First Touch

The Indominus Rex, Jurassic World's first genetically modified hybrid. She was supposed to be the breakout start for the park, since kids nowadays saw a stegosaurus as an elepuant. No one was interested in dinosaurs anymore. They had their spotlight of fame for a few years, but now, Jurassic World was more like your everyday zoo. Dinosaurs were resurrected by John Hammond's top scientists at Jurassic Park, the first park and the first attempt at getting people to see dinosaurs. But, his dream was shattered when Dennis Nedry betrayed him and stole embryos for money. He shut off the power and that led to the downfall of the park. Dr. Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm, and Hammond's grandchildren were on their own for survival and we're rescued by Rexy when the velociraptors were about to attack them. They got out alive and vowed that they would never return to the island.

John Hammond's dream was brought to full realization when he trusted Masrani Global CEO, Simon Masrani, in creating a fully functional dinosaur theme park, that spared no expense, of course. Simon brought his friend's dying wish to life in the form of Jurassic World. Jurassic World was a phenomenal success and everyone in the world wanted to visit. With new attractions being unveiled every few months or so, attendance for the park would spike and that made Masrani happy. Simon was a good CEO for the park. He cared about how his visitors and his dinosaurs were doing. He didn't care about customer satisfaction or attendance, he wanted his dinosaurs to be happy as well as the people that would come to see them. Everything was going fine for the park, until people started wanting the dinosaurs bigger, louder, more teeth.

That became reality in the form of the Indominus Rex, the 'Untamable King.' The genetically modified hybrid was a mixture of various predators, including Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Gigantosaur, Carnotaurus, Cuttlefish, Snakes, Tree Frogs, and a few others. This was a hybrid with one too many predators in her. With the cuttlefish gene, she could camouflage. With the snake gene, she could read heat signatures. With the tree frog gene, she could control her body temperature, aiding her in hiding from the thermal scanners in her paddock. With the T-Rex gene, she would be colossal size, bigger than the 'Tyrant Lizard' herself! With the Carnotaurus gene, she received protrusions on her head and neck. This hybrid had so many things that made her, her, but there was one gene that chief geneticist Dr. Henry Wu put into the Indominus that would be the defining factor in stopping her from her rampage. It wasn't the raptor DNA, or any of the other genes put into her, it was human DNA. Wu never told anyone, not even Mr. Masrani or the heads of InGen what any of his 'creations' were made of, not even the Indominus. Everyone wondered why he was so secretive about it. They simply wanted to know what it was made of so that visitors could know. But, in a way, Wu knew what he was doing. Wu knew that eventually, InGen wouldn't be the only ones able to make dinosaurs. One day, everyone would be able to make dinosaurs without having to steal from InGen.

But, that day wouldn't come anytime soon, not since the Indominus Incident. The Indominus was a smart animal, thanks to the human in her. She was a terrifying creature that outsmarted the thermal sensors in her paddock, ambushed ACU when they tried containing her, and even turned the raptors against their masters. She was smart, coniving, and intimidatingly evil. But, what if, they had it all wrong? What if the Indominus wasn't trying to scare everyone? What if, she was trying to tell them something? Everyone believed that this animal was crazed because it was raised in solitude, but what if they were wrong? Well, here's the truth...

The Indominus Rex, Jurassic World's first genetically modified hybrid. A creature that's vastly misunderstood by everyone. She was walking through the forest at night after she just got away from the humans that tried killing her and her new pack of raptors. Humans were ruthless. They killed when they were scared and acted out of desperation. It made the Indominus mad when she thought about the death of the youngest raptor. Seeing the human aim a missile at her and blow her out of existence enraged her so much, that she killed the very human that killed the younger.

She called the others back after a few minutes passed and they regrouped at the end of the brush that led to Main Street of the park. She looked down upon the three and then ordered them to ambush and kill the remaining humans and used the death of the younger to enrage them so that they could do the job. The three left and ran out onto Main Street and began searching for the humans. Green One went into the big dome shaped building and then, the Indominus used her heat sensors to track Green One. She saw that she found five humans and killed one of them. The remaining four then ran out and we're confronted by Blue One and Bronze One, followed by Green One. Indominus was pleased with this. The humans were about to perish and she could roam this place in pace. But, she was confused when Blue One didn't attack the humans. This made the Indominus step out and walk onto Main Street to confront everyone. She began communicating with Blue One, asking her why she didn't attack the human in front of her. Blue One told her that this was their Alpha, and their friend. Indominus looked at the human and then looked at the other humans with him. She recognized the red haired one and growled when she stared deep into the light green eyes. She looked at the two smaller humans and recognized them as well. Those were the two hatchling that she freed from that ball prison, but they misunderstood her and ran away from her. She tried telling them that she wasn't trying to hurt them, but she didn't think at the time that they couldn't understand her. She tried catching them when they jumped off of the waterfall into the water below, and was saddened when they supposedly drowned, since they never resurfaced. But, it made her happy to see them alive, but furious that they were with the Red One and the other human.

That's all she was doing. She was trying to free the dinosaurs from captivity and did her job in getting the many innocent humans off of the island, and she succeeded, to an extent. She only killed InGen workers, if you think about it, it's true that she only killed workers of InGen. That's not including some of the dinosaurs, however. She wanted some of these creatures to be alone. She didn't mean to kill that last long necked creature. She felt bad when killing the clubbed tail creature, especially when she later saw the hatchings near the carcass.

She was also looking for someone to be a friend. She wanted somebody to love, hate, cherish, care for, the list goes on. She doesn't remember eating her sister, but was broken when she heard that she did. That was going to be her friend, her someone to look for when she needed help, when she needed comfort, when she, just, needed. She was excited when she saw Red One for the first time, but grew to hate her when she saw that Red One would only appear for short instances of time and talk about her like she was some kind of, damned animal, a monster. She was excited to see three humans enter her territory. She hid from them and then tried surprising them, but was confused when they began to run away. That made her mad, but, she saw the big door open, and she went for it. Shell never understand why she ate the first two humans, but was enraged when she discovered that they had been keeping a world from her. This world was bigger, louder, but didn't have more teeth. She decided to explore it, she wasn't trying to see where her place was in the food chain. It was when she saw the other dinosaurs in fences and the hatchings in the ball that set her on her quest to free everyone from InGen's grasp.

She ordered Blue One and the others to attack Red One and the other human that was with her, but Blue One responded with a snarl of rebellion, setting the Indominus off. She smacked Blue One into a concrete column, and immediately felt remorse and regret, because she had just killed another of her pack. She then looked at Bronze One and Green One and stepped back at when they snarled at her for being a terrible Alpha and for killing Blue One. Why were they defending the humans? They were ruthless and couldn't be trusted! Bronze One and Green One then charged at their former Alpha, but the hybrid stepped back and dodged their attacks and began to plea for mercy. This made Bronze One and Green One stop and stare at the Indominus. The snow white hybrid began to tell them that she was sorry and that she didn't know why she did what she did. She didn't mean it at all. She was blinded by rage and loneliness, and wouldn't listen to reason. Bronze One and Green One told her that she needed to not be short tempered and listen to reason and to trust humans. That made her snap a blazing gaze at the human standing between the two raptors.

Owen didn't know what to do. The scarlet orbs of the Indominus were staring deep down into his soul, making his take a step back in fear. What on Earth were Delta and Echo telling her? He continued to stare into the blazing scarlet eyes and then thought of something that could sentence him to death. Owen knew that the Indominus was part raptor and he knew that raptors would listen and respond to commands. What if, the Indominus listened to his commands? The only thing that restrained the idea was the fact that she didn't trust him one bit and that he hadn't trained her at all. This was going to be the be the one shot that could mean the salvation of the park or the death of everyone on the island, including the dinosaurs. Owen then decided to put his plan into motion by hesitantly taking a step forward.

The Indominus didn't understand what the human was doing, but she didn't like it at all. She roared at him for moving forward, but Bronze One and Green One told her to relax and that he was to be trusted. The Indominus didn't believe it one bit, but part of her felt that she could trust this human. He took another step forward, and this made her snap her jaws at him. Once he took another step forward, she took a giant step forward and knocked him down to the ground, making Red One gasp loudly. She then gave a shrill roar straight at his face. He didn't seem to flinch at the deafening roar, but she could tell the that he was scared due to his body heat. He was very warm and he was sweating, not from the heat of the climate, but from the fear that was spread throughout his body. She then breathed deeply and stared into his eyes once again, but this time, she saw fear, and determination. Green One and Bronze One told her to calm down and not kill him, and she listened to them. She calmed down and then turned her head to look at Blue One, and sadness filled her heart.

Owen turned his head when the Indominus did and was wondering why she was looking at Blue. He then turned to look into the hybrid's eyes and saw grief and sadness. Then, another idea lit up in Owen's brain. He could use the sadness and grief to get to the hybrid. He didn't think about moving, since one wrong move could mean his life. Owen didn't know what to say to the Indominus,some he didn't know whether she would understand him or not. He took in a deep breath and then said, "It's okay."

Indominus immediately snapped her attention to the human that had just spoken and wondered what he meant by saying that. The Indominus lowered her head so that her jaw was about an inch away from the human. She let out a low growl and then waited to see if he would speak again.

"It-It's okay," said Owen with a shaky voice.

The Indominus tilted her head as she continued to ponder on the human's words.

Owen didn't know what to say next. He was trying to tell her that event was going to be fine and that she didn't have to do anything violent anymore. But, two words aren't going to paint the whole picture to a genetically modified hybrid. He needed to say more words of reassurance and comfort. But, at least some of his plan was working, since she hadn't eaten him yet.

"I-I don't know whether or not you can understand what I'm saying, but just know, that everything is going to be okay," he said slowly.

The Indominus understood every words that seaped from the humans mouth and began to ponder. How could he say that everything was going to be okay? She had just killed Blue One, Younger One had died because of her, and many others died because of her rampage. Nothing was going to be okay. There was no way to take it all back. The deeds had been done and there was no reversing them. Was this human stupid for saying such a ludicrous assumption? The Indominus responded with a small snap of her jaws.

Owen guessed that what he was trying to do was working. The Indominus responded,even though Owen couldn't understand what she was trying to tell him.

"Y-You were angry because of how you treated by InGen, right?" he asked.

The human was partially right. She was mad because of how her 'masters' treated her. She was left alone, even though it was partly her fault for that. She was experimented on, tested on, injected with many different injections. She hated everyone that worked for InGen, and she wanted them to burn to the ground.

The Indominus looked at Green One and Bronze One , who told her to let the human get up and that she could trust him. But, the Indominus was hard headed and didn't want to believe them. Then, a bark caught the Indominus's attention and she turned her head to see what it was. It was Blue One, she was still alive and well, and that brought a new found relief and happiness to the hybrid's heart. Blue One then told the Indominus that she didn't have to continue down this path of rage and hate, and that she could have a fresh start, but only if she learned to trust humans and not let confusion and anger make her violent. The human inside of her then let a grand mixture of emotions to run around in her brain. Sadness, confusion, anger, happiness, guilt, grief, the list can go on for ages. All these emotions made the Indominus step back and away from the human, giving him a chance to stand up off the ground and get closer to Bronze One and Green One. She cleared part of her mind when she focused her attention of the human once again.

Owen thought of one more thing that could possibly help the Indominus understand that she could be given a fresh start and a new family. He gave a sharp whistle to Blue, and the blue streaked velociraptor walked over to her caretaker and trainer. Owen made sure that the Indominus was looking right at them so that she could see what he was going to do. Owen then placed his head on Blue's snout and began to gently and slowly rub the scales, making Blue chitter.

What was this human thinking?! He shouldn't dare lay any hands on her pack members! The Indominus gave a sharp bark at the action, and then continued to stare at Blue One and her human. Blue One seemed to like the human's touch. The Indominus wanted something like that. Someone that would caress her with a gentle and loving touch. The Indominus stepped forward a little and continued to stare straight at the human. Blue One continued to chitter at his action, only intriguing the hybrid's curiosity. She wanted to be like that. She wanted to feel the warmth of a gentle touch and be able to respond happily to it.

Owen's plan was working. The Indominus calmed down and was now simply curious about what he was doing to Blue. Blue then began to communicate with their former Alpha.

Blue One told the Indominus that she should take this opportunity and see that she can trust humans and that her human could help her and care for her. Indominus liked that. Someone that would care for her and that she could care for back. She finally made her decision. She swallowed down her pride, but kept her suspicions high. She slowly approached the human and lowered her head to his level.

Owen took a small step back as the Indominus placed her face in front of him. He stared deep into the scarlet eyes and was confused as to what he was supposed to do next. Blue then puffed air through her nose at Owen and gestured with her head to the Indominus.

"What? What is it, Blue?" Owen asked.

Blue let out a snort and then pushed Owen closer to the Indominus.

"Oh, I see," he said.

Owen knew what he was supposed to do. He was supposed to pet her snout, so that they could start some kind of trust. In a way, it was like he would be imprinting on her, even though she was a few years old already. Owen slowly, and hesitantly, stretched out his hand. He could hear his heart beat with every second that passed as he was close to touching the hybrid's snout. Then, all the world went silent, and Owen's heart skipped a beat, as he felt his hand land upon rough, snow white scales. He could feel the warmth of the scales and snapped his attention to the Indominus again, when he heard her puff air through her nostrils.

Warm. The human's hand was warm, and the Indominus actually liked the warmth. It was when she realized that she had let out a soft croon that snapped her from her thoughts. She saw the human smile and then he ran his hands on the scales. She liked the feeling, and she also felt like she could trust this human.

Owen had just saved Jurassic World...

A/N: Hello turtles! This was just something that I had forming in the back of my mind after watching this movie for like, the sixth time. I always wondered, What if we had the Indominus all wrong? So, here's a little bit about how I feel we had her all figured out the wrong way. So, this technically is a one-shot. But, if you guys want more, then let me know. I myself feel like this could become a great story. So yeah, if anything, I might write a few chapters for this, but I'm still thinking about it. It's up to you guys whether I should continue this story or not! Thanks for reading this and I hope that you want more in the future!

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