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What. The fuck. Is this...thing. I gazed in horror at my reflection in the cracked mirror on the wall. "All I need is some chocolate and gram crackers and I could totally make smores. Mmmmmmm...Smores." I licked my lips, fantasizing about turning my yellow marshmallow dress into a delicious chocolatey snack.

"Marie, come on! If you don't hurry, I'm gonna be late!" My 6 year old sister, Andrea, yelled. Taking one last look at my marshmallowy appearance, mentally pleading that the image would change. It didn't. Of course it wouldn't. Because logic.

"TA-DA!" The kitchen was a mess. Bowls of every size filled the sink and flooded out to the counter, milk spilled in puddles on the floor. 'Note to self, add: "clean the kitchen" to my endless list of things to do after school' in the middle of the chaos, was Andrea. Who was covered in flour and adorable as hell. "Look, I made pancakes! I made 'em pink too! To celebrate your first day at Ouran academy" She pointed to the small counter island at a green plate with two adorable, pink (and slightly charred) pancakes adorning its surface. I smiled as enthusiastically as I could and took my seat. She pressed a fork into my hand, looking at my pancakes longingly. Smirking, I took out her favorite unicorn plate from the cupboard and put it on the table across from me, placing one of my adorable pancakes on top of the cartoony equestrian.

"I wouldn't want my little chef to starve, would I?" She squealed with joy and started to inhale the pancake like a vacuum cleaner. Me, on the other hand, I ate chewing slowly, savoring the fluffy goodness. Andrea was awesome. Sure, she had her moments (like now) but, hey, what can you do? I collected our plates and squeezed them into the crammed sink. 'god that's gonna be a pain to clean' I struck a pose, pointing to the ceiling.

"Alrighty then! School time!" Andrea giggled. I smiled warmly. My sister was the light of my life. Dad died shortly after she was born, and mom is currently in a coma because of a car accident that happened four years ago. I had to drop out of my private high school after my first year because of the tuition price, so when I saw an opportunity to further my education, I took it. And now, continuing in my second year of high school, I have a music scholarship to ouran academy. I grabbed the two bentos I had made last night from the fridge and handed one to my sister and tucked the other into my school bag. Double checking that I had everything, I ushered my sister out the door, making sure to lock it safely behind me. Luckily, Andrea's elementary school was only a few blocks away from Ouran, so walking wasn't really a problem.

"Marieeee~ the hill is too tall, carry me?" She looked up at me sweetly. I frowned and put my hands on my hips. "What's the magic word?" Smiling brightly, she said, "Pretty please, carry me?" chuckling, I leaned down to one knee, my back towards her. Andrea hopped onto my back, nearly pushing me over. I made an audible 'oof' sound as I hefted her up the steep hill effortlessly. Most of my part time jobs involved carrying heavy things, (TV's, couches, pool tables, etc...) so, really, Andrea felt like a stuffed animal right now. I came to a halt in front of her school.

"And thank you for flying 'Air-Marie'." I said while pinching my nose, making my voice come out weird. She giggled a bit at that. I lowered her down to the ground gently, waiting until I could feel both of her tiny feet on the pavement. I glanced at my digital watch. 'damn, that late already?' I turned to look at Andrea, who was pouting at me at full power.

"Promise you won't be too late to pick me up?" She said. I smiled gently and gave her a peck on the cheek. "I promise I won't be late." She beamed at me. "Bye-bye, big sister!" she waved at me from the gate and then left for class.

"Speaking of class, I'm gonna have to run to make it at this rate! Yosh! Let's go!" I stretched out my legs, which was hard in a marshmallow dress, then took off like a bullet from a gun. I skidded to a halt at the front gates of my...Holy mother of god! please say that's not my school. I looked up at the sign over the gate. 'Ouran Academy' I sighed, yep, this is it. But seriously, of all the colors, why pink? I deal with enough pink at home, why did the infernal color have to bleed into my school life?

"My name is Maria Yuki, please take care of me." I introduced myself to the class. Did I do that right? My teacher asked me to sit next to Tamaki Suoh. Who raised his hand enthusiastically, As I walked towards my seat, I received many evil glares from the girl population of the class. It was understandable, I mean, Suoh was hot. Really hot. I could feel his violet eyes on me as I sat at the desk. He was about to ask a question when the teacher called the class to order. I took notes on everything, making sure not to leave anything out from the teacher's lecture on latin roots. I went to a private high school before, so the advanced curriculum was to be expected. What I didn't expect, however, was Suoh-san waiting for me outside the door after class ended for the day.