I'll Die For You

Part 5:

Second Ending

Ellen's POV:

Tears welled in my eyes as my crimson blood soaked into the ground, my mercury eyes staring into the darking sky above me. Blood ran down my chin as I tore my eyes away from the sky, directing it towards the wounds that covered my body. A large gash was on my chest as smaller ones littered the rest of my body, these wounds being from the now dead Kanda Yu.

We had been taken down together, like the time he took out Skin on the Ark but this time neither of us would come back. My broad sword rest in my limp hand as I rested against the tree, my head lulling to the side as faint footsteps met my ears.

The tears welling in my eyes began to fall; running down my cheeks as my eyes closed slowly, a figure appeared in my darkened vision. They crouched before me and lifted my chin up with their fingers, making me look them in the eye but my eyes were dulled and made it hard to see.

"Oh, my precious fourteenth… You have met you demise once again but don't worry for you won't die," The voice of the Earl meet my ears as I scrunched my brow in confusion at him, coughing slightly as blood ran down my chin, "I'll bring you back were you belong – inside my body. For you are, the missing quarter of what makes me whole – what makes me the Millennium Earl. Tyki and the family don't know of this but I need your strength to win the war and… I can't do it without you, Ellen."

I just stared at the Earl, gasping for breath as the pool of blood grew and darkened the soil. I opened my mouth to respond but felt that is was hard to do so, the very amount of blood that I had lost had made my brain slower and my thoughts jumbled. "H-how… S-separate?"

The Earl shifted slightly as he pulled me towards him, resting my head on his lap as he gently stroked my hair, my eyes struggling to stay open. "We – Mana and Neah – were once one. The Millennium Earl has only disappeared twice over the last seven thousand years. We disappeared one of those times because we became two and slowly grew up with our 'mother' taking care of us. You see Ellen and Neah, we were meant to become one once again."

I stared at the Earl my eyes wide as I shakily raised a hand to stroke his cheek, tears running down it. I smiled shakily and rubbed his cheek with my thumb, whispering out for that is all I could manage. "C-can you tell… Tyki, I love him… And I'm sorry I wasn't… S-strong enough…"

I tried to control by breathing which only came in sharp little bursts, eyes slowly closing as my breathing became slower and shallower. "Please…. Tell…. Him… And…. Goodbye….. Brother."

My eyes closed as my head slowly lulled to the side, my body slowly crumbling to ash as everything seemed to stop and my mind shift, images appeared to mind as a small smile was formed onto my lips as I disappeared.

'Two young boys running through the golden wheat, large grins upon their young faces as laughter escaped their lips. The two boy's destination seemed to be a twisted dead tree that lurked in the golden wheat field. One of the boys had long dark brown hair that reached past his shoulder blades and was held back with a blue ribbon, his attire was darker than the other. He wore a dark brown coat with a white long sleeve shirt and dark brown pants and boots.

The other boy had short dark brown unruly hair that stuck up in every direction. His attire was lighter, it consisted of a light creamy brown that was the colour of his coat and pants, his long sleeve shirt was white and his boats were dark brown. He smiled to the boy to his left – his brother – as he watched his older brother touch the tree, staring at the setting sun.

The younger brother spoke his voice calm and had a faint bit up a musical tone. "Mana, you know whatever happens, I'll be by your side," Smiling brightly at the older boy as he moved closer and wrapped his small arms around him, "Till the very end. I promise."

The others boy looked at his younger brother with wide indigo eyes, his voice was soft and filled with warmth. "I'm glad Neah because I promise to protect you with all my might and if you are to fall, I'll be by your side till the end. I promise."'

Earl's POV:

Tears freely flowed from my golden eyes as I watched my younger brother and Ellen fade from this world, I held them both in my arms and I had kept my promise. I smiled shakily at the crumbling corpse of Ellen, my shoulders shaking as a sob broke past my lips. "I kept my promise. If you were to fall I would stay by your side till you disappeared but you're not really disappearing for you are just retreating into my being."

As the ashes slowly disappeared and were carried off in the wind, the only thing left showing that the fourteenth was here was the blood stain on the tree and the ground and the stains on my clothing. My hands shook as I slowly stood, looking down at the blood stains as I spoke softly, letting the wind carry my words away. "You might have not fully kept your promise Neah, but at the very end… You did."

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