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** Keep on Drumming**

Chapter Five

The soft music playing in the background and the numerous scented candles burning in decorative holders, as well as the remnants of a wonderful takeaway Chinese dinner, and empty wine bottles littering the coffee table was the perfect setting as Santana and Brittany were relaxing and enjoying their alone time in Broome, whilst Finn and Rachel were away at El Questro.

"Oh San, baby that is so good, you know I never knew lady kisses could be so good, and make me feel so alive, I am so glad you called me all those months ago 'cause I can see a future with you if you want it."

"A-are you sure about that Britts, 'cause I have been hiding who I really am for years, but I really feel a real solid connection to you for the first time in my life, one that I've never felt with anyone else ever. But what happens at the end of the year if I can't stay in Broome? I mean I love my job but there is no guarantee that my position will be available… I mean I really hope it is…"

"Then we will work it out babe, you know I can teach maths at any university anywhere in WA, 'Cause I can transfer to any other campus of Notre Dame. Also if you have to go back to Perth, then I'm sure I can get in somewhere, but don't forget I can work in a bar or even as a dance teacher somewhere if necessary."

Reaching up to press another soft kiss on Brittany's puffy lips Santana snuggles a bit closer to her girlfriend, secretly wishing she had accepted who she was a long time ago, because being with Brittany makes her complete… No wonder Rachel was always smiling these days 'cause if she felt this good when she was with Finn, then there must be something true about this soul mate thing…

Santana made a mental note to speak with her Principal Lyn Westwood, when school went back about the possibility of staying at Cable Beach Primary another year at least, she was sure Rachie would want to stay especially if Finn proposes.


When his watch alarm went off at 5:45 am, Finn groaned and rolled over spooning his naked love, pressing his hard morning body into her bottom and whispering into her neck whilst his large hand was making its way up her thigh towards her waist. The span of his outstretched hand reaching out far enough to swipe his finger along the underside of Rachel's boob.

"Hey there sleepy head, time to get up baby girl, we are going horse riding today remember so up and at' em honey."

"No need more sleeps"

Finn chuckles at the mumble from underneath the sheets, and would really like to stay in that exact position, and sleep especially after the busy day yesterday, MAN! Swimming under cascading waterfalls after a long hike to Emma Gorge, the sunset boat tour to 'Buddy's point' giving them an optimum view over the stunning and breathtaking scale and diversity of the ancient landscape, it was exhausting, but nevertheless, so totally worth it.

Looking at his watch again, he pouts and says in a whiny tone "Aw, come on Rach do you want me to shower all by my lonesome? You know I get lonely in there and aren't you worried that I might get sucked down the drain hole if you aren't there to hold me up…"

As he tickles Rachel, she giggles into her pillow, and still tries to feign sleep, but once Finn starts to kiss along her shoulder and reaches the spot on her neck that drives her wild. Rach languidly rolls over and purrs as she attaches her lips to her boyfriend's chest sucking hard enough to leave a little red spot just above his left nipple.

"Well we can't have you getting lost now can we… oh alright then I'll get up but you owe me a sleep in, this bed and room is so beautifully appointed I want to stay longer."

With another series of short kisses on her lips, Finn says softly, "Perhaps you can come back on your honeymoon if you can talk your husband into it."

"Well I probably could talk him into it, but normally people have a fiancé before they take that step but alas…" she holds up her left hand wiggling her fingers "As you can see I am unbetrothed," she takes a deeply exaggerated sigh and pouts a little looking at Finn from under her long dark lashes. "I do have my eye on a chap…, sadly though, I don't know if he is interested in me enough to ask for my hand, but he is just perfect," another dreamy sigh "The classic tall dark and handsome, and oh so protective and very sexy when he is jealous… Do you know just yesterday he threatened to punch out our tour guide for trying to kiss me?"

In an angry tone he says, "Damn right that bloody creeper deserved it." His voice softens instantly when he looks at Rach "but I think Miss Berry you have been walking around with your big beautiful eyes shut, because there is a bloke out there who is so in love with you and can't wait to take that last step with you. But that will have to wait for a little bit longer, 'cause right now we need to get up and showered so we can get our brekkie and meet the others out front."

With that and one last kiss on her smiling mouth Finn throws back the bed covers and jumps up making the bed bounce with his actions, picking up a giggling Rachel and running through their stylishly decorated room to their private bathroom saying. "Once they got their day started babe the afternoon would be all theirs to just sit and veg out by the pool before heading to the restaurant for another scrumptious dinner then the Swinging arm bar for a nightcap and some home grown musical talent, maybe I can even talk you into singing babe..."


Refreshed from their morning ablutions, and other ' invigorating exercises', Finn and Rachel, dressed in jeans and t-shirt's with a long sleeve button up shirt over the top, low heeled boots, sunnies and baseball caps. Finchel grabbed a table in the dining room by the window and they sat down to breakfast, Finn tucking in to a full cooked English breakfast without the black pudding (yuck! He had never liked the stuff) while Rachel went for the mixed fresh, fruit plate with yoghurt and honey. (All locally grown in Kununurra and watered by the Ord River).

By ten to seven, Finchel and another half dozen or so of their fellow guests were waiting out front for their guide; their ever present camera's slung around their necks. An older chap who looked like he had been on a horse his entire life, due to his legs having an obvious curve even through the denim of his jeans and a sort of rolling gait when he walked. (Finn was suddenly reminded of the old John Wayne cowboy movies, that he used to watch religiously on TV every Saturday afternoon) who was waiting for them. He said his name was Thommo, and that he would be their trail boss on the two-hour ride, before they stopped for a picnic lunch by the water hole at El Questro Station.

Thankfully, well according to Thommo, Rachel had been assigned a quiet well-schooled small sized chestnut mare; she had been on a horse before, when she was much younger. Her Daddies had taken her on holidays to a friends place in New South Wales and they had gone to the local agricultural show, though of course someone was leading the pony around a ring, which had been a lot of fun. However, this time she would be in complete control of the animal, and as she made her nervousness apparent to Thommo, but he assured her in a calm albeit croaky voice,

"You'll be right love, old Milly here is a good girl and she will know that you are a bit nervous, so don't worry. All you have to do is sit tight and hold the reins loosely, she will see to the rest, won't you girl?" He rubs rough leathery, sun-tanned fingers through Milly's dark forelock and between her ears, then gently down her face, rubbing the palm of his hand over her velvety muzzle. The pair of them grinning as Milly 'nods' her chestnut head into the older man's chest, before she turns to give Rachel the same assurance.

The action causing a burst of soft happy giggle's from Rachel and in thanks she strokes Milly's forehead and pats her neck gently saying "Thankyou Milly for understanding"

Thommo leaves the two to get aquatinted while he sees to the others.

Finn had been given a tall Palomino horse, with a white blaze down his face whose name was QBmagic. Apparently his name had been chosen by an American guest who was on the station when the foal was born and as a special treat got to name him, the guest was from Ohio and in fact an ex high school football quarter back and a gridiron fan hence the name.

Finn led his horse by the reins over to where Rachel was standing waiting for help to get up into the saddle,

He couldn't help but smile at his girl's happy tone and beaming smile, "Oh Finn honey, this is so wonderful, and exciting though I am a little nervous, promise me you will give me a good long massage when we get back."

"Ha, ha you will be fine baby, but yes I promise to give you a thorough rub down later and maybe then you will be relaxed enough, and looking forward to some Finchel time."

Rachel stretches up to meet Finn's lips as he bends down and presses a hot kiss on her mouth before helping his girl up and holding her horse till she was comfortable, then mounting his own horse. 10 minutes later, everyone was ready to go in small groups or like Finn and Rachel a duo, the posse rode off chatting happily about their expectations for the day and how good the horses are, the still crisp morning air cool against their faces and uncovered skin.

By lunchtime, Rachel was loathe to dismount, as she told Finn "I finally got the hang of this horse riding thing Finny, did you see me baby?" Making Finn laugh with her funny walk she adopted to try to loosen the muscles in her bottom and thighs, but was gushing about the wonderful experience and the beautiful colours of the landscapes and flora, showing Finn the many photos on her camera. Their picnic lunch topped off the day perfectly, and by the late afternoon when they arrived back at their room. The first thing Finn did was run a bath inviting Rach to join him for a nice long hot soak in the extra long tub using the supplied aromatic and soothing bubble bath, all the aches and pains seemed to vanish. They spent the rest of the afternoon just enjoying sitting on their little porch, chatting about their holiday so far and watching the world go by, until it was time to change for dinner, before they headed out on a driving tour to 'Saddleback Ridge'. Which according to the tour info was a 2-hour 4WD drive, with an experienced tour leader offering an exciting drive as the track to the summit is steep and winding. But once at the journey's end gives a stunning 360-degree view of the surroundings.

Later after the drive they relaxed watching the sunset, sitting back taking in with awe, the glorious show Mother Nature put on every single night while enjoying a delicious cheese platter and sparkling wine.

Sleep came early that night as again Finn and Rachel fell into their slumbers to the sound of the bush creatures, after Rachel reminded Finn of his promise to give her a thorough rub down and massage, which of course led to a Finchel make out and love making session. They had signed up for the early morning bird watching tour, which had Rachel excited to see the native birds in their natural habitat, apparently El Questro had a wide ranging variety of eco systems, that attracted many different bird species. Like the Brolga (Australian Crane), Pheasant Coucals, beautifully coloured Bee- eaters and Gouldian Finches as well as Cockatoo's, Budgerigars and many others.

By mid morning, they had again gathered with their fellow travellers, to join in the Bush Culture and Nature tour, which included information about the pioneers and characters that settled the original cattle station and the remarkable journey to the acclaimed wilderness park. Rachel nudged Finn in the side to get his attention, as she read aloud, "Oh Finn baby listen to this, we get to visit an ancient Boab tree and learn about the Aboriginal people's use of the native flora and take in the views from a high up lookout. I can't believe our time here is done I've had such a wonderful time, I don't want to leave tomorrow"

"I know baby girl, but just think of the memories you will bring up every time you look at your zillions of photos, and don't forget that bloke who wants to marry you promised to bring you back for your honeymoon one day…" Finn sends Rach a love filled smile filled with promise to do just that before pressing his lips tenderly against hers. "But as much as I don't really like helicopters, I can't wait till we get to go up for a scenic flight, and see just how big this place is."

Rachel and Finn had a great time that night at the bar, it was more like a party with a big BBQ dinner out on the lawn and music and everyone, generally feeling a little sad to be leaving but also totally blown away by the sheer vastness of the place. Especially the folk from overseas who kept telling Rachel and Finn, how they had always thought Australia was just a tiny little country as it was on the map in an atlas or a world globe. However, when they found out about all the other parts, just in Western Australia for example, like the high mountains down south near Albany that had snow this year or the gold fields as well as the beautiful beaches, the tall tree forests. Even the museum and tours in Albany that showed the history of whaling in the town, or Fremantle, with its long fishing history, or the convicts and the old prison.

Finn and Rachel explained that the rest of the country had everything that the rest of the world had, like snow fields, mountains and lakes. The only thing Australia didn't really have was a long history of white settlement to leave buildings and such, but the aboriginal history and culture is fasanating in its own right. As well as all the different cultures that have settled here over the past couple of hundred years, the people all bringing their own traditions and food/music really did make Australia a multicultural melting pot.

Brian and Pamela were heading down to Tasmania from here to check out the historic site and convict prison at Port Arthur. Then touring around the state for another couple of weeks, before heading up to Sydney, apparently Brian had always had a hankering to walk across the Sydney harbour Bridge, ever since he had first seen a travel doco on TV about Australia. Pamela, cringed at her husbands plan but said "she was happy to let him, while she visited the Opera House, to see for real the building that looked like waves."

Fritz and Magda were heading to South Australia and doing a tour around the opal fields before heading to Melbourne for a week or so. Fritz had also said, "He wanted to watch a game of Australian Rules football, and apparently, there was no place better than at the MCG, which stood for the Melbourne Cricket Ground." He asked Finn why it was called the cricket ground if they played football there. Finn then explained that during the winter when it was football season the ground was used for the game, but in the summer month's cricket was the main sport played, so both sports shared the ground. "He said he had booked a ticket to a game through their travel agent, while Magda was going to wander the museums and art galleries."

"You will enjoy your self man, Footy is a great game, I used to play when I was a nipper but once I grew tall, I switched to cricket, and I had a pretty lethal fast bowling action, or so the batsmen always said." Finn said causing a round of laughs from their little group that then steered the male side of the conversation to sports Brian being a soccer man from way back. Even Ibuki, said he enjoyed a good game with the round ball, Finn was the odd man out, though he did add that cricket was played with a round ball, which earned another round of laughs.

Kososu said, "She wanted sunshine and was looking forward to spending the rest of their time in Australia on the Gold Coast in Queensland, adding that they wanted to take a tour up the coast further to Cairns and the tropical rainforests of the Daintree National Park. Which according to the information they had with them, is the only place in the world where 2 heritage-listed sites exist side by side the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, which is the worlds most extensive coral reef and apparently can be seen from space."

After swapping e-mail and facebook contact details the weary travelers bid each other good night as they knew the morning would be hectic as everyone was leaving El Questro.

Once in their room Rachel collapsed on their bed and let out a deep sad sigh. Alerting Finn to her melancholy, he sat down next to her and lifted her on to his lap, saying softly "Hey baby don't be sad, I promise you we will come back one day, but I have to agree this week has been absolutely magical."

"Oh honey I know and I'm not really sad I'm just… oh I don't know… I mean I have loved every minute we have had together at this wonderful place, but once we get back to Broome… I mean you will be away for weeks at a time, and I… guess I'll just miss you. I know I'm being selfish but I just love you so much and I know we have only been a real couple for a few months but, I 'spose I've just got used to having you all to myself every day and night and don't want to lose that."

With moisture pooling in his amber depths Finn can't help but turn around on the bed pressing Rachel into the mattress and locking his lips on hers. "You are without a doubt the most perfect woman in the entire world Miss Berry but you have to know love, that I feel the same way, and have been thinking about asking you a very important question but I was waiting for the perfect time… but I don't think the time could be any more perfect than right now. We have spent a week at this magical place learning more about the other every day, and I know for a fact that I am so in love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life making you smile that special smile you have just for me, and loving you for as long as you will have me so…"

Sitting up slightly and reaching into his backpack resting at the side of the bed Finn pulls out a little black velvet coloured box and swallowing deeply presents it to his true love with the words…

"Rachel Berry will you please do me the honour of saying yes to my proposal of marriage?"

And as he opens the box, a stunning ring made from pink tear drop shaped Argyle diamonds formed into a star, proudly sits atop an intricately detailed gold band inlaid with white diamond chips up the sides and in the arms that hold the main stone, sparkles brilliantly. Automatically rendering Rachel mute and bringing her to tears. Looking between Finn's face and the tiny box in his hands, Rachel can only cry more shaking her head in a 'yes-no' motion at the same time.

Finn suddenly starts to worry "Um Rach? Is um… you not talking a good thing or a bad thing? I mean I know most girls probably like to pick their own ring from a jeweler's, but I think it is the feelings and thoughts that counts, and this one is made from diamonds mined in this area and the gold is from Kalgoorlie… and well... I thought it was more special…, and um… unique just like you, not one off a production line or … but um if you don't want it. Well I will get you a proper one when we get back to Broome that's if you even want to say yes, I mean I really hope you do…" He rubs a hand over the back of his neck and begins to close the box when all the air in his large body is knocked out of him. As his diminutive love slams her body against his and takes his mouth hostage with her own, her big brown eyes still leaking soft tears as she whispers through her hicuppy sobs

"O-oh Finn Hudson y-you are really the most p-perfect man on the planet, and don't you dare buy another ring this one is just beautiful and of course my answer is yes! I agree this place is so very special and I love you so very, very much, it will be my very great honour to become Mrs. Hudson."

She lands a deep kiss on his mouth pressing her tongue against his teeth asking for entry and for a few minutes/ days? Rachel lets her man know just how happy he has made her, before the age-old annoyance of humans needing air to breathe, forces them to separate, chests heaving and their tears still falling.

Rachel says softly, wide brown eyes never leaving Finn's, her voice emotional but with an excited lilt to it, she says "Now as per the fiancée rules, I think there is supposed to be a ring involved yes?"

"His amber orbs again full on leaking this time with relief and pride, Finn nods and scrambles for the tiny ring sliding it on Rachel's finger, and before giving her anytime to admire her new accessory slams his mouth on hers, whispering in-between breaths his thanks and how much he loves her. Before too much longer, all clothing has been discarded and Finn is sitting back on his knees just watching Rachel as she tries to get her breath back, her eyes moist with unshed, ( but he knows they are happy tears,) and as he kisses her tears off her cheeks, this time as gently as a butterfly wings, he whispers. "He vows to make sure they are the only sort she will ever cry. Because seeing her cry from hurt, sadness or fear will break his heart."

Sniffling away her tears and using her wrist to wipe the wetness off her flushed cheeks, Rachel says, her words certain and more like a statement.

"If you are by my side, then that won't ever happen baby, because the only tears that will ever fall will be happy ones like when I see you waiting at the end of the aisle, dressed all sexy in a dark tux waiting for me, or when we hold our baby for the first time. Because you are mine and where ever you are is home and I promise to always love you just for being you."

Finn had no words he just kissed his love tenderly on the mouth before his lips started to kiss a slow tortuous path down her neck and along her silky shoulder, before taking a nipple hostage and sucking gently, while his hand was caressing its mate. Finn is lost in his thoughts about the beautiful woman underneath him who has promised to spend the rest of her life loving him. When all of a sudden, he feels her hand taking hold of his member and stroking him to full hardness her soft lips latching on to his neck and nipping gently. The moans leaving Rachel's throat turning him on and forcing all the blood in his body to head to his dick. As he continues with his ministrations, nipping at the skin in the valley between her boobs, her nipples now hard buds, and her glowing body writhing with want as he kissed down her toned belly. Swirling his tongue around the golden star stud in her belly button, then pressing little kisses over the butterfly inked on her hip, smirking against her thigh when she lifts her hips and tries to get his mouth right where she wants it.

Rach's breathy, "O-h baby please don't tease." Turning him on even more, he lifts his face and locks eyes with Rach over her heaving chest, smirking at the way her beautiful boobs bounce, before moving his highly aroused body back up so he can kiss her mouth again, and as he gets closer her hands take hold of his head, she rakes her nails through his hair. Sliding her hands, palms down to grip his shoulders, her nails digging in to his skin slightly at the same time as she lifts her hips off the bed pressing against his. Trying to convey to him just what she wants

"Please baby, I need you."

Not wanting to deny his love anything or himself for that matter, he smiles against her mouth as she opens her legs wide enough for him to situate his body and with one more soft, loved filled kiss, and a whisper of "I love you Rach" in one hard thrust slides his throbbing manhood into her tight channel. The moans that escapes each other's throats, as Rachel's body stretches to accommodate her lover's mingle with the sounds of the bush, and the low hum of the flowing river just outside their room.

As Finn thrusts his hips harder, Rachel joins him, their actions falling easily into the pattern they have perfected over the time they have been together.

"Oh baby more please… yes harder… I love you." Lifting her legs to give Finn more room thus changing position slightly, allowed him to go deeper, his groans and whispered endearments leaving them both breathless, till he attaches his lips to his lovers and asks her to cum with him. All she can do is nod, and as they climb the heights of their lovemaking before, they as one entity, fall off the precipice of ecstasy, in a sweaty, heavy breathing mass of two people who are so in tune with the other, they know nothing will ever separate them. Once they calm down slightly, and their breath comes back another round of "thank you baby" and "I love you" interspersed with numerous kisses, before long find the newly engaged couple in garden - view room C. Are spooning and lost in their slumbers both with happy contented smiles on their faces, her tiny left hand held tenderly in his large one. His thumb unconsciously rubbing over the beautiful sparkling diamond, shining in the soft light of the Kimberley moon making its way through the slats of the wooden blind left partially open over the open window. The beams making a ladder like shadow across the wall just like the staircase on cable beach.


The second he rolled his cherry red Ute into his driveway back in Broome, Finn was thankful to be home again and aching to see Rach. Never before had his four weeks on shift dragged so slowly. His thoughts of his tiny beautiful woman were snatched away, because the minute he was through his front door, Puck was in his face.

"Huddy, man I've got some news!"

Puck's worried/annoyed tone is not lost on Finn "Bloody hell Puck can't a bloke get inside the door and put down his bags first? I'm not staying for long anyway man; I'm off to Rach's after I have a quick shower and change my clothes, we've gotta make up for lost time, I've not seen my beautiful Fiancée for a month, so talk and walk mate."

Puck was not used to seeing his good mate so excited about a girl or indeed a date. Normally it was him boasting about all his conquests of the sexual kind, Finn on the other hand had always had a more romantic outlook and put in the effort to woo a woman… Wait a minute did he say fiancée? "Hey wait up Hudson did you say fiancée? When the fuck did this happen, jeez, you've only known each other five minutes, is she pregnant? Bloody hell Huddy you don't waste much time do ya, but are you sure it's yours? She is a pretty hot Sheila and you are away a lot …"

Finn stops in his tracks causing Puck to slam into his back, before turning around and with a dark look on his face, his broad 6' 4" frame rigid with anger, he confronts his best friend, who steps back shocked at Finn's sudden fury, never having seen him like this in all the years he's known him

His tone heavy with warning, brown eyes nearly black as he levels Puck with a dark look, "Don't you ever let me hear you speak like that about my Rach Puck, and no she isn't pregnant. I have felt like this from the first moment I laid eyes on her, and I know with everything I have, she feels the exact same, and would never go so low as to lie about something as important as a baby. So if you have nothing nice to say then leave me and my fiancée alone, as I'd much rather spend my limited down time with her than listen to your shit."

Finn then turns away and heads to his room, leaving a stunned Puck standing in the hallway.

Angry at himself Puck curses aloud and tries to apologize "Shit Puckerman why did you have to open your bloody big mouth now your best mate is pissed… Hey, man I'm sorry you know I think Rachel is a honey and if you love her that much then I'm happy for you man, and I guess congratulations are in order and I'd be real proud to stand with you if you want me. Its just I know you haven't had much luck with the ladies for a few years and I 'spose I'm just worried for you... But at least one of us is havin' some luck."

Through the bathroom door, Puck hears Finn accept his apology; he lets out the breath he didn't even realize he was holding, as he makes himself comfy on the recliner chair in the corner of Finn's room. Thankfully, when Finn exits his bathroom he has his underpants on. Though neither man feeling embarrassed about Finn's half-naked state, just comfortable, as two straight guys who have been friends forever would be

"So what was your news man, you sounded a bit worried, is it to do with your girl down at the tavern?" Looking at his watch and nodding he says, "I've got a bit of time; Rach has her gym class till 5, if you need to talk about somethin'."

Running his hand over his hawk, Puck looks sadly at Finn and nods his head. "Yeah well you know how I have been as keen as mustard on Quinn and thought she liked me that way too, I mean we have had some good times. If you know what I mean an' last weekend she stayed over and we did all coupley like things, it was bloody fantastic, I felt real comfortable and happy, ya know!"

At Finn's smile and head nod he continues,

"Well I reckon she was only playing me man, while her fella was workin' away, cause last night after I got back from the mine I went down there to have a drink and catch up, 'cause well, I hadn't been there for a few days. And well she at first was happy to see me... You know kissed me and 'stuff'."

"Yeah man she's not my cup of tea, but I know she made you happy, so what happened."

"Well I said I'd wait till closing and then maybe we could go for a walk or something before maybe coming back here to … well you know… she said she was ready to go public, as I had shown her I was able to be a one woman man… 'Cause you know Finn I'd not been chasing anyone else since I first met her and just lately had been thinking that we could get a place together you know be a real couple, 'specially after the other weekend. You and Rachel seemed so happy and I wanted that too… but…"

"But what mate?"

By this time, Puck is pacing around the room continually running his hands through his hair and holding the back of his neck, his hazel eyes sad.

Well as I'm coming back from taking a leak, I see some guy all over her and she was giggling and seemed happy to see him, then when she saw me comin', she pretended to not know who I was. I didn't even bother asking for an explanation, just walked out and came home, tryin' to figure out what was goin' on. FUCK! Man I'm a good guy really why can't I be happy? I'm ready to settle down and have a family and I really thought Quinn was the one you know?"

"Oh shit I'm sorry mate have you ever seen this bloke before? What did he look like?"

Shaking his head in the negative Puck says "Nah never seen him before but if I ever see him again I'll punch him in the face. All I know is he was a bit taller than me, blond with lips like a bloody fish." Slowly making his way towards the door, a deep sad sigh leaves his mouth, and as he walks past Finn, he slaps him on the shoulder saying in a dejected tone "Thanks for listening mate, sorry to hold you up from your date."

Finn was worried for his friend, but the ringing of his mobile took his mind away from Puck when he saw it was his Rach calling.

His tone seductive "Well hello there my beautiful fiancée and love of my life, how are you?"

Cute little giggles from the other end of the line make his smile even wider than before, his heart jump in his chest and his pants tight "Hi baby god I've missed you, and can't wait to see you, are we still on for dinner?"

Digging through his wardrobe for a shirt Finn says, "Sure are babe we shouldn't need to book anywhere being early in the week…"

"Well what if you come around here and let me cook for you instead you really shouldn't spend all your hard earned money on taking me to dinner, let me treat you and maybe we can make it a sleepover…? I mean tomorrow is Saturday and Sannie is staying over at Brittany's… so unless you have some other lucky lady to whisk off for a mini holiday then…"

Loud chuckles escape Finn as he pulls his shirt on trying to not dislodge his mobile that he had scrunched into his neck, "Give me 10 minutes baby girl and I am all yours for the night."

Rachel adds a disappointed tone to her voice "Oh only one night… I was hoping it would turn into forever as I swear when I received this stunning engagement ring from my sexy stud of a fiancé, it meant forever… oh well I guess if all I get is one night then I'd better make the most of it, I'll see you in a little while then bye honey."

Laughing loudly Finn quickly finishes getting dressed and repacks his backpack with a couple of changes of clothes and his shaving kit and toiletry bag, then making sure he has his wallet and mobile, grabs his car keys, stopping in the lounge to tell Puck he was going. Instead, he finds his best friend flat out on the couch sucking on a bottle of scotch looking at whatever was on the TV with no interest at all.

"Hey mate I'm off to Rach's now but I promise tomorrow night we will go out and try and figure out what to do about this prick moving in on your girl ok?

Puck sits up a little and puts his bottle on the coffee table his hazel eyes alight with hope and as he nods his head in thanks he lifts his fist for a bump, and says "Just like top gun and iceman yeah?"

Bumping his fist against Puck's Finn says, "Blood-oath mate, best buds for life!"


After making a short detour to the local florist to pick up a bunch of flowers for Rach, as well as a couple of bottles of wine, Finn arrives at Rach's place just as Santana is leaving to go to Britt's, and thinking of the blonde Brittany, brings his and Puck conversation from earlier to mind. So taking advantage of the privacy he decides to make a head start on his and Puck's plan.

"Hey Santana, you got a minute?"

"Oh hey there fishsticks, how's it hangin'?"

Rolling his eyes at the nickname Finn smiles and says "Yeah good thanks… Listen can you get some info from Brittany about the guy who was hanging all over Quinn at the tavern, cause from what Puck said he sounds like the bloke who was tryin' to get with Rach at the resort and who kept perving at her body and trying to kiss her.

Images of the prick at the resort trying to crack onto Rach flood Finn's mind and he can't help but make a connection.

"WHAT! el bastardo espeluznante, le hastortazoa cabo?" Slightly worried about the Latino's sudden burst of anger and switch to Spanish, Finn tries to calm her down by putting a hand on her forearm and speaking softly.

"Santana, hold up a minute and let me explain, there was a bloke called Sam Evans, who worked at the resort that kept tryin' to get with Rach, and when I caught him with his trouty mouth, slobbering all over her…" at the glare Santana sends his way, he explains further. "We had just been to the thermal springs and as I wanted to change my wet bathers, I'd ducked behind a tree, while Rach sat on a rock waiting for me, well when I came back this bloke had Rach bailed up against a tree and was pressing 'himself' against her trying to kiss her on the mouth. I threatened to tell his bosses if he tried anything again, but we left that part of the resort and didn't see him again. But what if, he tried it on with some other woman and was reported which would be why he is in Broome lookin' for another job or somthing?"

Finn is reminded of a cartoon character with steam shooting out of their ears, the second he looks at Santana because her already dark eyes have turned coal black, her body has adopted a rigid stance, and her hands in tight fists straight down by her sides.

"I want to check this bloke out. I just don't want Rach to be involved too much 'cause if this bloke is the same one and he touches her… But Quinn also needs, a friendly word in her ear about stringing my best mate along for her own enjoyment 'specially when he is half in love with her.

Nodding sagely Santana asks, "So what do you have in mind?"

"If it is who I think it is I'd like to have a word, and I think it is time we went to the Divers again. 'Cause I know if Rach finds out it is the same bloke who tried to kiss her and was perving at her half naked body the first day we arrived, then she won't be happy 'specially if Puck is involved. I know she wants all her friends to be happy and Quinn made Puck start thinking about settling down. I know my mate; he is super serious about a woman if he's having those sorts of thoughts. He told me she was happy to see him when he got back after working away, and she was ready to make what they had official, because in her words "he had proved to her he was a one woman man". But when he came back from the bathroom a bit later, this blond wanker was all over Quinn and she was laughing and having a great time, then when she spotted Puck she acted like she didn't even know him. I know Puck probably won't want the blonde after this, but still but he doesn't deserve to be treated like an idiot. He really is a good bloke."

After Finn has given Santana the cliff notes on what happened with Sam at the resort, between them they decided to go to the tavern tomorrow night, and see what would happen, Santana checked with Britt to see if Quinn was working and also put her in the loop. She confirmed Quinn was rostered on, so that meant if the guy fawning all over her was Sam Evans, then there was a good chance he would be there too. It took a few heated kisses from his determined fiancée later on, after he explained the plan to put Finn's mind at rest but he finally relented and agreed with Rach's plan, which was to pretend she and Finn were taking some time apart.

Saturday night just as they arrived and before they exited the car Rachel told Finn, that she would be ok, and San was with her not daring to let her out of her sight. Santana agreeing with a steely look and a shoulder shimmy which was Lopez code for 'You give my girl grief, blondie and I will go all Armadale heights on your lyin' cheatin', not as perfect as you think it is arse'

When Puck arrived and parked next to Finn, the guys walked in and found a table at the back of the tavern partially hidden in the shadows. Finn tried to be incognito, but due to his size it was hard to hide, it was also pretty hard to hide Puck's Mohawk, so he had jammed a baseball cap on his head. Britt had made sure the lights in the very back of the bar were turned down, and had moved a couple of potted palm trees in front of their table so at least they were able to sit in virtual obscurity. The girls were staying in the car for a little bit longer and would come in later to make it seem like they were on a girl's night out. Britt was serving the guys so they didn't give away their positions, and Quinn was none the wiser, she seemed to be pre occupied looking towards the door then the clock every few minutes anyway.

"She looks like she is waiting for someone, I have a feeling it isn't me though." Puck said as he let a sad sigh out and then took a large mouthful of his beer."

"Don't sweat it man, it is her loss, but if this bloody bloke doesn't hurry up and get here I'm gonna go and take my girl…" Who he just noticed walking in her arm linked with Santana's and looking 'sad' Santana leaves her at a table, kissing her cheek, and goes to the bar speaking to Brittany and getting some drinks. "Man she is a good actress look at her Puck she really does look upset." Finn spent the time texting Rach.

Have I told you how sexy you look, in that little dress? I can feel your gorgeous legs wrapped around my shoulders while my tongue does the taking… I reckon we should just leave now so I can really show you ;)

Over at her table Rachel feels her mobile vibrate, and on opening, the new message can't help but smile and blush at his words, sending her own cheeky response.

Who is this? Unless you are tall, sexy and have a very large d***k please leave me alone.

Trying to hold back his laughter at Rach's cheeky message he quickly types another in response, glancing over at her and noticing even in the low light the way her face was blushing and that she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. Shaking her head and making her brunette curls bounce at Santana's questioning look

Wow! You sure seem to know what you want, if I said I had all those attributes and MORE, would I have a chance?

Squirming on her chair trying to cool her face and keep up the heartbroken pretense Rach types another message

That would depend, are your initials FH? Can you make me all wet by just sending me a dimpled smile? Can you make me scream your name when I cum? Because if you are then yes ;*) you are definitely in with a very good chance

Rubbing his erection with one hand while his shaky fingers try to type, Finn can't help but think that they should just leave and forget about this blond bastard but a side-glance at Puck looking morosely into his beer glass changes his mind.

It is your lucky night Missy; just you wait till I get you home and show you just what I can do ;) Oh FYI, FH are in fact my initials, but I like Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, better everyday and can't wait till there is a ring on our fingers' that will tell the world no-one messes with the FINCHEL!

PS: I love you just please be safe.

As Rachel reads the message tears spring to her big brown depths and all she wants to do is climb onto Finns lap and kiss him. But instead, she just types.

Ditto, you are mine as I am yours, I love you forever baby, please don't worry I'll be ok.

Then just as Finn goes to answer Puck nudges him, giving him enough time to quickly send one last message

"Huddy that's him look the cocky bastard just walked in."

It IS Sam, the bastard, baby be careful please.

Behind the bar, Brittany was in on the act too.

About 15 minutes after they had arrived Rachel nudges Santana and motions to the door with her chin, turning her face to try and catch Finn's eye, As striding through the door like he was gods gift to the women of the world, and his stupid fish lips spread wide across his face smirking like he had won the lottery. Was Sam Evans… the creep who had tried on numerous occasions to steal Rachel away from Finn. The girls noticed he sat at the bar behind Quinn, and when Rachel gave Britt the agreed signal, she engaged Quinn in a conversation.

In a tone that immediately gained Quinn's attention, probably due to the fact it was not her normal bubbly one Britt says. "Hi Quinn you look extra pretty tonight is your man Puck coming in?

Ignoring the last part, the other blonde answers with her own question. "Hey Brittany why do you look so sad, that's not like you is everything ok?" Quinn took her eyes off the door for a minute to face Britt, therefore missing a particular blonde-haired person with an overlarge mouth, his hair flopping over his forehead, who had settled himself at the end of the bar behind Quinn in full earshot of the girls.

After getting, the signal from Rach, just before she dragged Santana to the bathroom without Sam or Quinn seeing them, Brittany says sadly.

"Hmm? Oh, I'm just a bit sad for my friends, you know them Quinn, Rachel and Finn?" at the others nod of indifferent recognition Britt continues shaking her head in the negative as she spoke. "Yeah well they were so happy, always kissing and laughing when I went round to visit Sannie, and then Finn took Rachie away for a surprise holiday somewhere. But when they came back things seemed to cool off, not really sure what happened, but I do know they are taking some time apart to try and figure it all out. Poor Rachie just stays home and doesn't see anyone 'cept for when she goes to work, Santana said she was going to try and get her to come out tonight and let lose a bit… you know have a couple of drinks and some fun. I really hope they can work it out they were so totally right for each other." A deep sad sigh has Britt wiping her eyes and turning away to serve someone further down the bar. But not without noticing Sam sit up a bit straighter and look around the bar room and dance floor, clearly looking for someone.

"Oh dear well maybe it was for the best, some times, getting tied down too soon can cause problems…" Quinn says in a very unsympathetic tone sounding as if she didn't care one little bit. Turning at the sexily drawled out

"Hey darlin' can I get some attention?"

Instantly recognising the voice Quinn hurriedly straightens her hair and pulls her shirt down just enough to show her cleavage before spinning on the spot and smiling cheekily at the man, "Course cowboy what are you chasing?"

"You! When you are free and maybe double Bundy and coke or two, and a packet of my all time fav salt and vinegar chips to pass the time. But a kiss will do for now."

Giggling like a teenager Quinn comes to the edge of the bar and wraps her arms around Sam's neck and presses her lips against his, moaning when his hand slides under her singlet and attaches to her boob, squeezing firmly. Before pulling away, to get his drink them complaining that all the salt and vinegar chips were gone.

"Damn I'll have to get some more chips from the storeroom, hold on just a tic love" She gives Sam his drink and presses another short kiss on his mouth before going out the back. Sam nodded and squeezed her skirt -clad bottom as she passed him. Before swinging around on his stool looking for a particular brunette bombshell that if what the other barmaid was saying was true then Rachel was now unattached and he could catch her on the rebound. So running his tongue over his fishy lips, and combing his fingers through his hair, he takes another look spotting the object of his desires at a table with another dark haired woman. Sam picks up his glass and makes his way over to where Rachel is sitting staring glumly into her glass and drawing patterns in the condensation.

Rach and Santana had returned from the bathroom and were at their table near the bar and dance floor. They were only drinking coke or squash, as they figured they'd need their heads clear if anything went down. When Rachel notices Sam making a beeline for them she nudges San with her foot, who immediately gets up saying in a feigned drunk tone.

"I gotta use the little girl's room, will you be ok Berrycakes?"

Trying to sound annoyed Rachel says "Of course Sannie, no one will talk to me anyway 'coz you know I'm boring and too intense apparently. Letting out a sad sigh Rachel slumps back in her chair, taking a long noisy slurp of her drink through the straw, and then makes a show of licking her lips slowly.

"Ok then chica, be back soon then we can get our sexy dance on an' show those men what's what yeah?" Santana walks away, purposely bumping into Sam who is standing right behind her pretending to look the other way. "Oh sorry, didn't see you there stud."

"No problems you take care now" cringing at Sam's slimy tone and the hand that grabbed her arse, San walks away only to stop at the closest potted palm tree ( placed in close proximity to the table on purpose) and digging her phone out texting Finn.

Rach caught Finn's eye and through their unspoken connection, he said 'If he tries anything baby he will feel my fist in his fat fish mouth'.

Rachel shook her head telling him he had nothing to worry about, and then raised her left hand to her mouth pressing a kiss over her engagement ring and then pressing her hand over her heart. Sensing Sam move closer Rachel keeps her head down and presses the call button on her mobile, thus sending the entire conversation to Finn's phone.

Checking that Quinn hasn't returned yet (not knowing Britt has got a distraction set up for her that should keep her away for a little longer) Sam asks,"Do you mind if I sit here Miss? All the other tables are full."

Without looking up Rachel shrugs and says "Hmm oh … yes I guess that is ok, it's not like I'm waiting for anyone" making a show of pulling out the chair and purposely moving it closer to Rachel's, Sam pretends to finally notice Rachel

"Rachel? Is that you? My god hi how have you been?"

Sam sits down making sure to bump his thigh against Rach's, then innocently sliding his hand down to rest on his leg, so close that his finger is touching Rachel's leg making little stroking actions. Moving her legs Rachel tries to shift away from him. "God you look great, I really missed you when you left El-Q, it just wasn't the same without seeing your beautiful face everyday, 'specially at the hot springs and that bikini… man you had me goin' do you know I jerked my myself off when I heard you in the shower that first night.

Mentally throwing up at the thought of his creepy voyeur actions, Rachel pretends to be surprised at seeing him "Paul Evert? Oh hi, what are you doing in Broome, come for a holiday, ha, ha."

Frowning at the wrong name Sam quickly puts a cautious smile back on his face and says "Evans, Sam Evans, surely you remember me I picked you up from the airport. But enough of that would you like to go somewhere and get a drink with me I have a couple of nice bottles of wine in my hotel room, what do you say?"

Nervously Rach says "O-oh well I'm not sure I did come with my friend tonight…"

"Aw come on baby, she looked like she could take care of her self, I really have missed you and want to get to know you better, so please help me from being lonely in a new town." He pouts and gives Rach the puppy dog eyes, which of course did nothing but make Rachel's stomach turn.

She giggles feigning interest "let me just go to the bathroom and find my friend to let her know the change of plan, I won't be long, thanks Sam I really could use some company. What if I meet you outside? That way no one will see us slipping away" then before Rachel can get out of the chair Sam has slammed his lips against hers and rubbing her thigh with his sweaty hand.

Finally getting out from his clutches Rach races to the bathroom, not knowing where Santana is but glancing over at Finn who is red in the face and being held down in his chair by Puck who is struggling to hold his mate back and have him ruin the plan. Reaching the bathroom, she comes face to face with an angry crying Quinn.

"Oh hello Quinn…"

Before she can get another word out a sharp stinging slap has landed on her right cheek and the other woman's words leaving her mouth in a hiss

"What the freaking hell do you think you are doing throwing your ugly self at MY MAN? It isn't my fault you and the stupid jolly green giant had some sort of stupid lovers quarrel, now you decide to chase after someone else's man, well I won't have it Berry leave him the hell alone. We have been together for years and have kids so take your slutty man stealing self back to where ever the fuck you came from."

Shocked at the sudden attack on her and wincing at the pain in her face Rachel moves a bit closer to Quinn, while organizing her thoughts and in a soft determined tone says

After her tirade, Quinn turns to leave the bathroom but is halted in her tracks by Rachel's quiet voice.

"Quinn can I ask you something? Why are you stringing Noah along, and letting him think he has a chance if you are in a relationship with another man, not to mention being a mother? Noah really likes you, He even told my Finn you he wanted a long-term relationship with you and was looking to settle down with you. But you stand there and accuse me of chasing your man when I did nothing of the sort. Your man tried to kiss me more than once when Finn, who by the way is my fiancé and no, we are not fighting or split up, but that is irrelevant at the moment, took me away to El Questro Wilderness Park as a surprise in July. Sam apparently listened in while 'helping himself' if you get my meaning, while my boyfriend and I were engaged in… Well let's just say when we were busy enjoying our alone time... Sam then tried to have his way with me when Finn was only meters away by pressing me up against a tree rather forcibly and attempting to kiss me. Finn threatened to inform his employers of his unprofessional conduct if he tried anything of the sort again, but thankfully, we left the part of the resort he worked on the next morning, and didn't see him again. Until now when he again came on to me, telling me about his voyeur like activities with no thought for you who obviously saw the whole thing, and inviting me back to his hotel room before kissing me again. I am not interested in any other man but my Finn and I do not appreciate being attacked by men who should know better and who is in a relationship with another woman or by said woman, who obviously has a low moral standard of her own, now please excuse me it is time I left."

A soft sob makes Rachel halt in her steps, as Quinn seems to deflate on the spot. She turns to look at the tiny brunette wincing a little at the sharp red outline of her own hand across Rachel's tanned face.

"I'm sorry for slapping you Rachel, but I was so angry seeing Sam kiss you … I thought his player days were done with, well he promised me they were, but he was my first love, well my first everything really. Then when the twins were born 18 months ago, he said he was so happy and wanted to stay home and look after them while I went to TAFE, and worked on getting my beauty therapists diploma. He did for a few months while the kids were tiny but when they started to get about, he seemed to lose interest… That's when he decided to get the job on El Questro as a guide or whatever he did, and as the money was very good, making it easier for me to afford a fulltime live in nanny so I could continue with school. I only work here for spending money and to get some adult time."

Rachel makes herself more comfortable on the small plastic chair near the door and asks, "What does that have to do with you letting Noah think he stood a chance, did you even tell him you had kids? Just because Sam was away didn't mean he was playing up, but you should have told Noah you were with someone Quinn, he really is a nice guy and deserves to be happy, but…"

"I know what I did was wrong Rachel, but I was so lonely and I've had inkling for a few months that Sam was playing away from home because when I met him in Kununurra a few months ago for a long weekend, I noticed a couple of love bites on his neck. Also he wasn't as interested in me as I was in him; normally he was insatiable when we were together. not to mention the fact his phone kept ringing at odd hours and one day when he was in the shower, it rang showing someone called Sara was calling. I listened to the message and it was all about meeting up when he came back to El Questro. Because she really missed her sex god and how she couldn't wait to have his lips all over her naked body, she had found a new spot near the river so they could lie under the stars while they made hot passionate love.

I didn't know what to do Rachel, I love him so much, but I figured if it was alright for him to have some fun while he was away then it should be ok for me too. But I know that's not the right way to deal with things and as for Puck, I really am sorry I led him on I don't know what I was thinking. I do like him a lot and feel so bad for letting him think we could have a future, and for not being honest about my kids, but even though I like Puck. I love Sam and really don't know what to do about him beside slap him, then hope that he will listen to me when I tell him about Puck and not just walk away… I'm so sorry for slapping you really I was just at the end of my tether with Sam's playboy ways and I guess I took it out on you"

"Well Quinn I…"

"Finally! Thank god, I don't think I could have sat there for much longer that bloody loo seat has left a mark on my backside not to mention the cramps in my legs from sitting cross legged all this time, you owe me a trip to the spa Berrycakes."

"Santana? What on earth are you doing in there?"

"Calm down chica I was collecting evidence but I don't reckon it really is needed now , I think Fish sticks and Puckerman have taken matters in to their own hands regarding the philandering trouty mouth, so maybe we should hurry and get a ring side seat for the epic smack down." Turning on her heel towards the door, she says flippantly "I wonder if Britts can get me some popcorn" cackling as she opens the door Santana leaves the bathroom followed immediately by Rachel and Quinn.

Meanwhile out in the carpark Sam is waiting by his car for Rachel, talking to the night air and thinking he is alone.

"You are the MAN! Sammy my boy, finally you have the sexiest woman you have seen for ages in the palm of your hand, ready and willing to be yours for the night, boy you are one lucky bastard! Her body is perfect and after seeing her tits that time, I know the rest is gonna be as good and she seemed really down, so I'm gonna catch her on the rebound and have my way with her without that giant idiot crashing my party. If that kiss inside was enough to get my dick to full mast and she wasn't really doing anything, then I know the rest of the evening is gonna be a sex party. She was begging for a good fuck, man oh man I reckon I could slide right down her throat…"

"Hey there Sam" not immediately recognizing the voice Sam spins around only to be met with a rock solid closed fist in his face courtesy of, who he now recognizes as Finn Hudson! The tall man's jaw set and his eyes blazing even in the muted light of the waning crescent moon. When Sam regains his wits and stands up resting against the door of his car rubbing his jaw, sending an icy blue-eyed glare at the man who just laid one on him, and his mate with the stupid haircut.

Sam thinking he could get a few hits in , stands up to his full six feet , puffs out his chest, and with a short burst of bravado giving him the guts to ask the question he knows the answer to already, but isn't gonna let this stupid giant get between him and a super Sheila ."What the fuck is your problem Hudson, this your bodyguard? Nice hair man" he says sneering at Puck.

"Don't act stupid you creepy wanker pervert! you know perfectly well what my problem is, I told you before to stay away from my girl… wait let me rephrase that, my fiancée she is not interested now or ever in your cheap attempts to get her into bed. So for the last time STAY AWAY!"

"Fuck off man she is beggin' for it and anyway I heard you and her called it quits, probably cause you could keep up with her hot sex kitten…."

Again, Finn's fist lets go and connects with Sam's face this time the force splitting his lip, and making the smaller man stumble against his car and as he curses spitting out the blood in his mouth. Sam swings his fist in a lame attempt to connect with Finn's face but due to his unbalanced stance and the fact, he is still reeling slightly from the punch in the face he trips over his feet, spitting out angrily "What the fuck are you about…"

This time Puck steps in, "I know you are with Quinn mate, so instead of chasing other bloke's women maybe you should pay your own a bit more attention, 'cause while you have been out playing away…"



At the sound of their names both men turn around and as Rachel runs into Finn's arms he automatically envelopes her and their lips mesh, Rachel wraps her arms around her man's neck, her left hand showing her engagement ring that is shinning proudly even in the low light.

Sam, still slightly dazed but also in shock that Quinn is here "What the fuck… Quinn?"

A loud slapping sound breaks through the quiet of the night as Quinn steps back shaking her hand wincing for the second time that night at the pain, due to it connecting with another's face, though this time it was well and truly deserved. Her green eyes fill with tears as she tries to control her quavering voice. Finn and Rachel walk away leaving Quinn to sort out the mess she has managed to get her self into. Puck though stays in the background just incase she needs some support, he has decided that things just wouldn't work out with the beautiful blonde but can't find it in himself to just walk away and leave her till he knows she will be ok. The blonde couple seem to forget he is there as they are lost in their own business

"Sam Evans, we need to have a serious talk, come on I've something to tell you and I know you have things to tell me as well."

Still slightly dazed, Sam hangs his head in shame, and climbs in the car knowing full well that maybe this is the time Quinn tells him to pack his bags and get the hell away from her and their kids. The thing is he doesn't want that to happen he really does love her and their twins but for some reason, the need to 'play away' when he gets the chance is strong. But there is never any real connection in his hook ups, it is just sex and he forgets the woman as soon as it is over. But this is the first time he has been found out by a husband, man he didn't see that comin' and that Hudson has got a fucking iron fist, so not worth messin' with his woman, but more importantly, Quinn now knows what he has been doing. He wouldn't even blame Quinn if she had been doin the same he just hopes they can work it out.

"Babe can just say I'm real sorry…"

Holding her hand in front of his face Quinn says firmly "Enough Sam just wait till we get home you need some ice on your face other wise it will bruise and spoil your pretty face… although maybe then it will keep you at home where you belong instead of chasing every other bit of skirt in the country. Plus the kids might still be up and I'm sure they'd like to see their Daddy, and then we can each air our dirty laundry and hope we can salvage our relationship if it is worth saving."

"Quinn I do want to save what we have honest, I'm sorry…"


"Finn hurry up and come into the kitchen honey so I can put an ice pack on your hand." She melts just a little as she recounts Finn's show of protectiveness and thinly veiled jealously, from earlier in the evening, the actions seriously turning her on, also thankfully erasing the image of Sam's mouth and hands on her body UGH!

Finn walks into the kitchen takes a seat on one of the stools at the breakfast bar. Smiling at little finny who is watching him quizzically from under his waving greenery, before swimming off to talk to Mrs. Shellhouse. Rachel is standing next to the sink holding an ice pack in one hand, and reaching up into a high cupboard for what he knows is the medicine box a concerned look on her beautiful face has his heart flipping in his chest… Well he is putting it down to that not the fact that the hem of her mini dress has ridden up past her bottom and is showing her perfect arse and one strap has fallen off her smooth shoulder.

"Babe I promise my hand is ok, I didn't even feel it, but I'm sorry for hitting him it was just too much for me to take seeing him slobbering all over you." Finn has the grace to look ashamed at his actions knowing full well Rach doesn't like violence but is made to feel better when his mouth his covered by his girl's and a tiny hand is felt rubbing the inside of his thigh.

"Shush baby, I know how hard it was for you to see that, and just we are clear, you know I didn't enjoy it one little bit right? There is only one man I want pressing his manly bits against mine and making me scream in pleasure, and what do you know he is right here and all mine. So I think that he should take me to bed right this very minute and show me what I'm going to have for the rest of my life. And if anyone, is creeping outside getting their jollies from listening to us then all they will hear is me screaming your name in pleasure and they will be extremely jealous."

In the midst of the sudden burst of giggles that escape her puffy lips, Finn scoops her up and races off down the hall to the bedroom. Kicking the door shut and locking it albeit awkwardly as he is loathe to put her down, at least until he reaches the bed then in one swift movement he has her dress and panties off. Then in an instant, his own clothes vanish and he stands as naked as the day he was born, his quivering member at full mast just waiting to make love to his angel.

In more of a breath than actual words "I love you Rachel Berry for as long as I live." Leaves his lips then kneeling on the bed between Rachel's open thighs Finn's breath catches in his throat, at the look of complete and utter love that the woman beneath him bestows on him showing him again without words how much she loves him. Just by simply opening her arms and sending him, the special smile that he knows conveys every ounce of love she has for him.

Leaning down to press his lips against hers, he tenderly caresses her boob, with one hand as his other is busy drawing little patterns all down her body on its way her center, slipping between her moist lips and rubbing right where he knows she wants him to. While his hands are busy driving Rachel into a lust fueled frenzy, his mouth has latched on to that spot just under her ear and begins to nibble on the soft skin. Finn smirks cheekily against her throat, when Rach moans, his name impatiently and rakes her hands through his hair tugging sharply when his long fingers touch that spot inside her now dripping channel whilst his thumb is rubbing her swollen clit. Rach lifts her hips and wraps her legs around him trying to pull his body closer to where she wants him. In-between her moans and growls she kisses his face and down his neck nipping at a spot just above his collarbone hard enough to leave a mark which she then presses a soft butterfly kiss over the redness and in a whisper begs Finn to love her.

Knowing that his lady needs him, and to be honest he has never been able to deny her anything, so with one last swipe up her slit he trails his hands back up her warm body shiny with a light sheen of sweat. He feels her drop her legs to the bed, he snakes his arms underneath her so he can hold her shoulders from underneath. Then after pressing a series of soft passion filled kisses on her mouth, Finn makes eye contact with Rachel the words, "I love you baby forever and always" fall off his tongue in more of a breath and actual words. But loud enough for Rachel to hear over the combined beating of their hearts.

"Not as much as I love you Mr. Hudson, I don't think forever will be long enough but it is a start, now please love me baby."

Without needing any more encouragement Finn kisses Rachel once more his, "I love you Baby" falling against her mouth as he slides inside her. Their combined moans adding to the symphony of the warm tropical night, knowing that whatever the future holds for them the feelings and love they share is endless and unbeatable, and will see them through, after all they were FINCHEL, which meant ENDGAME!

The End

(Santana's Spanish words)- What! The creepy bastard, did you smack him out?

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