And... I'm sorry to say... this is the LAST CHAPTER of 'The Star-Crazy Cult'! (sobs) This has been one of the more fun fics to write, and it's always sad to bring them to an end, even if being able to check it off a very long list of half-written fics is also very satisfying.

My thanks to everyone who reviewed/favorited/followed this, it's nice to see that my work is appreciated. At the bottom, you'll find a short preview for the next story in the 'World of All Riders' universe, in which some Kamen Rider Club members guest star towards the end. It's primarily a crossover between Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Drive, called 'Stranger Things Have Happened'. It was mainly born out of the thought that two OOO characters returned to the police force in the finale, and I doubt they'd be as skeptical as the majority of the police outside the SCU are portrayed in Drive.

Towards the end, see if you can guess the stealth crossover I slipped in there (besides the reference to 'The Other Two-in-One Hero'). Keep in mind that this takes place well after the finale of this third show and its spinoff.

So, without any further ado, here's the last chapter. (sniffles)

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Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Morgan was heavily relieved when backup arrived. Agent Sakuta and his friend Kisaragi had raced inside to find the source of the chaos, leaving him to take care of the wounded guards out front. But he'd quickly been distracted when inmates began to escape through the suspects' self-made entrance tunnel. It was all he could do to prevent them from getting out without seriously hurting them.

They started coming at a higher frequency just as half a dozen police cars and two FBI SUVs pulled up. The cops got to work containing the would-be escapees, while Morgan's own teammates hurried to join him. Five more people followed, each armed with the special weapons Sakuta had brought, and carrying them with more confidence than even the agents. It was the Kamen Rider Club, minus Sakuta, Kisaragi, and (Morgan did a fast head count) Daimonji. He didn't have time to question where the biggest guy on their team was, though, as he, JJ, Hotch, and Rossi followed them deeper into the jail.

They arrived at the nearly-deserted cafeteria just in time to see Sakuta, fully armoured, and another Kamen Rider – this one in white armour with a pointy helmet – getting thrown into the wall and a table, respectively. "Ryūsei-san!" the gothic-looking girl, Nozama, cried.

"Gentarō!" Utahoshi yelled.

All five Club members, plus the FBI agents, started firing on the three Zodiarts threatening them. The socialite-type girl, Kazashiro, ordered her friends to spread out and help the remaining inmates get clear of the danger zone, at the same time that Hotch ordered his agents to do the same. It was risky; the wolf-like Zodiarts tried to swipe at JK, but he dodged using what looked like breakdancing moves and pulled a man to safety. They were all fully aware that these inmates would try to escape as well, but they had to trust the police outside to keep them contained while they focused on the bigger threat.

Ryūsei got to his feet as Auriga ducked away from the shots being fired at him. These Zodiarts had already proven to be as powerful as the ones he was used to, as opposed to the three Jackknife Zodiarts he'd taken down before. It was time to get serious.


"Ore no sadame wa arashi wo yobuze!"*

In his powered-up form, Meteor, now armed with the Meteor Storm Shaft, began attacking Auriga with all he had. Auriga tried the charging-on-wheels attack again, but Meteor wouldn't be caught off-guard by that twice. He sidestepped and swung the Shaft at Aurgia's neck, effectively clotheslining him and knocking him onto his back. Auriga rolled to dodge another strike and stood up, but then he realised something: while Meteor had been between him and the exit when the fight began, their positions had since switched and he now only had the FBI agents and the Kamen Rider Club to get through. He turned around and shot towards them, using a broken cafeteria table as a ramp of sorts and getting over their heads. Some of their shots hit him, and one actually did damage to the wheel on his right leg. Auriga landed by the busted-open door and shrank the wheels down before running outside.

Meteor wasted no time chasing after him, but even at his top speed (they'd once tested it out and found that he could go up to sixty-seven kilometres per hour as Meteor Storm), he wasn't able to prevent Auriga from exiting the building. There were a bunch of normal cops there, as well as the remaining FBI agents, and they all started shooting when they realised the Zodiarts was there, but only Agents Reid and Callahan had the special guns, so their shots were the only ones that even bothered Auriga. Meteor tackled him from behind, sending both of them sprawling onto the concrete.

Then there was the growling of an engine, and the Power Dizer skidded around a street corner, shifting into its humanoid configuration before bringing its wheel/fist down on Auriga. So that was where Shun had gotten to. A couple cops tried shoot it as well, and Ryūsei had to yell at them to hold their fire.

Auriga struggled under the Dizer, unable to get up, and Ryūsei decided it was time to end things. "Get ready to move!" he told Shun, activating his Limit Break. "METEOR STORM PUNISHER!" The Storm Topper shot off the top of the Shaft and spun towards Auriga and the Dizer, the latter backing off right away. Auriga only had enough time to stand before the Topper began to repeatedly strike him, gaining more power as it did so.

Finally, Auriga was engulfed by an explosion, and when it dissipated, a roughly forty-year-old man collapsed to the ground. Agents Reid and Callahan rushed forward, the former cuffing the man while the latter scooped up his dropped Switch.

"You bastard!" The Switcher yelled weakly. Ryūsei glanced over to where he was looking and saw Cirino Acqua in the group of re-captured inmates, guarded by cops nearby. "You fucking murderer!"

"That's Carbrey Powers," Agent Callahan told Meteor, "Brady Powers's older brother." Ryūsei remembered the name from reading the police files.

Meanwhile, Fourze was managing to do better than before against Lupus and Ursa. With Auriga and Meteor taking their fight outside, the rest of the backup shooters now had only one skirmish to focus on. Ursa was forced to take shelter behind a tipped-over table while Lupus took a Stamper Switch-powered kick to the stomach. The logo of the Kamen Rider Club briefly appeared on his fur before there was an explosion than launched him into the wall.

Using the brief break, Fourze deactivated the Shield and Stamper Switches and swapped Rocket for Cosmic.

'Cosmic On!'

He felt the power of Cosmic States filling him, bringing his energy levels back up. Feeling pumped, he enthusiastically began to lay into Lupus and Ursa, forcing them back with hits from his Barizun Sword Boost Mode before switching it to Sword Mode. Then he backed up and activated the Launcher Switch in his Driver and hit the Number 32 icon on his chest.

'Launcher On! Freeze On!'

Four missiles fired out of the Launcher on his right leg and struck both Zodiarts, blasting them and freezing them in place at the same time.

Then he inserted the Rocket Switch into his sword and activated the Number 10 icon.

'Rocket On! Elec On!'

Yelling, he launched forward with the power of Rocket and slashed at them both with the electricity-covered blade. There was a big explosion than made him stumble back, and when the smoke cleared, two figures dropped to the ground. In Lupus's place was young man, not much older than the Club members. He groaned and slumped over, unconscious.

The second Switcher, however, was a surprise. About the same age as the first, she had long, dark auburn hair and a furious look in her green eyes as she struggled to pick up her Switch again.

"Siobhan Mahoney," Agent Jareau identified her, "She's Teague Mahoney's daughter, the one who was in contact with Aita."

"Stay out of this," Mahoney growled, somehow managing to stand despite the beating, clutching the Switch in her shaking hand, "You muca, just stay out of my way! Those fucking Jackknives have to pay for what they did! Revenge for Erin… revenge for Daley… for Brady… revenge for my father!"

"Last One." The Switch in her hand suddenly changed, the red button shifting to an angled position and the round silver part on top turning pink with darker pink lines, making it resemble an irritated eyeball.

"She's entered Last One!" Kengo gasped.

"Wait!" Fourze yelled, running forward to try and grab the Switch. But it was too late, as Siobhan pressed the Switch and was immediately enshrouded in dark energy. Her body, now wrapped in a thick, white, cobweb-like substance, collapsed at the feet of the Ursa Zodiarts.

"Revenge…" Ursa growled before charging forward. Fourze put up his Barizun Sword in defence, but he wasn't prepared for the sheer force of the huge Zodiarts barrelling directly into him. He was launched backwards, just missing JK (who screamed and dove for the floor) and crashing into the opposite wall. "Reveeeenge!"

Everyone still on their feet fired repeatedly at Ursa, but she batted their shots aside and continued to charge for the exit behind them. They had no choice but to dodge when she reached them, Kengo getting violently batted aside as she passed. "Shit!" Fourze gasped as he chased after her.

Meteor had just turned to go back in and help the others when the Ursa Zodiarts came barrelling out, roaring in rage. He held up his Storm Shaft to block his mad rush, only to get pushed back several feet.

Fourze was right on his heels. "Careful, Ryūsei!" he called, trying to attack Ursa from behind, "She's entered Last One!"

"REVEEEEEENGE!" Ursa yelled in a distorted, somewhat feminine voice, trying to swipe at Fourze with his – sorry, her sharp claws. The white Rider blocked the attacks with his sword and slashed at her a few times while Meteor got in a few strikes of his own. When Ursa whipped around to try and deal with him, Fourze summoned the Gattling Switch and swapped it with Drill before activating it, then hit the Number 20 Icon.

'Gattling On! Fire On!'

Fourze shot a rapid-fire volley of flaming bullets from the Gattling Module on his left leg, hitting Ursa and doing some real damage. With her fur on fire, she tried to run away, at least that's what they thought at first. But then she changed direction and charged at the group of inmates, including the targets of her revenge. She was intercepted halfway by the Shun and the Power Dizer, who tossed her into the outer wall of the jail with a powerful swing.

Meteor activated his Limit Break again. "METEOR STORM PUNISHER!"

While Ursa reeled and tried to recover after being repeatedly struck by the Storm Topper, Fourze moved in for the kill.

'Cosmic Limit Break!'

Fourze shot forward with a yell, knocking Ursa through a swirling blue portal he'd opened up behind her. Most of the law enforcement officers stared in bewilderment as the portal vanished, while the remaining Kamen Rider Club members looked up at the sky.

"There!" Tomoko gasped, pointing to a flash of light among the stars. Ryūsei knew it to be the death explosion of the Zodiarts. Sighing in relief and exhaustion, he deactivated his Driver and sat down on the curb, the other Club members relaxing as well.

"What just happened?" Agent Callahan asked.

"Cosmic States's Limit Break defeats the Zodiarts in the planet's outer atmosphere," Kengo explained, "Gentarō will be parachuting down in a few minutes."

"What about the Switcher?!" Agent Reid demanded.

"She entered Last One after being defeated a few minutes ago. Her real body's still indoors, she'll be fine."

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Ryūsei shut his briefcase after putting all his files away. All the Switchers that they knew of had been rounded up. Siobhan Mahoney was in a hospital getting treatment, and would make a full recovery before returning to jail to await her trial. Bertoldo De Luca had been found in an illegal mob clinic getting treated for his gunshot wound from the shootout two days ago, and was arrested. The Seaimpíní were reportedly in disarray, though it was likely that the late Teague Mahoney's lieutenant Ulick Vincent would soon gain control, with Carbrey Powers in jail and the third lieutenant, Keegan Hayes, having disappeared.

For the BAU, it was a case closed. The Switches were still being held as evidence for the trials, but the arrangements had already been made to hand them over to Interpol for destruction once there was no more use for them. But for Ryūsei, it was a bit of a disappointment. While all the known Switchers had been caught, he still hadn't nabbed any of the sellers. All he had to go on was Foundation X and a white van.

Tomoko, knowing what he was thinking as always, gently grasped his hand. "You'll catch them," she assured him.

Ryūsei managed to smile weakly back at her. "I know."

"I'VE GOT THEM!" The triumphant cry rang out across the room and made everyone in it jump in surprise.

Gentarō, Ryūsei, and Tomoko joined the BAU agents as they gathered around their analyst. "What have you got, Baby Girl?" Agent Morgan asked.

"Okay, so here's the thing. I went through a ton of footage trying to find that van, and I mean a ton. And I only found it a couple more times, but this one, this one has a license plate reflected in a store window. So I traced that number to a rental place, and while their records came up with a 'John Smith' as the renter, I was able to get his face on their cameras and run it through facial recognition, I got this." She showed them a screen grab of a man in a Foundation X uniform entering a hotel. "I called the hotel, and faxed over the guy's picture, and the night manager got me his name and booking information. I don't know if it's his real name or not, but the guy's registered as one Jun Kazu, and he's been staying in that room since early January and still hasn't checked out."

"Kazu Jun?" Gentarō muttered. Despite not understanding most of what she was saying, he'd apparently picked out the name and found it familiar.

"You know who he is?" Ryūsei asked.

"Yeah, Shōtarō-sempai mentioned him. He was a Foundation X member, but he died four or five years ago."

Ryūsei repeated this information to the FBI agents. "He must be using it as an alias," Agent Jareau surmised.

"Looks like we have one more arrest to make," Agent Rossi chimed in, before looking over at Ryūsei, "Agent Sakuta, I think you have the lead on this one."

Tomoko grinned. "I told you you'd catch them."

Ryūsei grinned back. He should have known better than to doubt her intuition.

The guests and staff looked rather alarmed when Ryūsei entered the hotel lobby with a few cops, the entire Kamen Rider Club, and Agents Hotchner and Morgan in tow. They were met by the manager, a rather perky Latino man with a very long name, who led them up to 'Kazu''s room while assuring them that the man had not yet checked out. Ryūsei and the other law enforcement officers drew their weapons while the unarmed Club members stood further back with the manager.

"Jun Kazu!" Ryūsei called, banging on the door (using the alias since he had no other name by which to call him), "This is Interpol! Open the door!"

For a second, there was silence, then a flurry of rustling and thumping could be heard. When no one opened up, Ryūsei nodded, and Hotchner unlocked the door with the manager's key card.

They burst in, guns trained, finding the five-star hotel room in a state of disarray, the kind that indicated the guest was halfway through packing. The suspect, attempting to cram some files into a suitcase, turned and made a mad dash toward a window, slipping a flash drive from his pocket. Or rather…


The suspect jammed the Gaia Memory into his neck, causing his face to morph into a black and off-white mask. He then turned and charged at the agents. Ryūsei lowered his weapon and chose to meet his mad rush head-on, punching him in the chest a few times. The Masquerade Dopant stumbled backwards, diving for a gun on the bedside table.

Agent Morgan came from behind Ryūsei and tackled him to the ground. "Oh, no you don't!" he growled. He was surprised to find himself being shoved to the side, not expecting the Dopant's enhanced strength.

Gentarō joined the fight, kicking at the Dopant a couple times and being evaded. The Dopant tried to grab at him, but Gentarō head-butted him, groaning at the resulting headache he gave himself. Meanwhile, this caused the Dopant to stumble again, allowing Ryūsei to get close enough to perform the one-inch punch Inga had taught him, sending the suspect flying and crashing into the wall and knocking him out. The Masquerade Memory fell out of him, though it didn't break.

While everyone else gathered themselves, Ryūsei strode forward and flipped the stirring suspect onto his back and cuffing him. "You're under arrest."

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." – Abraham Lincoln

Friday, March 27th, 2015

A week after the strangest case they'd ever had (and that was saying something), the BAU agents were back at Quantico. The arrested Foundation X agent, identified as a man named Gorō Hashimoto, had said nothing, but his files had provided plenty of information, including a list of Switches and Gaia Memories that the Foundation had sold in the US. The agents were pleased to discover that all the Switches had been already accounted for, and Agent Sakuta had sent a copy of the list to his private eye contacts who were hunting Dopants in the States. On that list was the missing Seaimpíní lieutenant Keegan Hayes, who'd bought himself a Torch Memory a few days after his gang had bought their Switches.

One week after the young Interpol agent and friends had returned home, Hotch received an email from him, and forwarded it to his team:

You may have already heard about it, but the last Gaia Memory user from Hashimoto's list was arrested yesterday in Dayton, Ohio. It was Keegan Hayes, the missing member of the Seaipmíní. Official records will claim that he was found at the scene of an arson attempt involving multiple people, but you have the right to know that Hayes had actually gone on a rampage with the Torch Memory and was stopped by a Kamen Rider. Rest assured that this is most likely the last of the monsters causing trouble in your country, though I hope we get to work together again on a more… 'normal' case.

Hotch's lips twitched in what could almost be a smile as he read that last line. He agreed that while it had certainly been an interesting case, he'd had his fill of monsters out of science fiction.


*"My fate will call down a storm!" This is the catchphrase for Kamen Rider Meteor's powered-up form, Meteor Storm. For CM fans who are unfamiliar, his black suit turns blue, and his blue armour turns gold. He also gets additional armour on his left shoulder (as in his base form it's only on his right) and the spikes on his helmet now point in both directions. He also gains a long staff called the Meteor Storm Shaft, which has an attachment on one end called the Storm Topper (which is basically a big, yellow Beyblade). He can launch the Topper (again, just like a Beyblade) at his enemy for his finisher, as it absorbs their energy and uses it against them.

In case it wasn't clear to the reads unfamiliar with Kamen Rider Fourze, Last One is an evolved state of a Zodiarts Switch which is the most dangerous to the user. A Zodiarts who survives a finisher while in Last One has the potential to evolve to Horoscope level (one of the 12 Western Zodiac constellations)

Okay, so that's the end of that! If you're curious to see how Keegan Hayes got captured, check out my other story 'The Other Two-In-One Hero'. And here's the preview for 'Stranger Things Have Happened':

The first officer snorted and rolled his eyes. "It's all ridiculousness. The Special Crimes Unit think they're hunting monsters when they're really just the reject department, and now they've got Otta caught up in their delusions. He's been going on about some hero called a 'Kamen Rider' for the past month or so." He snorted and glanced back down at his papers. "Well, I just have to go file this report, and then I can take my lunch break. You guys want to try that new café down the street?"

His two companions agreed, but Shingo waved them off. "I've still got some more paperwork to do," he lied. While he still had some files left, they weren't due to be submitted until tomorrow afternoon. He was just reaching for an excuse to get out of lunch with them. The older officers shrugged and left without him, apologising when they accidentally bumped into another younger detective on their way out.

"What was that all about?" Gotō Shintarō asked, noticing Shingo's annoyed look.

"Ah, the usual. Monsters don't exist, and neither do Slowdowns or Kamen Riders. Oh, and the Special Crimes Unit is full of delusional rejects."

Gotō (a retired Kamen Rider) scowled. "Isn't the newest Rider attached to that Unit, in some way?"