Stairway to forever


M Rating for language and sexy bits


Summary: Can a cocktail of beautiful sunsets, tropical nights and stairs to the moon in an outback paradise help two people, neither of whom are really looking for love, figure it out so they can be happy together? Or will they let real lasting love float away on the warm ocean tides? A Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry fan fiction

A/N: Hi and welcome to my new story, for story purposes, Finn, Rachel and other recognizable glee characters are from Western Australia (my own beautiful state). This story is a little inspired by listening to Cory speaking in an Australian accent, during a radio interview he and Lea did when the cast visited Down Under in 2009.

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Chapter one:

"Yo Huddy, rattle ya dags man, bird's leaving in 10." Finn hears over the rapid knocking on the rec room door.

"Yeah thanks Scotty, I'll be there in a tick mate." At Scotty's nod, Finn stands up from the table and walks the few steps over to the bench to put his empty paper coffee cup in the rubbish bin, then bending down to pick up his duffle bag and plastic garbage bag of dirty clothes makes his way out the room to the chopper pad.

After stowing their gear Finn and the other three blokes', climb into the confined space of the helicopter, for the 50-minute flight from the rig out in the Indian Ocean into Broome. This part like always, Finn Hudson was not overly excited about as the space was cramped and by the time he unfolded his broad 6', 4" frame at the end of the flight he was more than a little thankful. This swing was 3 weeks off after 4 weeks on. Finn was looking forward to sleeping in a full sized bed and having a decent shower.

He was looking forward to the next weekend too, because The Broome shire council always put on a fantastic long weekend Australia Day celebration on the 26th of January. With fireworks, cultural displays, and the like, the part Finn loved was the many different food stalls, as he got to try many different foods from the very multicultural community that made up Broome. He remembers last year when he tried a Crocodile kebab, seasoned with native spices and an Arabian rice dish that the old time camel drivers used to eat.

The chopper finally arrived at Broome airport, and Finn was extra thankful for the cool sea breeze blowing off the ocean and dramatically, lowering the hot mid January temperatures. Which most days hovered in the mid to high thirties though at this time of year it was the high humidity that made it feel hotter than hell and caused a lot of people to 'Go Troppo', which in lay-mans terms means the weather sometimes made people act weirdly and to odd things. He bumps fists with his work mates and slaps Scotty on the shoulder in thanks.

"Thanks heaps mate see ya in 3 weeks."

"Yeah you too Huddy, don't go running off with the first good lookin' Sheila ya see now will ya?"

"Ha, ha, not likely man, I haven't got time to worry about women, and anyway there hasn't been any new talent in town since them couple of nurses and barmaids last year but I think Puck snapped 'em up pretty bloody quick or at least he keeps trying 'specially the barmaid." Finn chuckles at the weird look his mate passes his way at Finn's words.

After signing for his cherry red Holden utility, he keeps in the airport's secure parking area set aside for FIFO workers. He chucks his bags in the back, climbs in behind the steering wheel rubbing one large hand over the dash mat lovingly and saying aloud "Hello baby" he drives out of the parking lot. Turning on the stereo and sliding his favourite Lee Kernigan CD into the slot, makes his way on to the highway towards home singing along to the classic 'Boys from the Bush' first deciding to head towards their local shops at the Boulevard Shopping Centre.

Knowing from previous experiences, that his housemate and best friend from high school Puck, (Well the name he was given at birth was actually Noah Puckerman. But he decided once he got to high school that Noah didn't sound tough enough, so from then on, after shaving his hair into a Mohawk in year 9 much to his Mum's distaste he was to be known to everyone at Lockridge high, except Mrs Puckerman and Finn's mum as 'Puck') wouldn't have any edible food in the place.

He had sent Puck a text message letting him know he was due back in Broome about 5 o'clock that afternoon. Telling him that he would stop at the shops for a few supplies, he had been looking forward to a barbequed steak or fillet of Barramundi. An icy cold beer or three, and would even be happy, at least for a little while, listening to Puck's numerous tales of women he has managed to sweet talk into bed with him in the four weeks Finn had been on shift.

Also being the wet season it was often too stuffy to cook or even be inside the house, the only problem with being outside though were the mozzies and moths but the trusty green insect coils burning in cans all around the floor of the deck kept it pleasant, ( 'specially if you ignored the weird smell of said mozzie coils).

In Finn's opinion, there was not even a need for TV either, as the show Mother Nature put on every night was spectacular, especially at this time of year. During his time in the Kimberley, Finn had had taken hundreds of photos of the lightening and sunsets amongst other things. Though his favourite natural phenomenon to shoot was the magical 'stairway to the moon' , that occurs as the rising full moon reflects off the mud flats at extremely low tide, which creates a beautiful optical illusion of a stairway, ascending to the heavens.


"Santana please hurry I want to get to the house before the removal truck, otherwise they will have unloaded our stuff into the middle of the driveway, then we will have to cart it all in by ourselves, and you know I need to get Finny out of his bucket and into his tank ASAP! Then we can go to the shops and grab your vodka and some proper food…, oh why you couldn't have waited another 10 minutes to pee I don't kno…"

Santana Lopez rolls her dark eyes at her petite friend as she climbs back into the car and effectively cuts off Rachel's rant.

"Oh chill Berrycakes, the department truck will still get there after us, due to the fact you have driven like a speed demon at the Bathurst 1000, since Carnarvon. You do know we have a week to unpack and sort the house before school starts don't you, plus the Australia day long weekend, which I am telling you now I intend to spend lounging on a sun bed, beside a large body of water, preferably with some sexy blonde, serving me vodka and pineapple juice all day…

Rolling her eyes but not saying anything Rachel lets Santana continue

"Maybe we can even find you a man Berry, that will keep you supplied with those fancy arsed bloody cocktails you like, that is if there is one in this town who isn't a Mummy's boy like that last bloke you went out with… But you know what? It sucks the ocean is filled with those bloody stingers, this time of year, I heard there is a nudist beach up the coast a bit and I was thinking I could gets me some all over tan."

Ignoring the other woman's dig at her dating life and sudden switch in conversation topic, Rachel just rolls her big dark eyes again and slides a Bonnie Dune CD, ( the American Indie band are her new latest favourite), into the player turns up the volume slightly. While she impatiently taps her fingers on the steering wheel trying to keep time with the drummer's beats. Then the second Santana has buckled her seatbelt Rachel puts the car into gear presses her foot firmly on the accelerator and takes off, the action sending up a little cloud of red dust and gravel as she heads the car out of the truckies lay-by and back on to the highway . Causing her raven-haired housemate to shake her head and mumble unintelligible curses under her breath, which to Rachel's annoyance were more often than not in Spanish, knowing Rachel could not understand a word except for taco and tortilla, paella, amigo, loco chica and adios, a fact the sometimes snarky Latino loved.

As predicted Rachel and Santana, reach their new government supplied duplex on Drummer Way an hour before the moving truck rattles into the driveway abut 3 O'clock, and by the time the two blokes have unloaded and put the few bits of furniture in their designated positions, which Rachel left her housemate in charge of. Because she was stressing a little about her finny's tank and making sure the water was ok.

Once Rachel was satisfied that her bright yellow goldfish was happy in his tank, and the air conditioners' had all been turned on to cool the unit down, it was just after 5 o'clock and Santana was nagging at Rachel to get to the shops before they closed, "coz this isn't the city ya know Berry"

"Ok San, let's go I have to admit I am rather hungry, I hope there are a few vegetarian options available…, "

Santana interjects with another grumble, "God no wonder you are the size of a doll Berry, you eat like one, and don't get me started on your clothes…"

Huffing and stomping her tiny foot, Rachel says defiantly, jutting her chin out for extra emphasis, "If you have finished criticizing me can we please go, maybe there is a sale on slutty stripper clothes that I can wear while eating half a cow all at once…"

The rest of the sentence is lost as Rachel grabs her bag, and slams the front door after her, leaving her friend standing in the middle of the kitchen talking to her self. "Por Diosno hay necesidad dellegar chica susceptible,creo que eres linda Berrycakes, para alguien quese viste comounjardín de niñosydeun hombre de negocios japonés fetiche"

However, she quickly grabs her bag and follows her roommate sighing at Rachel's theatrics.

The 10 minute drive to the local shopping center was spent in silence and as Rachel pulled into a bay next to a sweet looking cherry red ute, she says, "We should probably get groceries first then you can go to the bottle shop, 'cause from the sign there it looks like it stays open late"

Santana nods her dark head and tries to apologize for overstepping the line, "Sure sounds cool… Rachel, I'm sorry, you know my mouth sometimes runs away from me, honestly, I'm a little jealous, but that is between us… if anyone ever asks I will deny it ok… but I really do like you"

Rachel stops suddenly mid stride, nearly causing Santana to collide with her, and turns to look Santana up and down trying to figure out how the woman with a DD- bra size, model like svelte figure with a perfectly shaped small nose and set of full lips, and who Rachel suspects is the subject of every man's wet dream. Dressed in a pair of cut off denim shorts and a tight tank top, her tanned legs in her high heeled wedge sandals reaching for miles and her boobs only just contained in said tank top, could ever be jealous of her tiny 5' 3" tiny body, that had no problems fitting into a B-cup bra.

She nodded her head at the apology and pressed the lock button on the key fob, then dug into her bag for the shopping list she had written, while waiting for Santana and walking off at a brisk pace into the shopping center. Taking off her sunglasses and tucking them into the loose bun, she had dragged her hair into. Noticing in the shimmering reflection of the giant glass doors a tall dark haired man, standing by the trolley return bay talking on his mobile, wondering idly if he was a local or a traveller and how his strong sexy looking body would feel pressed against hers...


Finn was wandering around Woolies, filling his trolley with all his favourites, he hoped there was room in the freezer at home, as he found a special on rump and T-bone steak. Therefore, he grabbed an extra couple of packets, as well as some potatoes, three dozen eggs, bacon, salad vegies and fruit. Milk, cheese, margarine and even a couple of packets of oven bake chips, frozen lasagne and some bake at home bread rolls, he even threw in a couple of packets of his favourite childhood treats wagon wheels and twisties. He knew Puck wouldn't have done any shopping because when Finn was away his mate tended to survive on take away food or had his meals cooked by his 'lady friends'.

Once he was through the checkout and had his shopping packed into the couple of new insulated shopping bags the checkout girl talked him in to buying, he went into the fresh fish shop and picked out a few nice fillets of red snapper and barramundi as well as a couple of kilo's of uncooked fresh tiger prawns. Next stop was the bottle shop and two blocks of VB beer and a bottle of Bundaberg Rum and slab of coke cans. Finally finished at the supermarket, he makes his way to his ute and unloads everything before returning the trolley to the collection point.

The minute his hands push the trolley into the bay, his mobile rings, seeing it is Puck he answers it,

"Hey mate…"

Is about all he can say as the two women walking into the shops distract him. The taller one looks to be trying to say something, but as her friend is striding ahead ignoring her, she just huffs causing her large boobs to shake at the motion, before catching up with her friend.

Finn rakes his amber eyes over the tight well-developed body of the tall raven-haired one. However, it is her much smaller friend that gets a more all-inclusive look; even though he can't see her face what he can see has him desperately wanting to see more. Her petite body is just covered in a pair of cut off shorts with a star sewn on the pack pocket, and her top half, clad in a pink singlet. Her beautiful long legs seemingly going on forever and her tiny feet shod in a pair of bright pink rubber thongs, he thinks he can see a tattoo on her ankle and another one on her left shoulder. Her brunette hair is in a loose bun thingy on the top of her head, and a pair of sunglasses stuck in the strands. He spends the few minutes it takes the women to walk along the footpath and grab a trolley from the bay inside the door, lost in his thoughts about those legs wrapped around him, and what he imagines to be her sexy plump lips leaving little kisses all over his naked body. While his own lips and hot tongue searched for any more ink on that beautiful honey coloured skin. He forms his mouth into a side smile showing off his dimples.

"Yo Finster… you there? Where the bloody hell did you go man?"

Finn is brought back to the here and now by his mate's annoyed tone screaming through his mobile,

"Um shit… yeah man sorry what's the problem?"

"Finally, where are ya dude?"

"Bloody hell Puck what are you my Mum now? I'm just at the shops getting some food 'cause I know for damn sure there isn't anything edible at home and I was looking forward to a steak on the barbie and a cold beer for dinner, and yes I got ME some beer so you can like not drink it all. I've had a shit of a time at work and all I wanna do is relax and enjoy my down time, I'll be home in 10, so make sure you have cleaned up your crap from around the house, I don't wanna find any knickers or empty condom wrappers anywhere near my bedroom or bathroom dude."

"Hey man no need to go all housemum on me, you know I am a sex shark and the ladies just love the Puckerone."

"Shit Puck, you know I don't care about your 'love life' just as long as you haven't been anywhere near my room and bed, you do what you like. Look man I'll see you in a bit ok?"

Finn groans at the thought of spending his time off dodging Puck latest conquest running around the unit half naked, but unless things have changed in the month he has been away, his mate was still being ignored by the blonde barmaid Lyn…, Glynn…, Gwinn or whatever the hell her name was."

His own thoughts are still on the tiny brunette he saw at the shops and wondered if he would see her again or if she and her friend were just travellers passing through.


On the Australia Day holiday, Rachel and Santana were organising themselves for the Breakfast in the park supplied and cooked by members of the local Lions and Rotary clubs, then they were staying for the awards and the welcoming of new Australian citizens. After which they were heading to Divers Tavern on Cable Beach Rd for an afternoon pool party and evening of local music. Rachel had found the info on the tavern while reading the vast amount of tourist brochures and downloaded stuff off the internet about things to do and see in the general Broome area, thinking some of the free activities like the dinosaur footprints and pearl divers museum would maybe make good excursions for her grade 1's to go on.

The girls had a fun evening, dancing and singing along to the current and older songs covered by some great local bands and even though the booze was flowing and the excitement shown by their fellow Aussies, matched the fireworks going off on a barge out on the water just off the beach. They were only supposed to have a couple of drinks as they were back to school tomorrow for staff meetings and organising their classrooms and such. Not to mention the fact Santana had been lounging by the pub's pool all afternoon sipping on her usual vodka and pineapple juice.


Puck and Finn had gone to the pub to celebrate Puck's 26th birthday, ( Puck had always thought being born on Australia Day was beaut, cause there was always a party going on somewhere and well of course it was for the Puckerone), and check out the new talent in town, (Puck's words). Finn only agreed because it was his birthday, he was happy to go out but was not going to paint the town red, just a few quiet drinks and some good music.


"Aw come on Berrycakes, one more drink then we can go home please"

Rachel had to laugh at Santana's pout and big puppy dog eyes, eyes that if she really looked deep into she would see that 'one more drink three drinks ago should have been enough. (However, Santana had always had the ability to recover from her over indulgence of the alcoholic variety, without any sort of hangover at all; she always put it down to her Spanish heritage saying that wine was served with most meals as a matter of course). Rachel on the other hand suffered like no body's business, and anyone who disturbed her recovery was subjected to a tirade of abuse, thankfully, those sorts of hangovers were extremely rare. Normally three full shot Malibu and cokes were just enough to get her giggly and less inhibited, hand her a glass of white wine though and you would have to be prepared to scoop her tiny body up off the floor , because for some reason wine, particularly white went straight to her head.

"Ok San just one more then I'm dinkum I want to go home, you know I need my full eight hours sleep and we really can't afford to get off on the wrong foot with our new Principal or colleagues tomorrow at school, I really like Broome and would like the chance to stay longer than a year if possible."

Squealing with tiddly happiness San nods excitedly and wraps her arms around Rachel's tiny waist and squeezes her while at the same time lifting her up and down laughing in her ear then pressing a sloppy kiss on Rachel's cheek. Giggling at her friends antics, and busily trying to free herself from Santana's tight hold long enough to go to the toilet, Rachel doesn't see the tall body standing behind her and as Santana drops her Rachel stumbles into said body causing the persons drink to spill all over their shirt.



"Oh dear, I am so sorry but my frien…"

As Rachel locks eyes with the recipient of the drink Santana's jubilant actions caused her to spill on him, Rachel is trying to apologize but the words are stuck to the roof of her mouth just like her tongue. Because the person in front of her has got to be the most handsome man she has ever seen, and something in the back of her mind sparks a memory of seeing him somewhere before but due to the low lighting and effects of the few drinks she's had the memory is extremely hazy, but she says to herself.

"Oh you are so very cute."

Not realising she had verbalised her thoughts, the body with warm amber eyes and terribly messy in a cute sexy way brown hair, and the deepest dimples creasing his face, speaks in a voice that has Rachel Barbara Berry doing all she can to stop her entire being dissolving into a puddle of lust filled goo on the floor.

"Thank you… though I think you stole my thoughts as I was just thinking the exact same thing about you, and I am sure we have met before, because I know I wouldn't forget someone as beautiful as you, but for the life of me I can't remember. My name is F…"

"Bebita podemos ir a casa? I is sleepy now" and before Rachel can collect her self or even speak Santana grabs her wrist and is tugging her through the crowd and out to the car park and a waiting taxi.

Just as Finn is about to follow the petite brunette beauty, he feels his left arm being tugged on by his best friend, Finn turns his head and sends Puck a hard glare that is lost on him, as Puck is too busy trying to tug Finn's giant body back over to the end of the bar.

"Huddy come on mate, come 'n meet the lady I been talking about, oh man she is terrific! And get this man; she said that maybe she would go out with me, if she didn't get a better offer."

Pissed that he missed talking to the woman from before who had captured his attentions albeit from afar all evening, Finn rolls his eyes at his mate's drunken excitement, thinking this woman sounds like a stuck up bitch saying things like that. Puck is harmless really and once you get to know him he is a good bloke, he only plays the field because he has not yet met the woman who can keep his attentions for more than 5 minutes.

When they reach the bar again Puck leans over pointing to a blonde, a couple of people along saying "That's her Huddy she is so hot and …" His voice then goes all soft and mushy as the woman in question wanders back , "Huddy this is Quinn" sigh…

"Um yeah gda'y." Finn says not impressed with the woman at all, Blondes have never high on his list, but he will be civil and really he has no reason to really dislike her unless she plays with Puck's emotions, Finn can see his best mate is smitten with this Quinn. He will admit she is pretty, but also has an air of superiority, the way she looks him up and down and leans her crossed elbows on the bar top forcing her hardly there boobs to spill over the top of her singlet.

"Are you gonna try and chat me up too? I am not a cheap roll in the sheets kinda girl ya know" Finn is stunned by her words for a minute then gathers his wits and says.

"What? No I'm not interested in you… never had time for blondes, but my mate Puck here isn't picky, oh shit sorry I didn't mean… I'm sure you are nice and all… but bloody hell, come on mate we gotta get home … so um yeah bye Gwinn."

Finn waves over his shoulder as he walks away in an embarrassed hurry, making his way to the car dragging a love sick Noah Puckerman behind him. Hearing an annoyed shout of, "IT'S QUINN YOU WANKER" Follow, him and Puck out the door.

All the way home Finn had to listen to Puck's love struck chatter about the girl. "… With the prettiest green eyes that shone like emeralds and hair the colour of pure snow, not to mention a body that was made just for me and how pretty our babies would be man, if anyone could tame the Puckerone it would be her I know it man." A series of soft sighs were heard before loud snores drowned out the ACDC song blaring through the stereo.

After helping his mate to bed, Finn jumped in the shower telling him self that there was something about his girl at the pub, that was so very familiar and wanted to find out what it was. However, the more he pictured her more aroused he got and in the end had to jerk him self off to ease the tension, chuckling as he remembered the barmaid calling him a wanker and how right she was, though not over her. Thinking as he cleaned himself off and finished his shower, that the tiny brunette was the first woman in years to make him feel anything and he didn't even know her name.

That night would change Finn Hudson's life because when he locked eyes with the petite, goddess for those few precious minutes, he was a goner. However, as life often does, it throws a series of curve balls in his way, so getting to know the woman with the deepest darkest brown eyes he has ever looked into was going to be a long process.


A/N: I decided to make this a chapter story as I feel in the past I have let Finn and Rachel get together a bit too quick, so this time they are going to have to work a bit harder., but never fear it will be as always ENDGAME FINCHEL! Not sure how many chapters it will be but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I hope I have not confused anyone with the 'Aus speak', also the Spanish translations are what my new best friend the google translator told me, again please correct me if I am wrong, as I do like to have my facts correct,

Santana's words in English:

("Jeez no need to get huffy chica, I think you are cute Berrycakes, for someone that dresses like a kindergartner and a Japanese businessman's fetish...")

("Baby girl can we go home")