And now a poem for Mr. Mark Jefferson from the fandom of "Life is Strange"

Roses are red

Violets are blue

You made me cry

So fuck you.

Chloe is gone

Rachel is too

I wish you would jump if front of a bus

Or I could shoot you.

Max is drugged

I hope you get mugged

Because you are a worthless piece of shit

Did I mention that I hate you, too?

I hope you die

Because you made us cry

I really, really hate you

As does the world.

If I could have one wish

It would to kill you

Because the storm is coming

I hope it eats you alive.

I will see you on the news

I will see you in jail

But I can't wait until you burn in hell.

Now go eat some shit

'cause you really need it

I hope you get trapped in the dark room

And die their.