Fun Facts!

Hey turtles! How's life? I'm glad to hear that you guys loved my story and once again, thanks for reading reviewing, just everything! Thanks!

So, this is a bunch of facts, which I like to call fun facts. These are all the changes I made to the story that were supposed to happen, but didn't because I changed my mind on the spot. All of these happened while I was writing the chapters, seriously!

Okay, here goes:

#1)Obviously, this was supposed to be a one-shot.

#2)Originally, there were only going to be ten chapters, meaning the story would have ended at when the park re-opened.

#3)I was going to have Blue and the other raptors live with Alice instead of bringing in Dom and Josiah.

#4)Rexy and Alice were actually supposed to have a small fight the first time they met, and I mean that it was supposed to be bloody.

#5)There wasn't going to be a central villain of this story. It would have had multiple villain arcs, meaning that the story could have gone on for a longer time, but, I decided on giving the story a central villain, aka, Ortiz.

#6)Originally, Gabriel Ortiz was actually going to be Gabrielle Ortiz. (I a huge fan of super evil, badass villains being women.)

#7)Alice's name was going to be Addilyn, but most of you know that already.

#8)Felix and Silas weren't going to be living in the same paddock, but I decided to put them together since they have similarities, especially in looks!

#9)I was actually going to have the Spinosaurus be a bit of an antagonist, but I didn't put much into Sorna.

#10)I was actually going to shift the scene to Sorna to show more about James, but then decided not to due to other reasons.

#11)I considered having Blue and the girls find mates within Silver's pack.

#12)I wanted to make Charlie survive from the beginning, but I needed a tense scene between Owen and Alice.

#13)Dom was actually going to die early of a sickness, but you guys loved him so much, that I couldn't do that. I also loved the little guy.

#14)Josiah was actually going to always be grumpy and silent around Alice and Dom, but then I thought of a tragic love story ending kind of thing, and most of you fell for it. I'm sorry, but HA!

#15)Most of the OCs were never going to be put into the mix, but then I just thought of Owen's family and some of you gave me some characters, who are awesome!

#16)Cat girl, originally, I actually was going to kill Alexis. I'm sorry!

#17)Throughout thinking about plenty of plot twists, Lowery being a bad guy was actually one of them.

#18)Now, bear with me on this one. I had mentioned that Owen had a relationship with another guy while in the Navy, something I didn't really go into and don't plan on going into because, well, not everybody enjoys it, not that I would have put in certain things. Anyway, Owen's ex-boyfriend was actually going to be a sub-villain.

#19)Did you know, that I kind of hinted at who Owen's boyfriend was? (Ten points and a special shoutout to whoever figures it out! The answer is at the bottom, but try to figure it out before getting to the end! ;)

#20)This story was roughly inspired by SkullsandDuggery's "It's not the Raptor DNA."

#21)I was originally going to leave Zara dead.

#22)I was going to have Styler survive throughout the whole story and develop a friendship with Ian, the teens, and Lowery.

#23)Styler was actually going to end up betraying and killing Ortiz in the end.

#24)I was originally going to have Ian tackle down Chris Pratt and then have him and Owen meet.

#25)I contemplated over Alexis and Casey sharing a kiss, just for a moment, when Alexis finally met Taylor.

#26)Due to crossover limitations, I was going to have a lot of character cameos in certain chapters.

#27)Dom's little adventure throughout the park, was actually going to be throughout the island and expand over a few chapters, with Alice reaching the utmost level of panic.

#28)I originally wanted Alice to trust Owen at the very end of the story, after Ortiz was killed.

#29)Owen was supposed to get stabbed by Zara and end up in the hospital for a few chapters.

#30)I was originally going to kill Barry, Vivian, Alexis, Olivia, Sarah, Ryan, Sasha, and even Lowery!

#31)Dr. Grant was supposed to come in around chapter 23.

#32)Finally, this story was going to be called The Scarlet Heart. But the oxymoron title stuck way more!

That's all for fun facts! Now, some answers to a few reviews:

Guest 2: I'm happy to see that you're happy about the sequel. The sequel is planned to be around 20-30 chapters.

Jack905: I'm glad you think so...

Guest: You'll see more of both in the sequel!

BrownieMajor: I'm glad to see you get better!

SSherlockE: You'll see more Clawen in the sequel, and there might be a wedding... X3 ;)

Catzrule35 (aka Cat girl): I'm glad you loved it and YAY! Now we can talk more often!

percyjacksonfan135: I'm happy that you loved it!

tamikostubbs1: Yay!

RaptorsRLife: I'm glad you liked Taylor. Casey will be cooler in the sequel!

That's all folks! Keep sending me and questions or suggestions and stuff. I read them and take them into consideration!

'Til Next Time!-TM341