Gibbs/Allison Series:

Off to the Adirondack

By: MChakotayParis (R. Mason)

A/N: This is another one shot, fluff story containing M/M slash (mild), Adult Infantilism and Age Play. If any of these subjects offend you don't read. Any and all hurtful or flaming reviews will be reported and deleted. Any and all mistakes are mine.

This is another story in the Gibbs/Allison Series, involving Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tobias C. Fornell & Allison Grayson, so it might be a wise idea if you read the other stories first. They are in order "Gibbs' New Girl", "Switching Places", "Now it's My Turn", "Second Daddy", "Choosing Between Old & New", "Let Your Love Shine Through", "Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler", "Year of the Sheep", "Your Green is Showing", "Spring has Sprung", "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail" , "Fiesta de Mayo", Greatest Daddies Ever", "When the Leaves Begin to Fall" , "It's Scary Out There!"& "Deep in the Heart of Winter"

I got the idea for this story while I was playing a big fish computer game called "Campsites".

After they all retire Gibbs and Tobias buy a mountain house in the Adirondacks and take Ali there to show her the wonders of the great outdoors.

Chapter 3: Checking out the new house

It took another month for Tobias' and Gibbs' retirement paper work to be processed through so while they waited they started working on buying Ali's dream seized house. As it turns out Tobias, Gibbs and Ali's purchasing of the house from the government didn't stay a secret, just among the family, for long so when it was found out all of NCIS, the FBI, and Ciphers and Decryptions, along with several senators and even SEC NAV wanted to help in the purchasing and setting up of their new house.

So when Gibbs and Tobias were handed the keys, just a week before they're official retirements, they didn't much about it and made arrangements for the three of them to fly to the Adirondack's in upstate New York. They were also informed that they were to make a list of any changes or additions that they wanted done to the house and they would be taken care of before they're retirement.

So it was a very bouncy Ali, along with two smiling, almost retired Federal Agents that boarded the plane to finally see their new Adirondack home. The FBI had made arrangements for one of their retired SUV's to be waiting for them at the airport along with the directions to their new house already programed into the navigation system.

Ali managed to stay awake during the whole flight talking almost non stop about the new house and all the new and interesting things in it. Tobias and Gibbs had already talked to several people about making sure that all the former owners personal belongings were removed from the house so they'd pack everything that they thought the three of them would need for the weekend.

What they didn't know however was that between Ducky, Augustina, Tony, Ziva, Abby, Tim, Jimmy, Breena, Jackie and Leon Vance the house had been stocked with food and most of the known essential for their weekend trip.

When Gibbs was handed the keys to the house by Leon that Friday he'd was told that they didn't expect him back until Monday and he wanted a full report on the house and property. They knew that the house was livable and ready to be moved into as it was, so they wanted Gibbs, Tobias and Ali to take their time and explore the house and property along with having a restful weekend.

So when the plane landed Tobias and Gibbs easily found the car that was waiting for the them then started the drive to their new house. As usual Ali only lasted thirty minutes before she was laying down on the backseat of the SUV. Tobias had made sure to bring Ali's go bag from his car and as he turned around in the passengers side front seat he had to smile. Ali was laying fully across the backseat with her iPad playing one of her favorite movies. He reached back and gently took it from her, returning it only after he'd changed it to her sleep music then got her pacifier and blanket out of the bag. As he slipped Ali's pacifier into her mouth she sighed then turned into her favorite sleeping position as he gently covered her with the blanket.

"Ali alright?" asked Gibbs as he looked at her through the rearview mirror.

"Ali's fine Jethro, I think she's finally winding down from all the excitement of finally getting to see the house. I just hope we brought enough of her stuff for the whole weekend, you know how she gets when she's excited" said Tobias with a smile as he looked at his daughter asleep in the backseat.

"I'm sure there's a store somewhere where we can get what ever she'll need, don't worry so much Tobias. This is suppose to be a relaxing trip to check out our new home. Besides if anything major comes up I'm sure we could always have Tony, Ziva or anyone in the of the family express whatever it is we need up to us" said Gibbs with a smile. Knowing full well that if they asked their family would pack up their entire house and send it to them.

"You're right, of course. I just hope there's not to much that we have to re buy, shipping it up here could get expensive" said Tobias with a sigh as he turned around and leaned back in his seat.

"If there is then we'll work on finding a Wal-Mart close by or order it online and have it shipped here. I'm just wondering if the Pool Factory knows of a company in this area who will install an above ground pool for us"

"Oh your right, Ali's probably going to want a pool at this house to"

"Ya think, Tobias!" said Gibbs with a smile.

Ever since the pool side barbecue Ali has spent as much time as they would allow in the pool. Angela had been amazed and very pleased that they'd gotten Ali such a large pool so quickly and she'd made significant improvement in her pt since getting it. Her bad days were down to a bare minimal and she wasn't having to take pain medication after her pt anymore.

The rest of the drive went smoothly and about an hour later they were pulling into the property of their new house. Their property was just off the main highway on a private dirt road set back about a half a mile from the main highway so about five minutes after they pull off the main highway they were pulling up in front of a beautiful Blue-Ridge modified log cabin home.

"Oh Tobias, Ali did wonderful in choosing. Look at all the room, and that view!" said Gibbs as he got out of the car.

The main entrance had a large covered deck with a small one just off to the side extending out from another room. The rest of the front spread out to what they both assumed was the rest of the house then went into a very large three car garage. The already knew that Ali wanted to take what was called the guest suite number one and had no problem with that since it had it's own bathroom and was just across the hall from the master bedroom. Their was a second guest suite, in the basement, and a loft that could be used for family when they came to visit.

There was also a small lake about a half a mile behind the house and large shade trees all around the house so even when they were on the decks in the back they still had privacy. The property line went out in all three direction for about another five miles so that gave them plenty of places to explore. Ali had said that she wanted to hike so one of the things they wanted to do was search for some hiking trails and possible have someone come in and make then usable. It looked like the previous owner had had the same idea because Gibbs could see the beginnings of some very clearly marked trail heading out towards the east and back towards the small lake.

"Do you think we could find someone to mark some trails for hiking?" asked Gibbs as he turned to look at his partner who was also taking in the beautiful scenery of their new home.

"Jethro, you know the Bureau. All we have to do is mention that Ali wants to have hiking trails and they'll probably send the whole damn Corps of Army Engineers down here before we retire. But for her safety I think we should add that to our report for Leon and my boss, wouldn't want her to go exploring on her own. Especially since we don't know what's out there in these woods"

"Good idea, we'll call Leon or Tim when we get inside and get them to pull up an areal surveillance of the property, then work from that on the trails we should have. I knew I just didn't keep you around for your body Tobias, there's a brain in there somewhere" said Gibbs with a laugh as he pulled his lover into his arms.

"I'll show you brains, Jethro" said Tobias as he latched onto Gibbs and soon both men were panting and had to brake apart to catch their breaths.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" asked Gibbs as he leaned his forehead against Tobias'

"Not in the last couple of hours or so" said Tobias with a smile

"Well lets go put these suitcases in the house and then wake up Ali, and remind me to show you later just how much you are loved" whispers Gibbs as he gave Tobias on more deep hungry kiss then pulled away to go back to the car.

With a sigh Tobias watched his lover and soul mate head to the car and then, with a few deep breaths, pulled himself together enough to get the tasks at hand done. There would be plenty of time for the two of them later, right now this was all about Ali. And if they knew there daughter she would be a bundle of excitement the minute they woke her up.

After placing their bags in the appropriate rooms Tobias and Gibbs did a cursory check of the house and had to smile as they saw that the kitchen and pantry were stocked with food. There was even a set of Ali's bedrails, the baby monitor set that they sometimes still had to use, and a small stereo on top of the dresser with Ali's sleep music burned onto CD's so she could use them.

Now they knew for sure that someone had let slip that they were buy the house for Ali because even though Ali's personal stuff from the house had to come from one of the family the security system that they'd seen hadn't. That had to come from someone in the FBI or Ciphers and Decryptions because only those three agencies knew of Ali's fear that the Admiral or someone in her family would come and try to take all her good fortune away from her.

In the ensuing years since she'd last seen the Admiral and her family they'd only made two attempts to find her both of which were quickly rebuffed. Ali wanted nothing to do with the Grayson's or Abraham's and fully considered herself a Fornell-Gibbs, they had even talked about after they all retired Ali maybe changing her name legally to Fornell-Gibbs and wondered if Gibbs and Tobias were still willing to help her do that. She also secretly hoped that Gibbs and Tobias would get married after they all retired since then it couldn't damage their careers, and same sex marriage were now legal in Maryland.

After one more look around Tobias and Gibbs grabbed Ali's go bag and returned to the car to find their little girl still asleep on the backseat. She looked so angelic that they hated to wake her but they knew that there would be hell to pay if they didn't. Ali had be bouncing all week since they'd found out that Leon had the keys to the house already, so with a reluctant sigh Gibbs opened the back door and climbed in quickly changing Ali's wet diaper before waking her. It took a few minutes for Ali's eyes to focus on the two men before her but when she did she smiled and held her arms out to both of them. With a gently pull they helped her sit up then climb out of the back seat of the SUV.

"All ready to see our new house Princess?" asked Tobias as he put his arm around her waist.

"Sure am Papa, have you seen it? What does it look like? Is it a pretty as the pictures?" asked Ali in rapid session

"Well why don't you come see for yourself sweetheart" said Gibbs as he led her up the path then up the steps to their new home.

After Tobias opened the door Ali stood in wonder just inside the entryway then with a squeal of delight took off to explore the rest of the house. She first went into the guest bedroom that she'd picked out for herself, touching everything with reverence and wonder then ran into the bathroom and did the same. After her bedroom she explored the small office and then their master bedroom, since she knew this would probably be the only time they would allow her in. After the master bedroom she explored the small bathroom just inside the entry way then went to the family room, dinning room and finally the kitchen and pantry.

After that she found the large garage, which was big enough to fit two cars plus a swimming pool for Ali and had a small mud room to the side. There was a utility room along the back wall of the garage along with a small room that could easily be turned into an indoor playroom for Ali, and another area for storage beside that. Ali's play room and the storage area had double doors that led to a deck which ran the entire back of the house. After exploring the back deck Ali headed downstairs to find the second guest suite, then upstairs to check out the loft and area open to the living room, dinning room and part of the kitchen below.

When she returned back downstairs she stood, staring at the two men who had done this wondrous thing for her then burst into tears as she heard Gibbs ask. "Well Ali, do you think you could live in this house?"

As Gibbs tried to regain his balance, after Ali hit his full force wrapping her arms around his waist, he and Tobias rubbed her back while Ali tried to regain control. After a few minutes they carefully frogged walked Ali into the family room and sat her down on the couch just in front of the fireplace.

It took Ali another few minutes before she regained total control of herself and was able to look up into the worried faces of the two men who meant so much to her.

"Oh Daddy, Papa. This house is perfect! I don't think there is much if anything that I would change about it. Except for maybe the sheets and towels" said Ali shyly.

She knew that Tobias and Gibbs had asked for all the previous owner's personal belongings to be removed but she just feel right about sleeping on someone else's sheets or using their bath towels.

"Already taken care of sweetheart, I suspect that Augustina, Abby, Ziva, Jackie and Breena went shopping and had all new bed linens and towels sent up here before we came. Anything else you can think of off hand?" asked Tobias

"Not right off hand Papa, but can I make a list this weekend?" asked Ali

"Of course sweetheart, that is exactly what this weekend is for. For us to come and check out the house, so everyone can have it ready so we can move in as soon as we retire" said Gibbs with a smile.

"Everyone?"asked Ali curiously then stopped for a minute and smiled as his words finally sunk in. "Oh I get it, someone blabbed and now the whole of NCIS, the FBI and Ciphers and Decryptions knows about the house huh?"

Afraid so little one, are you disappointed. I know you wanted to do this all by yourself but everyone just wanted to make our retirement special for us so they thought this would be a good wayć•—aid Tobias.

"No, not really Papa. I appreciate all the help, because a lot of this I just don't know anything about. Daddy took care of all of it when he first moved in and then again when I got the beach house. Oh I know about how to furnish a house but not a lot about all the other stuff, the maintenance, security and all that other stuff"

"Well don't worry baby girl, between NCIS, the FBI , Ciphers and Decryptions and even a few senators the house will be fixed up and perfect for us to move into by the time we all are officially retired" said Gibbs

"Really Daddy? That many people? But I just thought that maybe it would be just our family and a few people from the FBI and C & D?" said Ali as she pulled out of Gibbs' arms and looked at the two men sitting beside her.

"Allison Desirae Fornell-Gibbs, wither you know it or not you are very well liked and respected in D.C. If we tried to have just a small quiet retirement part for the three of us I'm afraid there would be mass rioting not to mention a lot of pissed off senators and the Secretary of the Navy"

"Oh well, can't have that can we"said Ali with a smile as she once again leaned into the embrace of her father's. "What are they planning, do we know?

"I'm not totally sure but I have heard that it's going to be at one of the larger hotels and that it's a black tie event" said Gibbs

"Oh goody, that means I get to see my two men in their tuxes again. Probably the last time since you'll probably burn them after you retire" said Ali with a smile.

She remembered the DOD & Military Gala with fondness because she had not only gotten to dress up in a exquisite dress but she'd gotten to see both Gibbs and Tobias in a tux. She had always secretly hoped to see them both in one for their eventual weeding but the older they got the less likely that seamed it might come true. They were all comfortable with their relationship and really didn't need a legal piece of paper to tell them they were family but it would be nice if she could legally use the Fornell-Gibbs name. Almost everyone referred to her as Allison Fornell-Gibbs but she still had to sign all her papers Allison Grayson, and every time she did it urkted her to still have to use the Grayson name.

"You got that right baby girl, no more monkey suits for us" said Gibbs with a smile.

"Oh I don't know Jethro, I kinda liked you in that monkey suit especially when I peeled you out of it later on"said Tobias with a smile remembering fondly the events after they returned from the Gala

"Ewwww Papa, way to much TMI!" squealed Ali as she playfully covered her ears

"Alright baby girl, how about we look around the kitchen and find something to fix for dinner, then get you ready for bed. We've all had a very busy week and an exciting day, and we still have to explore the property tomorrow and tell everyone what you want done out there" said Gibbs with a smile.

"Oh yeah your right, come on Papa race you to the kitchen"said Ali as she took off at a run for her new kitchen

"Allison Desirae Fornell-Gibbs, what did we tell you about running in the house!" called Tobias then smiled as he realized she was already out of ear shot. "What are we going to do with her Jethro?"

"Just love her Tobias, just love her" said Gibbs with a smile as he wrapped his arm around Tobias' waist and they both followed Ali into their new kitchen.

Dinner took about an hour to decide on then fix and by the time they'd done a cursory search of the kitchen to discover what sort of equipment it had, then the pantry, cabinets and refrigerator to discover what food had been stocked. After that dinner was prepped, cooked and eaten and the kitchen cleaned up they went into Ali's new room to give her a shower then spent the rest of the night on the couch in front of the fireplace.

The house was equipped with all the latest up to date gadgets and technology so when Gibbs and Tobias turned on the 72' wide screen plasma television over the mantle they easily found a baseball game. As usual Ali stayed awake until the seventh inning, but by the end of the game she was laying with her head in Gibbs' lap and her feet in Tobias'. As the game ended Tobias carefully moved out from under Ali and Gibbs, then picked up her up and carried her to her new room.

As Tobias laid her down in the queen sized bed he had to smile at how quickly Ali seemed to take to her new room. After she was changed and without much thought Ali simply turned over as Tobias slipped her pacifier in her mouth then, in her favorite sleeping position, drifted off to sleep.

"Well that's a first!" said Gibbs quietly as he came up behind Tobias and looked down at Ali.

"Not surprising though Jethro, she's had a very busy day and you know how Ali is when she comes down from one of her highs. She always crashes hard, I'm just surprised it didn't happen sooner" whispered Tobias as he reached out and gently rubbing Ali's back.

"Yeah you're right, think she'll need her bottle tonight?" asked Gibbs as he looked at the bottle in his hand.

"Leave it on the night stand, she may want it later" said Tobias as he took the bottle from Gibbs, placing it on the night stand besides Ali's bed then pulled the older man out of the room turning on Ali's sleep music as they closed the door.

After climbing the small set of stairs that led to Ali's room Tobias pushed the other man against the wall in the hallway and started kiss him until they were both breathing heavily.

"Don't you think we ought to take this somewhere else, just encase Ali wakes up?" asked Gibbs as he pulled away from Tobias breathless.

"Yeah, might be a good idea" said Tobias with a smile then pulled the other man across the small hallway towards their master bedroom.

When inside and the door firmly shut it was a race see who could get their clothes off the fastest and in record time both men tumbled onto their new king sized bed. After that no words were needed as both men showed each other just how they felt about each other.


The next morning both Tobias, Gibbs and Ali slept late and it was around ten o' clock before they started hearing noise coming from Ali's room. They both went in to find her just waking up, still clutching her Puffalump and pacifier.

"Good morning baby girl, did you sleep well?" asked Tobias as he reached for her pacifier.

They had concerns that the mattress wasn't firm enough since she now needed an extra firm one since her accident.

"It's fine Papa, just as firm as the one at home. Who ever slept in here must have had back problems as well" said Ali with a smile as Gibbs started changing her diaper.

"Good, then lets get you changed and dressed then we can start fixing breakfast. After that we need to go through each of the rooms and see if there is anything that you want to add or change"

"But what about you're room as well Daddy, you know you two don't have to keep it the way it is you can change it as well" said Ali as she reached for Tobias' hand so he could help her up.

"We know sweetheart, and there is one thing that we discussed adding last night among other things" replied Tobias with a suggestive smile towards Gibbs as he returned from Ali's bathroom

"Ewwwww Papa!" squealed Ali as she playfully slapped at his hands.

"Alright you two cut it out, we need to get Ali dressed and fed before we start any of that" said Gibbs with a laugh.

"Sorry Daddy, come on Papa. You can help me pick out my dress" said Ali as she pulled Tobias towards her suitcase.

Last night they had all been so tired after dinner and the game that they'd just left their suitcases in their room and gotten out what they needed to sleep in. So now both Tobias and Gibbs helped Ali unpack all her clothes and placed everything just exactly where it belonged. The only difference between this room and her room at home was that she didn't have a changing table in the bathroom but Ali had assured them both that she would be just fine with them changing her on her bed so they had brought a large plastic mat for when they changed her. Here her dressers would only hold her Ali things so there was a drawer for her diapers and changing stuff, one for her sleep tops, one for her play sets, and even a drawer for her socks and matching hair bows.

With care Tobias shook out all of Ali's sundresses and hung them in the closet along with a few of her big Ali summer dresses. They knew that they might have to go out for some reason while they were here and wanted Ali to be able to dress as "big Ali" if she wanted to.

After Ali was totally unpacked the trio headed to the kitchen to once again search for breakfast. It would took them a while to get used to where everything was in the kitchen and even though the family had stocked the kitchen and pantry well there were still a few items that they wanted to bring for next time.

After breakfast was fixed, eaten and the kitchen once again clean Ali grabbed a pad of paper and a pencil while Tobias and Gibbs finished dressing then met her in the kitchen to see what she wanted to add or change.

Like the rest of the house the kitchen had the most modern up to date appliances with a large side by side refrigerator/freezer, a dishwasher, a range and a two oven stove, one of which was a convection oven. There was a large kitchen sink over looking the front of the house and an small island in the middle with a round breakfast area at the the end. Off to the right and just before the door that led in from the garage was a huge pantry stocked with floor to ceiling shelves were enough food could be stored for a year.

Like the bedroom all the previous' owners personal things had been removed from the kitchen so really all Ali had to replace were the kitchen towels, aprons but she wanted to add a few more mixing bowls. The plates, silverware, glasses and pots and pans were all high quality stuff that Ali didn't mind using as long as she washed them. She was just finishing up the kitchen when Tobias and Gibbs reentered the kitchen, dressed in relaxed weekend clothes.

"Well Princess, what's the verdict. Does the kitchen pass inspection?" asked Gibbs as he came over and pull Ali into his arms looking at the list in her hand.

Luckily there was only a few minor things that she wanted to add so it looked like buying this house was going to be easier than either one of them thought. Gibbs remembered back to when the two of them had first gone down to Ali's beach house in Chesapeake Beach. The house had been totally empty of everything except the appliances and he and Ali had spent almost four hours having to re buy everything from the cleaning supplies to the pots and pans to furnish that house. Of course now it was just perfect, and their little families first get away from D.C. Now they had this house and because they'd bought a governmental seized house things were going a lot smoother and cheeper.

"Oh yeah Daddy, this kitchen is wonderful! I only want to change out the towels and aprons and buy a few more mixing bowls and that's it. Oh do you think we could maybe get one of those big chest freezers so we could stock up on meat and maybe ice cream?" asked Ali in her best little girl voice.

She wasn't sure if there was a store close by so it might be prudent to bring enough for a long stay and freeze it. Plus she'd found an electric ice cream maker along with a bread maker in the pantry and she planned to read up on how to use them as soon as possible.

"Of course sweetheart, I'm sure there's enough space to put one or two in the garage." said Tobias with a smile.

He and Gibbs had both thought the same thing and had talked about it earlier when they made their cursory inspection of the house.

"Well what's next, the dinning room?" asked Gibbs as he lead Ali out of the kitchen

"Oh there's nothing I want to change in her except I would like to put a small little table in the covered patio out here" said Ali as she opened the double doors that lead to the covered deck just outside the dinning room.

"I think that's a wonderful idea sweetheart, dinner on the patio with my best girl" said Tobias with a smile.

"Oh Papa" blushed Ali

After that each room was checked and for the most part was found to be just perfect. Ali did want to add shelves to the storage area in the garage, a grill and a few more chairs on the covered deck outside the family room and a jacuzzi to the covered deck just outside the master bedroom. She also wanted to talk to Grandma Augustina and Grandpa Todd about maybe putting some gardens and container planters on the open deck just outside of family and utility room, that way they could have some fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer.

The thorough room by room house inspection took all morning so by the time they were done it was noon. As they fixed lunch Gibbs promised to take pictures of each room in the house plus the garage and covered decks so they could see what she wanted added. So while Ali slept Gibbs took the pictures then together they made the call to Tim to ask him about the satellite survey of the property. After promising to pull up all the images he could they ended the call and went to spend the rest of Ali's nap time resting themselves.

By four o' clock Ali was awake and raring to go explore their property outside. So after a diaper change and a snack Tobias and Gibbs helped Ali dress in long blue jeans, a tank top with a long sleeved shirt over it and good tennis shoes.

After that they spent the next two hours exploring their property and found several good resting spots that could be the end of a fairly easy hiking trail. Gibbs make note of their location and promised to talk to Tim about them.

So just as it was getting dark they headed back towards the house and fixed dinner then spent the rest of the night on the couch watching another baseball game. At Ali's bed time they gave her a shower then tucked her into bed once again her falling asleep without her bottle.

Sunday they spent the morning re washing all the dishes, silverware, glasses and pots and pans then after lunch and Ali's nap they got on the computer and spent the rest of the time searching for the big items that they wanted to add. Ali, Gibbs and Tobias didn't mind the people from NCIS, the FBI or Ciphers and Decryptions buying them some of the medium to smaller stuff but when it came to the Jacuzzi or the pool they wanted to buy that themselves. So they made a list of all the other things they wanted and sent the pictures as links to Leon, Tobias' boss and Alan in C & D along with Abby and Tim.

After that their last night in their almost ready retirement home was spent just cuddling on the couch watching a game and talking about all the fun they were going to have here. Monday morning they packed up and caught an afternoon flight back to D.C. Letting them arrive home just around four o' clock.

Everyone knew that they were coming in today so they waited in the bull pen for them and when the elevator doors opened and Gibbs, Tobias and Ali emerged they were greeted with lots of hugs and "Welcome back!"

"How was your trip Ktantonet, did you like the new house?" asked Ziva as she looked at Ali.

She looked very relaxed and even a little bit tanned, which in her opinion was a very good thing. Even though Ali only worked two or three days a week those days were usually 18 hours or longer. It almost seemed she worked more since she'd semi retired than she did when she was working full time.

"I loved it Ziva! Did you get the links that we sent you Tim?" asked Ali as she handed him the memory card from a digital camera.

"Sure did Ali, and I got all those satellite images you asked about Boss. I think I found several good trails that could be easily cleared for hiking" said Tim

"Thanks Tim, I'll get with you later about some trails we found ourselves" said Gibbs

"And our list of things that Ali wants to change or add to the house?" asked Leon as he walked into the bull pen.

Will be on your desk by tomorrow Director along with a copy to the FBI and C & D said Tobias.

"Good, and welcome back" said Leon with a smile and a small wink at Ali.

As long as they were at the Navy yard Ali had to treat Leon as Director Vance but with that wink she knew her Uncle Leon had missed her.

"Thank you Director Vance" called Ali as he went up the stairs.

"Well how about a pizza family night so Ali can show you all the photographs and tell you everything about the new house" said Gibbs as he pulled Ali close to him.

"Sounds great boss, do you want us to bring the pizza?" asked Tony as he started to gather his things to leave.

"Nah this ones on us, you're just in charge of the desert but nothing really sweet. Ali's had a really busy week and doesn't need to get high" said Gibbs

"I know just the thing Gibbs, a wonderful fresh fruit salad that I made from a new recipe"said Ziva

"Sounds wonderful Ziva, everyone meet over at our house around six o' clock. That way we can have time to shower and change and unpack" said Tobias.

"Great, I'll see everyone there and I'll call Augustina for you Jethro" said Ducky as he and Jimmy left the bull pen.

"Great thanks Ducky, well come on baby girl" whispered Gibbs as he kissed the side of Ali's head "I think we'd better get home and get you showered and changed before our guest arrive"

"Sure thing Daddy, see you later everyone" called Ali as Gibbs and Tobias lead her out of the bull pen and towards the elevators'.

As the elevator doors closed Ali heard a round of "Bye Ali!" and "Welcome back Ali!" from the rest of the NCIS agents on the floor. As the elevator started to move downward Ali leaned against Gibbs' chest and closed her eyes.

"Ali are you sure you can take everyone coming over tonight, we can always call and tell them you're too tired" said Gibbs as he looked down at the woman in his arms and started rubbing her back

"No I'm not that tired Daddy, just relieved really. I've been afraid that the house was going to take some major remodeling or changing to get it like we wanted it. I never expected it to be so perfect right off the bat" said Ali as she looked up at Gibbs then Tobias

"That's why we wanted to buy a governmental seized house, Ali. Most of those houses were built top of the line, no expense spared and we'd hoped that if you got to choose their would be very little if anything you wanted to change" said Tobias with a smile.

"Well you're right about that Papa, that house is top of the line and the property is beautiful. I just hope we can get everything ready before we retire, we only have about a week you know"

"Don't you worry about that little one, between NCIS, the FBI, Ciphers & Decryptions, Sec Nav and several U. S. Congressmen that house will be just they way you want it by the time we leave D. C." said Tobias

"Thank you Daddy, thank you Papa. I don't know what to say" said Ali with a sigh

"You don't have to say anything Ali, you've earned it with all you're hard work and services to the United States Government" said Gibbs as he gave her a little squeezed.

Actually both he and Tobias thought Ali had earned a whole lot more but, all this help they were getting showed that she was really and truly appreciated in this town. The rest of the ride they were quiet and made it home easily in far less time than they normally would. While Gibbs brought in their suitcases Tobias filled the jacuzzi and soon Ali was in the jacuzzi relaxing in her father's arms.

After a five minute soak then a quick bath Tobias diapered, dressed and put Ali down for a short nap while Gibbs ordered that pizza's. At six o' clock everyone started to arrive so reluctantly Gibbs went upstairs to wake Ali while Tobias let them in. It took a few minutes for Gibbs to wake Ali but soon he had her dressed in sleep tops and capri pants and they were coming downstairs.

Jimmy and Breena had brought Victoria this time so Gibbs got out the high chair they kept for her and everyone sat around the dinning room table eating and talking about Ali, Tobias' and Gibbs' new house. After the last piece of pizza was eaten and everything thrown away they all went into the living room where Tim plugged the flash drive Ali had given him into their television and Ali started showing everyone the pictures.

There were lots of oohs and ahhs as Ali told about each room and mentioned any changes or additions she wanted to make. There weren't many so each member of the family made notes on what they wanted to help with. When Tony mentioned the pool and jacuzzi Tobias and Gibbs said that they had already bought them and they just needed to be delivered and installed.

After that the evening went quickly especially when talked changed to Ali wanting to put a several raised gardens on the deck for fruits and vegetables. Soon they had all the measurements and required items figured out and Gibbs knew that was one more thing he had to add to the list he gave to Leon and Tobias' boss.

Since they were going to be retired it didn't matter if they started the gardens a little late. They could stay as long as they wanted to and always cover them, then re plant next year. By nine o' clock both Ali and Victoria were sound asleep so everyone said their welcome backs and good nights as they gathered their things then left.

As Gibbs carried Ali upstairs he once again marveled at the extended family he had. Everyone, including Breena, who hadn't known Ali that long, wanted to help and go the extra mile just to make her happy. After another quick diaper change Ali was tucked into bed with her bottle, pacifier and Puffalump and after watching her for a few minutes both men leaned down and kissed her head softly then went to bed themselves