The woman ran with all her might, hearing the screams of children. Children, she thought, those monsters…

Her hands wrapped around the hilts of a twin pair of sword on her belt. The hilts inlaid with silver, the blade gleaming with ice blue light and power. Swords drawn she rounded the corner of the small restaurant resting on the urban streets of Cadania.

Human-like-beings stood in her vision, adults with hunches backs and veins grotesquely popping from the skin. They turned to face the new arrival, glowing red eyes narrowing, jaws opening to show pairs of snakelike fangs. Each fang bulge against their lips. Each being had blood dribbling from the corners of their mouths.

A group of three children stood behind them, huddled together like herd animals to be slaughtered.

The woman let out a cry and flung herself forward, the black scarf that hid her neck and the lower portion of her face whipping behind her. Her sword gleamed in the pale moonlight as one of the beings fell sliced in three parts, electricity rippling from the wounds.

One of the other two darted in, drawing its claws across her chest and shoulder, knocking one of her blades from her hand. Swiftly the other blade was lodged in the being's throat.

The last darted in with blurring speed, grabbing the woman by the wrists and throwing her against a wall. Her scarf drifted down, revealing the young and delicate features of a teenager.

The being holding her pinned was taken aback for a moment, seeing the huntress was still merely a child. Her body help post-pubescent curves, and a muscular slenderness that spoke of someone used to hard work.

Her low ponytail had come loose, strands of gold flitting across her face and in front of her ice blue eyes.

"My, my," the being's voice was a mix between a purr and a growl, "it's not often one becomes so lucky to find a lovely young lady ready for the taking."

The woman snarled in response, twisting her knee slightly against her captor's. The being smirked and leaned in, harshly biting her neck and sucking.

Blood messily dripped down her sun tanned skin to pollute her scarf and the neckline of her uniform.

Lights flashed in the woman's vision and she bucked. Metal slid on metal and the blade of a knife poked from her knee brace and the woman drew her knee across her captor's stomach, sending him back in shock.

"Don't underestimate me!" The woman snarled and pulled the knife completely from her knee brace.

She flew forward, blood dripping from her enemy's wounds, further polluting her frame with red.

The vampire's dying scream echoed through the silent night, a tribute to the woman's struggle. The woman watched it fall with fierce joy, then collapsed against a wall clutching her wounds.

Struggling to keep her eyes open the woman's last thought was, if I am to die, at least I took those bastards with me.

Blackness consumed her vision.

Hey guys!

Not my best prologue, I admit. I seriously enjoyed writing this!

SO the fandom is Vampire Knight, obviously. If any of my readers don't know that fandom I'm going to try and keep it simple and explain any difficult details.

Now the hard part, and please be honest, if this story continued, would you all read it? (I'll probably continue it anyways but it's good to know)

Love you all!