implode and possibly blow up the entire palace and a large portion of the city, the four eternal judges encircle him and place their hands on him.

"Loptr you must stop and listen to us, Thor is not your mate. You are safe and we are not going to let Thor or anyone else hurt you." Lady Winter implores.

"You need to calm down. Little one, you need to look around and see what you are doing and call you magic back to you." Lady Spring says.

"We do not want to have to restrain your magic; you need to do it yourself." Lord Autumn speaks.

"Stop and take a breath, we are all here to help you." Lord Summer says while taking a hold of Loki's face. "Take a deep breath and look around, you are scaring your family."

This seems to snap Loki out of his meltdown and when he comes back to himself he sees that the room is completely destroyed, there is nothing left in the room unharmed except his family and each of the Eternal Judges.

Seeing this Loki starts to collapse to the ground. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I didn't hurt anyone did I?" Loki asks as he starts to cry.

"No little one everyone is unharmed; your magic only attacked your surroundings not any persons." Lord Autumn says while helping Loki to stand up.

While Lord Autumn was helping Loki up the other Eternal Judges repaired the damage to the room.

As soon as Loki is back on his feet his family swarms him and each take turns hugging and comforting him.

"Brother, I am so sorry I shouldn't have just blurted that out." Bylestir says.

"Yeah way to go bro, you almost caused our little brother to combust." Hellbindi says.

Turning to the young princes Lord Summer says, "Though your method was inappropriate, now that it is out in the open we can all help Loptr to deal with it."

A short time later after everyone had again taken their seats Lady Winter kneels down and takes Loki's hands and starts to speak.

"Loptr I need you to listen to me, you are not bonded to the Thunderer, your body and mind has been cleansed of what Thor Odinson did to you. When you woke up in my temple you were pure and a maid. Your body and soul has never been touched. When you reach maturity you will be free to choose whomever you want as your soulmate."

With tears still streaming down his face Loki asks, "How can that be, if Thor raped me how can I still be pure? How can I choose my own soulmate if Thor has taken that away from me? "

"Because he hasn't, though your adopted brother sexually assaulted you your adopted mother Queen Frigga stopped him before he had released his seed into you thus preventing the soul bond to attach. Yet even if he had completed the soul bond, which he didn't, when we returned you to your proper Jotnar body my siblings and I cleanse you of the taint of the Thunderer and gave you the body you would have had if you had been raised on Jotunheim. Here on Jotunheim you would have remained sacred and untouched until you choose your own mate when you reached majority." Lord Summer says.

"You are the long prophesized Ice Child and no one would have dared touch you against your will. The people of Jotunheim have awaited your birth for thousands of years. You are the most sacred being in the nine realms; the Norns themselves will bow down to you and in deference to your power." Lady Winter says.

***Next chapter: Everyone continues to speak and the Eternal Judges answer more of Loki's questions.