Rachel entered the classroom with a wide smile plastered across her face. She greeted her teacher in a cheerful tone before sitting in the front with her friends. It was only the third day, but she was loving high school.

Rachel glanced at the door as a tall, handsome guy entered the classroom, his eyes scanning the piece of paper in his hand. He peeled his eyes from the writing, meeting Rachel's eyes. He paused for a moment, feeling his heart race in his chest. She was beautiful. She flashed him a shy smile and he felt himself freeze before he too smiled slightly. He turned towards the teacher's desk, ignoring the flutter in his heart. "Hi, I'm Finn Hudson, I was in your last period class, but my schedule changed so I'm in this period now."

"Yes. Welcome to third period." Mrs. Miller smiled, her hands resting on her five-month-pregnant stomach. "Have a seat anywhere you would like."

Finn nodded and his eyes fell to the desk behind Rachel. He made his way to the empty desk, feeling his heart race again as he approached her. "Is this seat taken?"

"Now it is." She grinned, pushing a stay hair behind her ear. "I'm Rachel. Rachel Berry."

"F-Finn…Finn Hudson." He stuttered nervously as he slid into the desk. He wasn't sure why this girl made him so nervous, but he did know that he wanted to get to know her.

Rachel stood over her friend, helping her grasp the concept of the equation. She had finished her sheet within ten minutes and was currently helping her friend with the problems she was struggling with.

"Thanks Rachel." The blonde said as she scribbled across the paper.

"Mrs. Miller, can you help me when you're done?" Finn asked his teacher, who was currently explaining a problem to another student.

"Of course."

"Which one are you struggling with?" Rachel asked, turning around to face him.

"Uh…number five." Finn spit out anxiously. For the past six weeks he was trying to work up the nerve to talk to her, but whenever he tried, he chickened out. Whenever she talked to him, his nerves overwhelmed him and he acted stupid. He wasn't a shy person. In fact, he was pretty outgoing, but for some reason Rachel Berry made him a stuttering, nervous mess.

"I'll help you." Rachel was suddenly standing above him, pointing at the work he scribbled beneath the problem. "You started out right. You just got stuck here."

Finn only nodded, words failing him yet again. He couldn't help but stare at her as she explained the problem to him. Her soft hair tickled his arms, sending tingles throughout his body. He was too distracted by her beauty to really pay attention to what she was saying.

"See, not so hard." Rachel said as she stood up straight.

"T-thanks." Finn grinned widely.

"Anytime." Rachel smiled before grabbing her sheet from her desk. "Ms. Miller, would you like me to write the answers on the board?"

"Yes thank you, Rachel."

Finn watched as she wrote across the board, his grin still stretched across his face. Her numbers were perfectly straight and bubbly. She helped him. That was his perfect chance to talk to her and all he did was sit there and smile. He had to get it together. He was going to make it his mission to actually get to know Rachel Berry.

Thanks for reading! I know it's very short, but it's just the prologue, just to kind of set up the story. This is a prequel for my story Turning Tables, but all readers are welcome. This is set freshman year of high school for the glee kids and will probably go as far as to where Turning Tables starts. The sequel for Turning Tables should be up by end of August/early September.