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Chapter 1

It is the year 2110. The NPC Revolt took place a few years ago and Second Life was declared the Forbidden Game. All of the gaming helmets have been officially recalled after pressure from the World Government. Long Enterprises has been facing plummeting stocks and pressure from the media after the game turned sour and it was all that the President and Heiress could do to keep the company from collapsing.

"Lolidragon, what's the emergency? Is Long Ming okay?" I rushed over to my sister-in-law who had summoned everyone to the main room. She was holding her adorable three-year-old son, Feng Long Ming.

"No, it's not about Long Ming. I came up with a new idea that might get Long Enterprises back on its feet."

"Eh?" I wasn't the only one confused. It was great and all that she found a solution that would save her company, but why did she have to summon everyone to hear it? Even Sunshine and Fairsky had to come back from vacation.

Lolidragon led us into a darkened theater room and told us all to be seated. The giant screen flashed to life as soon as the last person sat. On the screen we saw a beautiful, clear blue sky and a bright yellow sun.

"This is a continent filled with religions.
On this continent, 'god' is not a flimsy, dubious entity or a name that one uses only when yelling for help. Gods are real, and a number of them exist.
Some gods are extremely weak. Of course, when we say 'weak', we mean by the standards of the gods. Other gods are exceedingly strong. As the strength of a god is largely derived from the piety of the god's believers, the number of believers is often the crucial factor determining how strong or how weak a god is..."

The screen switched between scenes such as a shining white cathedral and 12 bishies, and it finally ended with a scene of two golden haired men that appeared to be father and son, the boy being around 10.

" 'Child, from this day forth you are the successor to the position of Sun Knight. So long as you stand firm in the face of tribulation, grow in courage with each trial you encounter, and defend your knight's honor no matter what difficulty or temptation you face, you will receive from my hands the title of Sun Knight the day you come of age.'
'Teacher, may I recant my decision?'
'Because I forgot to choose a back-up Sun Knight.'
'…' "

The screen faded to black and the room lights came on. Lolidragon walked up to the stage.

"So what did you guys think? That is the trailer to the new show that will be produced by Long Enterprises. All the characters you saw in it are actually NPCs recruited from the Second Life servers. Of course, we did a bit of tweaking with their back stories and appearances. All that's left is to recruit a few more memorable faces."

As expected of my genius husband, Gui immediately caught on to what Lolidragon was saying.

"So this show is set in a virtual world like Second Life?"

"That's right."

"And the memorable faces are... us?"

"Yup. I'd like some of the well known faces of Infinite City to accompany the NPC cast in this show. Since we can't turn the server off or pull you guys out without the NPCs noticing, anyone who wants to join will have to take a physical to makes sure that they can handle staying in the game full time for a month."

"So who are you thinking will be going?"

Lolidragon looked over the room with a mischievous look in her eye. Her gaze finally settled on me.

"Since a certain Prince never terminated his contract with us, he's going for sure."

"What? Didn't the contract end when Second Life closed down?"

"Did you ever stop playing?"


"Well, the contract lives as long as Prince does unless if you cancel it. You should really get that genius husband of yours to read the contracts you sign."

"Oh." I looked sheepishly at Gui who promised to read them all.

"Do I get to bring anyone with me?"

"Of course. You get to choose 8 people to go with you."

"Odd Squad?"

Gui, Wolf and Yu Lian all agreed that they could come. When we checked with Doll, she looked embarrassed and shook her head.

"Well, it figures that a queen of a country couldn't just disappear for a month." We all nodded at Lolidragon's words. It was a bit much to expect Doll to be able to come. "I won't be able to come either. I have to manage everything from the outside."

"So, I guess you have five others."


He shook his head. "Someone has to look after Long Ming and Xiao Xiao Lan."

I pulled my eyebrows together. "Kenshin and Sunshine?"

"We can go with you!" Fairsky answered for Sunshine and herself. Kenshin also agreed, bringing his shadow along as well.

"Is mama going somewhere?" A cute little voice chirped from atop my head. "Meatbun-bun want to go, too." I smiled at my adorable pet, Meatbun, who had just woken up.

Lolidragon coughed, "Well, I guess that makes nine, erm, people. Come over to the headquarters tomorrow and we can get you ready."

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