Gibbs/Allison Series:

Off to the Adirondack

By: MChakotayParis (R. Mason)

A/N: This is another one shot, fluff story containing M/M slash (mild), Adult Infantilism and Age Play. If any of these subjects offend you don't read. Any and all hurtful or flaming reviews will be reported and deleted. Any and all mistakes are mine.

This is another story in the Gibbs/Allison Series, involving Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tobias C. Fornell & Allison Grayson, so it might be a wise idea if you read the other stories first. They are in order "Gibbs' New Girl", "Switching Places", "Now it's My Turn", "Second Daddy", "Choosing Between Old & New", "Let Your Love Shine Through", "Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler", "Year of the Sheep", "Your Green is Showing", "Spring has Sprung", "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail" , "Fiesta de Mayo", Greatest Daddies Ever", "When the Leaves Begin to Fall", "It's Scary Out There!"& "Deep in the Heart of Winter"

I got the idea for this story while I was playing a big fish computer game called "Campsites".

After they all retire Gibbs and Tobias buy a mountain house in the Adirondacks and take Ali there to show her the wonders of the great outdoors.

Chapter 4: Officially Retired and much more...

It actually took only a week for everything to be bought, delivered and installed in Gibbs', Tobias and Ali's new home but they were asked to stay around one more week so they could have their retirement party. Since they were now officially retired Tobias, Gibbs and Ali spent that extra week packing up their things and getting the house ready to be empty for at least the next two to three months.

They ended up asking Ms. McDonald down the street to take care of Ali's gardens and distribute the vegetables among herself and the rest of the neighbors. Tim, Tony and Jimmy agreed take care of any house work that needed to be done and they left an open invitation of the extended family to use the pool any time they wanted to. They just had to take care of the maintenance, filters and chemicals.

So by Friday night they trio was all packed and the house ready for them to leave. They'd been told to be showered and dressed in their black tie clothes by five thirty and that a car would come pick them up. So after a very playful shower for Ali and a long sexy one for Gibbs and Tobias the trio was waiting downstairs in their black tie formal attire.

"Daddy, stop messy with your tie you're going to ruin your suit" said Ali as she came over and once again straighten Gibbs' tie.

He hated to wait especially when he didn't know what he was waiting for and even after their long, hot shower sex shower Gibbs was beginning to get tense again. They'd all agreed to let NCIS, the FBI and Ciphers & Decryptions take care of their retirement party but both Gibbs and Tobias weren't men who liked surprises and this party had started to worry them. Especially since they'd been asked to stay in D.C an extra week after their official last day of work.

"Sorry Princess, but you know I don't like surprises" said Gibbs with a smile

"Oh that's rich Daddy, you only don't like being on the receiving end of surprises" retorted Ali with a smile, remembering very well the many surprises that both men had given her.

"She's got you there Jethro" said Tobias with a smile

"Oh shut up Tobias and get the door while I get Ali's things" said Gibbs as the doorbell rang and the security system turned on to reveal a man standing at the door in a chauffeur's suit. It was just the end of May and still pretty warm but they weren't sure where they were going so they wanted her to have in encase she needed it.

"Fornell-Gibbs residence?" asked the man as he stood smiling.

He'd been told that he was going to be picking up three retiring Federal agents and as he saw the other two coming towards the door he had to smile. They made a nice trio or whatever they were. The woman was wearing a black halter top dress with a simple belt at the waist and a long flared skirt, both men were in tuxedo's the only difference between them was that one wore a back vest and the other didn't.

"Were ready, do you know where we're going?" asked Gibbs as he led Ali out the door.

"Yes sir, I do. But I was asked not to say anything until we arrived" answered the driver with a smile as opened the back door for them to enter the car.

"Give it a rest Jethro, we'll find out as soon as we get there" said Tobias with a smile as he climbed in after Ali. Gibbs followed him mumbling a few choice words, then the door was closed and soon they were on there way to their destination.

The drive took over an hours and in that time Ali had ended up leaning against Tobias with her head on her shoulder. They had packed her a go bag with several diapers, a bottle, her pacifier, blanket and iPad knowing full well that tonight was probably going to be a long one and wanted her to be comfortable on the right home.

When they pulled up into the driveway and stopped Ali moved off of Gibbs and was the first one out of the limousine as soon as they driver opened the door. After placing a hand on the small of her back and whispering in her ear to calm her down the trio entered the hotel. They were lead to a large banquet room at the back of the hotel and entered to find it full of people they knew.

It seamed almost all of NCIS, the FBI and Ciphers and Decryptions were there along with a great many senators, congressmen, judges and the Secretary of the Navy. Along the back wall was a large table with a banner hanging above it saying "Congratulations! Jethro, Tobias & Ali"

"Oh look Jethro, Tobias! All these people for our retirement!" cried Ali as she went to hug several people.

"Not just you're retirement Ali" said Sec Nav as he brought Ali back to Gibbs and Tobias. "Now that you're both are retired we figured that you might finally want to have that wedding Ali's been wanting you two to have"

"I didn't tell him honestly guys" said Ali as she looked at both men and blushed.

"But sir, the license, blood work and judge? Not to mention same sex marriages aren't legal in D.C" said Gibbs.

"Why do you think you had such a long drive Jethro? We are in Maryland" said Leon as he came to stand with Sec Nav and Ali

"And the license, blood work and judge are taken care of. We're not director's of a Federal Agency for nothing" said Tobias' boss with a smile

"We got the blood work from your last physical's and the license is all ready and waiting for your signatures" said Sec Nav

"Oh please, Jethro. Please, Tobias. You know you wanted to but couldn't because of your'e jobs, well now that doesn't matter any more" said Ali

"And what about the judge?" asked Gibbs

"That would be my job, among other things" said Judge Patricia Hanley, one of their favorite judges and long time acquaintance.

"Well then, I guess there is only one more thing to say. Tobias C. Fornell would you do me the honor of marrying me?" asked Gibbs as he looked at his partner and lover.

"Uhhhhh, yes. Yes Jethro, I will marry you" said Tobias as he smiled at the man that held his heart

"Great! Oh thank you Tobias, thank you Jethro!" said Ali she threw herself at both men.

"Now all we need are the rings, I'm assuming you two have one don't you?" asked Judge Hanley then smiled as both men held up their hands to show a set of platinum bands already on their fingers.

"Well then that's taken care of, now if you will just choose your best men we can get this ceremony started" said Judge Hanley which caused a laugh among the crowd.

Ducky stood with Gibbs while Tobias asked Emily and soon the pair were standing just in front of the head table with Judge Hanley reciting the marriage vows. When it was all over and the judge pronouned them husband and husband Tobias was the first one to pull Gibbs into a kiss which soon had the whole room whooping and cheering. When the cheering died down Judge Hanley called for silence once more.

"Well that was only one of my duties that I was asked to preform today, now the other one. I have here in my hand not only the marriage license between one Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Tobias C. Fornell but also the request that the name of one Allison Desirae Grayson be changed. Does said petitioner agree with the request that has come before the bench?"

Ali had been sitting on the front room with the rest of the family and at Gibbs and Tobias' kiss went up to both men and gave them a hug. Now she stood stunned as she heard Judge Hanley asked the question that she had so long been wanting to hear.

"Jethro, Tobias?" asked Ali as she looked at the newly married pair

"It's not our doing Ali, but if you don't want to" said Gibbs hesitantly.

He knew that they'd talked about it a few times, but like their marriage, had decided it was unsafe to do because of their jobs. But now that they all were retired they'd both thought about it a lot and had planned to talk to Ali about it as soon as they got to their new home.

"Not want to! You have got to be kidding me! You two are the best things to come into my life and I would be proud to carry both you're names, that is if it's alright with Emily?" said Ali as she looked over at the young woman she now considered her sister.

"I'd be proud to have you as a Fornell Ali, even if it is hyphenated" replied Emily with a smile which caused a ripple of laughter to go through the assembled group

"Well now that's settled, come up her and sign these documents and I'll file them with the clerk Monday morning" said Judge Hanley with a smile as she held out a pen for Gibbs, Tobias and Ali to sign the appropriate papers.

After they'd all signed everywhere they had to Judge Hanley turned them around to face the assembled ground. Gibbs and Tobias side by side with Ali in the middle.

"I now proudly give you Jethro and Tobias Fornell-Gibbs, along with their daughter Allison Desirae Fornell-Gibbs"

At that announcement the whole room erupted into a loud cheer which they were sure could be heard all the way back to D.C. After that the rest of the evening was spent celebrating Gibbs, Tobias and Ali's retirement. Ali danced with almost everyone man there and even Gibbs and Tobias got in a few dances with various other woman.

At seven o' clock the table were put back and an elegant dinner was served then the trio were roasted and toasted with various stories about their times as Federal Agents. A large combination wedding and retirement cake was brought out and the rest of the evening was spent talking and reminiscing with old acquaintances and friends.

By eleven o' clock Ali was beginning to wind down so Gibbs and Ali headed towards the door while Tobias got their coats and Ali's bag. They were stopped just short of the door by Leon Vance, Tobias' boss and Sec Nav along with the rest of their extended family behind them.

"Just where do you think you're going?" asked Leon in his best NCIS Director's voice.

"Ali's getting tired Leon and we have a long drive back to D.C , so we thought we'd head on out now" said Gibbs as he tightened his grip on Ali's shoulder.

had a feeling they were still up to something and did think Ali had the strength to face much more. Tonight had been a dream come true. He'd married his soul mate and legally gotten another daughter, there really wasn't much more they could do to top this.

"Not happening Jethro, you and Tobias are to take Ali upstair to the hotel's ambassadorial suite and spend the night there. That way you can sleep as long as you like and after you wake up a car will take you back to D. C where you are to take your daughter and you're selves to the airport and fly to the Adirondacks to enjoy your retirement"

"Leon we didn't bring anything but Ali's go bag" said Gibbs softly

"Already taken care of Agent Gibbs, my people went out and bought the three of you everything you would need for tonight and it is waiting in your suite. Now go put that little one to bed and enjoy your honeymoon, and that's an order" said Tobias' boss firmly

Gibbs stood looking at the three men for a minute then looked down at his daughter and smiled. She was exhausted and he really didn't relish the idea of the long drive back to D.C. This way they could sleep late and enjoy themselves, and be refreshed for the flight to their new home without worrying. With a firm nod at the three men Gibbs meet Tobias in the hallway and lead him towards the elevators

"Where we going Jethro? Ali really needs to get home and get some sleep" said Tobias as he looked at his daughter in Gibbs arms. She was leaning heavily against his chest with her eyes closed.

"Change of plans Tobias, it seams we've been highjacked. You're director and mine along with Sec Nav and probably the rest of the family have made arrangements for us to spend the night here and then a car to take us home then to the airport tomorrow" said Gibbs as he led Ali into the elevator

"But what about clothes, and Ali's things. Jethro we didn't pack anything but her go bag and that won't last overnight?" said Tobias as the elevator door's closed.

"All taken care of Tobias, it seems the family has gotten sneaky in our old age" said Gibbs.

"We're not old Daddy!" mumbled Ali against his chest.

"Yeah you keep thinking that baby girl" laughed Gibbs

"Love you Daddy, love you Papa" mumbled Ali once again as she snuggled against Gibbs shirt.

"Love you to baby girl" whispered Gibbs as he kissed the top of her head.

"Love you to little one" whispered Tobias as he leaned over and kissed Ali then leaned up to kiss his new husband.

They stayed together for a few minutes until Ali moaned and mumbled "Papa!" After that they were quiet as they rode the elevator to the Ambassadorial suite on the top floor of the hotel. Even though the hotel was outside of D.C it was still a luxury hotel and occasionally had an ambassador or foreign dignitary so there Ambassadorial suite took up the entire floor.

As the elevator doors opened Gibbs and Tobias looked out in wonder at the luxury before them. The floor was carpeted with a plush red carpet and there was meeting or work area set off to the left of the elevator along with several smaller rooms for aids or body guards. Their room was at the end of the hall to the right of the elevator behind two large doors.

The doors opened into a large sitting or entertainment area with a smaller bedroom left and the master suite to the right. After taking Ali into the smaller bedroom and indeed finding a suitcase with everything that Ali would need for an overnight stay, they quickly undressed her, changed her diaper then re dressed her in her sleep clothes giving her a bottle and turning on her sleep music as they left. After that they stumbled into the master suite, striping each others clothes of as fast as they could to spend their first night as a newly married couple.


The next morning Tobias and Gibbs woke around nine o' clock as was usual for them and went in to find a wet and sleepy Ali just waking up.

"Good morning Princess" said Tobias as he took the pacifier from Ali

"Morning Papa, are we going to leave so soon?" asked Ali as Tobias changed her diaper

"Well I don't know sweetheart, depends on how soon you want to get to our new house" said Gibbs as he helped Ali sit up.

"Well I was thinking" started Ali

"Oh no, never a good thing Jethro" said Tobias as he came out of the bathroom from washing his hands.

"Papa! As I was saying, we didn't leave the party until around eleven or later and then here you are awaking and changing me at nine the next morning. That didn't give you two 8much time for a honeymoon, so I was thinking that after we order breakfast you two could go back to bed and then we could leave when you get up the second time" said Ali with a devious smile on her face

"And just what would you be doing while your father and I are enjoying our honeymoon, little one?" asked Tobias.

He'd actually had the same idea himself but wasn't sure how excited Ali was to get to their new home. Even though they had the rest of their lives to spend together tonight was their honeymoon and he wanted to start their marriage off on a good note. Last night had been wonderful but short and he really looked forward to spending more time with his new husband.

"I'll be fine Papa, really. The hotel has satellite television plus free internet so I can go ahead and finish ordering all the food for the house" said Ali with a smile.

The weekend they were up in the Adirondacks checking out the house they'd done some research about the area and found a local Wal-Mart about fifteen miles away plus a couple of closer smaller grocery stores where they could get milk and eggs when they needed them. They'd also found an internet grocery store that delivered to that area and an online meat company where they could get their meat from.

Ali had wanted to order everything last week and have it waiting for them but since they'd stayed in D.C another week they'd talked her out of it, saying that they could visit the local Wal-Mart and grocery store then order it after they got there. Now Ali could order them while the guys entertained themselves. They would still have to wait until they were at the house to have it delivered because they could get things delivered to the Adirondacks, but not their house it was to far out of most delivery areas.

Tobias had asked a friend in the upstate New York FBI office if he would mind having all their packaged delivered to him then they would pay to have him send them on, or he could deliver them himself. Sec Nav had set up a courier service to have Ali's cases delivered and picked up but they didn't think it would be right to use them to deliver their packages as well. So he'd worked out this arrangement with his friends and that way their packages would get delivered and he could still see someone from the Bureau every once in a while.

"Are you sure Ali, we could always wait until..." started Tobias then stopped when he saw the look on his daughter's face.

"You might as well give it up Tobias, you're not going to change Ali's mind. And remember we did tell her once that we wouldn't fuss about going back to bed after we've changed her" reminded Gibbs with a smile.

"You're right of course little one, I apologize. So what do you want for breakfast so we can call room service?" said Tobias as he handed Ali the room service menu

"Oh I'd like some french toast, sausage and scrambled eggs with milk and orange juice please" said Ali as she handed back the menu to Tobias then went to turn on the suites computer.

"Do you remember most of what we needed to order baby girl?" asked Gibbs as he came up behind her and kissed her on the head.

"I made a list and e-mailed it to myself just encase I forgot, that way I can get it no matter where I am" said Ali with a smile as she started logging onto her email.

"Good girl, well make an investigator out of you yet Princess" said Gibbs with a smile as he headed towards the phone to order their breakfast

"To late for that Daddy, I'm retired and living La buena vida" replied Ali

"Aren't we all sweetheart, aren't we all" said Gibbs as he looked at his new husband and daughter.

Ten minutes later breakfast was delivered and the little family sat down to eat, then Ali promptly pushed the two of them back towards their room and placed the dishes outside the door. It turned out to be another six hours before Tobias and Gibbs re emerged from their room fully dressed with goofy smiles on both their faces.

In that time Ali had gotten online and ordered all of their household items to last them for at least the month along with some extra regular and swimming diapers for her. She'd also for found a site where they could order fresh fruits and vegetables along with some canned and frozen stuff. She knew that the gardens had been planted but didn't expect them to bear fruit for a while, so a least for a while they would have to buy their fruits and vegetables. She also ordered a wide variety of meats, poultry and fish but knew full well that they would probably pick some up at the local grocery store.

They were going to have to get their bread, eggs and milk and other perishable items from the store anyway since those couldn't be frozen very easily and would spoil if they bought them in bulk. So after paying for everything and having it shipped to Tobias' friend in the FBI she email them to let them know what was coming. After that she sat and watched television until her father's emerged.

"Have fun guys?" asked Ali with a smirk on her face

"Allison Desirae" growled Gibbs

"Sorry Daddy, I got everything ordered and sent an email to Papa's friend telling him what was coming and when" answered Ali softly

"Thank you sweetheart, that's a good girl" said Tobias as he came over and kissed her head then whispered in her ear "Don't mind him little one, we had a wonderful time thank you"

"Tobias!" growled Gibbs then laughed at the look on his husbands face.

There extra time together had been wonderful and knowing that Ali had given it to the made it that much more special.

"Well are we ready to head on out of here and get going on our retirement?" said Gibbs with a clap of his hands.

"I'm ready Daddy, just let me do one more thing" said Ali as she went to retrieve the camera that Tim had given her last night.

Even though they'd had a professional photographer there Tim, Tony and Ziva had brought their own camera and had taken pictures all night long. Tim had given her his camera with his pictures and told her that he would have Tony and Ziva e-mail them their photos. Tim knew how much Ali liked to photography and wanted her to have a way to take pictures up at their mountain home.

So as Ali returned to the living area she sat Gibbs and Tobias on the couch then placed the camera on a a few feet away from them and then ran to sit between both men.

"Smile Daddy, Papa" called Ali just as the camera took their picture and in rapid session to several more candid shots.

"What were those for Princess" asked Gibbs as he watched Ali retrieve the camera then pull up the pictures.

"These are our morning after shots, so if anyone asks I have proof that you two survived your honeymoon"

"Ali!" said both Gibbs and Tobias together.

They'd taken some pretty nice shots, the first one of the two of them sitting on the couch with Ali between them, then the next one was of Gibbs kissing Ali's head, then one of Tobias and the last one was of Tobias leaning over Ali and kissing Gibbs. Ali had ducked down when she saw Tobias leaning towards Gibbs and even though she was smiling she had a disgusted look on her face.

After showing the pictures to Gibbs and Tobias and all three laughing about them the trio quickly repacked their belongings into the two suitcases that were left in the room and called down that they were checking out. The manager said he would call the car and have it waiting for them when they came downstairs so they took their time and enjoyed their last few minutes in their honeymoon suite.

Ten minutes later the trio was coming out of the elevator to find that the car was indeed waiting for them. As Gibbs returned the key to the manager Tobias lead Ali out to the car and was waiting for him when he returned.

"Well it looks like we got hood winked more than we thought" said Gibbs as he climbed into the car.

"What do you mean Jethro?" asked Tobias as he looked at the other man.

"Everything was already paid for along with the car back to D.C." said Gibbs as he pulled Tobias into his arms.

"Daddy! If you two are going to do that I'm sitting over there!" said Ali as she quickly moved to the other seat across from the pair.

"Alone at last, well almost" laughed Tobias as he looked at his daughter who had already turned on her iPad and had the ear phones in.

"Don't worry, she'll be asleep before we get thirty minutes into the ride" said Gibbs as he pulled Tobias closer and started nibbling on his neck.

True to his word Ali didn't make it the whole thirty minutes before she was laying down across the other seat with her eyes closed. Ali had ordered herself lunch from room service and had managed to stay awake until Gibbs and Tobias came out but now it was catching up with her. So as Tobias moved out of Gibbs' arms he carefully checked her diaper, then changed her and put her sleep music on then covered her with her blanket. After slipping her pacifier in her mouth he carefully moved back into his husbands arms and together they spent the rest of the trip snuggling and watching Ali sleep.

It was nearly six o' clock when they arrived back in D. C. and since they had skipped lunch they got something to eat before they all loaded up Tobias' SUV and drove to the airport. Once they were there they checked in then called Tony asking him to pick up Tobias' car from the airport.

As usual the flight was long and Ali stayed awake for about an hour then was fast asleep again. They had about an hour layover in Boston where they got something else to eat then got on another plane and headed for their final destination. Once at the airport they retrieved their luggage, then called in a favor from one of Tobias' FBI buddies and soon a car was picking them up.

The drive from the airport to their home in the Adirondack mountains took almost another two hours so when they finally got home Ali was sound asleep with no chance they were going to wake her up. So as Tobias helped his buddy carry in the luggage Gibbs carried Ali into the house then into to her room.

"Thanks for the ride, Greg. I owe you one" said Tobias as he and his buddy dropped the last of their luggage into the entry way.

"No problem Tobias, just call it pay back for all the times you save my ass. And congratulations on you marriage and retirement, I can't think of two people who deserved it more" called Greg as he waved at Gibbs as he came out of Ali's room then left.

"Ali alright Jethro?" asked Tobias as he went into Gibbs' arms.

"She's fine Tobias, didn't even move when I undressed and changed her. She just turned over and went right back to sleep" said Gibbs with a grin.

"Well she's had an exciting day, and she's not the only one. Getting married, getting a daughter, retiring and going on a honeymoon. Wow what an adventure" said Tobias

"Well like Ali said, were living La buena vida. Tobias"

"That we are Jethro, that we are" said Tobias as he lead his new husband into their room to show him just how good his life was.