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Chapter 4

We pushed through the ever thickening forest. I glanced down at the map again, and it still refused to tell me anything new. Is the forest supposed to thicken at the edges or in the middle? We weren't supposed to pass through the middle… I shrugged again, knowing that I would never figure this out on my own and Ai Rou didn't seem too interested in helping me.

Eventually, we broke through the trees, only to find ourselves facing a river with more forest on the other side. I looked down at the map. There wasn't a river to the right of where we were. It was… on the left. Did I hold the map upside down? I turned around, determined to start walking the right direction when Ai Rou stopped me.

"It's getting late. We better set up camp for the night. What jobs need to get done?"

"We make a fire, set up tents, cook food and wash up?"

"That's right. Since we'll be in the forest for at least another night yet, we can switch jobs tomorrow so I can make sure that you know how to do everything. Tonight, you can set up the tents and cook the food."

I agreed, and she took a large bundle off her back before walking off. I felt on my back to feel that there was a large bundle there, too. I must have appeared with it, which would be why I never noticed it there. I took it off and unravelled it to reveal a dismantled tent. It took several minutes for me to figure out how to set up the tents. Once I had them both set up, Ai Rou came back with an armful of firewood.

"I'll be back with the food in a bit. I couldn't carry it all at once."

I took the firewood from her, determined to set a fire even if I had to resort to using Inferno Slash.

After setting up the wood, I realised that lighting a fire without a match, or even flint and steel, was impossible so I used my trump card.

Ai Rou came back holding a small armful of vegetation and two rabbits.

"Here's the food. I'll go wash up while you prepare it." Then she noticed the fire.

"Wow. I thought that was something I'd have to teach you. Did you go camping before?"


"Then how did you know how to light the fire?"

"I used Inferno Slash…"

Ai Rou gave me a blank look then shook her head.

"Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter as long as the fire is lit."

She handed me the food and vanished behind some bushes along the river. I looked at the food and decided that it looked like she was thinking about stuffed rabbit when she gathered the greens. I began gutting the rabbit and preparing the vegetation as I started to consider possible sides…

"Okay, Prince. I'm back. What did you make?" Ai Rou came back from the riverside and examined the cooking food.

"Is that sauce?" She pointed to the bowl that was heating on a small rock that I placed next to the fire.


She continued to look over the food and I saw her start to drool.

"You are a very good cook to be able to make this type of stuff out of the raw materials I gave you. I don't think there's much of a chance for you to starve."

"Thank you. Could you watch over this while I freshen myself? Once the rabbit stock starts bubbling, add these herbs."

She mumbled something about how I must be a five-star chef in real life while I walked away.

When I came back, she had moved all the food away from the fire to cool. Seeing me come, she started to dish the first course.

"I think that I ought to start teaching you some of the culture in this world. You'd really stand out if you didn't know the basic things that 'everyone knows'." Ai Rou announced between bites.

"First, there are three major religions. They are the churches of the God of Light, the God of War and the Shadow God. The Church of the God of Light is dominate in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound. The leaders are the Pope and the Twelve Holy Knights. The Church of the God of War is dominate in the Kingdom of Moon Orchid. Their leader is the Son of the God of War. The Church of the Shadow God is dominate in the Kingdom of Kissinger. Their leader is the Demon King although he's only chosen once a millennia so Silent Eagle is the leader while he's gone."

She continued to detail the traits of the leaders and followers of each of the religions. I listened raptly. After all, as a former Literature Major, I loved this type of thing.

"How can they choose someone with the same looks and personality every time they need a replacement?" I asked while Ai Rou was taking a breath of air. She seemed really passionate about this.

"They hold a selection where the kids who are the closest fits compete to see who makes the cut. Of course, there will be some discrepancies, but nothing that can't be fixed."

I pitied the kids. How could they know that that was what they wanted to do for their entire lives? And what about the kids who didn't get chosen? I kept these questions to myself, knowing that there was no way Ai Rou would have a real answer.

"Anyway, since you're going to start in a forest outside Leaf Bud City, the capital of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound, I advise that you choose to be a follower of the God of Light. You could always follow one of the other deities or none at all, but remember that you will be spending a year in this world."

I thought about the decision she gave me. There was no way that I was going to follow the Shadow God and the God of War seemed too violent for a lady like me to follow. What's that, I'm violent? I'll pretend I didn't hear that. So I guess that leaves following the God of Light or being an atheist. Since this place is so religious, it might be safer to follow the God of Light rather than nobody at all. Plus, who knows if Lolidragon and her company actually made NPCs for the deities. If so, I'd rather have one at my back.

"I'll be a follower of the God of Light."

"Okay. Is there anything that you'd like to change about your character biography?" She showed me a scroll that had my biography on it. Honestly, it looked a little bit like a wanted poster since it had my picture and such a bare bones description.

"Not really."

She rolled the scroll back up and looked as if she knew I would say that.

"Anyway, it really is getting late. Do you want to take first watch or second?"

"Huh? Isn't it about time to log out?"

"Of course not. It's only about 3 am in the real world. We sped this server up a bit so we could fit some quality training in."

"Well, I guess I'll take first watch."

She nodded and crawled into her tent. I sat down in front of the waning fire with my dao laid across my lap. For all I know, Ai Rou might go so far as to summon a monster to make sure I'm alert. As I sat in silence, I thought I spotted a monster a couple times, each time only to be fooled. The night wore on like that, I guess the forest isn't inhabited by as many monsters as the ones in Second Life are.

Once morning rolled around, I was woken up by a very angry girl.

"Prince! You were supposed to stay up for your entire watch then wake me up for mine! You fell asleep!"

I scratched the back of my head sheepishly. I wasn't used to staying up late into the night so the sounds of insects and the river must have put me to sleep.

"You're lucky that there wasn't an attack. You can't count on this kind of luck every night, this type of foolishness will get you killed one day."

I lowered my head, knowing she was right.

"Well, it's just about morning in the real world now. Let's tear down camp and log off."

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