I'll Die For You

Part 1

The sound of screams and metal clashing against each other was heard as the ground was cover in corpses, some of the corpses radiating the smell of burning flesh and others mangled beyond recognizable. The ground was cover in blood, it squishing under my boots as I stopped in front of the dead corpse of the person that brought me through hell, Malcom C. Leverrier.

My eyes narrowed at his mangled corpse, looking away from his corpse to look at the Noahs, my family as they fought exorcists and Generals. The twins fighting Lavi and Bookman, Road fighting Lenalee and Tyki fighting General Klaude Nine. The other Noah fighting other exorcists, the Earl was watching the fight his golden eyes scanning the fighting grounds, looking for something that was not there, the heart. It had not joined this fight but the apocryphos lay on the ground crumbling into pieces as everyone continued to fight, the Earl had taken out apocryphos.

It was a great battle to witness, too bad the pure innocence was not powerful then the Earl. My innocence arm stopped spazzing when that Thing died; we won't have to deal with that thing for a couple thousand years because innocence after along amount of time returns and becomes whole again after it is smashed by the opposite force. That explains why Crown Clown came back to me after it was destroyed by my love, Tyki Mikk but I speed up the time of the innocence so that is why I have it.

My mercury eyes looked over the battle field as all the exorcists retreated, a grin spreading across my face but was wiped off when Tyki looked at me and I felt a burning feeling erupted in my chest, my gaze drifting downwards to see the sword, Mugen through my chest. A growing crimson mark appeared as Tyki looked wide eyed at me, I fell forward, a small smile on my face. I fell onto the dirt, someone shouting my name as I lay there on the ground, a pool of blood growing around my form as my Noah uniform that looked slightly like Road's but my dress was tighter. It clung to my figure perfectly; it ended a little below mid-thigh and it had black sleeves. My mid-back white hair fanning around my figure as it slowly turned a crimson red from the blood pool growing around me.

Strong arms lifted me off the ground, holding me close to a toned chest as my world faltered slightly. I closed my dulling mercury eyes as I reopened them once again to see Tyki's worried golden eyes looking at me, I reached up slightly and fisted my hands into his shirt. My body going numb as I tried to keep my eyes open the task becoming more difficult as time passed.

Tyki stopped in front of someone but my vision had become blurred and I couldn't see who it was. The voice was slightly deep and had authority to it; the gears in my mind slowing down as my vision darken a little. Who was he talking to? I can't see who it is and I'm having trouble hearing this person. My mind kept whispering to me on who this person was and it kept saying 'Brother' and 'First'. My already confused brain didn't understand what it meant.

My world darkened once more as everything just became this blur, all feeling in my body leaving me as my hair swayed or at least I think it was, I couldn't really tell. My eyes stared into the light heavens them growing darker as images of the moon growing when Tyki had almost killed me appeared. It frightened me slightly thinking I was dying but then again it means I wouldn't have to worry about the war or the Order. But if I did die I would be leaving my new family and Tyki, I couldn't leave him. The very idea of me not being with Tyki and having him by my side was horrible, I didn't want to die.

I couldn't die, not now.

But it looks like I wouldn't win this fight with life because the once dark heaven became bright and just keep getting brighter and brighter. It was almost like they were calling for me to give up the fight on living but I wish I could stop but the warmth of the light and the feeling of being embraced by it almost made me give in. It felt like I was floating in the light, it growing brighter as my body faded slightly.


But it was already too late, tears escaping my eyes as I tried to get away from the glowing light. I didn't want to leave yet and if I did I wanted to be by Tyki's side, I want to stay by him. Please, I can't die without him by my side. I shouted out with all my heart but to everyone else it was just a whisper, like the wind had said it. "Tyki Stay By My Side! Don't Leave Me! TYKI!"

I screamed and cried for him not to leave me, it doing nothing but making the area around me grow brighter. Crystal tears were streaming down my face as I looked into the bright heaven, clutching my chest as a dull pain started in my chest and slowly growing until I was now screaming in pain. I closed my eyes as I screamed with all my power and thrashed around, trying to shake the pain away as it only grew.

The area around me growing dark all of a sudden as I screamed into the nothingness feeling slowly coming back to me as my voice grew to sore to scream anymore, tears just streaming down my face as I hiccupped. The pain just growing until I thought I was about to pass out but you can't pass out if you already are.

The pain growing but all of a sudden it vanished, like the breeze had blown it away. I gasped for breath as I slowly opened my eyes to see I was lying on something soft and the room was too dark to see anything. I panicked slightly and tried to move only ending with my eyes widening and an ear piercing scream leaving my already sore and dry throat.

Quick and rushed footsteps were heard as I clutched my chest, trying to claw out the pain in my chest. It felt like someone was slowly driving a hot poker through my chest and I wanted to rid of the feeling by clawing it out. I felt hands hold my thrashing form down, a voice being heard slightly over my screaming. Someone held down my hands and stopped me from clawing at me chest; a warm liquid was felt on my chest as someone cursed slightly.

My senses coming back to normal as light filled into the room, seeing who was on top of me. My confuse brain couldn't figure out who this person was he had long purple-ish black hair tied back in a low pony tail, bright golden eyes and a good looking face. Something seemed familiar about him but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Who was this person?

My eyebrows scrunched together as I looked at him, his golden eyes looking into to my mercury. The pain going away slowly but it was left as a dull ache. The warm liquid, my blood that I had caused, when I was clawing at my chest with my left hand, my black claws having fresh blood on them. The person on me slowly released my hands, knowing I wasn't going to start clawing at my chest again.

The man in front of me sighed as he turned on his heel, grabbing some bandages that were on the small table near the door. He walked back over to me leaning forward to remove the bandages from my chest causing me to hiss at him and move away from him, this caused confusion to flash in his beautiful golden eyes, his voice deep and like dark velvet, not white but dark velvet. "What's wrong darling? Don't you know who I am?"

His eyes widened when they looked into mine, him realizing I really didn't know who he was. He looked away from me pain flashing in his eyes as he moved away from me, leaving the bandages on the bed as he walked out of the room returning with the Earl a few minutes later. I smiled at the Earl as he came over to me, standing in front of me as I grabbed his hand, smiling up at him, giggling slightly.

The Earl chuckled slightly as he sat next to me on the king size bed, patting my head. "Ellen dear, do you know who this man is?"

I looked at the man then back at the Earl, shaking my head as I tilted my head to the side. "I don't. Is he a new member of the family?"

"No dear. This man here is…was your fiancé Tyki Mikk." The Earl ruffled my already knotted white hair, my pale eyes brows scrunched together as I looked away from the Earl and over to the man known as Tyki Mikk. My head tilting to the side as my eyes narrowed in thought, trying to remember this man but my mind coming up blank.

"But Earl….I don't know who he is. How can I be marrying him?" The Earl released a long sigh from his inhuman grin, placing one of his large hands on my smaller one.

"Dear because you can't remember this man, you and Tyki loved each other very much. Its quiet sad that you can't remember him….But now let me change your bandages." The Earl picked up the bandages, undoing the ones around my chest, a faint blush appearing on my cheeks as the bandages fell to the bed. My arms wrapping around my chest covering my slightly small breasts as the blush darkened.

I looked at the Earl then the man known as Tyki, he had his back turned to me and the Earl. I sighed as the Earl tried to get my arms away from my chest, not pulling my arms away as he tried to reapply them. I closed my eyes and slowly moved my arms away from my chest, knowing the Earl wasn't a pervert and that I could trust him.

After the bandages were reapplied the Earl cleared his throat, while folding his hands together. "Ellen dear…You have been in a coma for two months because of the condition you were in. The boy, Kanda had grazed your heart with his sword and so you were put unconscious by Maitora so you could heal….Tyki bring her to dinner when she is dresses."

With that the Earl left, leaving me with Tyki. I turned to look at him, my grey eyes fixed onto his face as I raked through my brain trying to find any recollection of him, still coming up with nothing. I sighed, looking away from him as he strode over to a mahogany door, pulling it open to reveal clothing. This peeked my interest as I slowly pushed myself off the soft bed and stumbled over to Tyki, almost falling over if it weren't for him catching me.

My eyes looked at all the dresses short and long, black to colourful. My gaze landed on a beautiful white dress in the middle of it, it was made from lace, the gown flowing out at the bottom as it had a lavender ribbon around the bust, a beautiful lace veil hung from the hanger of the dress. I touched the dress with my slender fingers, feeling it as my heart speed up.

Small images of this man appearing in my mind but quickly disappeared. I pulled my hand away from the wedding dress, a frown etching its way onto my face as I looked at it. I shook my head as I grabbed out a pale blue knee high dress with a white sash around the waist, I turned to look at Tyki and noticed that he was changing his shirt causing my cheeks to heat up as I glanced at his chest, my heart rate speeding up.

He had a good looking body, my face heating up even more as I turned around and headed to the bathroom. Quickly changing but it being difficult considering every time I lifted my arms over my head to slide the dress on caused my chest to hurt. I ignored the pain as I looked at myself in the mirror noticing that my skin was deathly pale and that I had become thinner. I sighed opening the door to the bathroom, looking at Tyki who was sitting on the bed, waiting for me.

I smiled at him faintly as he got off the bed, holding his hand out to me as I stumbled forward, my slightly smaller hand grasping it as he led me to the dining room. Not realizing that in the next couple of days that my world would turn upside down and this will be the last moment of peace.

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