Mati's POV

"My life consists of many good things. Friends, Family, Laughter...but all this in my life have bad things surrounding them. In my mind anyway. I have yet to convince myself that others care, worry, and love for me as they do. It's hard for me to understand and tell when they are because the way they show it is confusing.

At this point my life only serves as a slave to those around me. I only laugh to show them I'm not sad. I only help out so they don't lose the friend they think they have. I only do good things such as go to school, act polite, and respect my elders because if I don't everyone but me will be happy.

"A slave a life, just set the price" is the motto I live by inside. Of coarse I don't always act like that. I do act sad, or lonely sometimes. For the sake of seeming human. If I didn't than someone would eventually catch on. I like those times. I don't get to cry or scream but I do get to show some of my feelings, which feels good.

I'm never alone which really bothers me. I like people but I want to be free and alone. Invisible when I want to be and Out there when I'm not. These feeling have mostly developed because of anxiety, and my phobia.

Ya know, I don't know why I even wrote in this journal. All I'm doing is telling my story to myself. (Plus, I only got this thing today.) Either way, maybe someday I will be free and find friends I truly love. However, that won't happen, not today.

Today I have run in fear and am currently hiding in the school's haunted bathroom. Not very many know it exists but even those who do don't go in here. It's not really haunted as far as I know, so until there's signs of a ghost and it seems dangerous, I will have this bathroom for my hiding."

I finish the word hiding then hear something. Footsteps! Who would be coming into here? Must be Janitors! Wait! No! Janitors don't clean this anymore. Not to mention they only come at night...The door to my stall opens slowly.

When it's fully open I see two boys. Both wearing the uniform and both wearing the same face. The Hitachiin twins. "Hey aren't going to go get your physical exam? The doctors and nurses sent us out to find you." Kaoru asked me.

Hikaru laughed, "He just wanted to find you, Mati-Chan" Kaoru and I both blushed, I shivered unintentionally back to thinking of the horrifying Exams. Hikaru frowned, as did Kaoru. "Mati-Chan, are you okay?"

{Scene Pause!-What I said in my journal isn't true when it comes to the twins. They understand being in a small world and I really do care for them. Which is why the only people I will ever tell all my secrets to will be them.}

I look down at my slightly dirty dress and shake my head. "Did you already take your..exams? I don't want to interrupt them, but could we talk somewhere else?" I hope they say yes.

Hikaru's POV

I look at Kaoru. "We are going to help Mati-Chan right?" He nods. We look back at her. "She looks so small curled up like that. I've never seen her so afraid. Should we take her home?" Kaoru gives me another nod.

Carefully, he grabs her hand and helps her up. I grab her other one. She holds tight like we're going to disappear.

When we start heading towards the Front entrance of the school she pulls away from us. We both look back and find her running the other way. "Mati!" Kaoru yells and and runs after her, me right behind.

Mati's PoV

No! I can't! That's where the infirmary is! Tears spring to my eyes as I run away. Knowing where the back entrance is I navigate the halls quickly. Once I got outside I ran further. Across the courtyard, through the gates, and down the sidewalk. I dive into a small alley.

I sat down in the corner, now sobbing. I feel myself shaking. Please just let my fear end!

Kaoru's PoV

Mati-Chan finally stops in a small alley. When I look into it, I see a small figure of yellow in the corner. I walk slowly so I don't scare her more. Hikaru doing the same.

"Mati? What's wrong?" She lifted her head quickly and...She was crying. "Hey, why are you crying?" I asked her softly. Hikaru nudged me hard with his elbow.

'Kaoru! She's scared can't you see that!' I glared at him and thought 'Yes I know, it's a way of making her feel more comfortable. Kyoya told me that asking questions like that helps make people open up when they're upset'

When we get close enough, Mati jumps up and hugs me. I immediately wrap my arms around her small body. It's shocks me that it felt so natural. 'Why did she jump at me and not you?'

Hikaru responds like he knew already, 'because despite how she seems to be drawn to me, it's you she likes. After we sort this out and she feels better your going to ask her out on a date. Got it?' I nod blushing like a tomato.

Mati's PoV

(Back a little)

I hug Kaoru as if he were my lifeline. It took Hikaru joining the hug to stop crying. I let go of Kaoru and back away a little. Wiping my eyes I say, "can I sleep over at your house? Then, hopefully I'll be able to talk."

They nod and grab my hands. This time all of us holding on tight.