Natsu POV.

Time : 6:00am

It was early in the morning when I left mine and Happy's house. I already finish packed my things for my 5 year journey to train to become stronger and in the search for my foster father, Igneel, who I haven't seen in a very, very long time. I slowly walk downstairs, trying not to disturb my furry companion whom was sleeping peacefully on the other side of the bed, I place the letter on the dinner table and headed to the door. I stop at an picture that caught my eye, the picture was the entire guild that I all cherish. I took it out of the frame and place it inside my bag. I want to go to the guild to tell master that I'm leaving Fairytail, temporally and to say goodbye to the guild. Its a bit chilly outside but oh well. Wait! why am I complaining I'm a fire dragon slayer, I'm suppose to be warm anyway!

I quietly walk through the streets of Magnolia, remembering all the memories that I made here. I made so much memories in this town that It nearly made me cry. hahaha, me - Natsu Dragneel crying I chuckled at the thought while I continued walking to the guild. I finally made it to my guild, I walk straight through the massive wooden doors that block my way and headed to the masters office which was lock. I thought the master would be her this early I thought while I sighed in disappointment. While I sulk I heard noises coming from the kitchen, went over to investigate. I open the kitchen door cautiously, peaking my head slight between the creak. My eyes scanned the kitchen and I found nothing except Mira who was cutting something on a chopping board.

I step inside and made my way over to her. My movements were unnoticed by Mira, she suddenly look at my direction. When she look at me she stopped what she was doing and and turned around giving me her full attention while her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Why are you here so early, Natsu?"She said while walking over to the sink to rinse her hands. She took her black apron off and walk over to me, she stood infront of me and examined my features. She was slightly taken back at the sight of my back pack that was only used for missions and traveling. Meanwhile I hesitated and didn't answers Mira's question. She soon realised that I was going to be leaving. Mira tightly wrapped her arms around my waist, burying her face deep into my chest while I wrapped my arms around her and nuzzled my face deep in her hair, exhaling her sweet scent. Ahhh she smells like freshly picked roses. She's so delicate that it feels like I might break, just by holding her.

His so warm. I feel so comfortable and safe when he holds me. Why couldn't I have told him that I love him sooner?

We stood there embracing each other for about 5 minutes, I loosen my grip around her while she tighten her grip around me.

"Its alright, Mira, I'll come back… someday"I said softly, patting her small head while my fingers intertwined with herd4 soft white hair. She pulled her head back and look at my black onyx eyes while mine meet those gorgeous blue orbs.

"Promise"She said while tears where building up from the side of her eyes. I wipe away the tears that threaten to fall and kissed her on the cheek.

"I promise"I reassured her and gave her my trade mark smile. By the look on her angelic face I knew she was blushing. I chuckled at the sight. She's so cute when she blushes I thought while I began patting her hair. She smiled back and looked at me right in the eye.

"You better take care of yourself or else!"She said in a demonic tone. I just chuckled and agreed at her statement.

"Yes, Ma'am"I said.

"Can you tell everyone that I'll be leaving the guild, especially master"I said in serious tone while I place my hands on both Mira's shoulders, giving her my full attention. She nodded in response and walk over to the counter and pulled out a brown bag, she gave it to me while I look at her in confusion.

"Its food, silly"She giggled. I smiled and thanked her.

"Thanks, Mira!"I hug her and pulled away quickly giving her a smile. We were at the guilds exit and I was just about to leave when Mira called out to me.

"Natsu!"She half shouted. I quickly shot my head back at the running Mira. She was panting when got over to me, after a minute of gulping air she mange to regain her breath.

"What is it, Mira?"I asked.

"You forgot this…"She said. I was about to question her but was sadly interrupted by her soft lips, I was confuse. Why's she kissing me? Does she like me? Is it alright if I leave her, she might get lonely if I leave her. Although those ideas came running in my mind I decided to let it pass and kiss her back. And that's what I did, my hand slid down to her hips/waist and pulled her closer towards me, deepening the kiss. I kissed her passionately under the rays of the rising sun of Magnolia, she had her arms locked around my neck while my hands where still where it remained before-on her waist/hips.

Although I enjoyed the kiss we both had to part our lips to catch our breath. We were panting heavily while our foreheads leaned on each other, I smiled and lifted her chin up with my index finger, we were now looking at each others eyes. I smiled and kiss her on her forehead, while she smiled back.

"That was your good luck charm"She muttered, she was flush. Her face was bright red almost the same colour as Erza's hair. I smiled. I unwrapped my scarf around her neck and wrapped it around her, securing it comfortably around her neck. She looked up with those ocean blue eyes that she had a confuse look to it, I chuckled at the sight had pat her on the head.

"It's precious to me and you as well, so you better take care of it and yourself as well, okay"She giggled and nodded in response.

"This is goodbye them"I said as I quickly place a quick yet sweet kiss on her lips, I quickly pulled away, turning around at the same time while looking forward in the distance to begin my journey. I waved goodbye to Mira, Magnolia and the guild not looking back. If I look back now then I wouldn't be able to go on this journey.

Mira POV.

"Goodbye and take care of yourself in your journey, Natsu"I giggled at the memory of me kissing him.

"Until we meet again my little dragon"I said quietly while Natsu's silhouette in the distance disappeared. I turned around and began my own journey back to FairyTail while I fiddled with Natsu's scarf while walking through the streets of Magnolia. Although I was sad that he was gone, I was overjoyed that he gave me his scarf.

At The Guild.

It was 7:30 in the morning and everyone slowly made their way to the guild. Master was the second person to come into the guild, with the following, Erza. I told Master and Erza everything about Natsu and why he was leaving, I left the kissing bit out though.

"I understand"He said, letting out a heavy sigh and headed to his office while Erza was also stunned. She sighed and walked over to the bar and ordered her favourite, Strawberry cake.

"Mira, can I get one slice of Strawberry cake, please"She half shouted because I was in the kitchen still preparing the food.

"Sure"I said, pulling out a freshly made strawberry cake out of the fridge and cutting a slice, placing it on a small white plate. I walked out of the kitchen and strolled over to were Erza was sitting and place the cake infront of her, handing her a small fork.

She sighed and began eating. I on the other hand was behind the bar cleaning the cups and mugs while I look at the guild member who had smiles on their faces. After a while all the main guild members came in, Juvia came in first and went over to her hiding spot where she will over at Gray, Levy came in with Gajeel who had his arms cross over his chest while Jet and Droy came trailing behind them and lastly Lucy and Happy. Happy was crying on Lucy's shoulder while Lucy cried as well, everyone looked at them with curious faces.

"My fellow children I've got something to tell you…"He stop and looked around the room catching everyone's attention. Master was standing at the stage, looking dead serious while looking a bit sad.

"Natsu has left the guild…"He paused and looked around the room, seeing all the guild members with shock and down expressions.

"temporally"He continued. The last statement gave the guild some hope that their cheerful and goofy fire dragon slayer will return soon, hopefully.

"Will be waiting"All the guild members though in unison.

Timeskip 5years.

Mira POV.

It has been over 5 years now and Natsu still hasn't come back from his journey. Our guild isn't truly Fairytail without him, It was too quite and peaceful. The guild wasn't in its usual self, when Natsu was here he'd always create fights and loads of trouble. Although he was a nuisance we miss all the ruckus and mayhem around the guild. It made the guild more fun and lively.

"Please come home soon"I mumbled quietly while polishing a mug.

Don't get me started on, Laxus, he has been trying to ask me out on a date for over 5 years now, after Natsu left he'd always ask me the same question over and over again. "Do you wanna go out on a date with me?" and I'd always so 'No' because he only wanted me because of body and figure and not for me as me. Theres only one man that can every date me and that's Natsu. He was a kind, caring, sweet and loving person, he love everyone for who they were and not for there status and title.

Meanwhile we come a cross a hooded figure coming towards the guild, he had a black cloak that ended by his waist while he had baggy yet skinny silk trousers while wearing black slippers.

"It's good to be back"He said in a deep tone. He look up and saw the Fairytail insignia.

"Well the guild hasn't change very much"he chuckled, walking to the big wooden doors. He slowly opened it and walk inside, he look around and saw that everyone had their eyes fixed on him and him alone, he shrug the stares and glares and walk over to the bar where Mira was cleaning.

Gray POV.

"What's this power"He began sweating, the amount of magical energy in the room was enormous, he cold feel it radiating from the mysterious man that came through the guild doors. Gray's never felt this much magical power before, he began to shake in fear.

Erza POV.

"What power!"she thought getting ready to requip to her battle form. She walk over to the bar and was now standing behind the mysterious man, accompanied by Laxus, master, Gray, Mira, Lucy and Happy. The group was now surrounding the man, he put his bag next and turned around, his hood shadowed his features except his bright green eyes. Although they were gorgeous to look at it was also terrifying, those eyes showed power and terror.

"State your business"I half shouted at the man, he chuckled and turned back around, kneeling down pulling out a familiar scaled scarf, he wrapped it around his neck and slowly pulled his hood down revealing his black hair. He slowly turned around and grinned a toothy grind at us. Mira began to have teary eyes while the man began speaking.

"Is it wrong for a fellow guild member to come home"He ask, chuckling at the same time. It was Natsu but he seem different, he has black hair and light green eyes. He also looks more muscular and mature. I blush at the thought. Wait, Natsu has salmon coloured hair while he has onyx eyes, who did he get black hair and green eyes. He stood up and walk over to Mira who was still sobbing and wrapped his arms around her, comforting her at the same time.

Mira POV.

Natsu's really here! his really here! He wrapped his warm arms around me. Oh how miss this! I got comfortable in his embrace and finally stop sobbing. I look up and saw those gorgeous green eyes, although he seems different with those green eyes it really does suit him, it actually makes him look even more attractive. I blush. buried my face in his chest, ahh he seems more muscular than before, I smiled and kept hugging, I don't care if the whole guild sees me. He look down at me where our eyes lock in place, he lifted my chin up with his index finger and kiss me on the lips. mmmm, it still feels the same, warm and passionate, ohhh how I truly miss this feeling. After a minute of passionate kissing we broke apart, Natsu buried his head deep in my soft white hair, inhaling my sweet scent.

"I'm home"He whispered, he kiss my lips and kiss my cheek then my neck, he buried his head in my hair again. I giggled at his actions and hugged him back.

"Welcome back, Natsu"I said.

Meanwhile the guild members were all stunned at the little scene that was happening in the middle of the guild. They were shock that Natsu has massively change over time, from his hair colour and eye colour and don't forget his magical power has enormously increase over the last 5 years. They were also shock that their salamander and their demon were together, especially Laxus who was furious at the scene.

Laxus POV.

"Natsu, I challenge you to fight. whoever wins will get Mira"I half shouted towards them while Mira gave me death glares, while Natsu was laughing his head off, rolling on the ground while tears came running down his eyes.

"Su-re"He said chuckling at the same time.

"I'm not the same Natsu 5 years ago y'know"He said smirking. Ohh how much I want to punch that face.

"No steals my girl"I half shouted while Natsu stop and glare towards while glared back at him.

"I was never your girl, Laxus"Mira said a little pissed off.

"Well are just going to stand here argue or are we going to fight"Natsu said leading the way to the back of the guild.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed reading this.