Out in the courtyard, a snowman stood.

Anna, the tiny daughter of Angnarr and Iduna of Arendelle, loved that snowman.

It was her last link to her sister Elsa, the queen that was to be, who had fled so suddenly from her life. Anna's memories were jumbled. Why, she did not know. But she remembered building the snowman with Elsa. She remembered them both sneaking into the castle kitchens and nabbing a carrot, the perfect nose for their little creation. With the sharpness of pinpricks of starlight, in spite of the haze over her mind, Anna remembered their jubilance, recalled the delight they shared.

Before Elsa went away…

And so, Anna doted on the snowman, talked to it, cared for it. Her parents smiled, in spite of themselves, to see her childish antics.

Soon enough however, the sun began to shine over the castle. The shimmer of frost upon the walls began to fade. The icicles hanging from the roof began to melt.

The snowman began to melt.

Anna wept to see it, for she had come to see the snowman as an extension of Elsa. If Elsa was not there, at least something of her was.

Anna had lost Elsa once. And now, she was losing her again.

No matter how the king and queen tried to console her, they could not.

Head bowed, Anna traipsed into the courtyard, resigned to the fact that she would have to watch her snowman crumble away.

When she looked up, however, she saw something extraordinary.

The snowman still stood, even as the snow all about it melted in the warm light. A gentle shower of snowflakes fell upon it and only upon it. Silver-white, the snowfall danced upon its head, keeping the beloved thing safe, protecting it from harm.

Little Anna threw her arms around the snowman and hugged it tightly.

The young princess would never tell anyone of the miracle she witnessed, but would tuck it away in her heart to cherish forever.

Looking out her window at the scene, Elsa smiled faintly that she could do this small act of kindness for her sister, barely realizing how in control of her powers she had been.

All because of her love for Anna…