A/N: This is a role-play I did with my friend Death the writer, (check out her account too).

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"Vee... PASTAAA!" Italy cried.

"Nein! No pasta for you!" Germany ordered.

"Waaa Germany why?"

"...You'll ruin your supper..." The German looked to the confused Italy, "just no pasta."

"Please Germany san, just let Itaria kun have some pasta." Japan added politely.


Italy went off into a corner crying. Germany sighed and Japan looked over at Italy.


America runs into the room. WHASSUP DUDES, I'M THE HERO!" He runs out again.

Yelling and English curses could be heard from the direction that America ran in.

"I wonder what happened to America san" Japan questioned.

Low chanting comes from the same direction as America. Then a loud cry could be heard, "WAAA GHOSTS! STRATEGIC RETREAT!"

English yelling followed the outburst, "you bloody git calm down!"

Childish yelling replied with "NOOOOOO!"

While off to the side French laughter could be heard.

Italy starts crying "GERMANY I'M SCARED, HELP ME!"

"Scared of vhat?" The German asked.

"Big brother France" Italy whimpered.

"Vell if it's France..."

"What happened to America san?" Japan wondered.

"Vith zhat idiot, who knows"

"I should probably go check..." Japan continued.

"You can go if you vant Japan"

"Hai arigatou," Japan got up and walked out of the room.

Germany nodded, before looking around the room to see who else was still there.

Italy looked at Germany "vee Germany let's go out as well."


"It's getting lonely in here isn't it?"

"Ja... I suppose..."

"Yay grazie Germany!" Italy skips over to the door, and pulls down the door handle.

Germany stood and followed. As Italy opens the door; a knife flies past his head and embeds itself in the far wall.

Germany looks at the knife, before back to Italy "are you alright Italy?"

"Nnooo...GERMANY HELP MEEE!" Italy and hides behind him.

"Italy?! Vhat's wrong?"


"Vhat's scary?"

"Tthe knife has blood on it."

Germany looked at the knife, seeing the blood on it, "it does..."

The sound of Russia screaming reverberated through the air. A few of the other countries look at the door. They all shiver and look around. Fighting could be heard happening down the hall where America and England were.

Belarus's voice could be heard yelling "BIG BROTHER MARRY ME!"


England was holding her back, giving Russia time to run, "Belarus calm down!"



"WHAT?!" Belarus turns and glared at England. She holds up a knife threateningly.

England held his hands up in surrender, "he doesn't feel that way about you, so he's not going to marry you."

She sniffs, "I'm going to go and curse you all with the plague." She then walks off muttering, "now they can go try eat arsenic powder."

England blinks, watching her walk away, "I... what?"

France laughs "ohohohon."

"Bloody frog"

France smiles mockingly at England. England started walking back to the meeting room, muttering to himself.


Italy wanders out of the meeting room "vee America why were you screaming earlier?"

America looks at Italy, "I'm the hero little dude! I don't scream."

"Okay then," Italy turns. "Hey Germany, Japan let's go make pasta together!"

Germany nodded, now holding the bloody knife from before.

Japan noticed what he was holding. "Umm Germany san, what are you planning to do with that knife?"

"Clean it first, zhen ve'll see"

Italy buts in, "okay then, can we go make pasta now?"

Germany sighed, "ja let's go."

Australia pops out from the crowd of countries. "G'day I heard you were making pasta, ya think I could come over too?"

"Ja, if you vhant"

"Thanks mate" he steps in beside Italy.

Germany nodded.