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Chapter 9

Just the Bait


I was surprised that instead of being transported to the Magister's lair at the junkyard, me and Pam were moved to New Orleans. If what the Magister said was true and someone had murdered Sophie Ann, I guess her palace would be a fitting location for holding a court and pressing charges against me. I had no idea what evidences they had gathered against me but as long as the Magister would be following the rules, there was still a chance for me and Pam to survive. Because I was as sure as fuck that I hadn't killed Sophie.

We were dragged from the van, chained in additional chains and eventually closeted in the basement of the palace. I appreciated the fact that they were keeping some level of humanity with us; so far it didn't seem like we would be tortured. Pam was sat on the ground with her arms bound over her head and the fact that they allowed her to remain seated was quite optimistic. I was not so lucky though. The guards chained me to the ceiling in a position that didn't allow me to stand comfortably, stretching all my muscles in a painful way. One of them smiled at me and left without a word.

"This is madness Eric…" murmured Pam quietly when the sound of steps had disappeared. I turned to my child with worry. Being so much younger than me, she was experiencing the weakening power of silver more severely – her head was tilted to one side and she was keeping her eyes closed. I sent her a wave of strength and she smiled faintly, sensing it.

"Don't speak, try to rest," I told her gently but she chuckled without humor in her tone.

"With fucking silver burning me? Good try…"

"The Sun will be up soon. You will be out and in blissful nothingness." I promised her and she accepted my attempt of solace with a short nod.

We stayed silent for a longer moment, Pam was already dozing a little when I sensed a burst of strength and assurance in my chest. The emotions were very clear- hold on a little bit longer. I smiled when I realized that I was sensing both Godric's and Sookie's feelings. I sent Godric back my pain to let him know that I was in no agony. His relief was like a balm for my soul, yet what I experienced a moment later, was even more precious.

Sookie's feelings became stronger, like she had moved closer to me and she literally flooded me with love and calm. She was telling me that she loves me and that she will help me. I couldn't tell with all honesty if these newly discovered emotions were welcomed at this moment. As far as I knew, any minute someone could walk downstairs and stake me… And what's with Sookie then? The fact that she felt so strongly for me was filling my heart with joy though. I was worried that she was planning to help me out but she was smart, my Sookie. Niall would surely be helping her out and my Maker would not …

I tensed instantly when I sensed the presence outside the cell. My whole body was in a fighting mode within seconds and I tried to look through the darkness but I saw, and what was even worse, I heard and smelled nothing.

"I know you're there, fairy," I said to the mysterious someone. I was hoping very much that it's Preston. Maybe Niall? Either way someone who would take Pam from here.

"Very perceptive," I heard a soft melodious voice. Something in the way he was dragging his words out lazily gave me the creeps. "I guess we should speak in private…"

I yanked my chains when I couldn't sense anyone anymore. "Pam, wake up!" I told her forcefully and my child tried to move but a mere second later, her eyes closed again. I was dangling there, the gods know for how long, feeling at the edge of my strength and getting weaker with every second. The Sun had to have risen because I instantly felt tiredness and heaviness filling my body. I was almost out when the loud footsteps could be heard and three werewolves came downstairs. I growled at them in a weak attempt to stop them when they unchained Pam and one of them, nonchalantly wrapping her hair around his hand, dragged her outside. She was completely immobile and inert like a ragdoll the way he was hauling her behind him.

"Sorry about that," I heard next to my right ear and I jumped instinctively. This time the mysterious fae had succeeded with sneaking up on me. "Better to be safe than sorry, Mr. Northman. I could not allow your child to remain with us. What if she wakes up?" I turned my head to take my first look at the fairy that had probably assisted in imprisoning me. Or at least, in framing me into killing my Queen. He looked to be no more than thirty but that told me nothing - fairies aged extremely slowly after all. He was almost unnaturally pale and his hair was so light that I couldn't tell if it was blond or grey. It was his eyes that caught my attention though. They were colored and cold just like stone. "Oh dear, we might have to kill her then and honestly… I abhor the mere thought of being close to the vampire goo." He smiled at my growl that had involuntarily escaped my lips. "That's okay. As I said, this child of your has literally no value to me. Although, I can't tell what that pathetic French bitch-boy would do with her after dark…" My whole body tensed.

"You're working with Andre?" I more stated than asked, the distaste clear in my tone. I have always thought Andre to be loyal to Sophie Ann, like a dog even. The idea that he would have betrayed her had been unthinkable. It looked like I was mistaken and if I was mistaken in that matter, then what else could go against my predictions?

"Working with is a little too much to say… Let's imagine that I say something and he's doing it; I would hardly call it co-operation. You've caught onto my non-existent affection toward vampires, haven't you?"

"Yes, I have…" I whispered slowly, watching him carefully. He assured me that he would not kill Pam – and something in his calm demeanor was telling me that he meant it - but what plans does he have for me? "Truth be told, you could've chosen better than Andre," I taunted a little.

"Oh I know, that's why we're having this conversation right now."

"If you're hoping for my help, I have to disappoint you." I hissed, simply turning my head from him.

Whatever the fairy wanted, it had nothing to do with me but with fairy business, which led to either Niall or Sookie and there was no way in Hell that he would get anything from me. Not the slightest chance.

"You dangling here is literally everything I need," he exclaimed cheerfully. "I'm going to sound a little like a typical villain but let me tell you a story…"

"Please, not this…" I rolled my eyes. "I'd rather die than hear about your genius plan of global domination."

He laughed. He actually laughed at me. "That was good one. So, to respect your wishes, I would just point out a few of the most important details and I leave you with it to put it all together, okay?"

I groaned when he took hold of a chain and tugged it, causing my body to stretch. This fucker was strong, I could almost feel my shoulders jumping out of their sockets. "Maybe I should use fairytale metaphors, considering the whole situation... Once upon a time there was a King who cared of his family and only his family. He was a strong and almost cruel King though and no one was brave enough to face him. Do you have idea whom I am talking about?"

I did – Niall.

"There's also a fair… fairy princess. She was young and relatively weak because the King had chosen to keep her in hiding, in this world ruled by weak mortal creatures." I gritted my teeth, listening to his talk about Sookie. "But she was important, the most important member of the royal family, the one that shall be, and was, guarded by the army no one would like to face." He leaned on the chain, stretching it even further and me along with it. It was getting unbelievably painful. "And then the Princess met a monster… let's call him a…" The fairy sighed dramatically. " I don't know. Who always takes such a role in fairytales?" He was obviously waiting for my suggestion if his impatient yanking of a chain was any indication.

"Maybe a dragon?" I suggested with a growl.

"Nah… Dragons are strong and proud and this creature was just a… leech. Yes, this is it! The Leech, thanks for the idea. Where was I?" He stopped in front of me, furrowing his eyebrows.

"The princess met a monster," I offered.

"Yes – The princess met the Leech and somehow, probably because she was corrupted by the weak creatures and their beliefs, she had fallen in love with said monster. You know what's the worst in this story? Everybody was fine with it, even the crude and powerful King. Can you believe it?"

I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to cut myself off from the pain in my arms and shoulders. I have lived through worse things in the past. "Let me guess… You're gonna be Prince Charming in this tale?"

"No… I will be a simple regular prince who would take the opportunity." The fairy sighed again, with an almost serene expression on his face. "One day other leeches, took the Leech and imprisoned him. I will share a secret with you at this point and reveal that the accusations were fabricated," he whispered to me with mock shock. "You see, love forces people to act reckless and when one day the Princess will hurry to the rescue to save her precious Leech, she might not think very cautiously. Maybe she would have to work without the crude King by her side." My body tensed and the only thing I was dreaming right now was to suck this fucker dry. "The crude King cannot jeopardize his bigger plans because of a simple leech after all. There are many leeches around…" The fairy came a little closer to me and smiled the smile that I have started to hate with every fiber of my being. "The Princess might bring people with her but there will be others waiting for them… Who knows what can happen?"

"If you as much as touch Sookie…" I started but one more yank of chains stopped me in midsentence. This time I felt and even heard my bones breaking.

"I heard that throwing around empty threats is a sign of despair." He almost completely ripped my arms off with a slow lazy movement and I couldn't stop the scream of pain. "I guess this is the part where I have to leave you and allow you to think about the ending of this story."

The fairy turned and started to walk to the exit, humming quietly.

"Wait…" I murmured, trying to take hold of my pain.


"Who the fuck are you?"I asked with anger.

"My name really doesn't matter. Truly, not many people know it…"

He opened the cell door and I realized he hasn't teleported now and he didn't teleport earlier either.

"Why don't you just teleport?" I hissed and he stopped in midstep. "That would be very dramatic and you seemed to be a drama queen." I didn't know what made me say that, maybe a simple helplessness that I was experiencing? Maybe I just had to be a smartass to play a little with him.

"Oh this…We can't just allow anyone to teleport in or out. After all, when the Princess shows up, she cannot have any escape route." He walked away, humming louder and leaving me almost shaking with fear.

I was trying to send my emotions to Godric.

I was trying to somehow give him a message not to come after me but I knew that the only thing he was catching on was my fear and panic. Instead of running as far away as possible from New Orleans, he will be hurrying to me. Bringing my Sookie with him and dragging her right into the same trap.

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