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NM: Plot

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A hospital...somewhere…

Alice sat in a hospital bed. Lea had thrown her (quite violently) out of the way of a speeding car. The car had clearly been in wrecks before, sporting a jagged bumper. Alice was thrown straight into the concrete. Unfortunately, the force to throw her friend that far caused Lea to go right in front of the car and it ripped her chest open.

Alice hadn't woken up since the accident, she didn't even know Lea was dead.


Myra slowly opened her locker. She wasn't there at the time of the accident, but still wished she could've stopped it. Myka, a friend of her's with an oddly similar name, walked up to her.

"Hey." She said. What could you say? Their friend just died and another one was in a coma because of the same accident. Myka pulled out her phone to try to give herself a cheap laugh before school via youtube. She pulled up a gaming montage and watched in load. An ad popped up and she almost skipped it, but noticed something odd about it.

It was an ad for the show 'Steven Universe'. The second the ad started she knew something was up.

"This week on Steven Universe, a new ally?" A black, oval gem popped up on screen, which was followed up by a shot of...Lea? "My name's Lea."

"Wait, you are a gem, right?"

"I don't know."

Myka quickly rewound the video and unplugged her headphones.

"Look at this!" Myka said. Myra looked at her phone. Her jaw dropped as the ad played.

"How is this possible?!"

"I think we should wait and see what happens." Myka said. It would air tomorrow, so they could get their answers then. Meanwhile, class was about to start.

Meanwhile in a parallel universe…

Pearl laughed at my response.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" I looked at her.

"I mean that I don't know! One minute I was floating in a void who knows where and the next minute I wake up as a gem I guess."

"A void? Like in space?" Steven asked. I nodded.

"The only thing there besides me was..." I slowly got quieter until my voice was just a low mumble.

"Was what?" Pearl pressured.

"Rose." I mumbled just a bit louder than before, but she still heard it. Her jaw dropped.

"What was my mom doing in space?" Steven asked.

"She told me I could help and I guess sent me here. But it doesn't make sense…" I mumbled. I turned around and slowly lifted my shirt off my stomach to see if the wounds from the accident were still there. I only saw large scars.

"What about it doesn't make sense?" Steven asked while Pearl began questioning some of the things I said.


"But wouldn't you just poof?" Amethyst asked.

"No, I am, or at least was, human."

"How is that possible?!" Pearl demanded.

"I don't know! I have no idea what's going on! Last I knew I was human living in a world without magic and I died and now I'm here and a gem!" I yelled. Steven looked at Pearl.

"Can Lea stay here?" He asked. I looked at him oddly. "Well, if you're telling the truth, then you'll need a place to stay, right? And you need someone to teach you gem stuff!" He said. I hadn't thought of any of that stuff. He's right.

Pearl looked at Amethyst and then at Garnet. Amethyst gave her a thumbs-up and Garnet nodded. Pearl sighed.

"All right. Besides, with Peridot and Malachite running around we could use some help." Steven held out his fist for a fist-bump.

"Welcome to the Crystal Gems!" He smiled and I bumped his fist. There was a moment of awkward silence before Amethyst realized something.

"You don't know how to summon a weapon, do you?" She asked.

"Nope." Pearl sighed again.

"I can teach you!" She said in a happy tone. Damn faker. She hates me and we both know it. Amethyst laughed.

"All you'd do is bore her to death! Literally! We'd find her on the beach in a few days, dead, while you're just standing there talking in a monotone voice."

"I don't mind her helping, it's worth a shot." I said. She nodded and we went outside. We went all the way to a fenced off section of the beach underneath the large temple that was much more impressive in person than on a screen. She stood still, looking at the ocean. She glanced back at me.

"I still don't trust you. But, if the others do, then I'll help." I nodded. I never liked her either. She then stretched one hand out over the ocean and one leg further up the shore as if she was about to dance. "Summoning your weapon is a matter of picturing it and being able to visualize it as a material object. Try to visualize it like a dance or like you're playing an instrument." Her gem began to glow as she began to do some form of ballet. The bottom of her spear began to emerge and she pulled it out and continued to dance, but it looked like a combination of fighting and dancing. She then stood up perfectly straight and made her spear disappear. "Now, you try." I nodded. I didn't want to do the dance thing, so tried to just think about a weapon. Let me think, it would probably be black, but how am I supposed to visualize something I've never seen before? I then focused on my gem. I closed my eyes and began to picture my gem and all the weapons that could be created by it.

I was floating in an area that looked like it never ended. It felt like water was surrounding me, but it was dry. I saw hundreds of weapons and gems of varying sizes and colors surround me. I began to unconsciously focus on the darker colored weapons and gems till one in particular caught my attention.

It was black and shaped like a feather. I floated closer to it and gently grabbed it. It changed from a black feather to a gemstone and I felt a burst of pain tearing through my back and spine.

My eye shot open to see a shocked expression on Pearl's face. I felt my back burst open and two large objects shoot out of it. Skin and blood splattered all around me. I saw feathers out of the corner of my eye. The pain finally registered in my brain and I began to scream. Pearl was petrified. I fell onto my back, which was a big mistake. Landing on the ground crushed the feathered appendages and caused sand to be rubbed in the gaps they came out of. The pain was too much.

I saw my body begin to fade and I blacked out.

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