During the rainy night Australia woke up hugging Jack, to the sound of his phone ringing. He picked it up "hello?"

"Australia?!" It was Spain calling.

"Yeah mate it is, what is it?"

"It's Roma! He's very, very ill!"

"Oh no!" Australia fell out of bed, then scrambled to his feet.

"Tell me you can fix it!" Spain pleaded.

"I'll be right over, what room are you in?"

"Room 44."

"I'll be right over, with medicine.'

"Please hurry" Spain cried, then hung up.

Australia rushed out of the room, grabbed his bag and slammed the room door open. The hall was empty as he ran down the hall. Luckily the room Spain was staying in wasn't very far away from England's room. Spain had left his door open, and Spain himself was next to the bed which had the ill Italian in it. Australia ran in, placed his bag on the floor and rummaged around in it. Not much later he pulled out a bottle of medicine and gave it to Spain.

"Here, get Romano to take it" Australia urged.

"He won't, he won't take anything…" Spain trailed off worriedly.

"Well he needs to take it."

"You try then, because he won't let me" Spain suggested.

Australia walked closer to Romano, "Romano you need to drink this, it'll help you."

Romano turned away from him, hiding his face.

"Don't make me force you to drink it" Australia warned.

Romano didn't answer, so Australia shrugged. "Okay time for force, Spain grab Romano.'

"Si alright." Spain did as told, holding the struggling Romano down the best he could. While he was doing that, Australia forced the medicine down Romano's throat. In retaliation Romano kicked him, Australia staggered back.

"Well at least he took the medicine" Australia observed.

"Si, sorry for his actions" Spain apologised.

"Don't worry" Australia brushed the apology off. "At least Romano will be fine, now just let him rest."

"Si, gracias Australia!" Spain thanked.

"No worries, bye!" Australia waved and left their room.

Spain looked down at the now sleeping Romano, before standing and closing the door. Australia trudged tiredly back to the shared room, which was still quiet. Australia, being too tired to walk any further, flopped down onto the couch and fell asleep.

A few hours passed after that before America woke up. He got out of bed and sleepily manoeuvred around Canada. Canada looked up at him as he passed

"Good morning America."

"Morning" America replied sleepily yawning.

"Did you sleep well?" Canada questioned.

"I did, although I did hear a racket earlier in the morning."

"Really? I hope everyone is alright…"

"Why don't we go check?"

"Alright" Canada agreed.

They left the room and first went to check on England. He was still sleeping soundly so they went to check on Australia.

"Hey, where is he?" America looked around the empty room confused.

"Maybe he went out for a walk?" Canada suggested, unsure.

"Let's ask England."

"Alright, but be quiet."

America ran into England's room shouting "ENGLAND HAVE YOU SEEN AUSTRALIA!?"

"America shut up you git…" England mumbled, pulling his bed sheets closer around him.

"But Australia's missing" America continued in a lower voice.

England didn't answer.

"England?" America asked.


"Australia's missing" America repeated.

"Then go find him" England ordered grumpily.

"Okay" America assumed a hero pose. "Let's go find Australia, Canada!" America cheered.

Canada sighed at his antics, "maybe he went to see France?"

While taking they made it to the main room, where Canada looked around.

America paused and tilted his head, he could hear a light snoring. "Hey can you hear that?" America whispered to his brother, Canada nodded his head.

They both looked over to the couch, which had a foot hanging over it. Canada walked over to it, whilst America watched. Canada looked back at him, unsure of what to do, America shrugged.

"Do we wake them…?" Canada wondered.

A growl interrupted their quiet conversation.

"W-what was that?" Canada squeaked.

"I don't know" America replied.

A grey furry figure rose from the couch. Canada walked over to the couch, holding his polar bear close to him. America laughed in relief

"It's just Australia's koala!"

Canada nodded, watching the koala, who ignored their stares and climbed off the couch. America peered over the couch and cried out.

"Hey look, it's Australia!"

"Why is he there and not in bed?"

America shrugged "how is the hero meant to know what his two sidekicks are doing?"

"He's not your sidekick!"

"Well I did help him during WWII" America reasoned.

"That doesn't mean anything!" Canada defended.

Australia sat up with a loud yawn, which Canada didn't notice as he continued ranting.

"And if YOU, helped HIM that would make you the sidekick."

"What are you two talking about?" Australia asked sleepily.

"America called you his sidekick," Canada answered.

"Okay" Australia accepted as he looked around, then asked "have you seen Jack?"

"He walked off…" Canada said, a bit surprised that Australia didn't care.

"Oh… well I'm going to have a shower." Australia left and went to the only bathroom in the hotel room.

Canada sighed "I'm heading back to our room…" he informed America.

America, who had tuned out of Canada's ranting before, looked at his twin "okay."

Canada left, and America was alone. "Hmm…. I'll go bug Iggy."

England was sitting reading when America burst into the room. "Heeey Iggy we found Australia!"

"Good, at least he's not in danger." England calmly replied, completely in contrast to the enthusiastic American opposite him.

"So what's happening today?" America bounced on England's bed.

"Nothing that I know of." Came the calm reply.

"Okay then, I'm off to find Macca's for breakfast."

"That's very unhealthy America" England scolded.

"But I can't live without hamburgers!" America whined.

"Yes you bloody well can!"

"No I can't" America said stubbornly, waving his arms around for emphasis.

"You can, you are right now and you have all morning."

"Yay! I'm off! Heey Canada let's go get burgers!" America yelled out to his twin, running off to find him.

"But England just said you shouldn't…" Canada said to him.

"No excuses bro" America grabbed his arm, "let's go."

Canada sighed in defeat "alright."

"Byee England!" America called out as he dragged Canada out the door with him.

"Goodbye" the English man, who had followed them to the door, said as he closed the door.

"Morning" Australia said, as he wandered past England into the kitchen.

"Good morning Australia" England greeted, as he too went into the kitchen.

Australia sat down at the table, yawning as he dropped his head onto the table.

"Didn't sleep well?"

"I got woken up early, by Spain calling."

"I see" England prompted him to explain.

"Romano was sick from Betty's bite." Australia explained.

"That makes sense, I guess."

"So I rushed across to their room, and gave Romano the medicine." Australia continued.

"As long as he's alright." England sighed.

"Yeah he'll be fine now, hopefully."

England went quiet as Australia grabbed bread and put it in a toaster. England started reading a newspaper, when the toast popped. Australia took it out, put vegemite on it and started eating. It stayed quiet as the two countries did their own thing. When Australia finished eating he got up,

"I'm going to go check on Romano." He announced.

"Have fun" England waved his hand, his eyes still focused on the newspaper.

Australia left and walked across to Spain and Romano's room. He knocked on the door and called out, "hey Spain are you in?"

"Si, mi amigo!" Spain called out from inside.

"How's Romano?"

"Better" Spain replied happily.

"That's good, the venom must have been dispelled." Australia let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding.


Australia sighed "well I'm glad he's fine now."

"Si, back to his old, bad mannered self again."

"Kay then, see ya mate!" Australia walked back to his, and England's hotel room.

England was out the front, getting ready to go for a walk.

"Hey, where are you going?" Australia questioned, curious.

"Just around, we don't have the meeting until later. So I thought walking around would be a good way to pass the time." England answered, tying his shoelace and straightening up.

"I'll come with you" Australia proclaimed. "Jack needs a walk."

"Alright" England agreed.

They headed out of the hotel in silence, with Jack walking grumpily alongside the two. England looked around as he walked, admiring the bustling street. Someone screamed, and England looked over to where the scream came from. Jack angrily trying to climb off a woman who had picked him up, and tried to hug him. England walked over to the woman, who saw him and cried out in panic.

"Help, it's attacking me!"

"Just calm down and he'll get off, right Jett?" England turned to Australia.

"Yeah I got him." Australia walked up to the woman and gently pulled Jack off her.

"Sorry about that mam," England apologised.

"Your animal needs to be kept under control," she replied angrily.

"I will see to it that Jack is trained to handle being around new people." England reassured.

Australia and Jack glared at England "okay mum." Australia said as the angry woman left them.

"I told you not to call me that in public!" England hissed.

Australia grinned cheekily "muuum." He drew the word out to make it more annoying.

"Stop it!" England cried.

"Okay I'll stop" Australia said seriously. His tone brightened "I'm gonna go bug Zea!"

"You do that" England sighed. "Just be careful to not scare his sheep again."

"Fine, bye!" Australia waved and ran off.

England sighed again, before he started walking. Across the road Switzerland was walking with Liechtenstein. England spotted them, so he crossed over to the other side of the road. Switzerland was waiting as England walked up to them smiling.

"Hello Arthur, how are you?" Switzerland greeted the Brit.

"I'm quite alright Vash, how are you and your sister?" England replied.

"We're fine."

"That's good to hear."

As they were walking aimlessly they started chatting.

"So England, how are your relations with your brothers?" Switzerland questioned.

"The same as ever, Scotland is still annoying, and Ireland and Wales still hate me." England sighed "we still don't get along."

"Maybe you could threaten to shoot them?" Switzerland suggested.

"Well I can't, since I am in control, it would not turn out very well."

Switzerland shrugged "well I can't help you."

"Thanks for trying to help."

"We have to leave now, Lilli and I are shopping." The trigger happy Swiss left with Liechtenstein, who was waving goodbye to England.

England waved back, then he was alone. He looked around getting his bearings, before he started walking again. As he was walking back it started to rain, England looked up and picked up his pace to get back to the hotel. When he got back he briefly noted that other countries were heading in as well, before he headed to his room. In his room America was lounging around on the couch, and Canada was sitting, barely noticeable on a chair. England trudged in, dripping water everywhere as he walked to the bathroom to get a towel. There was a knock on the door, England sighed before turning around, without grabbing a towel, and opened the door, still dripping water everywhere. Australia was standing at the door, with New Zealand standing behind him.

"Hey again mum, I just came back for my bag."

"It should be in the room you were using" England replied, before sneezing.

New Zealand stepped around Australia, "are you alright?" He questioned.

England nodded, before sneezing again, and again.

"You don't sound okay" New Zealand continued, worried.

"I'm sure it's nothing to worry about" England said reassuringly.

"No really, that cough doesn't sound good."

"I guess… I'm going to go lie down…" England said as he started to walk to his room, only to collapse.

"MUM!" Both Australia and New Zealand shouted as they ran to him.

England tried to get up, feeling very weak all of a sudden.

"Here" Australia picked England up bridal style, "I'll carry you to bed."

"Thanks…" England muttered weakly.

"No problem."

Meanwhile a worried New Zealand went into the bathroom to find some medicine. Canada, who had heard the commotion walked into England's room.

Australia looked up as he entered "hey Am… Uhhh Canada? England is sick, New Zealand just went to find some medicine."

Canada nodded, looking down sadly as he once again was almost forgotten. New Zealand came in with the medicine he had found.

"Here England, I have some medicine for you to take."

England shook his head, "I'm fine… really" he said weakly.

"You are not" New Zealand insisted. "Now take this medicine, or else I'll have to force it down."

"That is no way… to talk… to your mother…" England protested.

Australia snorted "Zea can get pretty scary when he's worried."

"Your point?" England questioned painfully.

"Well he's really worried about you and he wants you to get better."

England looked at them through half closed eyes. "Fine, just let me sleep after; and Australia…?"


"Don't forget your brother again, enough people do as it is…"

"Sorry, I won't forget him again," Australia promised.

England smiled weakly "good…." He said, before falling asleep.

New Zealand, who had left earlier along with Canada, came back into the room. "Oh, he fell asleep, come on Australia we'll let him rest."

They both left the room and walked into the lounge room. Canada saw them come in, then he got up to go make something for England to eat when he woke up. Australia leaned over the couch on which he was perched.

"Hey Canada, ya think you could make some food for all of us as well?"

Canada sighed "I guess… what would you like?"

"Whatever you're making for mum." Came the cheerful response of the Aussie.

"Okay…" Canada replied, and started cooking.

America woke up from his snooze to the smell of food. "Hey, what's cooking?" He asked, quite loudly.

"Soup," came the quiet reply of his twin from the kitchen.

"That's great, cause I'm starving!" America laughed.

Canada continued cooking, ignoring the comment in favour of focusing on the pot over the stove. America lay back on his couch opposite Australia, who was also laying on the couch. New Zealand got up and walked into the kitchen,

"Need help?" He asked.

"Sure" Canada replied, grateful for the company.

"Okay" New Zealand came over. "So what is you're making?"

"It's just a simple English soup papa taught me, and with some orange juice it should help England get some energy back." Canada explained.

"Well let's get working" New Zealand rolled up his sleeves and started helping.

After a long while the two were finished, and the kitchen wasn't that dirty either.

"Would you like me to give England his meal?" New Zealand questioned.

"Yes please, and put the medicine into the juice."

New Zealand took the tray and walked into England's room. "Mum, dinner's ready" he quietly announced to the occupant.

England looked at him from where he was laying, "not… hungry…"

"You should eat something, it'll help you feel better" New Zealand coaxed.

"Nhg" England rolled over on his side again, turning away from him.

"Alright, the easy way would have been you taking the medicine at least, this is now the hard way. America, come here and help me!" New Zealand called out.

America walked into the room "yes?"

"Hold England down while I give him his medicine."

"Righty!" America moved so that he was pinning England down, who groaned.

"This is for your own good," New Zealand proceeded to hold the cup of juice up to England's mouth. "Drink," he ordered.

England turned his head away stubbornly.

"Okay, I'm sorry mum," New Zealand forcefully got England to drink the juice.

Some missed his mouth, but England drank most of it. When he was done America slowly got off him.

"Thanks for the help America" New Zealand thanked him gratefully.

"No problem! The hero is always here to help!" America said with his heroic laugh, before leaving.

New Zealand sighed and placed the tray of food next to the bed. He gave England a hug, whispering good night, then walked out of the room, turning off the light behind him. England fell back to sleep after a moment, and the whole room was enveloped in a peaceful silence.

The only sound that could be heard was the sound of a video game that America and Canada had started playing. Australia was snoozing, and New Zealand was silently watching the brothers play the game. Canada was beating America, who gritted his teeth and sent a red shell at Canada. He managed to stop it with a banana peel, then sent a bomb flying towards America in retaliation.

"Noooooo!" America screamed.

Canada smiled as America turned and pulled a face at him. Canada pulled a face back and New Zealand burst out laughing at their expressions.

"Ha, you two look really odd with the matching faces you're pulling!"

Canada turned to look at New Zealand as he smirked, before putting his controller down and tackled him to the ground. America laughed and joined the dog pile, as Canada laughed as well. Australia woke up at the racket

"What are you? Oh, dog pile!" He jumped on top of them all, laughing.

After a while they all got off of New Zealand, when they heard noises coming from England's room.

"Oh, I should go check on him." New Zealand got up off the floor and headed to the bedroom.

England had knocked the lamp off the bedside table as he tried to get up.

New Zealand rushed over to his side "England what's wrong?!"

"Big Ben…" He choked out.

"What?! What's wrong with the Big Ben?" New Zealand cried out.

"Someone's…. vandalising it… sledgehammer…. Hitting…" England gasped and coughed harshly.

New Zealand turned around and called out in panic "guys, England's in trouble! We need to help him!" He turned back to England and asked him softly "can you tell who it is?"

Canada walked into the room as the English man shook his head. New Zealand turned to him

"Oh Canada! Something has happened to the Big Ben, someone is attacking it!"

Canada was shocked, "why would someone do that?"

"I don't know" New Zealand said, panicking. "What do we do?"

"I don't know… um… maybe we should go and look at the Big Ben? You know… see if we can get them to stop? Then after that we should try and fix it, I guess… We'll have to get our country ID cards so we don't get in trouble with any police that may be there…" Canada suggested, then explained.

"Alright then" New Zealand turned to England, "hold on England we're going to check!" He left the room and found Australia up and ready. "Australia, someone's attacking the Big Ben, we're going to check!"

Australia, who heard the explanation nodded in understanding "sure Zea I'm ready to go."

America was passed out on the sofa, Canada looked at him sighing

"He can stay here and looked after England."

"Alright" New Zealand said, "we should get going." The three then left the building and went to the airport.

"I hope it's not too bad… I don't want England to be hurt too badly." Canada said as they showed their country ID cards, got past all checks, and went right to their plane.

"Yeah, I hope he'll be okay" New Zealand replied.

The plane took off, with their Pilot Gerald flying the plane to England. After a few short hours they landed in London, got out and took a taxi to the Big Ben. Once they arrived it was clear something was up, as there was a huge crowd. Along with lots of police trying to hold the crowd back, and trying to stop something. The three walked over to the crowd and pushed their way through. Once at the front of the crowd they saw that a big chunk had been taken out of the clock tower. It was being held up by beams of steel to stop it from falling on the street.

"Well this is a right mess" Australia said shocked, "wonder who did this?"

"Someone who really hates the Big Ben?" Canada suggested, not really knowing.

"But there is no one who hates him that much…" New Zealand responded.

"There has to be someone… no way a normal citizen would have done this…"

"We should go back and ask England" New Zealand suggested.

Canada shook his head "we should look around first."

"Okay, let's try to get closer" New Zealand started edging closer, pulling Australia behind him.

Canada followed behind them, and spotted two of the 2ps standing around in the crowd. The red head on the right was complaining to his companion.

"Well what the fuck do we do now? All these people are watching us, they are really annoying."

The blond looked around through his dark sunglasses, "just… try to keep quiet. We'll push ourselves to the back of the crowd, then leave. When we get back we'll tell Oliver the job was successful, and that we didn't swear. I don't have the money to pay the stupid jar."

"Alright then" the red head replied grumpily, crossing his arms. The two started trying to edge their way to the edge of the crowd; also towards a big window of a shop. Australia spotted the two trying to sneak away

"Oi, where are you two going?!"

Canada looked at them and gasped "it's the 2ps!"

"Shit they caught us, now what?" The read head cursed.

"Who are they?" New Zealand asked.

Canada kept his eyes on them as he replied "basically they are evil versions of us. Those one are mine and America's 2ps."

2p Canada turned around and pulled out his hockey stick "we'll knock 'em unconscious." 2p Canada answered 2p America's question.

"Alright that's an easy solution," 2p America grinned and pulled out his nail studded baseball bat.

"You wanna rumble hey? Bring it!' Australia pulled out two boomerangs with sharpened edges.

"I don't think you should provoke them Oz" New Zealand cautioned.

"There's innocent people around, we don't want them getting hurt." Canada told them.

"We can't just let them go!" Australia cried.

"Too bad you have to follow the rules!" 2p Canada said, as he got behind Australia and hit him in the back with his hockey stick. Australia stumbled from the hit, but managed to keep his footing.

"Mate" he growled "you're a dead man." Australia threw one of his boomerangs at 2p Canada.

2p Canada ducked and hit him again, "you made the mistake of coming here!"

The boomerang came flying back and nicked 2p Canada on the shoulder. "No you made the mistake of coming here," Australia replied as he caught the boomerang.

The 2p Canadian growled as he used his stick to pull Australia to the ground. Before jumping on top of him and started to punch the Aussie.

"Hey! Leave Oz alone!" New Zealand shouted as he pulled a Taiaha (a Maori weapon, it looks pretty cool) out of nowhere. He swung it at the Canadian, whacking him on the side of his head. While that was happening Canada was fighting 2p America with his own hockey stick.

"Hah, you missed again" 2p America taunted, as he ducked under the hockey stick.

Canada frowned, "why are you doing this?" He asked, his voice quiet and shaking.

2p America shrugged "we were bored. Since Oliver is boring I decided to bug your England instead."

"So bugging him means you do this?! That's terrible! You've put England in so much pain! Why don't you pick on someone else in your own world, instead of hurting us!?" Canada for once yelled to be heard, he was that mad with the 2ps.

"Everyone in your world are easy targets, they're so weak compared to us."

"Not everyone is…" Canada muttered, then raised his voice. "Germany and Switzerland would never let you do this to their country!"

2p America didn't react to Canada's outburst, he merely shrugged. "Meh, we've had our fun. I'm leaving now, this place is getting too crowded." He gestured to the sizeable crowd, which had amassed due to the fighting.

"We're not letting you leave! You'll pay for what you've done here, and to our family! P-papa will get you!" Canada weakly threatened.

"I don't care what you say, I can leave when I want." 2p America turned around, and ran over to where 2p Canada was fighting Australia and New Zealand.

2p Canada ducked under the two countries attacks; used his hockey stick to pull the two to the ground, before running to stand next to his 2p brother. 2p Canada smirked

"We'll just be taking our leave now."

"Oi, get back here!" Australia shouted angrily as the 2ps vanished into the crowd.

Canada stepped in front of the two, "just let them go ay? They're gone now, so the police can sort this out, and England can…" He trailed off as he came to a realisation, "we left England while he's weak and ill… under America's care…"

"Don't worry" New Zealand said reassuringly, "America does care."

"Mate" Australia laughed shakily, "mum's tough, he'll be fine."

"Last time we left him alone with America when he just had a fever. America placed a tower of burgers on his forehead to help him get better." Canada explained.

"Oh dear… we should head back…" New Zealand said after Canada's explanation. The three edged their way through the crowd and to a waiting taxi.

"That was my worry the whole time…" Canada muttered.

The taxi ride passed in worried silence, until they got to the airport. There they took a jet back to Russia, where the meeting was held, before getting another taxi to the hotel. When they arrived at the hotel the three countries got out and hurried into the hotel. New Zealand opened the door expecting the worst, but inside America was just chilling on the couch.

"America… is everything alright in here…?" Canada asked as he looked around, "where's England?"

America looked up, "oh hey bros!" He got up and bear hugged Canada. Whilst doing this he replied, "everything's fine, Tony is watching over England."

"You left England alone with Tony?"

"What's wrong with that, he's my best friend!" America proudly stated.

"I know that America, but you have to remember England still doesn't know what to think of him."

"Duuddee!" America whined at Canada.

New Zealand sighed and headed to England's room to check on him. He opened the door quietly, "England are you okay?"

Inside, England was on the ground with Tony sitting on his back.

"Ahh England!" New Zealand ran over and pushed Tony away, "England are you alright?" New Zealand asked as he helped him up.

England nodded slightly "whose bloody idea was it to-"he coughed "to leave me alone with America after last time!?"

New Zealand sighed and hung his head, "it was all our faults. We didn't really think very hard about it, we were too worried about what had happened."

England stood and dusted himself off, "that's alright then I suppose, and so what did happen?"

"The 2ps attacked the Big Ben, it was 2p America and Canada." New Zealand replied to England's question.

England blinked at him, "did Canada engage in battle with his, and his brothers 2p?" England asked, panicked.

"Yes, the three of us fought the 2ps. Australia and I fought 2p Canada, and Canada took on 2p America."

England's eyes widened, "keep Canada away from any mirror!" He shouted.

"What, why?" New Zealand was now very confused.

"Having an idea of how he fights will make Allen just want to fight him again. If he thinks Canada is a worthy opponent" England explained.

"Well you don't need to worry for the moment. Canada has America and Australia with him, also he's pretty strong himself."

"I know, but still…" England frowned, still not fully convinced.

New Zealand leaned over and gave England a reassuring hug. "Stop stressing over it and try to relax."

"Fine, fine, as long as you don't leave him alone."

New Zealand let go of England and sighed, "Oz and I can't stay much longer."

England nodded sadly "I understand, but it was nice to have you both around again."

New Zealand smiled, "it gets a bit lonely being so far away from everyone. It's always nice when we get to see all of you."

"I know, I know… it's just that you two are halfway around the world…" England trailed off.

While the two countries were having an emotional chat Australia had become bored of waiting. So he came barging into the room

"Oi Kiwi, what's taking so long?"

New Zealand stood up "yeah, yeah, I'm coming."

Australia walked in and gave England a hug, before straightening up. "We have to leave now England, we'll miss our plane otherwise."

England frowned "so you will be visiting me again later?" He confirmed.

"Yeah, Zea and I will go across to England later this year." Australia grinned "I'll bring some pets with me too."

England groaned "please don't, you'll traumatise my fairies."

Australia laughed and New Zealand sighed, he grabbed the Aussie and dragged him out. "Bye England, like Oz said we really should be going now."

"Bye mum!" Australia called.

England waved goodbye, amused at their antics.

Australia and New Zealand said their goodbyes to America and Canada, as they passed through the lounge room. Then they left to go catch the plane.

A/N: So this is the end of this fanfiction. I'm sorry for the really lame ending, Deaththewriter and I just lost interest in it since it was getting so long. Also Death moved away, and we haven't really stayed in contact much since then. Anyway, I hope all you readers out there enjoyed this fanfic, and thanks again to everyone who has read, liked, followed, or reviewed this fanfic!