Chapter one
Not evil

Laenna p.o.v

Uh, why can't Leslie just leave me alone. So what if I have creepy powers that aren't Kairu related, at least I'm not a preppy princess. I never will be, years of evil all around made it impossible when I'm the good egg of the family. Or as they think, the bad one.

"Laenna, Dad wants to talk to you." Leslie's annoying singsong voice came through. I rolled my eyes and got up from my sitting position between the desk and my bed and went out the door dumping Les lightly on the shoulder (any harder and dad would have my head). I passed by many of our servants/employees. Each of them gave me a glare as I walked by. No one was kind to me like they were with Leslie.

"Yeah Dad?" I asked. He looked up at me.

"Your mother and I have decided that you should go on quests with sis…" he started.

"I'll pass." I growled. Mom looked at me with dissapointment. Dad sighed.

"Why?" he asked.

"Sorry, but I missed the evil gene. Love you!" I said as I walked out. Two grudging "love you too's" followed me. This was my life. Glares, stares, A bratty fraternal twin, pestering, and the constant wave of favoritism. Boy was it annoying. Leslie was waiting when I got there.

"Not happening Les." were my words as I passed her.