The rest

Year 3

Lae in mad at X, and attends the ball with Nico. The tournament plays out, they discover that Lupin is a were wolf which Lexi and Leslie already knew. The second task is a hunt in the forbidden forest. Leslie is taken for Lexi hunt item, and Leslie later admits a crush on Lexi, which has Sirius joking non-stop. As they start dating, the third task comes up. It's centered in a pillared, desolate, desert land in which they must find of a trophy to become the winner. Leslie gives Lexi a necklace to keep with her. As Lexi goes through, just as she almost wins, she is blasted by Nico, and does not liveL. No one realizes except Leslie who screams at him repeatedly as they leave for the summer. X and Lae, who are upset, finally become friends again on the train.

Year four

There's a somber mood as Nico and his little brother move to go to Hogwarts. The have to constantly stop Leslie from killing him. Finally proof comes saying that Leslie had been right and Nico is put up for trial. He is proven guilty which both satisfies and saddens Leslie. At the end they go home for the summer. That's when the attack happens.

The attack

Lokar, Ellatoys, Leslie, and Laenna were in their living room playing monopoly when death eaters come through. Leslie leaps at one but is blasted with water, incinerating her. Lokar uses an attack to get rid of them but before he can Ellatoys I hit with the killing curse. Lokar runs over and grabs the body, and accidentally gives Laenna a look that says it's all her fault. Lae runs to her room, with Lokar screaming after her to come back. X appears later on a broom, having heard of the attack. They fly off to Lillys house.

You know the rest.